What did Nino the Miser do that shocked everyone...?

Nino, who is known for being super stingy, provided a pair of air tickets to America’s West Coast (presumably California) for the lucky draw at the crank-up party for his drama “Yowakute Katemasu”. Furthermore, he also gave out over 100,000 yen (about $1000) from his wallet on the spot and got every excited. 

Now, for national idol Arashi, this might seem like nothing, but as all Arashi members know, Nino loves his money

A TV station personnel commented, “Nino is famous for being stingy. He has almost never treated other Arashi members to meals and usually lets people pay for his food whenever he can. As a result, the members always make fun of him. It is said that when Arashi wasn’t doing so well before the boom, he had to pinch here and there, and as a result even today he is still very into saving money." 

And that’s why people just couldn’t believe he would fork out that much money for the prize. 

A production staff for the drama revealed, "Actually, Nino is not that stingy. He is just more interested in saving money than spending money. Even though the drama itself did not do very well, Nino really enjoyed spending time on the set with everyone, so I guess he decided to treat the staff members and co-stars.”

Looks like he really liked the YowaKate kids. That’s so cute hehe. Fukushi Sota even calls him “Kazunari-san” now (instead of Nino-san or Ninomiya-san like everybody else)