So today marks my 3-year anniversary with Neelie.

I wanted to do a really long and sappy post but a picture is worth a thousand words, is it not?

She’s literally been there through everything with me, and there’s still so much more we both have to face. But there’s a great comfort in knowing we’ll be facing it together.

I love my princess more than words can say, and I can’t wait to spend this evening with her. I really just… Bluh tearing up. But I’m unbelievably lucky to have her, to have met her so early in my life, to even know her and have been able to be such a large part of her life and have her be such a large part of mine.

I actually typed this up last night but I thought I’d save it to post for now since she just finished her first day of college classes and has a better chance of seeing it.

  • Neelie:for me, it's like, I can't imagine my life without you and I don't really want to
  • Caiface:I've attempted to imagine my life without you, obviously, and it hasn't really worked
  • Caiface:I can't imagine climbing into bed alone when I'm older, you're always asleep on the other side of it
  • Caiface:and when you leave early in the morning you leave me a little sticky note somewhere saying you love me
  • Caiface:and we watch movies with your head in my lap and sometimes you fall asleep but it's okay
  • Caiface:and you always have to take our babies away from me because I never want to stop holding them
  • Neelie:yes I'm pretty sure that's love hehe
  • Neelie:now stop you're making me cry :P
  • Caiface:bgksnjfd sorry |D
  • Neelie:they're good tears those
  • Neelie:*though
  • Caiface:good

so someone requested being all lovey dovey so here’s a story from yesterday

so Neelie and I get into TD Garden and start heading down to our seats and this guy at the bottom helped us to find our seats at the end of the second row from the ice

I got excited about how good the seats I’d gotten us were and so did Neelie and the guy who had helped us told me “well you must have your very own princess right there”

and all I could do was look at Neelie and smile

I’ve thought of her as my princess for a long time now, my Disney-loving girl, and it was really wonderful to hear someone else call her such a title in relation to me

and then two minutes later Neelie gestured over to an elderly couple sitting not far from us and told me that’s going to be us

I believe it

oh gosh Neelie and I are going to Boston the day after tomorrow


really excited

this is the first of a number of big city trips we’re going to be making by ourselves in the coming months (we have two more to Boston planned and one to NYC)


so I had a really good night

the 3D for Beauty and the Beast was REALLY well done and gosh I cried lol but I also realized Beast’s death was really similar to Flynn’s in Tangled? like wow

speaking of Tangled the short was HILARIOUS oh my god I was laughing so loud and so was Neelie but everyone else was quiet I bet they hated us

and the kids in the theater were adorable I loved hearing them laugh and all the little comments and the one girl behind us told Neelie she liked her dress and GAH I really love kids help

also Neelie’s really cute and we danced in my kitchen after making cookies and ahhh my princess is so wonderful <333

also I saw Neelie at work yay

she got her Hero of Time hoodie in the mail yesterday and was wearing it

she was really smiley and laughy and it was really good and made me happy even though she was going to a different photo studio for Christmas pictures later competitors suck don’t go to jc penney go to walmart bitches

but a customer came in a couple minutes after she got there so I couldn’t talk to her anymore ):

still the highlight of my work day though

well after making fun of my manager when she found something new in one of our programs after she’s worked there for years lol

like I hate to sound like I’m tooting my own horn but I swear Neelie and I are going to be ten times the adorable as Mickey and Minnie

ten fucking times

I have all these poses in my head and I might teach myself the jitterbug and stuff so we can dance around randomly

there’s just something about the idea of cosplaying such an iconic couple