So I’m rewatching Babylon 5 because a) I’m an enormous nerd b) after Sense8 I wanted to revisit JMS to see what issues I had with the show might’ve been him vs the Wachowskis and c) it was one of the first really serialized television shows that wasn’t a soap opera and it never gets mentioned in the same “influential shows” breath as the more Prestigey shows so I’m really curious if it WAS influential or just an early outlier that did a lot of innovative things that no one followed until another show did them

Anyway in my rewatch I realized that the Sense8 dialogue was super clunky because there weren’t enough self-righteous monologues because that’s really the only kind of writing of actual words JMS excels at

Like he is an amazing plotter and thematic storyteller but he sucks at all dialogue that isn’t inside a stump speech