pi-is-three-point-one-four asked:

Your Trashesty, Asexual Len though. Help me I need this please.

Okay but I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed this like air.

Asexual Leonard.

Asexual Leonard flirting constantly with everything and anything but it never goes beyond that. He just loves fucking with people.

Asexual Leonard falling in love with Barry but never telling him because, he’s not really embarrassed by his asexually, but he’s never actually been in a serious relationship where he had to tell his partner.

Asexual Leonard loving non-sexual intimacy. He loves making out and cuddling with Barry but he can see Barry getting visibly frustrated when things don’t go farther and he doesn’t know what to say.

Asexual Leonard finally coming out when Barry has had enough and outright asks Len “Is there something wrong with me? Is that why you don’t want to have sex with me?”

Asexual Leonard being really sad because he just wants to make Barry happy but Barry insists that everything is fine. He would never make Len do something he didn’t want to and Barry is perfectly content with cuddling and making out and what not. Or maybe Len having sex with Barry sometimes because he knows it’ll make Barry happy, even if he isn’t enjoying it as much as Barry. (Or, you know. Sex toys. Basically just helping Barry get off without getting off himself.) Compromise!!!!

Asexual Leonard being super duper romantic. Cooking Barry’s favorite food after he comes home from work. Gifts and trips to nice places and massages when Barry’s been running around a lot.

Asexual Leonard being extremely lucky to have someone as understanding as Barry.