How do you tell Icarus

To stay away from the sun

When it is the heat

He craves, when he wants

To burn, when he needs

To fall and taste the ocean

On his tongue? How

Can you quell disastrous

Desires, pull him down

From his flight, away

From all-consuming light?

How do I tear myself

Away from you?

- Grace Babcock © 2017

I Will Protect You.

Request from anon: Can I request a Bucky x reader? Reader is under the protection of the avengers because of an attempt on her life by hydra agents. So she’s kept at the compound with most of the team. While there, Bucky flirts and uses his old 40s charm on her cause it makes her blush. When she can’t sleep she meets him in the kitchen and he finally asks her out and they end up making out half the night.

Note: I really enjoyed writing this so thank you to whoever sent in the request! Oh and if anyone is wondering which sci-fi show is very briefly mentioned it is ‘Doctor Who’ :)

Bucky x Reader


Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3

You could see right down the barrel of the gun that was being pointed at your face and although the men currently surrounding you were clearly communicating with one another you couldn’t make out a single word as the thumping of your heart filled your ears.

You should have been pleading with them to spare your life, doing something that would prevent them from pulling that trigger, but you were frozen to the spot and incapable of anything.

“Hail Hydra.”

Those two words were powerful enough to cut through the deafening thump of your heart and they were the last thing you heard before a gunshot sounded out….

                                                * * * * * * * * * *

Your scream rang out around the room as you shot up in your bed, sweat dripping from your brow, and your chest heaving with your unsteady breaths.

This was the fourteenth night in a row where you had suffered with nightmares from the attack on you by Hydra agents and they weren’t getting any easier to handle. The Avengers had saved your life that day but one of the agents had escaped, which meant that he was still out there and he could try coming for you again at any moment.

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garethbail  asked:

hey! :) me and my ballet school are doing coppelia as our show and it would be really cool if you could give the story of it, like you did with giselle, thank you! :)

coppelia opens on this dude dr. coppelius 

dr. coppelius is sorta the town weirdo, much in the way that belle’s dad in beauty and the beast or doc brown in back to the future are the town weirdos. he’s an inventor, but no one knows what he actually does. all they know is that he has a hot daughter who sits in his balcony and reads all day, and like a rude lil bitch ignores everybody else in town.

maybe part of the reason why this family is so ostracized is because her name is coppelia, meaning that her name would be COPPELIA COPPELIUS. that’s like naming your kid john johnson or jacob jacobs. cruel and fucking unusual punishment.

entre swanilda, the cutest, sassiest fox in town. 

she’s fun and awesome and a little bit of a bitch. she comes raring to go out of her house and waves to coppelia, who like the little asshole she is, ignores her. of course swanilda gets a little pissed, starts shaking her fist at her (maybe shouldve just used one finger) and runs off to go hide to scare her boyfriend, franz, when he comes out. 

franz comes out, but, seeing that his girlfriend is not there, decides it would be better to flirt with coppelia in her window. he starts blowing her kisses and whattaya know this chick who has ignored everyone all day stand up all awkwardly and bitch starts WAVIN

franz of course is into it, until dr. c comes out of the balcony instead all overprotective dad style like “what the hell are you doing waving at my daughter” and franz is embarrassed 

swanilda, a little pissed, comes out chasing a butterfly cause she is adorable, and is once again pissed when franz catches it in his hat, but kills it and pins it onto his fucking vest. swanilda is pissed off by animal cruelty and stuff and runs out followed by her desperate puppy dog boyfriend

 in comes the villagers, who have to dance a little bit to show how happy they are, and the burgomaster. burgomaster is a fancy word for like an old timey mayor, and he has come to announce that they are getting a new bell. every couple that gets married on new bell day so of course the burgomaster turns to swanilda and is like “so beyotch you gotta lockdown on that franz dude yet”

swanilda is like “i dunno let’s TEST IT” and instead of seeing their compatibility by like comparing their interests or taking a quiz on match dot com, they use the age old tradition of shaking a dried up wheat, and if it rattles thats true love there bih. this dick kills helpless animals and flirts with other women but LET A WHEAT DECIDE IF YOUR LOVE IS TRUE THATLL ENSURE ETERNAL LOVE

the corn gives nothing because the wheat knows better about swanildas relationship than she does, and so swanilda leaves all like “fuck you franz this wheat knows more about our relationship than i do” 

so theres a little bit more dancing because HAPPY TOWNSFOLK but basically swanildas like ‘fuck you franz” and clears out to go sulk with her girlfriends. at this point dr. coppelius decides he needsto go get a drink to loosen up after doing lord knows what all day, and locks up his house to go to the local pub or whatever. a group of already drunk boys come out like “YOU WANNA TUSSLE DR C” . when girls get drunk, we compliment strangers in bathrooms and commit small acts of crime, while boys apparently feel the need to harass old men

in the ruckus, he drops his key, and swanilda and her girlfriends come out all like “let’s fuck some shit up and commit a petty crime ourselves” probably because swanilda is pissed about her boy problems and wants to do something reckless. with a lot of convincing the girls decide to commit GIRLS NIGHT OUT BREAKING AND ENTERING, the most fun a girl can have without alcohol involved

act 2 opens on the girls trying to get to the real goal of the night: seeing what the fuck is up with this flirty asshole coppelia. all freaked out because crime is scary, the girls venture into dr. c’s house, and seeing a shit ton of people inside, they do the only logical thing and cower into their fingers.

here we find out what dr. coppelis’ real job is- hes a doll maker. these arent real people they are hiding from in plain sight- thank goodness, because they would be totally caught like the dumb dumbs they are- but life sized dolls. not realizing that there is a pattern here, the girls still go to look for coppelia. 

they find her, once again reading behind a curtain, and at first freak out again. then swanilda is like “what the fuck we are already here, might as well be polite” and all the girls start to bow and exchange pleasantries with coppelia, only for this bitch to ignore them AGAIN. realizing that maybe there is more to this story than just that this girl really likes to read, swanilda touches this girl’s fucking skirt and gets all up in her damn bidness, realizing that she too, is in fact a doll.

(that’s ballerina speak for “bitch is a fucking doll”)

so they start moving shit around, setting the automated dolls in motion all yay petty crime before “shit shit shit shit he’s back.” the girls run around in a frenzy, dashing out the door or out the window or whatever as coppelius tries to whack at them with his cane, and swanilda, left behind by her no good bitch ass frands, is all like “SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT” before where does she hide but the coppelia closet.

dr coppelius is like “finally a peaceful night indoors” when what should happen when franz, the UNFAITHFUL LITTLE ASSWIPE THAT HE IS, decides to climb a ladder up to see coppelia because apparently if his real girlfriend wont pay attention to him, he must get off somehow. hes all like “please please im thirsty for your daughter,” and dr. coppelius, who has got some shifty business going on is like “damn son come sit have some alcohol with me” and DRUGS THAT SUCKER ASLEEP

his plan is to use magic to transfer franz’ life force to coppelia to bring her to life, because he is very lonely and everyone in town is mean to him AND YOU CANT BLAME THE MAN FOR SEEKING COMPANIONSHIP. too bad however, when he opens the curtain, it is not coppelia, but swanilda who has put on the doll clothes so as to better disguise herself. 

she realizes what kinda shit is happening here, seeing the spilled alcohol and the big book usually labeled something like “how to bring dolls to life for dummies” and is like okay better play along with this twisted wizard so i can save my idiot of a boyfriend. she starts to play around, acting as if she is the doll slowly becoming animated. she moves all jerky like when you try to get out of bed after a day of pilates, and then gets all speedy and real dancy and stuff because lets FUCKING GET DOWN WITH IT

dr. coppelius is so into the fact that damn is he good at magic or what that he does not notice that this is not the beautiful doll he fashioned completely with his hands, but the teenage girl who he made fun of earlier int he square when she was trying to wave at the aforementioned doll daughter. also, if you may remember, he did go to the pub, so he may be a bit tipsy as well.

as swanilda dances pretending to be coppelia she tries to knock some shit over, setting the other fucking weirdo dolls in motion so that she can try to shake franz awake while coppelius is distracted. in the midst of this giant ass game of playing some life or death fucking charades, she grabs her good for nothing fuckwagon of a boyfriend and SPRINTS THE FUCK OUT OF THERE showing franz that coppelia was only a glorified mannequin and leaving dr. coppelius with his broken, and now naked doll, the one precious thing in his life DESTROYED by horny and angry teenagers

the next day is the wedding celebration, and swanilda and franz are about to tie the motherfucking knot, despite the fact that he literally was trying to CHEAT ON HER WITH A DOLL the night before, when dr. coppelius comes in all like “ you broke into my house and vandalized my property and also possibily scared me for life.” swanilda offers him her dowry and then the burgomaster gives him cold hard cash, which shuts him up pretty fast, and the festivities begin

there has to be some dancing to honor the new bell, and most of it doesnt make sense, but basically the bell rings to remind the villagers to do shit because they dont have any DAMN CLOCKS. some lovely ladies dance to remind them for things like prayer- so they can have their Jesus time, morning- because nobody got any alarms there, and the waltz of the hours- which is all like remember that you got some real shit to do today.

they get married all happily and everyone lives on a little confused and worse for wear, but happier than before

*shuts down the three different story books i had to look into and the dvd of this ballet* and that is the ballet of coppelia

chiquitabae  asked:

I don't know why i'm asking this, but how hot is Zelo??

HOW HOT?? OMG…LET ME SHOW YOU IN GIFs….so…lets start…

he is a lili motherf*cker….see?

he needs

to be


and more


that he thinks

he already


i just…..

yeah me too…TE AMO TAMBIÉN….xD

ok….i will stop here!! lol


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SnowBarry: Unexpected Ship

This is my take regarding the Barry Allen & Caitlin Snow non-canon pairing of the thrilling comics based TV series, The Flash.

I started watching the series not too long ago. Most of my friends are watching it and told me it’s a good one so I gave it try. Even though I’m not really into super hero plots.

And man. After watching the pilot, I was hooked! I remember finishing the first season in one go. Yes. I didn’t sleep at all!

So here it goes, So we got all the lightning chaos caused by the particle accelerator explosion – which gave Barry Allen the ability to run and move faster than the speed of sound. NOTE: Grant Gustin is so effin adorable, I fell for him in less than three seconds!

We got introduced to a lot of characters and the writers established Barry Allen’s unrequited love with Iris West, played by a beautiful actress, Candice Patton. I think Barry was supposed to confess to Iris but unfortunately, The explosion put him into coma for nine months, And by that time, Iris started dating Eddie Thawne. (Rick Cosnett slaying it!). When Barry woke up, the first hazy image he saw was Caitlin Snow’s face, played by Danielle Panabaker is so beautiful and I don’t have an issue with her portrayal, I don’t get the “she can’t act” comments.

It was the “I just noticed you don’t smile too much” line of Barry Allen that got me shipping them so hard. Their chemistry is so undeniable! Plus the fact that Caitlin Snow’s fiancé (supposedly) died during the explosion and Barry being placed in the friendzone corner. Both of the character needs healing and in a way, they can relate to each other because both of them are science nerds as well.

They got me fully reeled when they have this “I believe, you should too.” Moment. I don’t know if the writers planned this, But I didn’t expect that I would sail with this ship.

Like I said earlier, I’m not much of a fan of super hero plots so I don’t have any background in the comics or what and didn’t know that in the comics, The endgame is the West-Allen pairing. I was heartbroken when I learned about this. I really thought Barry will end up with Caitlin! I mean they are so lovable. And it doesn’t help that the writers aren’t making any effort to solidify Iris’ character. What is her motivation? I expected to be more connected to Iris since she’s a journalist (I’m an AB Communication student btw) but I was unnerved when her character appeared to be shallow and Caitlin’s character had been growing each episode, which makes her character one of the strongest in this series. I think the writers needsto do something about this. Because if not, she’s better off being Barry’s bestfriend. Candice is really a good actress and she have this bff vibe with Barry.

It’s unfortunate that there is an insanely mad fandom war between the West-Allen fans and SnowBarry shippers making the The Flash fans divided. West-Allen fans thinks that all the SnowBarry fans are racist human beings, (maybe some are, maybe some are not) We shouldn’t generalize or stereotype people. It’s the plotline that makes Snowbarry fans shipping them, not skin color.

The thing is we shouldn’t spread the hate all over the internet. I’ve been seeing twitter hate post regarding Candice and Danielle. We should be aware that they are just portraying the characters that we love, We should know that they are completely different people behind those characters. It doesn’t make any sense hating this people when we don’t even know them personally. Like seriously guys. Let’s just promote what we love instead of bashing what we don’t like.

 I’m planning to blog more about The Flash, Let me know what you’re thinking!

not sure if I’m lonely
not sure if I’m depressed
not sure if all those things
you said to me were all in jest

i don’t recall you smiling
though you didn’t sound upset
I recall you said whatever
you give is what you’ll get

so you’re waiting on the turning
of the leaf
someone’s got to do it
and it may as well be me
yes you’re waiting on the turning
of the leaf
I’m the one that needs
to set my spirit free

the Winter of our discontent
was as long as it was cold
and life has little meaning
without a hand to hold

but I can feel that season
of melancholy slowly dying
and with it all the tears
that never were worth crying

so you’re waiting on the turning
of the leaf
someone’s got to do it
and it may as well be me
yes you’re waiting on the turning
of the leaf
I’m the one that needs
to set my spirit free

mouth to find unrest
road is gristle

at war between needs
to uncover and interpret

moon and moth
near mature
winter sun yellow

grief burning the eaves

memory emissary of
sick fevered past

we do not grow close
but anonymous

fronds of kelp shuddering
the shallow tide pool 

for a history where we’re
rendered small and pointless


I honestly wish that celebrities who are well respected and well loved would take the opportunity to speak out about various issues affecting the world. For example, racism, misogyny, transphobia etc. It’d be nice if instead of starting feuds or petty arguments, celebs would step up and make a difference. What happened to Sandra Bland was a true tragedy and black lives are endangered now more than ever. Tbh, I honestly don’t want to live in a world where I’ll be afraid to go to the mall or somewhere in public and the police are going to arrest me for not doing anything wrong. I honestly don’t know what the world is coming too.

imagine me writing and directing sherlock tho nobody would watch it but i’d have so much fun

40 minutes of the first ep is entirely mycroft. he’s making breakfast, he’s getting dressed, he’s doing paperwork. 

finally cut to sherlock and john having breakfast too, it’s eggs. john is trying to read the newspaper but can’t stop looking at sherlock because his hair is sticking up from sleep and he does;t know. its hella cute. maybe sherlocks robe is all rumpled. HE NEEDSTO LOOK VERY CUTE!!! continue eating eggs. maybe sherlock says something sherlocky and john just rolls his eyes at him because hes a poopy baby

flashback of baby sherlock and mycroft eating eggs for breakfast, really cute child actors hired, the scene is entirely fluffy, not a single drop of angst. i’ll figure out how to connect those two scenes (john and sherlock eating eggs and holmes brothers eating eggs) powerfully when i;m hired later

then BAM THERE’S A CASE! something really gross and cool. LET’S GO, JOHN! kissing john’s buttery toast lips before dashing off, maybe they hold hands uwu i don’t know why sherlock needs to kiss him before they leave but it’s important 

then the rest of the episode is great case stuff with sherlock showing off and john putting him in his place and maybe (if he’s good) giving him a pat on the bum when he;s especially clever!!!!!

and and and an amazing new villain who is a babe and maybe it’s lucy liu and she gives john a smack round the head for looking at her and then sherlock gets mad because that’s his baby, shit’s about to go down now