I married a boy who, when I crawled back into bed this morning after letting the chickens out and put my cold feet on his leg, immediately shifted to cover them with his other leg to warm me up faster. That right there is love, folks. True love.

  • Sark: Love, can you come dial this number for me?
  • Me: Sure, what is it?
  • Sark: It's the credit card activation line so I can activate my new card.
  • Me: *dials number, automated system for credit card activation answers*
  • Sark: WHAT- Ok, I somehow managed to dial a phone sex line TWICE trying to reach this line.

Whole family was out working around the farm for Mother’s Day weekend! My mom took Sark and I (look, an actual picture of me for once!) out plant shopping, and we got the rest of the veggie plants and fruit trees we wanted, and she and I spent the afternoon putting them all in the ground.

Nice shot of the garden beds before and after planting!

My dad worked on putting the roof on the peacock coop, and my mom planted in her pretty blue hat.

We had a lovely bonfire Saturday, and we even went and picked my grandpa up from the nursing home to hang out! Gizmo picked a chair for himself next to Grandpa.