needs to take a seat over there

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is being called a terf and a white feminist by the same people who think sharing a meme on the internet is activism. By the same people who haven’t read a word of feminist theory in their entire lives but because they’ve read everydayfeminism and buzzfeed they think they have the right to tell her to “take SEVERAL seats lmaooo #dragged” i mean… the audacity of these american or western internet liberals thinking that they have some kind of superior feminist knowledge over her is so incredibly insulting. These people are so far removed from reality and so narcissistic that they truly believe that anyone who is ~problematic~ needs​ to be educated on their liberal truth uwu. Imagine being a western facebook liberal explaining to a nigerian woman who has dedicated her life to writing feminist texts explicitly about african women that she shouldn’t use the words male and female and she needs to stop her cisnormative thinking and be more intersectional. I’m fuming!!

Protector - Damon Salvatore oneshot

Requested by anon

Word Count - 624

You had visited the Mystic Falls to escape from all the craziness that was going on around you with the arrival of Klaus and his family, to the ever present annoyance of Katherine, and then there was your boyfriend, Damon, who was fixated upon the destruction of well, everyone really.suffice to say you needed a breather.

You took a seat at the bar and ordered a bourbon, neat when your drink finally arrived you noticed the barmans number of the napkin he laid down for you to take. Honestly, you found it flattering but you really weren’t in the mood so you ignored the number, over time you noticed the barman would not take his eyes off you, this is when you decided you should probably set him straight so you called him over seeing as your glass was empty anyway.

‘Hey cutie, what’ll it be?’ The barman asked you, winking as he finished his sentence.

'Hey, I really appreciate that you had the courage to leave your number and I really am flattered but you should know, I have a boyfriend, sorry to let you down’ You spoke to him, softly and apologetically.

'Well I don’t see him here baby, how about when I get off I take you with me, show you what your missing’ He barman spoke, your opinion of him completely shifting, now you knew he was sleazy and you just wanted to get out of your situation.

'I don’t think you heard me right, I have a boyfriend, besides I think it’s probably time to leave, can you just get me the bill please?’ You asked, desperate to leave this man behind and go home to find your boyfriend ,Damon.

'I don’t think so, stay have a drink, lets see if I can’t convince a pretty little thing like you to come home with me’ As he spoke his hands got closer to yours until he had grabbed your wrists firmly, preventing you from freeing yourself.

'Hey! Let go of me!’ You shouted,hoping someone would take notice of you.

'I said drink!’ The man was now shouting back, his nails digging into the flesh on your wrists.

It was at this moment that the bartender flew across the bar, hitting the wall and smashing all of the bottles displayed behind him, knocking him unconscious  ’ What part of she has a boyfriend are you failing to understand’ You would recognise that voice anywhere, it was the voice of your boyfriend, Damon and honestly you couldn’t have been more relived to know he’s here with you.

'Are you okay Y/N?’ Damon asked you, clearly concerned for your wellbeing, inspecting your body for potential damage.

'I’m fine Damon, honestly, just a little shaken up.’ You respond, smiling up at your boyfriend reassuringly.

'Good, because he won’t be, I’ll kill him for touching you’ He shouted, the aggression that disappeared when he was talking to you had reemerged as he started for the man.

Just as Damon had grabbed your abuser by the throat you had gripped his arm from behind. 'Please, don’t kill him, I know he shoun’d have touched me but hes not worth it, please Damon.’ As you spoke Damons eyes were fixed on the mans, but you knew he was hearing you.

As your grip tightened on Damons arm and your other hand moved to his shoulder before he dripped the man and turned to you, resting his hands on your face. 'I hate that you’re so moral Y/N, its really ruining my reputation’ He smile at you jokingly.

'Come on murderer, take me home’ You smiled up at Damon and kissed him gently before he wrapped his arm around your neck and walked you home.


Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 957

A/N: This is a part of mine and @marvelingatthewonder‘s Christmas Drabble Party. The request was Bucky Barnes + Mistletoe. I hope you enjoy this @missmalfoy1703 , @lostinspace33 and the anon who asked for it as well! 

@avengerstories - me and my Chris Evans candles love and appreciate you so very much.

Originally posted by runnerindistrict12

“Y/N, this is the best idea you’ve ever had.”

You take a sip of your hot chocolate, crossing one leg over the other and leaning back in your seat. “I’m gonna have to agree with you on that one.”

“How long do you think it’ll take for them to join us?” Steve asks, turning on the stove and grabbing a pan to make himself breakfast. Usually, he eats much earlier, but you needed his help with something this morning and he was more than happy to oblige.

“Give ‘em ten minutes. Their favorite place to bicker is in front of an audience.”

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NurseyDex Friendship

Ok, I love these two as mushy saps but that’s unrealistic, so what’s the part of their relationship outside of fighting, roasts, and lovey dovey gross shit.

  • It starts when Nursey goes stiff in one of the classes they take. At this point they still don’t really get along, but Dex can’t fight someone who won’t fight back, and someone so collected as Nursey being thrown off, it’s bad
  • So Dex switches seats with the LAX bro next to him in exchange for a slice of pie, since people are defensive over their seats.
  • Nursey notices, and as soon as Chad leaves, Dex immediately is like, “What The Literal Fuck Happened and Do I Need To Fight Someone.”
  • Nursey is actually alright it’s just that he’s bad at the subject and he gets ye olde Anxiety so Dex is like, I will mcfucking tutor you I just can’t take you acting like this please let me help

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Originally posted by chimcheroo

Summary: “Stop stressing, give me attention.”

A/N: it’s just fluffy Jimin fluff☁️

“It’s dark out now…I guess we can stay in a watch a movie instead?”

He laid across the end of your bed scrolling through his phone. You felt bad that he came all the way over here and he’s had to entertain himself because you had work to do.

“I’m sorry, I can’t. None of my work is making any sense and I…I’m really stressed right now.“ You stared at your computer and all those words looked like bunched up lines. You’ve been working for hours now and you almost forgot what you were even doing.

“That’s why you need to take a break.” He spun around your chair and rested his hands on the arms of the chair, caging you in your seat.

“The more you look at it, the less sense it’s going to make. Come on, you need to relax.” He took off your reading glasses, sat them on your desk and kissed between your brows. You sighed, why was he like this? How could he make you drop everything just because he wanted you to? He smiled brightly, commending himself for successfully distracting you.

“Fine, but let me change into my pjs first.” You stretched your arms and stiff neck then went to your drawers. You slipped off your baggy t shirt and shorts and replaced them with the pajama set he gave you as an apology for being four hours late to pick you up from school, you didn’t talk to him for the whole day after that. While he waited patiently he watched you put your hair in a bun before you reached for your computer.

“Hey!” Suddenly he hugged you from behind and you tried to get out of his grip. He effortlessly picked you up, dropped himself back on your bed with his arms secured around your waist.

“Jimin- What’re you doing?” You pestered. He laughed, sitting up with you tightly held in his lap. You tried to stand up but he wasn’t budging, you gave up.

“Don’t do any more work tonight, you need to rest.” His tone was rather serious now, you opened your mouth as if to say something but it closed.


“Listen to me, just this once. I love you, Y/N, and I would hate to see you drive yourself sick because of this. It’s ok to take it easy every once in a while, ok?” You could hear the sincerity in his voice. He held you tightly, like his life depended on it. Sometimes you’d forget how thoughtful he was, how observant he was when it came to you.

“Ok…” You pouted slightly, knowing he would’ve expected no anyway.

He hoped up and spun you around to kiss the corner of your lips. “Good, I’ll set up the movie and get popcorn.” He scurried out of your bedroom and you decided to go to the bathroom to freshen up. You did a simple face regimen before making your way to the living room. Jimin was sitting on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and a large blanket.

“Any room for me?” You cooed. He looked you up and down, grinning to himself.

“Always.” He lifted the cover, showing you your spot. You didn’t hesitate to snuggle up next to him and grab a handful of popcorn. The movie went on for thirty minutes or so but you were knocked out only twenty minutes in.

“I love this part, it reminds me of- Y/N?…” He looked down at your now sleeping form and peered at your peaceful expression lovingly. He turned off the tv, sat the popcorn down and scooped you up. He carried you to your bed to placed you down gently, pulling the covers up so they just covered half your torso. When he saw you were comfortable he brushed a hand over your cheek, smiling at the way you stirred by even a simple touch, he adored you. Carefully he leaned down to press a weightless kiss on your brow, “Goodnight…”

  • Nora: *knock knock knock* Coooming!~ *Nora opens the door.* HellooOh Yang! *she greeted her friend with a hug.*
  • Yang: Hey Nora. *Yang smiled returning the hug.* Can I come in?
  • Nora: Of course! Come right in. *Nora smiled leading Yang inside.* Can I get you something to drink?
  • Yang: Sure as long as it isn't they Heal smooth Ren makes. *Yang laughed*
  • Nora: Oh don't worry. I took care of that.
  • Yang: ... You hit it with your hammer?
  • Nora: Every. Single. Bottle.
  • Yang: Oh thank god.
  • Nora: *After that Nora handed Yang a soda as she takes a seat across from her.* So. What brings you over here? Do you need help with a Hunt?
  • Yang: Oh No. Nothing like that. Though maybe next time. No. *Yang smiled before slowly beginning to look nervous.* I... Uh, You see.... I need some advise.
  • Nora: Ah So you finally want to learn how I got so strong. Okay first you'll need a Ursa. A REALLY big Ursa. And then-
  • Yang: Wha? Oh no no. Not that. I wanted to ask you... How did you and Ren propose to each other?
  • Nora: *Nora Blinded for a moment, her cheeks turning pink* Uuuuh, Say wha?
  • Yang: *Yang shifted nervously in her seat.* You Know. You two are like the perfect couple and have been married for years and I want that with Blake so I figured You had to be the one that asked R-
  • Nora: WhoawhoawhoawhoawhoaWHOA! *Nora panicked waving her hands infront of her, her whole face blushing.* Me and Ren aren't MARRIED!
  • Yang: ... Uh, Yeah. You are.
  • Nora: No we aren't.
  • Yang: Nora you and Ren are wearing wedding rings. *Yang said pointing to Nora'a ring finger where a diamond wedding ring is.*
  • Nora: I-It's a best friend ring. *nora studdered covering her ring.
  • Yang: Nora. You too live together in this house.
  • Nora: We always lived together!
  • Yang: You two have sex! We once walked in on it!
  • Yang: THEN WHAT'S THAT THEN!? *Yang Yelled back pointed to Nora's very pregnant belly.*
  • Nora: ... It was extreme cuddling? *Nora smiled nervously as Yang face palm herself.*
  • ~Meanwhile~
  • Blake: Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. You mean to tell me Nora will only admit that you two are married when you two are alone?
  • Ren: Yes. *sips his tea*
  • Blake: ... Why?
  • Ren: ... I honestly have yet to figure it out myself.

When your Love works long hours, but you stay to keep them company anyway.

All my little plans and schemes / Lost like some forgotten dream
Seems like all I really was doing / Was waiting for you
Don’t need to be alone / Don’t need to be alone
It’s real love / It’s real / It’s real love
It’s real .. love

“Real Love” by Tom Odell

Dragon Soup

“Thank you for coming, Atticus.” The woman greeted the villain with a cheek kiss before taking her seat.

“My pleasure. What seems to be the trouble?”

Wordlessly, she slid a vile of electric yellow ooze across the table. Atticus grimaced and nodded. Taking out a notebook and a pen, he started making a list. “Please have these gathered up while I prepare, thank you.”

As the moon rose that night, the villain crept into a cave several miles from town. A few minutes later, the cave mouth belched flames and a prehistoric roar that shook the stones.

“Atticus! I am FINE! I do NOT! NEED! HELP!”

“You have a COLD!” Atticus shouted, cupping his hands over his mouth to be heard over the crash of the dragon’s tail smashing rocks. “You are going to infect the region!” he yelped, barely ducking the onslaught.

The dragon reared its head back to sneeze and Atticus saw his chance. He hurled a flask at the beast’s nose and the air filled with salty smells and the sounds of sea sirens harmonizing. The sneeze came with hurricane haste and avalanching unpleasantries.

The dragon yawned sleepily and Atticus fired a small trebuchet. Soup flew into the wyrm’s maw, pot and all.

The exertion, the alluring magic, and the soup were too much. Eyes fluttering, the dragon lowered its neck and pressed it against the villain, nearly knocking him over. “You have poisoned me.”

“You’re immune to poisons, kiddo,” Atticus shushed as he stroked the dragon’s long snout affectionately.

“If you were anyone else, I’d eat you.”

“You and half the Netherworld. Rest up, old man. I’ll be back to check on you in a few days.”

“Thank you, Atty.”

“What’s this stuff?” He asked, motioning to the boxes as D.Va loaded up one of her two computers, and she barely glanced over before grinning.

“Some of its merch that I need to sign- that pile there- and the rest is gifts from fans. Thanks for reminding me though, I should do an unboxing vid soon…” She pointed to the chair in front of the other computer. “Bring that over here.”

Jack complied, pulling it over and taking a seat as she got herself logged in. Her background was simple, not quite as extravagant as he’d thought it’d be, just a black background with her bunny and the MEKA symbol in the middle. It was, however, littered with file folders and applications.

"How do you find anything on here?” He asked, watching as she opened, then closed three folders.

"I don’t, obviously.” D.Va muttered, opening a search bar and typing in a long line of what Jack assumed was romanized Korean. Whatever it was, though, it worked, pulling up the icon for Civilization 8 and D.Va clicked into it. "It’s an English copy with Korean subtitles, but we never needed the instructions. Here, take over for me, 76.”

She rolled her chair out of the way, and Jack moved in front of the screen, clicking through the intro movie to the start screen. Instead of the typical map and start buttons, there were pictures of MEKA pilots, military photos with dates underneath.

"It’s all the ones who haven’t made it back to base after a fight,” D.Va said, quietly, as Jack looked over the photos.

"Is all of MEKA so young?” He asked, finally tearing his gaze away from one picture, a man maybe D.Vas age, smiling but with tear tracks running down his face.

anonymous asked:

What would being stuck in traffic with J be like? Ps I love you and your writing ❤️

A/N: so I went my own way with this one & I’m so sorry if you hate it, love ❤️-

Originally posted by prettybabydontcry

Jared was able to take the Lamborghini home for the weekend in order to take his method acting to the next level and because he really wanted to take it for a late night spin.
I sat in the passenger seat of the luxurious ride and looked over and me green haired man, his jaw clenched as he sped down the open highway, occasionally letting out the laugh he had been trying to perfect.
I felt the car slow down quickly and as my eyes met the road again i was met with a pile up of traffic.
Jared rolled his head back and let out loud groan.

“Jared, you don’t need…” I place my hand on his arm.

He shoots me a look to tell me he’s just playing with his characters boundaries. The method acting as The Joker has taken quite a bit to get used to, everything changes to an extent but he still is there so he knows if he really needs to break character he will.
For this role it’s been fun, he’s witty and his sarcasm is at free reign, it’s always interesting to see how he brings himself into each role.
It’s also hard to not let certain things run off while he’s in these roles.
With The Joker, things are much more risqué than we usually are but I love it. I also have a hard time not letting myself get into my own character.
Like now.

Jared slams his hands on the steering wheel with a smile on his face he revs the engine. I slowly reach my hand over his lap and begin rubbing his dick.

“Ah, baby girl, you’re always ready to play!” He groans as he looks down at my hand.

“I just want to take your mind off this traffic, daddy.” I unfasten my seatbelt and position myself.

I unbutton his pants and pull his fully hard dick out, another groan is received as my hand wraps around him, giving him a few strokes before I place his tip between my lips.

“Don’t tease daddy, be a good little slut and I’ll make sure we make it home safely.” He shifts in his seat as I lower my mouth on him.

I slowly begin the motions, my tongue pressing against him as I slide him out of my mouth, only to slide him to the back of my throat again.
His hand is tangled in my hair and he lets out low groans with each movement, I can feel him holding back his want to thrust his hips as my mouth moves slowly.
I feel the car move slightly and I go a little faster, he gives a sharp inhale as I gag every so often trying to deep throat him in this position.
My hands wrap around the base of his dick and I love them with the rhythm of my mouth.

“Don’t stop! Prove to daddy you’re the perfect slut!” He purrs and groans as I use my tongue more and hollow my cheeks around him.

I can tell he’s getting closer by the grip he has on my hair and the more frequent groans. I keep my pace and use my hands more, reaching down and massaging over his balls he grips harder and moans louder.

“Fuck!” He whispers, quickly breaking character.

Within the next few seconds he tenses up and fills my mouth, I swallow with every twitch his dick gives off.
As I pull my mouth off him I give it one last suck, his breath shaky as he releases it.
I sit up and buckle up my seatbelt, I look in front of us and all the traffic is gone.
He adjust himself back in his pants with a grin on his face as he puts the car back in drive.

“Are you fucking kidding?” I laugh and wipe the sides of my mouth.

“I honestly don’t know which side of me enjoyed that more. I wasn’t going to try and ruin it either.” He smiles and speeds off.

My back hits the seat and I laugh again. He reaches his hand over to mine and locks our fingers together.
I watch the night sky as we speed through my LA or his Gotham.

Taehyung Scenario: Make A Wish.

Request:  I’m the anon that asked for the Tae birthday scenario. For it a birthday party would be fine. Like with the other members there or whatever you want

Genre: Fluff

–Are you sure this is safe? – you asked with a tremulous giggle, holding onto Taehyung’s arm for dear life, literally, since you couldn’t see anything. Your boyfriend had tied a black cloth over your eyes after smiling mischievously and saying you weren’t allowed to see anything of where he was taking you.

You trusted Taehyung a lot, but being blindfolded wasn’t particularly trilling because you were dying to see, you guessed that was exactly how Taehyung wanted to get you, curious until you couldn’t take it anymore.

–Of course it is Y/N, I planned it – Taehyung laughed and caressed your hand.

You accommodated yourself against the back seat with a little smile, you didn’t even need to look at your boyfriend to make out the satisfied smile he was sporting on his lips. Exactly because he planned this was the reason it got you a little nervous, Taehyung could get a little crazy sometimes and you still didn’t get the full point of covering your eyes.

You suddenly startled because now that you noticed, you’d been on the car for quite some time already, long enough to be out of the city, you just suspected it. Taehyung had only been distracting you with his easy and cheerful chatter, giving you little kisses here and there, saying how excited he was for your birthday.

The thought made you smile silently and you let your head fall onto where you knew Taehyung’s shoulder was. It was special beyond words to spend your birthday with your boyfriend and in the way he planned it for you because you knew he’d put some thought into it and it was going to be special any way. When he’d barged into your bedroom waking you up at 5 am with a smile out of this world, a gift box on hands and singing-screaming happy birthday for you, you thought he was definitely a special guy, that was just how Taehyung was.

–You still aren’t going to tell me where are we going right? – you asked amused, because of course he wouldn’t.

–No baby – Taehyung’s lips grazed the skin of your temple and made you shiver, increasing even more the nervous anxiety you were feeling, you were just dying to know and patience was never one of your strongest qualities. – but you’ll see it right now–

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The Miraculous Coffee House- Adrinette Month Day Five

He takes a sip of coffee, frowning at the bitterness. “Where’s the sugar…?”

He hears a slight laugh, and looks up to see a woman, sitting at a table with a computer, blue eyes sparkling. “Not a fan of the bitter stuff, I take it?”

“Nope, I’m a sugar addict,” he shrugs, pulling out the seat across from the woman. “I just really, really need the caffeine, and there isn’t much else with that and sugar on this menu.”

“Did you try a mocha?”

“Coffee and chocolate?” he wrinkles his nose. “No thanks.”

“Well aren’t you picky?” she smirks, tilting her head. “If you really need sugar, they have some at the counter.”

He looks over his shoulder, and blushes at the sight of the canister, clearly marked, “SUGAR” in pink block letters. “Oh. That’s there.”

“Yes, it really is,” she snickers at him, and it should not be that cute but wow it really is. “Don’t worry, you can still sit with me, no matter how oblivious to your surroundings you are.”

He laughs, grabbing the sugar and pouring it into his cup. Her eyes widen. “What?”

“You like sugar. You really, really like sugar.”

“Yeah, got a problem with it?”

She giggles. “It’s adorable.”

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Kind of a Drabble idea but like it's fine if you don't just like Jason hugging bizarro or Artemis hugging bizarro just like some hugging bizarro because I love him and I can't hug him cause he's not real but he's real in my heart and he deserves all the hugs

On screen the character turned a corner, coming face to face with a lumbering zombie. The screen tinted red as it attacked.

Bizarro, sitting next to Jason with his eyes fixed on the screen, nearly jumped out of his seat.

“What’s wrong, buddy?” Jason grimaced, shooting the zombie and healing the character before moving on.

“Bizarro am scared,” Bizarro replied.  

“Not all zombies are scary.” Another corner, another zombie. This time, Jason jumped as well. “Yeah, okay. How about next game we go with something that takes place in sunlight.”

Bizarro shifted on the couch so he was closer to Jason.

Jason glanced over. “Need a hug, big guy?”

Nodding, Bizarro reached over and pulled Jason against his side, hugging him close.

From the television came a shriek as another zombie descended on their character. Bizarro’s arms tightened around Jason.

Jason put down the controller. “No more zombie games, got it.”

For You (angst & fluff )

  “Sehun I need you to do a favor for me..” you said suddenly

He patted the empty space beside him on the couch signaling for you to take a seat. You came over to him and sat down with a racing heart. He looked at you for a second before putting his business magazine down on the coffee table.

 “What is it __ ?” he asked painfully slow. He tilted his head while looking at you until you answered him.

 “I-I need you to let me go” you said stuttering.

All he did was chuckled darkly…

Sehun is the heir to his family’s company. Their company is one of the biggest in Seoul and you being the daughter of his parent’s colleague means that you are fated to be involve in each other’s life including this marriage. 

 “..and why is that?” he asked confused. 

He always thought that the reason you agreed to this marriage was all because of money and wealth that his family had. Not like you’re not wealthy , just that he was much more than you are. He never thought that one day you’ll come to him asking for a divorce.

 “I’m pregnant-” you said trembling but was cut off immediately 

 “whose?” he asked with jealousy 

He might not love you , but he cannot stand the thought of other people touching you , his wife.

 “wha-what?” you asked 

 “you heard me.Who is the father?” the ice in his voice was so cold it sent    shivers down your spine.

 “of course it’s you! Who else?!” you answered quite annoyed.

 “then? why do you want me to divorce you when we are having a family __?..  why..?” 

The look in his eyes were dark but you knew it wasn’t lust … but pain and you were confused.

with a long sigh , you answered him 

 “because Sehun , look around us.. there is so much wealth , too much wealth.. and I don’t want our child to live this so called luxury.. I want her to know that nothing starts off easy , that nothing will come to him or her just by snapping his or her fingers.. I don’t want my child to grow up and be forced to marry someone they don’t love.. just like me.” 

Your answer seemed unacceptable for Sehun. None of them made him understand the situation. Your relationship might not be filled with love , but it wasn’t filled with hatred either.

 “___ if you don’t want our baby to live in this state , we can change it. We can move to a small apartment , we can send her to public schools , we can let her marry whoever she wants-” 

 “Why do you even care? why are you trying to fix this? why can’t you see what I’m trying to do?!” you said cutting him of his words

 “Because this is family __ ! We are talking about building a family that is starting and you want to tear us apart ! I want our child to live with a perfect and loving parents but how can we give that when you want me to set you free?! and who’s going to take care of you while you’re alone? How am I suppose to know whether you’re save? whether you’re ill?.. ” 

You were taken aback by his answer.You can’t understand what his points were. He didn’t love you nor did he actually cared for you but why can’t he let you go?

He ran his fingers across his hair with a groan. He was so close to tears. This is everything he ever wanted , a family. He is also in love with you , he observes your every step , every movement , every smile , every laughter. He finds you charming , beautiful , a stress reliever , a person that makes him smile by just hearing her name and last but not least his home.

He took a step towards you and took your hands .Tears already flowing down his cheeks. He pulled you into a hug , a hug that he hold onto tight ,that he didn’t want to let go. You were unsure what to do but you hugged him back. His tears are now landing on your shoulders. He tried to speak but nothing came out. He gathered up his courage and start talking again.

 “Why can’t you see I love you? Why can’t you see I’ve always been in love with you? I don’t want to let you go. I don’t want to set you free. I only have my eyes on you and forever you . This family is what I’ve always wanted in life ! So please.. please let me know that you’ll change your mind” 

You pulled yourself apart. His face was all red from the sobbing. 

What have you done? You tore this man’s heart away and there is only one way to mend it back… and that is to stay.

“ I will.. I will stay and I will start to love you.” you replied while holding onto his face giving him a sweet kiss.

“Thanks ___ , I love you”

We need some of Sweden’s feminist pop stars over here 

Feminism been a fact of Swedish music for awhile now, but people started to take notice recently when Sweden’s Got Talent winner Zara Larsson posted a picture of her stretching out a condom so she could wear it on her leg like a knee-high sock. The caption read, “To all the guys saying ‘my dick is too big for condoms’ TAKE A SEAT.”

It made international headlines for firing back at men who use that excuse to have sex with women without a protection, which is manipulative and never OK.

Sometimes You Have to be Realistic

A/N: This is my first time writing any kind of fanfiction, but after last night’s episode this story idea just wouldn’t leave my head! Thanks to atlolehvad for looking at this and giving me your thoughts! Please let me know what you think, and thanks for reading!!

It’s a couple of hours later, after the doctor has fixed up her cut, when Deeks wanders back to Kensi’s room. He takes a few minutes in the doorway just watching her stare out the window before he clears his throat to let her know he’s in the room.

She looks over at him and pats the bed next to her without saying a word.  He takes this to mean that he can join her and slides onto the bed with her so they are seated side-by-side.  There is a moment of silence before Deeks opens his mouth.

“I think we need to have a talk about things.  The question is, do you want be to be super optimistic or realistic right now?”

She takes a moment to think about it before whispering, “can we be scarily realistic for right now?”

Deeks takes a deep breath and says, “Ok, we can do that. Tell me, what is scaring you the most about the situation we’re in?”

He can tell she’s fighting back tears when she says, “That I may never get back to normal”

Deeks opens his mouth to respond, but it’s as if that one sentence has opened the flood gates and, suddenly every worry and fear she has had since the moment she woke up and realized things weren’t ok comes pouring out.

“I’m afraid that I’ll only be seen as a burden from this point on.  I’m scared because I don’t recognize myself like this.  Everything I am is wrapped up in my independence, and now that’s gone.  I don’t know what to do if I don’t have my job or my life.  And I love you so much, but I don’t want to be just something else you have to take care of.”

At this point she turns to him, and though her eyes are shining with tears, he sees a fire in them that hasn’t been there since before the accident.

“I was ready, Deeks!  Before the crash, I was ready to marry you, and move into a bigger house, and start a family.  I was thinking about it all the time. I had finally let myself believe that the happy ending was going to happen this time.  But, now? It just feels like it’s all been ripped away. Because I don’t want to get married, if it means that you just have to take care of me, and I don’t want to have kids if I can’t help take care of them and run around with them, and be their mom like how a mom should be.  So, when I say that I’m scared that I may never walk again, it means that I’m scared that all my plans and dreams and all of our plans are now gone too.  And that scares me, because I don’t want to start over. I was finally happy, and I just want to be happy again!”

By the end of the tirade she is crying fully, and all Deeks can do is hold her and make soothing noises.  They lay there for an indeterminate amount of time, until Deeks can tell her tears have stopped.  He then gently grabs her chin to make her look at him.

“First, I want you to know that I love you more than anything, and that means that you would never ever be a burden for me. And even if you never walk again, I’m pretty sure that we could rig up our house to where you wouldn’t even need my help.  You would be able to get around just fine and get back to burying us alive in all the fruits of your hoardings!”

This get a smile and a small snort, which makes him smile and continue.

“Which brings me to my second point.  You’re right, you may never walk again.  But, if we’re being realistic, can we both agree that you’re not at that point yet? You are still healing, and still recovering, and still making progress in therapy, right? Do you agree with those points?”

She reluctantly nods her head, “I mean yeah, technically.”

“And are you planning on quitting therapy and giving up?”

“No, of course not,” she replied, clearly affronted.

“Ok, then. Besides, I have full confidence in your kick-ass dedication and fighting spirit when it comes to beating this thing, because you’ve already beaten the odds.”

At this, she cocks her head in confusion, “What do you mean?”

There’s a moment of silence and when she turns to look at him, she can tell that he is now the one trying to fight back tears.

“For a couple of weeks, nobody knew if you were going to wake up. From the moment you lost consciousness underneath that helicopter to the moment you opened your eyes, I didn’t know if I was ever going to be able to talk to you again, or look into your eyes, or see your smile. So when you woke up and weren’t a vegetable, and weren’t completely paralyzed, it was a miracle. That’s why I’m optimistic and have so much faith that you are going to walk again, because you are stubborn and a fighter, and that has never been more evident to me than in the last few weeks.”

He takes a breath and looks at Kensi.  She is staring at him with an unreadable look in her eye, and he thinks that maybe he’s gone too far, so he just starts rambling,

“You know we could talk about new plans if you want to, while we’re being realistic.  We could move to the country, have a one level house and just get a bunch of dogs running around.  It might make Monty jealous, but he has been feeling a little lonely late—“

He doesn’t finish because all of a sudden she’s kissing him, really kissing him.  They haven’t kissed like this since the last time they woke up in their house; before investigations, and Syria, and helicopter crashes. It feels good, and when they break apart, they’re both a little breathless.

“Thank you,” she whispers, her forehead touching his.

He’s a little dazed, but he thinks his reply is, “For what?”

She has a hint of a smile when she says, “For being realistic tonight.  I’m still nervous and feel out of control, but I feel a little less scared now than I did this morning.  Thank you for not giving up on me, and for listening.”

Deeks smiles as he replies, “I love you baby, there’s nowhere I’d rather be.”

She kisses him lightly one more time before laying her head on his chest.  They lay there wrapped together until Deeks notices that her breathing has evened out and she’s asleep.  Right before he follows her he thinks about his response to the guys this morning when they had asked about Kensi. The same, but better. He thinks that if they were to ask him now, he might just reply with ‘better’.  The troubles aren’t gone, and Kensi still has a long, hard journey ahead of her. But as Deeks finally gives in to sleep, he thinks that they are finally journeying together, and to him that’s all that matters.

Warren Worthington x Reader - Feathers

Your Mutation: Levitation
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sex mentions, language

“Warren, baby. You have to be more careful with your feathers.” You sighed, gathering up three more of his white feathers off your floor.

“Who cares, angel?” Warren chuckled, pulling up his pants. You rolled your eyes at the cheesy nickname Warren had started calling you. Warren began to look around the room for his t-shirt and leather jacket. You found them both and tossed them to him.

“Thanks, angel.” He smirked. You still stood in your bra and underwear; you had thrown them on quickly after the two of you had finished having ‘fun.’

“Babe, Jean says she tries not to read my mind, but even a telepath wouldn’t need to do that if they see your 80 feathers around the room.” You sighed, walking over to your bed and taking a seat. Warren pulled his shirt over his head, pushing his wings through. He smirked when he saw you still were not dressed.

“Don’t eye me like that, Warren. You already got some once today, no way it’s going to happen twice.” You laughed, giving him a playful shove. Warren laughed, giving you a small peck on the cheek. He grabbed his shoes and sat down next to you on the bed, trying not to hit you with his wings.

“Back to what I was talking about before you distracted me-” You said, but Warren interrupted.

“Woah, I distracted you? You distracted me! You’re out in the middle of the room, walking around in lacy underwear and a lacy bra. That is way more distracting than me.” Warren chuckled again. You rolled your eyes at him.

“Shut up, you know what I mean. Anyways, back to what I was saying. Your dorm is on the opposite side of the school. If we want to keep this whole relationship thing a secret still, you need to watch your feathers.” You said to Warren. The boy groaned, moving to the middle of the room.

“What’s the big deal? So I leave behind a couple feathers. No one will notice.” Warren complained.

“Maybe other people won’t notice, but I think Jean will notice when they’re leading directly to our dorm room.” You said, standing up.

“Angel, darling, baby cakes. I cannot take you seriously while you are standing in that sexy ass underwear. It makes me want to take my clothes off and fuc-”

“Warren!” You squealed, giving him a shove. He smirked when he noticed how red your face had gone.

“What, angel? You don’t like dirty talk? But you liked before when I was fu-”

“Warren Worthington III, I swear to god!” You yelled at him again, giving him another light shove. The smirk on Warren’s face had been growing by the second. You pretended to be angry at him, stomping over to your bed with your arms crossed.

“Aw, doll, it was just a joke. You know I love you.” Warren chuckled before realizing what he had said. Your eyes widened when you processed the words that had come out of his mouth.

“Did you just..?” You asked. Warren stood still, like a goddamn statue. He was terrified to speak, to even move.

“Warren, I-” You were cut off by the door opening. Shit, Jean.

“Hey, (Y/N), did you want to come get- oh my god.” Jean said, looking between you and Warren. You quickly grabbed a blanket, covering up your body.

“When were you going to tell me this was going on?!” Jean asked. She had been pushing you to ask Warren out for months. You had ended up taking her advice, you just didn’t tell her.

“Um, I’m going to leave. I’ll see you around, doll.” Warren said.

“If you think I’m letting you leave after what you just said Warren, you’re wrong!” You yelled, making him stop.

“I’m sorry, was I interrupting something?” Jean asked, nervously.

“Well, I mean, yeah.” Warren said. Jean nodded and gave you a small wave as she exited your room.

“You said I love you, Warren.” You mumbled. He nodded, not sure how to respond. Were you happy he had said it? You were probably furious at him; the two of you hadn’t even told anyone about your relationship yet and Warren had to go and fuck up another relationship.

“I-I love you too, Warren.” You stuttered out.

“You do?” Warren asked in disbelief. You gave a small nod. Warren’s face lit up with one of the biggest smiles you had ever seen on his face. He ran over to you and grabbed you, kissing you hard. You quickly melted into the kiss, hands gripping his shirt.

“Ready for round two?”

I had so much fun writing this one! Shoutout to Rebekah, Deanna and Squidney for chilling with me on while I wrote this! Hope y’all enjoyed! Requests are closed.

A superhero listens to her head: A Marinette analysis

Or rather, I’ve become confused by fandom’s view of Marinette and her perception of herself, as well as fandom’s view of her decision to keep her identity a secret, and I really needed to make a long, cathartic post about it. 

Let’s just take a look at Marinette’s character before I get into the heart of this. Going back to Origins, she started out exactly as I expected her to; a bit of a push over, but with a little bit of spunk beneath the surface that needed an outlet. Without the responsibilities of Ladybug to give her that metaphorical kick out the door, she saw herself as a human disaster with the worst kind of luck. Chloe apparently making Marinette a constant victim of hers certainly didn’t help matters, and it was when Chloe stole her seat that we saw a girl who hasn’t yet gained that confidence she’s known for. Marinette confided in Alya that she wished she was able to stand up to Chloe right after the incident. She had insecurities born out of her clumsiness and constantly being pushed around by the class bully. 

Of course, she had moments of standing up for herself, though her frustration was directed at the wrong person when she told off Adrien for what she thought was him helping Chloe put gum on her seat. I wouldn’t call it a victory, but what it does show us is that Marinette wasn’t timid enough to let acts like this slide by without saying something at this point. Like I said above, she had spunk, but no way for her shell to really crack open yet. It wasn’t until she became Ladybug for the first time and was forced into a position where she had to act that she displayed her brilliance as a heroine with great strategic skills. 

Her moment of doubt after failing to purify the akuma only made me appreciate Marinette’s journey in becoming confident all the more. Crushed after making a critical mistake with the akuma, she was ready to give up, thinking she wasn’t super hero material. Rome wasn’t built in a day after all, and from what we’ve seen of her this far in the origins story, she had a lot of self doubt when it came to taking a stand against oppressors and jerks of any kind. Marinette had to be forced to act once again, this time because Alya was trapped beneath a car. This catalyst, plus Chat Noir’s words of encouragement, gave her the final boost of confidence she needed to fully bloom into the power house super hero we know her to be now. 

I really appreciate the origin story of Marinette precisely because it showed us her doubt. Her leadership skills, her confidence to stand up to others she feels are in the wrong, this was hard-earned. She had to agonize over this decision to become Ladybug and be put through the ringer in order to come out on top. She was brought to her lowest point in order to be built back up again, and I guess this is the crux of the issue I have with how she’s often portrayed.

See, I feel like a lot of people just… ignore the struggle Marinette went through in Origins. Or not ignore per say, but there is a lot of hyper focus (and extreme exaggeration) on Marinette’s insecurities about her clumsy nature and push-over personality even though she moved past this, and she really worked to move past this at that. So whenever I read people refer to Marinette thinking of herself as ‘plain and boring, too shy’, I one, wonder if we’re watching the same show, and two, don’t think people appreciate how hard mentally she had to work to be the person she is now. 

This is who Marinette is; Someone who takes charge of a situation that’s out of hand, e.g; her running for class president to relieve her class of Chloe’s reign, assuring the class that they would finish the movie they had to produce with a measure of confidence and surety that only a natural-born leader could have, and let’s not forget every time she had to put Chloe in her place whenever the situation called for it. This girl will get an idea for a design or a plan to defeat and akuma and  she puts herself fully behind it, knowing the idea is good. This is someone who is confident in herself and knows exactly what she’s worth. Marinette is Ladybug, and there has never been a moment where she thought of herself as wearing this mask of confidence as a ruse that hid an insecure girl beneath. 

And I want to make myself clear, all of this is not to say that Marinette can’t have doubt from time to time. She’s human, she’s a teenager, so it’s to be expected that there will be moments of her questioning herself. One moment that comes to mind is in Antibug when she was detransformed and faced with what she thought was an inability to help Chat Noir without her powers. All it took was some encouraging words from Tikki that she was Ladybug with or without the suit for her to get her act together and formulate a plan. But for whatever reason, it seems like this moment has been latched onto by a good chunk of the fandom as proof of Marinette’s insecurities about herself, even though she bounced back really quick from a very reasonable moment of doubt. I say reasonable, because it was Marinette having to face a super villain without super powers, and anyone would look at that situation and probably make that judgement call no matter how confident in their abilities they were.

There are 2 more seasons of this show planned out. I completely expect there to be more moments of Marinette questioning her abilities, of being hard on herself for any mistake she might make because it’s natural to do this, especially with all the pressures that comes with being a super hero. But there is a very big different between that and the near self-loathing I see people portray her having, to the point where it’s a generally accepted head canon that Marinette’s desire to keep her identity a secret from Chat Noir was born from crippling insecurities, despite there being absolutely no evidence for this. 

It’s precisely this trope in fandom that inspired me to write this entire thing. There are a lot of problems I have with this, from the mischaracterization of Marinette, to the blame that’s put solely on her shoulders for keeping her and Chat Noir’s identity a secret from each other. Before I delve into this though, everyone, keep writing what you’re writing. If you like this trope, have at it, please. The last thing I want to do is like… dictate what people should and shouldn’t write. I just find it worth criticizing only because it seems to be across the board that this characterization of Marinette is canon, when there’s very little evidence for it, and in fact, there was a clear dichotomy set up between Ladybug and Chat Noir and how they view this whole secret identity business that’s rarely explored, but more on that later. 

When the issue of secret identities is first brought up in great detail, it’s in Lady Wifi. We see for the first time how desperate Chat Noir was to know who’s behind Ladybug’s mask. He’s in love with her after all, and he wants to get to know all of her. So he pleaded with her to drop the mask. Here was Ladybug’s response; 

She even smiled at him consolingly before shutting the door behind her. Now, to me this reaction isn’t screaming defensive. If anything, it is completely empathetic to Chat Noir’s desire to learn who she is, so it’s safe to assume, to me anyway, that she would also like to know who he is too. But here’s the thing about Ladybug; despite how frazzled she can get in certain situations (usually involving Adrien), she is someone who thinks with her head. She even said it;

Can we just dissect that line for a second though? She decided to listen to her head despite what her heart was saying. So this meant her heart was telling her to reveal herself to Chat Noir. She wants to. He’s her partner and I’m sure she loves him as a dear friend at this point. But she was faced with an emotional decision vs. a logical one, and she chose the logical route.

But people portray her as making this decision emotionally, through a desire to keep her superhero life and civilian life separate because she doesn’t want Chat Noir, and generally people she cares about, to be disappointed that she’s Ladybug. And this is just so, so wrong. Not only is there nothing to back this up, it often completely ignores the age-old trope of keeping this a secret purely for their own physical safety, as well as their loved ones.

It’s taken so much farther than this though. I’ve seen it far too often that the weight of this decision of put entirely onto Ladybug’s shoulders, and 9 times out of 10 she’s shown to be the unreasonable one when it comes to keeping her identity a secret despite it being the smart thing to do. 9 times out of 10, this portrayal seems to be used for the sole purpose of making Chat Noir out to be the silently suffering, but oh so patient friend that’s just waiting for Ladybug to stop being overly defensive about her identity. 

I think that’s the part that really upsets me, if I’m thinking on it. Chat Noir is more popular than Ladybug in the fandom, and treated a lot more… softly, than her, and I think it really shows in this trope. In a situation where Ladybug kindly turned down Chat Noir’s offer to learn each others identities for logical reasons, it’s often twisted into this emotionally damaging situation, where Ladybug is so insecure that she’s the one dealing all of the emotional damage to Chat Noir in order to protect herself. In a situation where Chat Noir’s desire to know who she is to the point of nearly opening that door despite her wishes can be summed up as reckless and disrespectful (and thank god he decided not to, because he’s so much better than that), Ladybug is the one who is always written to be in the wrong. 

How? Why?

I can’t see how keeping their identity a secret is not the right course of action to take. As far as I see it, Ladybug is just thinking ahead. What if one of them got captured and was forced to disclose who their partner was? What would have happened if Chat Noir knew who Ladybug was, and he was put under the control of an akuma? There would be nothing to stop him from letting the world know who Ladybug was. Generally though, this is just superhero 101 stuff. There was nothing personal about the decision Ladybug came to, so whether you think them knowing each other behind the mask is a safety issue or not, it doesn’t change that Ladybug clearly thought it was. Why would she say that it was a decision made with her head, if there was some personal reason behind it?

Also, I think ignoring that she came to this decision by using her head ruins the wonderful dichotomy set up between her and Chat Noir. Right after Adrien left the hotel after deciding to not peak in on Ladybug while she detransformed, Plagg asked him, “What were you thinking?” referring to him missing out on the chance to peak in on Ladybug. Adrien simply said he wasn’t thinking, that he was following his heart. His heart was telling him to listen to what she wanted, so in his own way he also came to the decision to keep their identities a secret. This scene is directly juxtaposed by the next one, with Marinette coming to the same decision, but by using her head and not her heart. 

So here you have Ladybug wanting their identities to be kept secret because it’s logical and thus safer for everyone. It makes sense. Chat Noir is the opposite. His decision to close that door and not peak wasn’t made because he saw the sense in her decision, and we can presume this because he follows this up by saying it was a decision made with his heart. One can assume he meant that he wanted to respect Ladybug’s wishes, rather than agreeing with her that this was the right thing to do. There’s just so much writing material to unpack in that alone, but it can’t be seen if most of the fandom ignores Ladybug as the one who thinks logically in the partnership. 

I’m not really sure what I’m trying to do with this analysis besides getting all my feelings out about this character. It was just something I felt desperately needed pointing out, not just because it mischaracterizes Marinette, but I find that she’s often treated very unfairly by fandom for the decision to keep her identity a secret. It can’t all be put onto her shoulders. She’s not hiding this because she feels unworthy of the title, despite how it might hurt Chat Noir. She’s just being smart. If anything, Chat Noir could have been classified as being reckless for wanting to know who she is, but this is something I rarely if ever seen brought up by the fandom.

To sum it up, well… I guess what I’m trying to say more frankly is I wish fandom would give Marinette a break. She’s a lot more secure in herself as a person, logical, and empathetic of Chat Noir’s feelings than people often give her credit for.