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I’ve gotten a couple messages about keeping speculation to private messages and not shipping and/or speculating publicly that I want to address here because I think it needs to be said. first of all. I basically have stopped shipping publicly but not out of choice. I was forced to. and it fucking sucks, let me tell you. I wouldn’t wish it on any shipper. You have no idea how badly I want to come back (and I will be back) fully like it was before this whole mess happened. Second of all, do you notice that because a lot of us have stopped talking that tumblr is now boring as hell? At least my dash is and that’s not meant as an insult to the people I follow at all. I think a lot of shippers have gone underground out of fear and that makes me really sad. It shouldn’t be that way nor should it ever have come to be that way. Shipping is meant to be fun and we’re meant to be able to speculate without consequence. other ships do it, why can’t we? so while I’ve taken a big step back, I don’t mean for this to be forever and I don’t think we should have our voices silenced just because some people are watching. That’d be really really sad and it’s not the way I choose to live my life, both online and off - being silenced by those who have more money than me or who can scream insults louder than I can (see also: America’s political climate at the moment). That doesn’t make them powerful, that makes them gross and pitiful. So, as long as you feel safe, why not say fuck it and ship however YOU want? That’s why you joined tumblr, isn’t it? You joined because you were looking for a place to ship and have fun and for a community. Why let some assholes in suits or behind anonymous faces stop you? 

anyway. I needed to get that off my chest. I think it’s unfair and ridiculous to ask anyone to silence their opinions out of fear or what have you. I didn’t make this blog to sit back and not express my opinions nor did I end up with almost 3600 followers because I kept my mouth shut. so fuck the patriarchy! be a shipper! :)

Hey, hello.

I’m pretty aware Katsuyu is not a ship you all like, but it’s not gross, it’s not abusive, it’s not the worse ship ever,  I don’t even draw them THAT “super OOC” as you claim I do.

I’m not asking for very much, but, could you stop talking shit about my ship, and start focusing on  your own ship, please? do you know the meaning of “RESPECT”? 

(Sorry I need to say it, if you consider Katsuyu as abusive, are you also saying your ship with Bakugou is abusive as well?????????????you know what abusive means?????????????????????????????)

Katsuyu is a tiny fandom, we never mess with other people’s ships at the level some people talks about Katsuyu. Let us be, in peace. The fact Katsuyu is a ship that doesn’t fit your FANON standards it doesn’t give you the right to be like that. Don’t you understand why I like them? Do I need to justify myself? Seriously? Let me tell you that BNHA is actually a series with the possibility of MULTISHIP, YOUR SHIP AND YOUR TASTE ON SHIPs ARE NOT THE LAW, the law is gonna be what Horikoshi sensei decides, you are not Horikoshi sensei so stop acting like you own BNHA or the characters; You are free to say your opinion? Oh dear you are, but in proper manners and not acting toxic.

Block me, unfollow me, blacklist “Katsuyu” but stop being so freaking damn childish and grow up. Talking shit about other ships it doesn’t make you look cooler, but a total DUMB.

P.S: It’s been a long while since I see hate/just rude messages on twitter, some are even in the tags of my fanarts and today I saw one in the “bakugou/tsuyu” tag on Tumblr.. Let me give you an example

EDIT: let me post some that are in english

at least learn how to use the anti tag, and worry not, I would make sure to not to read that kind of bullshit.

Sorry for bring this here, but I’m pretty damn tired of this atittude and I just want people to respect Katsuyu as any other ship in this fandom.

The Communication Hub Part 1

She pinched the bridge of her nose before sighing deeply and returning to work. The thought still lingered in her mind about what threat had been presented before her. There had to be some cause to this, possibly just a few defective gems? Or maybe there was more to the matter at hand. Yellow wasn’t sure what was going on, losing one of her number one workers, and the missing jasper, the ship, the threat… So much had been on her mind that it began to cause an ache in her gem. She glanced down at her prized pearl, still cleaning up the mess that the diamond had caused.


“Yes my diamond!?”

“Bring me another communication line, I need to contact a fellow diamond for some…” The thought stayed on her mind a moment, she hadn’t thought about what exactly she needed a communication line for. “Private reasons.” The diamond continued. The pearl stopped cleaning the mess and left though the throne room doors into the open halls to retreive the diamond communicator. Yellow glanced down at the remaining mess of the shattered direct diamond communicator.

Her pearl suddenly rushed through the throne doors with the communication line in hand. Yellow smiled down at the small pearl and took the DDL (Direct Diamond Line) and left the pearl to continue cleaning her mess. As she fumbled with the small device, she began to truly notice what damage her little ‘fit’ had caused. As she twisted the top part of the DDL, she finally matched the correct colors together (thanks to those giant hands messing with a tiny device). The DDL rose up and emitted a blue aura as the line was connecting. Yellow rested back in her chair and let a rare smile loose. The other diamond picked up suddenly and heald the communicator up. Yellow sent her pearl out of the room as the diamond on the communicator began to speak, “Yellow, my dear, you wanted something?”

Yellow loosened up and began to speak in a less stern tone, “Yes Blue, Do you have some time off? I want to come visit and just relax a little bit. I had a bad argument with a traitorous gem and just wanted to blow off some stress for a little while”

“I don’t have much time off,” Blue spoke in a sort of whisper of a voice, “But you can come over and join me for a few hours for some private time.”

“When can I come over Blue my darling?”

“Whenever you want to Yellow, or do u need me to send a ship over to escort you to my court?”

“Please do, I really don’t want to deal with anyone else at the moment.” Yellow let out a sigh, sliding deeper into the chair as much as possible"

“Alright, Yellow, see you when you get here deary.” The call ended there, and Yellow slid back closer into the chair. She pulled up her screen and waited for the message that would tell her the ship was sent on its way.


Temeraire Series: In His Majesty’s Service - Part 1

“If you would like to have your ship back,” Temeraire said, “I will let someone else ride me. Not him, because he says things that are not true; but I will not make you stay.”

Laurence stood motionless for a moment, his hands still on Temeraire’s head, with the dragon’s warm breath curling around him.

“No, my dear,” he said at last, softly, knowing it was only the truth. “I would rather have you than any ship in the Navy.”

-His Majesty’s Dragon by Naomi Novik

anonymous asked:

Regarding your last post, Sansa has never loved Jon, their feelings for each other are mostly family affection because of how they lost everything (Sansa mostly despised Jon before the shit storm). Stop changing Sansa's character, that is already greatly written in itself by R.R. Martin. She doesn't need to be raped or get some of Arya's traits to be a good character. Read the books! Good night! (I love Sansa, but seriously, you guys fuck her up)

I’m a little confused here, so forgive me, but what? Are you talking about my fear post of D&D messing up Sansa- because that literally has nothing to do with Jonsa…Which is a ship, not canon, not relevant to the story, but something us shippers enjoy. I just don’t want Sansa’s character to be put through another maelstrom of bullshit because D&D feel like they need to fuck up her character more.

 And I don’t think she needs to be raped or have Arya’s traits to be a great character, I love her in the books, and prefer her over Arya and was completely furious over what D&D did to her character in the show. Especially the rape scene. It made no sense. Not once have I said those things are what makes Sansa’s character great, I love that she’s lady-like, that she schemes, and is learning to play the game. Screw that sword fighting, screw the pants, screw the stabbing- I love that Sansa is a political figure head that can ruin you with just a few words all the while nibbling on fancy lemon cakes and sewing the prettiest dress known to man. I love that she wears her courtesy as an armor, that she fucks up and learns from it. (Don’t get me wrong, I love Arya, adore her, but I prefer Sansa for these reasons).

Not once have I changed her character. Unless it’s for a fic which involves an alternate situation leaving the canon she lives in. Literally no one in our shipping community, or otherwise, tries to change her character in the ways you imply. We love her for how she is; so I’m genuinely confused as to why you think I would do that to her. And my shipping of Jon and Sansa is preferable, you don’t have to like it, I see a relationship of which can be built upon and learn from one another- that doesn’t necessarily make it canon. The whole point of shipping is the “what if’s”. Get over it. Blacklist the ship if need be but stop being a baby over it. 

(Hopefully this didn’t come across as too rude, just like…a bit sassy. Sorry about that, I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings!)

Lunoct wars. Real talk.

I’ve been disappointed in the people of tumblr tearing each other apart because of what they ship or don’t ship.

Why do y'all come at each other with such heat? If I think Lunoct is underdeveloped (which I do) and don’t like that ship for many legit reasons. Why does a army of lunoct shippers attack people that doesn’t agree with the ship?

Relax,if you like it,enjoy! Make art,make stories and spread the love but don’t you harass us who don’t agree with it.

Yes, I do feel like they weren’t in love and it was more of a crush on Noct’s part. Yes, I know he needed her help to do things that needed to be done. Yes, I know they are at least friends and write to each other.

To me they’re pretty rushed and didn’t make me feel anything as a couple. I didn’t even know Luna and honestly neither did Noct(no matter what people say, they didn’t see each other until she freaking got murdered, he had to learn her hoobies from random children. So what we’re they writing about? Not each others personalities) They wrote one liners to each other through a dog… Come on. You can’t blame me for not liking this ship.

The thing that pisses me off is that people act like you can’t disagree without being enemies. Stop harassing people ,okay? That’s all I ask.

I could make a list of why these two are need help and all my reasons are legitimate. No if,ands ,buts and maybes. Facts of the game itself. But I won’t. Because it’s petty and I know someone will reblog with a speech. (That’s what needs to stop) No,no,no,no,no. I don’t have the time to go back and forth. The way people feel is the way people feel.Can you adult enough to understand that?

I just want peace on tumblr. I need people to relax. It’s fun to get on tumblr and talk to people that agrees with how you feel. Anti-Lunoct shippers don’t mess lunoct and vice versa. Chill. That’s all my loves.

Agree to disagree. Stop killing each other with words,people of this fandom are leaving because of this petty crap. Stop.

(yes, they’re canon. That doesn’t fix that square messed up. They’re canonily in need of help.)

anonymous asked:

It annoys me when they say things like ``let minors/survivors have safe spaces in fandoms´´ or ``If you're an adult that ships a Minor/Adult relationship you're disgusting´´. oh yeah my dear, well, i'm a minor and a csa survivor, and Ota//yuri is my safe space. Please stop pretending you represent all of us, because you guys in no way do, you guys are just insulting us comparing what happened to us with a healthy teenager relationship, you guys are not helping at all, quite the opposite.


Antis need to see this anon’s message.  

I’m so sorry they’ve made you feel this way. It’s messed up that antis don’t realize they’re doing more harm than good.

anonymous asked:

horror game anon here and sorry, I meant how do you think they would react to horror games like yeah I def see Josuke being afraid but what do you think about the others?

This is such a funny ask..we’ll say it’s relatively modern au so Jonathan doesn’t have to be introduced to electricity,

Jonathan - Probably a constant  “ :OOOO!! …. :o…. :OOOO!!” face, you can’t tell when he’s legitimately frightened, he just looks pleasantly shocked.

Joseph - Tries to act cool but is trying to cheat his way out of things and it goes really south when it’s a game like silent hill where all of your answers are trying to destroy you and the first jump scare he probably screams and throws the controller. Then the tv’s broken and he suavely smiles and turns toward everyone like “ ;^ ) Haha yeah so pizza ” like nothing happened,

Jotaro - He looks tough but whenever there’s a jump scare his heart skips a beat and he stops time on accident and takes a few seconds to calm down and look like he wasn’t afraid at all. Everyone is fooled and thinks he has it under control. They Were Wrong.

Josuke - Scared from the start but still tries to act cool. Anytime there’s a jump scare he yells “AY YO WHAT THE FUCK”. Like, every single time. It becomes a catchphrase and everyone makes fun of him. He screams the entire time he’s being chased by a monster like the kid could be a let’s player with the reactions he has. “AY YO WHAT THE FUCK” gets printed on t-shirts. Where’s my lets player Josuke & Okuyasu AU I need this.

Giorno - So I have a past history of fucking up every video game I touch somehow. Like, really fucking up. When I first played Halo II with my friend I was worried because it was a timed mission and I hadn’t played before. You know, the one where you’re getting off the spaceship.
So we’re playing the game and I shit you not I somehow ended up on the wing of the ship. I was on the literal wing of the spaceship.
It was split screen and my friend was like “Ash what are you doing stop messing around I have like 100 of these monsters to kill” and I was like “I DON’T KNOW HOW TO GET BACK TO THE DOOR” and she looked at my screen and squinted and just went “Ash …there isn’t a door…You melted through the wall..” The space background wasn’t even modeled all the way and polygons were slipping everywhere. I don’t know how I got on the wing of the space ship. My friend survived that mission and I didn’t. I was a dead master chief dying on the wing of a spaceship.
I think Giorno plays like me.

Jolyne - I feel like she would just go straight into everything headfirst and be laughing the entire time at different things, like how silly the plot line was or the graphics, and then when there’s a jump scare she’d just laugh while everyone else jumps. She would totally be the one to be playing a really slow running character and just be yelling “RUUUN!!! RUUUUN BITCH!! RUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!

Johnny - Doesn’t play horror games and you can’t make him he’s too busy playing Barbie Horse Adventures.

Gappy - Only Plays Super Monkey Ball

Trying to work things some Joan/Moriarty things out

This is somewhat in response to all the recent anti-Joan/Moriarty essays/posts. It’s one thing to dislike the ship, to be squicked out at the thought of those two characters together.

But what I’m seeing is more psychoanalysis (for lack of a better word) about the people who ship Joan/Moriarty. Stuff like, oh shippers see it as love. Oh shippers get off on seeing Joan in abusive situations, etc. 

I think people need to give shippers the benefit of the doubt here. I’ve said it before, but it would be one thing if there were a deluge of posts with people completely oblivious to the darker, messed up implications of it all. But I’m not seeing it.

(To be fair, that may not be an objective statement and I guess you can take a lot of the “OMG I need Watson and Moriarty to fuck right now” posts anyway you want. I’ll stop before I get too far down the ‘intent’ part.

But on that note, I have a request of my own. Please don’t assume that everyone who 1) ships Joan/Moriarty 2) likes femslash in general is white. Where does that even come from?  (of all the things to get black-checked over it’s Joan/Moriarty? What?!))

That said, and this is the hard part, what is wrong with dark!AUs? What’s wrong with situations that aren’t dark but still contain that darker element? Do warnings need to be made more explicit? Do we need a Warning: Joan/Moriarty. Or warning: Moriarty? Is the solution simply that?

Because my other thought is that this is a situation where people are going 'well it’s a fucked up situation, who wants to read about that, that’s fucked up, you’re fucked up for liking that’. I don’t get that.

        WOAH, WANT TO SHIP WITH ME? STOP THERE, I’M IN! – basically, by likin’ this thingy. I will discuss a ship with you or – if you want to ship but don’t know how to approach me, just like this. You need a ho to mess with your child? Fuck yes. Need a ex? Yas. Need a soul mate – MOTHERCLUCKIN’ YEAH. Or, yeah know – shifty eyes – are you just lookin’ for cute frans? I am 100% down. Just give this a like and let me know who you’re interested in because I don’t want to bombard you with all my muses. 
LiS Rant #1 Shipping Wars

I finally have to say something because I’ve been holding this back for so long, PEOPLE NEED TO STOP HATING ON OTHER PEOPLE’S SHIPS! I loathe going into tags and finding hate, so if you’re going to post something rude DON’T TAG THE SHIP PLEASE, IT IS OFFENESIVE TO THOSE WHO ARE LOOKING THROUGH THAT TAG WHO SHIP IT!

It’s especially cruel when you are attacking the shippers themselves! I’ve seen posts calling people stupid, idiots and messed in the head for liking something! Some people also have anxiety or depression or other illnesses and you’re not helping by degrading them.

The worst case of shipping hate in my opinion is GRAHAMFIELD VS PRICEFIELD. I actually ship both of these so much (They’re both my OTPs) and it pains me to see shippers at war. To be honest, I see Pricefield shippers starting it most. NO, THIS ISN’T ME SAYING IT’S EVERYONE JUST A FEW PEOPLE.

Max wise, In game there is no “canon” ship. Yes, Pricefield does appear to be the most likely but, that doesn’t make it definitive or end game/inevitable. The pairing you get is based on player choice so you decide what happens. It’s “your canon” but not “official canon”. There’s probably even a chance for Max to not date anyone at all.

This is all I can think of right now but if anyone wants to add, feel free. (As long as it isn’t to hate)

I’m not trying to be mean to, hurt or offend anyone, If I have I’m sorry, I just wanted to make a point.

PS, just because someone ships something hetero doesn’t make them homophobic and just because someone ships something homo doesn’t make them heterophobic.

Cry for Help: “Deep” Rant.

ThusYou know how this goes. xD

*Disclaimer: english is NOT my 1st language so please forgive any grammar/context/vocabulary mistakes. I do the best i can*


MY POOR BABY. Ok, Amethyst played a relatively large part in this ep, much larger than Pearl did. This is a really important episode to understand Amethyst better:

  • First of all, we got the explanation for Sugilite: Sugilite’s first sentence is “I forgot how great it feels to be me!”, completed with what Amethyst said in this episode (I forgot how great it felt to be us, guess I got carried away), one could deduce that Sugilite’s intensit could be partially because of the long time she’s been unfused, and how Amethyst just missed the feeling.
  • It was probably to prove herself to Garnet, as Amethyst always seems to do (aka: reformed). She wanted to prove she was strong enough, she could wreck that place, she could keep them safe, she could be awesome, a true warrior, and asset for Garnet. Unfortunately, Ame’s personality allow her to be carried away by her feelings and her fears and insecurities.
  • No wonder she was sad when Garnet chose to fuse with Pearl over her. She understood it, she did not fight it (”it’s up to Garnet) and I think this matters  immensely: Amethyst respected Garnet’s choice. Maybe she didn’t agree, she was certainly hurt by it, but she obliged.
  • Now, this resignation also has to do with Amethyst self steem and insecurity issues, as she already felt like an embarrassment or “a bad gem”. Witnessing the destruction she caused while fused only enhanced that feeling (i mean, just listen to the song). So yeah, her decision was the right one but I’m not sure for the right reasons.
  • She and her family need to work on that because that cutie deserves happiness.
  • Finally, I loved how she defended Pearl. Amethyst was most likely angry, she was already feeling excluded, she was experimenting self worth issues, she felt she was no good and then Pearl cheated to get the feeling that she was denied…And she understood it. She knew how Pearl felt, i get the feeling she knows Pearl the most (after Rose) and when she discovered Pearl, her callout wasn’t along the lines of “HAHA PEARL YOU WEREN’T SO PERFECT AFTER ALL”. Instead, it was more along the lines of “Pearl, you need to tell the truth. This isn’t doing you any good, It’s not fair on Garnet, it’s hurting you and you know it. You need to stop”.
  • So, in short, it seemed more for Pearl’s sake than her own pleasure from revealing the lie to Garnet.
  • She even tried to intervene in the discussion, on Pearl’s behalf. Explaining to Garnet, trying to keep her from actually hurting Pearl. This says so much about Amethyst and her relationship with Pearl. And really, I feel this is how Amethyst’s aways been. She just hid it before, or never had a reason to display her understanding side, but she’s always been somebody that doesn’t like to see either the week, or her family, hurt in any way.

Gif credit to (x)*


*Sigh* Oh Pearl…ok, I actually think that we just went deeper on this rather obscure side of Pearl that was been building since Rose’s scabard and presented itself in Sworn to the Sword.

The thing is…i don’t think Pearl is completely to blame (wait hear me out): Pearl CLEARLY is mentally ill, she was these huge self worth twisted perception (she actually thinks she ‘s nothing compared to Rose Quartz, whom she idealized to the point we don’t even know much of what we know about her is actually true and how much is Pearl’s need for love) and (as one of my anons pointed out)  she defines herself by how much she is needed and useful to others. At times, Pearl seems to think of herself as a convenience, a weapon:

  • she was Rose Quartz’s confidant,a fact that filled her with pride. But once Rose is gone, kind of loses the sight of her purpose and doesn’t seem to see her value as an individual anymore.
  • She was an object of Steven’s admiration, until Sugilite came along and Steven seemed to admire her more (which we know it’s not true. Steven admires and loves Pearl no matter what powerful Gem crosses his way).
  • Now, she was Sardonyx. The voice of reason in the fusion. She was strong and beautiful and needed. Pearl needs to be needed with the same intensity she needs others.
  • BUT she also needs to feel cherished and protected. Being fused with the embodiment of a loving realtionship must be paradise for someone as broken as Pearl. She was a part of a wonderful experience, she felt everything she needed to feel, and she would have that as long as she was neccessary. Thus the lie to fuse with Garnet again.
  • I believe in Pearl, I believe she will someday see her own worth as an individual and not a tool. Until then.


She always mends and breaks my heart. Garnet in this episode is SO DONE, and understandably:

  • She was cheated by someone she trusted: Sure, Pearl is mentally ill but on Garnet’s side it’s still a lie and still a disloyalty. Garnet isn’t messing around. She’s stressed, she’s worried sick for this planet, she’s doing everything in her might to find and stop Peridot because the dreads to lose the only planet when she “can be free to exits”, so she needs. to get. shit. done. Pearl’s lie didn’t only mean she betrayed Garnet’s trust as a sort of second in comand of the ship (as garnet has repeatedly show trust in Pearl’s jugement), it also means she make her lose precious time. For Garnet this isn’t a game, and she didn’t like it to be slowed down when she has a big mission to accomplish.
  • She was also used: Yup. Garnet, being an awesome Gem and the embodiment of love (made of love guys), must feel pretty great to the gems that fuse with her, as we saw in Steven Coach and Cry for Help. But Garnet mostly seems to want to be left alone.
  • Sure, she liked being fused with Pearl.But we must never forget that Garnet is her own individual, she’s a sentient being, like Amethyst and Pearl.
  • Therefore, I don’t think she appreciates being seen and treated as a “feel good object”. Everybody seem’s to want to fuse with her on account of how good they feel. but for garnet fusion is serioud business, I wouldn’t be surprised if she felt used by Pearl- and  by Amethyst, to some exntent- because damn, she’s a Gem not a plushie.
  • Her existence shouldn’t mean that she’s open game to make other gems feel good about themselves. (reminds a bit of the friendzone, actually xD), and while Pearl meant no harm, how would you feel if you found out that your friend has been  lying to you only to use you becuse you feel so great? Not good,, i guess.

I don’t even hold hopes for tomorrow, I’m sure they’ll destroy me, if crying breakfast friends can be trusted (I forgive her, wouldn’t you?).



Taking a few minutes out of my 2 week vacation to check in on the latest, and it seems like everyone has the winter blues along with a major case of PMS!!

I have been on this ship for exactly 1 year and 2 months. And, there have been far more ups than downs, more laughter than tears, and all because I follow awesome people who also follow a great show headlined by 2 pretty good people. Based on everything we know (and I speculate because contrary to my own belief that they should), they don’t consult or confide in me of matters that we find important! They are not perfect, and Sam’s latest mess is just a cluster of epic proportions. But, that is not the point of this post.

We ship what we see. We ship what we want to see. We ship when we really don’t know what we see. We ship to the point of having no ship! But, we really need to STOP making EVERYTHING about some random person who is completely IRRELEVANT to why we are here.

Visuals are easy. We see and we assume. And as my Dad preached when I was young…you know what “assume” means. And, we are driving the ship backwards!

I finally read Sam’s IG post today, and thought nothing of it except that he had an epiphany and shared as part of MPC. Why anyone would assume that had anything to do with the latest flag bearer is beyond me. He is pushing MPC…period. And the Matterhorn MPC picture launch…no real biggie either. As for the other…..puuulease!!If that picture rocked your world, then you need an adult beverage. That was so staged for innuendo purposes that I could have been the St. Bernard with a brandy in hand watching a newbie tumble down the bunny slope! And that flag scarf, or whatever the hell it was…..I have NOT stopped laughing about it, especially after comparing that to the pics with her other BF!!

It is easy to jump to conclusions…..I do it all the time. But, I also find the humor in puppetry when I see it, and try very hard to step back before I hit send. And, we have way too much seriousness around here these days. Maybe if we stopped focusing on what certain people are showing us, and turned those tables around everytime they do, we would find fun, joy, and hope on the ship again. And, we need to start controlling our own narrative. And most importantly….LAUGH!! That is my New Years resolution going forward.

So, I plan to blog the shit out of Cait this week because I want her to win her GG. And, I hope Sam is enjoying the launch of MPC, and shows support for his costar, friend, and quite possibly much, much more during this special time for her as well.

And, I will LMAO when we get another innuendo laden pic of the latest snowbunny because after the tumble on the bunny slope, there will not be enough flags in China to cover her ass when she hits the intermediate slope. Maybe we will find a balsam fir for cover! But, she will not be given any attention from me, other than to make fun of the sheer lunacy of it all.

Fan on sweet shipsters, but remember who you are fans of, and who should not make the cut, or our posts!! And, we are in this together…good, bad, ugly, and the insane. Celebrate it, and time to start acting like we control the fandom, not the other way around!! 🙈🙉🙊🤗😙

whoa lets take a step back

(i’m going to apologize for any errors for i am in class and not looking while i type, this may also be long??)

Idk whats been going on with all this shipping and fandom hate lately but this seriously needs to stop. Pushing someone to the point that they stop creatively  whatever it may be (art, fan fiction, edits), etc.) and are feeling threatened is really messed up.Being an artist my self, my art is the only way i cope with anything and it is revolting to see people be so rude that it makes an artist leave their work.  Ive been seeing this done with a lot of fandoms lately and it isn’t always about ships but it mostly is. Everyone needs to stop being so rude and hateful and just let other people like that they like and ship who they ship.

IT IS EXTREMELY FUCKED UP that people bully someone to the point of leaving due to feeling threatened for them and their family.  Sure if you hate a ship make a rant blog idc post in YOUR OWN TAG. BUT NEVER SHOULD YOU ATTACK SOMEONE FOR THEIR VIEWS AND INTERESTS. I’ve now seen a lot of my favorite writers and artists leave and abandon themselves, because these anit- blogs and people are pretty messed up and personally attack them. Newsflash peoples NOT EVERYONE HAS THE SAME VIEWS AND INTERESTS AS YOU. I feel like this is something everyone should have learned in idk ELEMENTARY SCHOOL??? No one has the right to push someone to feel threatened and frightened, scare for their lives and stop their creativity.

I will literally stand up for everyone on any ship, but one thing i will not stand for is anti and i will not stand for anyone who bully and picks on someone for something they like. I will literally stand by reylo and anyone who ships them because the antis are terrible and revolting. I really don’t care if i’m attacked for this and if i am it honestly just proves my point, but i honestly feel like the star wars fandom is becoming very draining to be in due to the anti’.

And on the point of “reylo is abusive”….


If you are anti and you decide that its so cool to go and mentally and verbally abuse and bully someone to the point of no return. you can literally go fuck yourself.

Im really upset to see @ysbaddadenthebrave go, she is an extremely wonderful person with great creativity. And i really feel sorry for her and i wish i could help her, but i respect her decision.  I wish i could give her a giant hug and push all the hate out of her life.

Without further ado i will end this rant with the only quote that matters right now.