needs to stop messing with my ship

Hey, hello.

I’m pretty aware Katsuyu is not a ship you all like, but it’s not gross, it’s not abusive, it’s not the worse ship ever,  I don’t even draw them THAT “super OOC” as you claim I do.

I’m not asking for very much, but, could you stop talking shit about my ship, and start focusing on  your own ship, please? do you know the meaning of “RESPECT”? 

(Sorry I need to say it, if you consider Katsuyu as abusive, are you also saying your ship with Bakugou is abusive as well?????????????you know what abusive means?????????????????????????????)

Katsuyu is a tiny fandom, we never mess with other people’s ships at the level some people talks about Katsuyu. Let us be, in peace. The fact Katsuyu is a ship that doesn’t fit your FANON standards it doesn’t give you the right to be like that. Don’t you understand why I like them? Do I need to justify myself? Seriously? Let me tell you that BNHA is actually a series with the possibility of MULTISHIP, YOUR SHIP AND YOUR TASTE ON SHIPs ARE NOT THE LAW, the law is gonna be what Horikoshi sensei decides, you are not Horikoshi sensei so stop acting like you own BNHA or the characters; You are free to say your opinion? Oh dear you are, but in proper manners and not acting toxic.

Block me, unfollow me, blacklist “Katsuyu” but stop being so freaking damn childish and grow up. Talking shit about other ships it doesn’t make you look cooler, but a total DUMB.

P.S: It’s been a long while since I see hate/just rude messages on twitter, some are even in the tags of my fanarts and today I saw one in the “bakugou/tsuyu” tag on Tumblr.. Let me give you an example

EDIT: let me post some that are in english

at least learn how to use the anti tag, and worry not, I would make sure to not to read that kind of bullshit.

Sorry for bring this here, but I’m pretty damn tired of this atittude and I just want people to respect Katsuyu as any other ship in this fandom.

anonymous asked:

But I... ship TheoxFred with the enemies to lovers vibe. I also ship TheoxOliver with the bestfriend secretly in love vibe. I'm a mess I need more Des Vu ;_;

it makes me so happy that you’re into the story ;~~; i have three posts ready for this evening and frederick is in them <3

but hey, listen..listen…. stop. do not ship theo with oliver. i understand completely that you guys don’t know them as well as i do and haven’t all been around since these characters were kids so i don’t blame yoouu<3 but oliver and theo are like brother and sister; they both consider each other family and even luca and shiloh love oliver as if he was their second child. so uhh.. please don’t.. ☉_☉

shipping requests!

I decided to open a request page and here is the first thing! 

I’m going to do some ship aesthetics/headcanons for you guys!

What do you need to do:

  1. follow this potter mess
  2. send me your ship! (preferably HP, can be sth other too though!) + ⚡️ for quote/ ❤ for headcanon / 🌹 for æsthetics
  3. reblog this post (sorry, likes for bookmarks only)
  4. check out my edits / writing shit (I will be beyond happy but that’s optional)
  5. that’s it, participate guys!


  • their first kiss?
  • asked out first:
  • had a crush:
  • first date?
  • what they love about each other?
  • what they hate about each other?
  • said ‘I love you’ first:
  • can’t stop touching another:
  • cooks:
  • is always jealous:
  • takes things too seriously:
  • is hopeless romantic:
  • proposed:

+ quote / aesthetics / headcanon (choose what do you prefer, can be all)

xx, Rosalie

Bad Dream

So, I was initially making a new thing for the Crightmoss Crack Adventures that was going to be about a different pairing again… but you know, my favorite crack ship hasn’t been around lately, so I made a little something for it instead.

As usual, warning for relative out-of-character-ness.

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torgle  asked:

Hecking heck I messed up. I recently created a character called Z Sans, someone requested I draw them with their OC, I did it, they started shipping them, I was too nice and afraid to hurt them to stop them, my boyfriend saw it and got jealous but goes a little overboard when he's jealous, and now long story short the other person is rebelling and I don't know what's happening but my boyfriend won't respond and I'm freaking out. I need the good vibes ;-;

h eck good vibes!! that doesn’t sound too healthy if ur bf is getting jealous over that????

Title: somewhere between the surface and the sea bed

Fandom: K Project

External: AO3 /

Summary: Fushimi supposed that being marooned was bad enough, being marooned with an idiot pirate like Misaki was worse.

Notes: Sarumi Pirate AU. Because I was watching Pirates of the Caribbean a while back and it just occurred to me that this fandom needs more pirate AUs.

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A Needed Conversation

Notes: I know I’m not the only one was disappointed that we didn’t get to see a lengthier talk about what happened between Gray and Juvia after the whole Avatar mess.  So I thought I’d share my headcanon about such a talk with you all, since one could (and should) have taken place between Avatar’s defeat and everyone reuniting in Magnolia.

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It was quiet as the two of them made their way from where Avatar’s Operation Purification had been stopped to the village where they had lived together for half a year.  They were riding on the cat-like creature he’d used to get to Malba, with Juvia seated behind him.  He wasn’t sure why Juvia wasn’t saying much - she was often pretty quiet when she wasn’t excited about something - but he was feeling a bit awkward around her after everything that had happened.  He wasn’t sure what to make of her reaction - not that he wanted her to be mad at him, mind you, she could be pretty scary when she was angry, but while she seemed to be perfectly happy just with him being back and knowing that he was okay, he knew her well enough to know that him leaving her without any explanation for so long must’ve greatly upset her.

After a few more minutes of riding in silence, Gray finally voiced a question that had been bugging him since Juvia had told him how she’d ended up on the battlefield.  "Why did you end up coming with Wendy?  It was pretty obvious from what Natsu and Lucy said when they met me that they’d been in touch with you, so why didn’t you come along with them?“

He felt her arms tense around him a little in response to the question.  "Juvia…  Juvia came down with a little bit of a fever around the time our friends showed up in the village, so Wendy and Charle stayed there to heal Juvia.  Once she got better, she asked Wendy to find you, and, well, you know the rest…”

Gray frowned.  He could tell that she wasn’t telling the whole truth, but he couldn’t figure out why or what she might be holding back.  It wasn’t like he’d get mad at her for getting sick.  He didn’t think he’d be able to get more out of her, though, unless he knew what to ask about, so he just concentrated on steering their mount.  Hopefully he’d be able to figure out what was going on with her once they reached their destination.

When they entered the village, he noticed that the ground was quite soggy and the grass was wet, as if it had been raining heavily there until recently.  But there hadn’t been any evidence of recent rain in the areas surrounding the village…  His heart clenched in his chest and a fresh wave of guilt washed over him as he realized why it was like that.  His absence had hurt Juvia enough to bring back her rain.  And her illness…  Had she gotten sick because she’d stayed out in the rain, waiting for him to come home?  Was she trying to spare his feelings by avoiding talking about how much pain he’d caused her?

Once they reached their home, they both dismounted, Juvia going on ahead while Gray took a moment to tie the reins of their steed to a nearby post.  Upon entering the house, he took a look around.  Everything looked to be just how he’d left it six months before - Juvia had obviously kept things clean, but otherwise had left things where they’d been, ready and waiting for him to come back.  It was a picture of a life put on hold.  Because of him.

“We should start packing up our things.”  Juvia’s voice broke him out of his thoughts, and he turned to see her pulling out bags and boxes for them to use.  In a couple of strides he was standing by her side, taking hold of her hands to stop her from continuing her self-appointed task.  She looked up at him with a puzzled frown.

“We’ll get to that, but first I should give you that explanation I promised you earlier.”  She started to shake her head, probably trying to tell him he didn’t need to explain.  But he did, so he continued to speak before she could interject.  "I know you said you were happy with me just being back, alive and whole, but I still think you deserve to know the whole story about why I left the way I did.“

She took in his words for a moment before nodding.  "Juvia will listen to what you have to say.”

Letting go of her hands, he took a deep breath before launching into his story - telling her about seeing Porlyusica to find out what was going on with the black markings that had appeared on his skin, learning how to get them under his control, meeting Erza and getting roped into the mission to infiltrate Avatar, finding out the group was much larger and difficult to root out than they thought it was going to be.  As he spoke, Juvia drank in his words silently, her eyes never leaving his face.  As he finally reached the end of his tale, he said, “So now you know what kept me away for so long.  It was never meant to be that lengthy of a mission, but once I started it I couldn’t risk contacting you to let you know that I was okay.  I’m sorry I left you waiting for and worrying about me for months.”

She looked away once he was done, spending a few long moments thinking over everything he’d said before meeting his eyes once more.  "Like Juvia thought, Gray-sama had a good reason to leave the way he did.  She’d rather that Gray-sama be as safe as possible, even if it means leaving Juvia in the dark.“  She fell silent, casting her eyes downwards, but he waited for her to continue, feeling that she had more to say.  It didn’t take very long for her to speak again, still not looking at him.  "But she wishes he’d told her he was going to see Porlyusica-san about the marks.  He wasn’t planning to disappear until later, so…”

Gray frowned a little.  "I’d told you not to worry about that.“

She finally looked at him once more, letting him see the mingled frustration and concern in her eyes.  "How could Juvia not worry when something strange starts happening you, you won’t tell her what’s going on, and you start going off on your own for days at time?!”

He looked away from her.  "I can take care of myself, Juvia.“

"Juvia knows that, but that doesn’t mean others can’t help.  Gray-sama doesn’t have to deal with everything on his own.  Wouldn’t he want to help if he knew someone he cared for was in trouble?  And even if there wasn’t anything she could do, Juvia would’ve felt better knowing that it was being looked into.”

Gray sighed, admitting to himself that she was right.  If their situations had been reversed, he wouldn’t have been able to ignore that something was happening to her, either.  "Okay, I get your point.  I’ll try not to keep you in the dark if something serious like that comes up again.“

She gave him a relieved smile.  "Thank you, Gray-sama.  Juvia knows it isn’t easy for you to open up about things.”

“…But there’s something I’d ask of you in exchange.”

Juvia looked at him in wide-eyed puzzlement.  "Eh?  What is it?“

He looked her straight in the eye and said, "Don’t try to act like something I did didn’t hurt you when it did.”

She looked away uncomfortably, fiddling with her fingers.  "…But, Juvia really is happy that Gray-sama’s back.“

"And I’m not saying you shouldn’t be.  But were you ever going to tell me that your rain came back because of me?  That you made yourself sick waiting and worrying?”

Juvia hung her head, still not looking at him.  "…No.  Everything’s okay now, and Gray-sama had good reasons for leaving, so there’s no reason to bother him with it.“

He reached out and placed a finger under her chin, guiding her to look up and meet his eyes.  "Yes, there is.  Just because I had good reason to do what I did doesn’t mean you don’t have a right to be hurt by it.  And if you have a right to worry about me, I have a right to worry about you.  If I shouldn’t be hiding what’s going on with me, you shouldn’t hide what’s going on with you, either.”

Tears started to gather at the corners of her eyes, and then she practically threw herself at him, wrapping her arms around him and burying her face in his bare chest.  "Juvia-  Juvia was so worried about Gray-sama!  She didn’t know where he was, or what had happened to him…!“

Sighing softly, he brought one hand to rest comfortingly on her back while the other stroked her hair.  "I know, I’m sorry.”  Over the time they’d lived together, he’d gotten more used to dealing with these sorts of outbursts from her.  And it’s not like he could say she didn’t have reason for it this time.

As she continued to weep, she looked up at him briefly.  "Juvia missed Gray-sama so much.“

He rested his head on top of hers, nuzzling her hair.  "I missed you, too.”  He really had.  Not a day had gone by in that wretched place where he hadn’t wished that he could be done with the whole thing and back by her side.

Gray could still feel her tears on his skin, dripping down his chest.  "I can’t promise I won’t leave again,“ he said slowly.  "I can’t even promise I’ll always tell you where I’m going or when I’ll be back - who knows what missions will require of me in the future?  But I’ll always come back home in the end, okay?”

She peered up at him again.  "Gray-sama promises?“

"Yeah.  I promise.”

LiS Rant #1 Shipping Wars

I finally have to say something because I’ve been holding this back for so long, PEOPLE NEED TO STOP HATING ON OTHER PEOPLE’S SHIPS! I loathe going into tags and finding hate, so if you’re going to post something rude DON’T TAG THE SHIP PLEASE, IT IS OFFENESIVE TO THOSE WHO ARE LOOKING THROUGH THAT TAG WHO SHIP IT!

It’s especially cruel when you are attacking the shippers themselves! I’ve seen posts calling people stupid, idiots and messed in the head for liking something! Some people also have anxiety or depression or other illnesses and you’re not helping by degrading them.

The worst case of shipping hate in my opinion is GRAHAMFIELD VS PRICEFIELD. I actually ship both of these so much (They’re both my OTPs) and it pains me to see shippers at war. To be honest, I see Pricefield shippers starting it most. NO, THIS ISN’T ME SAYING IT’S EVERYONE JUST A FEW PEOPLE.

Max wise, In game there is no “canon” ship. Yes, Pricefield does appear to be the most likely but, that doesn’t make it definitive or end game/inevitable. The pairing you get is based on player choice so you decide what happens. It’s “your canon” but not “official canon”. There’s probably even a chance for Max to not date anyone at all.

This is all I can think of right now but if anyone wants to add, feel free. (As long as it isn’t to hate)

I’m not trying to be mean to, hurt or offend anyone, If I have I’m sorry, I just wanted to make a point.

PS, just because someone ships something hetero doesn’t make them homophobic and just because someone ships something homo doesn’t make them heterophobic.

whoa lets take a step back

(i’m going to apologize for any errors for i am in class and not looking while i type, this may also be long??)

Idk whats been going on with all this shipping and fandom hate lately but this seriously needs to stop. Pushing someone to the point that they stop creatively  whatever it may be (art, fan fiction, edits), etc.) and are feeling threatened is really messed up.Being an artist my self, my art is the only way i cope with anything and it is revolting to see people be so rude that it makes an artist leave their work.  Ive been seeing this done with a lot of fandoms lately and it isn’t always about ships but it mostly is. Everyone needs to stop being so rude and hateful and just let other people like that they like and ship who they ship.

IT IS EXTREMELY FUCKED UP that people bully someone to the point of leaving due to feeling threatened for them and their family.  Sure if you hate a ship make a rant blog idc post in YOUR OWN TAG. BUT NEVER SHOULD YOU ATTACK SOMEONE FOR THEIR VIEWS AND INTERESTS. I’ve now seen a lot of my favorite writers and artists leave and abandon themselves, because these anit- blogs and people are pretty messed up and personally attack them. Newsflash peoples NOT EVERYONE HAS THE SAME VIEWS AND INTERESTS AS YOU. I feel like this is something everyone should have learned in idk ELEMENTARY SCHOOL??? No one has the right to push someone to feel threatened and frightened, scare for their lives and stop their creativity.

I will literally stand up for everyone on any ship, but one thing i will not stand for is anti and i will not stand for anyone who bully and picks on someone for something they like. I will literally stand by reylo and anyone who ships them because the antis are terrible and revolting. I really don’t care if i’m attacked for this and if i am it honestly just proves my point, but i honestly feel like the star wars fandom is becoming very draining to be in due to the anti’.

And on the point of “reylo is abusive”….


If you are anti and you decide that its so cool to go and mentally and verbally abuse and bully someone to the point of no return. you can literally go fuck yourself.

Im really upset to see @ysbaddadenthebrave go, she is an extremely wonderful person with great creativity. And i really feel sorry for her and i wish i could help her, but i respect her decision.  I wish i could give her a giant hug and push all the hate out of her life.

Without further ado i will end this rant with the only quote that matters right now.