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A little too close (Jughead Jones x Reader)

Request: Yes Anon 

 Hey can you do a one shot where Reggie gets a little too up close and personal with the reader and jughead gets angry/jealous and throws hands

Word Count: Not Enough

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“Hey!” Reggie Mantles voice caught your attention. “Why don’t you come over here?” When you didn’t move, he began to approach you.

 “Did you not hear me (L/n)?” You weren’t scared of Reggie, but the sound of his voice was overly demanding, causing your breath to hitch. “I said, did you not hear me?”

 “I heard you perfectly clear Reggie.” His eyebrows quirked. “Oh did you?” He smirked sickly. “Disobeying orders are you?”

 “You have no right Reggie. I do not cater to your needs.” This seemed to anger him further, as he came closer to you.

 “You do what I tell you to do.” Just as he got close enough to touch you, breath ghosting your skin, a voice spoke up.

 “Who died and made you king Reggie?” There stood Jughead Jones, the resident loner, who you had harboured a crush on for many years. “Stay the hell away from her!”

Reggie stood tall and looked between the two of you, firguring anyone who has anything to with Jughead Jones, was not someone worth his time.  Stepping away he grimaced at the girl.

“You better watch your back (L/n).” He threatened.

“You don’t need to worry about that Reggie, I’ve got it from here.” The jock left the room sporting an untasteful look on his face of rage.

“I’ve got you now (Y/n), not that you really needed me in the first place.”  Jughead smiled kindly at you, something not many people could say they had witnessed.

“Thank you Jughead.  I owe you one.”

“What’d ya say, you show me your thanks with a burger from Pop’s.”

“If you wanted to ask me out so bad, you could have just said so.” You joked.  Jughead blushed furiously. Noticing his discomfort you placed your hand on his arm. “A date sounds like just what we need.”

“Then let’s go.” He said, and off you went.

A Bad Day | Jeon Jungkook x Reader | Ficlet

request from impossiblekimpossible:

“Can you do a Jungkook react to when ur having a bad day? Thank you!!”

pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader

genre: Fluff

wordcount: 4489

synopsis: It has been an absolutely shit day for you. When you return home from work, you and Jungkook start your encounter on the wrong foot, souring your day even further - however, he quickly remedies the tension between both of you through nostalgic means.

author’s note: I hope you don’t mind, I took it upon myself to create a ficlet instead of a react, since you requested for only one member! And I hope you don’t mind the career I’d assumed for the reader. Please enjoy! :)

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hold me close, don’t let me go

nothing else existed in that moment other than the press of magnus against alec’s chest, the soft velvet coat under desperate, clinging fingers, the earthy, smoky smell of magic lingering on his skin. and alec loved him. it felt like something important had finally clicked into place, forced out by the excruciating fear that had taken over his every thought, his every movement. neither of them had the luxury of staying here, in this paused moment, wrapped up in one another outside the institute. for alec there was his family to check up on, the devastating task of tallying up the friends they’d lost today and sending out the fire-messages no shadowhunter ever wanted to receive. for magnus, the downworld was in mourning. seelies, vampires, werewolves. many needed healing, for one thing, and magnus was stubborn enough to refuse to leave the care of those that died up to nephilim.  

and yet, yet. alec pushed impossibly closer, nose bumping the sharp curve of magnus’ collarbone. breathing him in, again and again, reminding himself that magnus is here, he’s alive, he’s okay. magnus was no less guilty, tracing circles into alec’s back with the thumb of one hand, letting the other rest just beneath the hem of alec’s shirt where his parabatai rune curved hot beneath his fingers, the curve of his mouth pressed tight to alec’s shoulder. 

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Find Out Who You Are (Part 3)

Part 1 | Part 2

A/N: I am sorry that it took me so long to write the next part. I just wasn’t in the mood for it until tonight

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“Robin, what have you found out about Y/N’s background?” Kaldur asked as he entered the room. They had been running numerous background checks into every person Y/N had interacted with.

“Not much. When she was three, her foster mother died in a car accident. Looks to be a head on collision with a drunk driver, although the other driver left the scene and couldn’t be found afterwards.Two different homes that Y/N lived in were burned to the ground. Once when she was six and the other when she was nine. They thought that maybe she was to blame, but the investigation proved that she couldn’t have done it. The last set of foster parents she had disappeared when she was fourteen and they still haven’t been found.” Tim said, bringing up the files as he mentioned them.

“What about her birth parents?” Kaldur asked quietly. None of the team knew really anything about Y/N’s past and it wasn’t a surprise that she had never told them any of this.

“No parents on her birth certificate. Even adoption records at least have the birth mother’s name on it, but she has nothing.” Tim said completely mystified at the lack of information available to them. He usually could find out anything if he tried hard enough, but there was just nothing to find in this case.

“Keep looking for anything that might shed some light on her parents.” Kaldur said as he sat down in a chair and put his head in his hands. This new development was hard on all of them, he couldn’t even imagine what Y/N must be going through right now. He just hoped Zatanna’s “colleague” was as helpful as she claimed.

“Alright, love. What have you figured out so far?” John asked. They had moved from the memorial garden to the training room so that they would have a bit more room to work with.

“Well, we originally thought that Klarion had cast a spell on Y/N to give her these powers, but after I tried to reverse it, I figured out that he just neutralized the enchantment that was keeping her powers at bay.” Zatanna explained.

“So what powers does she have exactly?” He asked as he looked the girl over. She crossed her arms over her chest and looked down. Y/N had never been fond of being the center of attention, but her new powers had made her just that.

“Super strength is all we have figured out right now.” She said quietly. Conner put a hand on her shoulder and began to rub small circles on the fabric of her shirt.

“Well, sounds like we don’t know all that much, eh?” John chuckled a bit. “First things first, let’s try and track down whoever put the bloody enchantment on her in the first place.” He pulled out a map of the world and set it on the floor. “Alright, now let’s prick your finger.” He said as he reached for her hand.

“What?” Y/N said as she took a step back.

“I need a bit of your blood for the spell to work. If there is any residual magic left from the enchantment, it will be strongest in your blood.” He explained, reaching for her hand once more. Y/N hesitantly put her hand in his.

John smiled kindly. “I apologize for this, love. It is going to sting a bit.” He pricked her thumb and several crimson drops fell onto the map. Y/N hissed and pulled her hand from his grasp. Zatanna quickly pulled out a handkerchief and wrapped it around Y/N’s thumb. John chanted the spell and the group watched in amazement as Y/N’s blood moved around the map until it landed on a specific spot. “Ah, I thought it might have been her.” John muttered under his breath.

“Who is it?” Zatanna asked, looking at the spot on the map as though it would reveal the identity of the magician.

“Madam Xanadu. She has no magic right now, but she manipulates the magic of others to make up for it.” John said as he dabbed the blood off of the map and folded it up.

“How do you know that just from a location?” Y/N asked as he put the map into one of his coat pockets.

“Because I may or may not have encountered her there less than a month ago.” He admitted.

“Will she help us?” Zatanna asked, not very encouraged by John’s tone.

“She will once I give back the artifact I stole.” He said as he walked towards the door.

“Why am I not surprised.” Zatanna said dryly. “We need to follow him. He won’t wait up for us.”

Y/N nodded and moved to follow Zatanna out the door. She stopped when she realized Conner wasn’t moving. “Aren’t you coming?”

“I wasn’t sure you wanted me to.” He said in a quiet voice.

“Of course I do. You are pretty much the only thing keeping me sane at this point.” Y/N said, laughing for the first time since the battle that morning.

Conner nodded and walked with her through the door.


♈ ARIES //  You watched me limping, wounded, and unfamiliar with the sight of my own blood. You took my gentle hands and placed smoldering coals in their bruised palms. Curled my fingers into a fist so tight that my knuckles turned ghost white and the skin threatened to split open. You said that sometimes, it’s not enough to make them hurt. They have to burn as well. Your scorching touch left blisters. That raw skin grew back thicker.

♉ TAURUS //  You may have been an angel, the way you sat down beside me in the shade with such blissful grace. You hummed a simple something and started plucking absently at the meadow grass. I looked your way with inquisition. You brushed the dirt off my cheek and smiled. Your fingers wove wild flowers through my tangled hair as you sweetly rambled over the softness of each strand, and of how beautiful I looked. And I truly felt I did.

♊ GEMINI //  You woke me at 2am – lightning in your eyes and mischief behind your teeth. You shook the sleep from my limbs, said I didn’t need heavy things, and dragged me far from the bed I’d made. But you let go of my hands just as the storm rolled in, and started sprinting. I realized then you had made me weightless so that I wouldn’t fall behind. We became wind and raced like hurricanes until the sun returned. Now I laugh when I hear thunder.

♋ CANCER //  You led me by the light of moon to the weathered shore, and stopped at the oceans mouth. The sand slowly conformed to the curves of my toes, my feet sunk in ankle deep. You had promised me that this world would always make room for me to stand. The tides rose higher. You kept your fingers laced in mine. With waves now at our throats you said, “It will be okay”. And I was not afraid when the sea finally swallowed me whole. I will be okay.

♌ LEO //  You had to squint through your own blinding rays to see, but once you saw that I felt cold. You sauntered over, cupped my face with smiling warmth and kissed my forehead and cheeks. Bubbling light spilled from your lips as you announced that I was the brightest being you had ever seen. It was empty, I knew that – but for a fleeting moment, I did feel luminous. You had fingers dipped in summer heat. Sunburn lingered where your hands had been.

♍ VIRGO //  You had the most humble touch – almost like a whisper. You placed your hands lightly on my shaking shoulders, and I thought you were a ghost. My left arm was made of glass. It shattered on contact. You simply let me cry, and started sifting through the broken fragments. I apologized, and said you didn’t need to help. But when you placed those pieces in my right hand, I saw the fractures in your own. I felt why your touch was so gentle. You smiled. I understood.

♎ LIBRA //  Your hands are elegant, but they have never really met my own. Not completely, anyway. Because when you turned left, and I turned right. I stepped up just as you stepped down. You only ever smiled when I frowned. It isn’t bad – it’s just balanced. We have met each other, though. It was in the middle place, and only for a second. You waved kindly as we passed, and I think your fingertips may have grazed mine. Something felt like feathers.

♏ SCORPIO //  You have never been afraid of the dark, have you? Or maybe you have, and that’s how you knew I would be, too. Your hands were like that. Like mine. I thought I was alone and stumbled blindly. Frantic hands – I grasped desperately at the nothing in the empty spaces. But when my fingers suddenly felt foreign flesh, I didn’t even flinch. Because although I could not see, I somehow knew whose skin it was. And those places didn’t feel so empty. And I no longer felt alone.

♐ SAGITTARIUS //  You stopped along your endless trek one day, where the air was thin and the ground was cracked. You saw me there, too scared to move, and pushed the corners of my lips into a more positive position. The Earth split open beneath us, but you just took my wrist and spun me ‘round. You lead me in a dance, sparks on your heels. We laughed, and pretended that we weren’t on fire.

♑ CAPRICORN //  You offered a gracious hand to me as I dangled helplessly off the edge of the universe. Feebly straining to grab your fingers, I cried, “I can’t reach” and you replied simply, “You will.” And that pulled out a strength buried deep in my bones. It was not much, but it was enough. You heaved my tired mass the rest of the way – proud that I had come so far. I was full of doubt, but you were right. The view is much nicer from up here.

♒ AQUARIUS //  You asked to read my hands. Hesitant, I held them out flat, and offered an apology. You ignored the sorry, brushed my callouses and called them unique. Then you coated them in dirt and told me to look when my eyes were closed. When I did – I saw that it wasn’t dirt at all. It was stardust. I held the Milky Way, and wept into my open palms. I thanked the air, since you had vanished by the time I dried my eyes. I can still see stars on them sometimes.

♓ PISCES //  Your hands found mine on day one, out at sea. They haven’t seemed to drift too far since. They carry me back to shore when I’m flailing, being toppled by wave after wave after wave. And once when I was particularly determined to dive – you held on and sank with me to the bottom of the ocean. You said that no one should drown alone. That you’d been here many times before and that you’d breathe for us both until I was ready to inhale again. There was never any pressure.
This Is Your Captain Speaking
During a layover in New York airline Captain James Potter meets passenger Lily Evans and the snowstorm leaves both Brits in an Empire State of Mind that could end with the two strangers falling in love faster than the snow falling onto the city that never sleeps.

“This is your captain speaking,” the voice came over the plane’s speaker and pierced through Lily Evans’ headphones as she listened to The Hunger Games on audiobook.

Lily pulled an earpiece from her ear and listened as the plane captain told her and the fifty other passengers on the airline the bad news. They’d been circling New York City for an hour, waiting for permission to land after a freak storm left all incoming traffic blind.  The air coming from the vents above Lily was cold and dry. She itched her nose as she leaned over the aisle to look around. The other passengers were quiet listening to the Captain speak.

“Unfortunately it seems the snowstorm is forecasted to stay over New York until the afternoon tomorrow.” The chorus of moans could probably be heard all the way to the front cabin because there was a slightly awkward chuckle before the pilot continued, “Ladies and gentleman if I could turn into a magical wielding human and magic away the snow, I would,” he sounded exasperated and Lily smirked into her hand as the overweight man next to her grumbled about unprofessionalism, “But unfortunately we are all going to have a layover in New York until tomorrow afternoon. I’ll be back momentarily with an update on our landing time.”

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