needs to happen dammit!

As It Turns Out, Spongebob Isn’t the Only One With Angst In the New Musical

  • Plankton and Karen are overcoming their marriage problems
  • Patrick feels like he’s never listened to/underappreciated
  • Sandy is alienated from the rest of the town because of her eccentricities
  • Squidward has some serious self-esteem issues (and I’m like 90% sure his irritability and depression stems from the death of his mother???? Like what happened I need to know dammit)
  • Pearl is neglected by her dad
  • Mrs. Puff is a goddamn alcoholic (no real surprise there but holy shit they actually confirmed it)

Like yeah it’s a mostly upbeat musical but holy shit it gets dark????

Listen up, this one goes out to @imagine-sterek and literally everyone in this fandom that has not made this a thing because I have needs dammit!

Alright so try to stay with me cuz I am about to take you all on the most magical god damn ride you’ve ever had on the fandom fluff train and you all are going to like it!

The pack are turned into wolf pups cuz why not and the sheriff is left to take care of far too many wolf pups than he signed up for so he calls the one and only Derek Hale who goes over to the Stilinski house immediately and agrees to help John for the next couple of days until the spell wears off. Derek shifts into his wolf form and stays like that the entire time cuz only a wolf can rally a gang of wolf pups John I know what I’m doing.

John thinks the angels have heard his prayers and that Derek is his saving grace and he won’t have to miss a week of work after all. HE IS WRONG! Not only is Derek less helpful than a bowl of rice, Derek only pays attention to Stiles, cuddling the little shit like he didnt just pee all over the carpet when he knows he’s supposed to use the puppy pad.

So John is left to take care of every other wolf pup there is besides his son and what does the fucker do? He gets jealous! Giving the sheriff this look of betrayal whenever he sees him petting one of the wolf pups before whimpering over to Derek for more cuddles and pampering. But that’s not all! No! Instead of Derek being the grown adult that he is and putting an end to Stiles’ jealous behavior he comforts him and glares at John! The asshole nearly bit his hand off when he went to grab Stiles for his bath!

It gets to the point where the rest of the pack actively turn on Stiles and bully him at every turn cuz believe it or not the rest of the pack want Derek cuddles too and its not fair that Stiles is the only one getting attention. They trip him, they push him off the couch, they jump on top of him, they steal his food, they push his head into the water bowl, and Jackson even tried pushing him down the stairs one time.

Point is, it took all but 2 days for Derek to never leave Stiles’ side and Stiles was a smug little shit about it. He sits on Derek’s head while the older wolf walks around looking down at the other pups and John already knows his son is calling them peasants in that fluffy little head of his. The sheriff needs a drink.


Star Trek AOS

Pairing: McKirk

Warnings: Rated S for SHENANIGANS

Word Count: 574

A/N: Honestly, I probably should’ve waited until Halloween to post this but I just can’t help myself. It’s short and sweet and fluffy and fun and that’s all, folks.

Always open for comments and suggestions! Special shoutout to the lovely @auduna-druitt for helping me come up with Leonard’s costume 😊

(ha, the gif is bones- get it, BONES, ha.)

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Comatose-Chapter 14

Summary: You are the sister of Charles Xavier. You are part of the Avengers and dating Bucky Barnes. Unbeknownst to you Bucky is having an affair with Natasha. When you catch them in the act, things go downhill from there. You are a Mutant with similar powers to Jean, only with Immortality thrown in.

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Bucky X Natasha, Logan Howlett X Reader

Warnings: Angst, Violence, Cheating, Feelings of worthlessness, Depression.

  @tilltheendwilliwrite you are truly the most amazing beta. Thank you for listening to me rant and screaming with me. This fic wouldn’t be what it is without you Xox

“This is a terrible idea,” Storm remarks as she watches a smirking Logan circle Bucky on the training mat.

“I know, but it needs to be done. They need to learn to work together,” you reply, watching as Bucky lands a particularly nasty ariel kick to the top of Logan’s head.

“They are going to kill each other. Logan looks ready to murder,” she says giggling nervously.

You sigh. “Dammit I know, but it needs to happen.”

Bucky is not holding back, using every ounce of training he has to get the upper hand on Logan, and he is succeeding. You can’t tell if Logan is letting him win or is genuinely faltering under the onslaught of the winter soldier. But, the wolfman is healing as fast as Bucky is opening him up, which seems to be making the former winter soldier all the madder.

“Cap,” you call. “This needs to stop, put me in with Buck.”

Steve’s eyes widen momentarily before he nods and calls a halt to the fight. “Alright, change partners. Buck you’re with (Y/N), pal.”

Logan’s eyes snap to yours, a warning clear in them. He starts to protest, but a vicious glare shuts him up.

Stepping onto the mat, you nod at Bucky. He grunts in greeting, not bothering to meet your gaze. He lets loose with a combination of punches, landing a solid hit to your ribs.

You hiss in pain before retaliating with a knee to the stomach and an uppercut to the jaw. The fight is a dance, beautiful to watch. You know each other’s movements intimately, syncing naturally with each other. It’s a painful reminder of betrayal. Of what could have been if he had done things differently.

He has a hand on your throat, slight pressure there, his other hand holding you tightly around the waist, ready to slam you to the mat. You whimper at the familiar action. It pulls memories to the surface of hot nights and sensual, stroking hands, and you arch into him.

Bucky freezes, eyes wide. “Fuck,” he mutters out loud.

Your body betrays you in front of the entire team, causing you to flush in anticipation like you once would have. Sucking in a steadying breath, you elbow Bucky in the stomach. Twisting out of the hold, you head butt him on the nose, stagger back, and land a kick to his side, watching as he falls to the floor.

Ignoring the eyes of everyone in the room. You make your way to where a pissed off Logan is glaring at you, murder written clearly on his face. Guilt courses through you as you come to a standstill in front of him. “Logan,” you whisper.

He pulls you roughly from the room, coming to a halt outside one of the many supply closets littering the compound.

“What. the. Fuck. was. That!” he spits out, “You were dry humping your ex in front of the entire team!”

Not knowing what to say you settle on, “I’m sorry.. It was familiar.. I just responded.”

Logan’s face hardens with anger. Lips curled into a snarl, he shoves you through the supply closet door, locking it firmly behind him. He pushes you roughly into a wall, calloused hand wrapping around your throat.

It sends heat spiking through you. Lust roars to life, and you moan for him, wetness gathering between your thighs.

“You are mine,” he grits out. “Mine alone,” he reiterated as he claims your lips in a bruising passionate kiss.

Breaking away from your lips he drops to his knees. Yanking down the work out pants you are wearing, he forces you to step out of them. His hands are hard and ruthless, hooking a leg over his shoulders. He spreads you open, growling at the wetness he finds.

“Who do you belong to?” he growls as he licks a languid stripe along your opening, avoiding your clit.

You gasp out, hands flying to his hair yanking roughly. “Please, Logan,” you whimper, as he continues his ministrations avoiding where you need it most.

“Who do you belong to?” he says circling the outside of your clit.

“o..oh god,” you moan, canting your hips into his face. He places a hand on your lower stomach, forcing you to keep still. “Logan!” you whine, desperately needing relief.

He chuckles darkly. “Tell me who you belong to darlin’, and I’ll give you exactly what you want.” He moans, his nostrils flaring, breathing in your scent.

“You!” you all but scream. “I’m yours! Logan, please!” you beg.

Satisfied, he sucks your clit into his mouth. Pushing one thick finger inside you, he massages at your walls. It nearly drives you over the edge, the conflicting sensations driving you mad with desire. Logan moans against you as you tug harshly at his hair.

“Stop!” you moan out.

He disengages completely, looking at you in mild panic. You simply smile and help him to his feet, staring directly into his eyes.

“I want to taste you, baby,” you say, voice husky with arousal. “I want your thick cock in my mouth.”

His eyes darken, turn almost black. “Oh fuck,” he all but moans, fumbling with his sweatpants.

You sink to your knees, yanking his pants down roughly. Taking his thick length in your hand, you place small kitten licks to his tip. His loud grunts urge you onward. Engulfing him entirely, you trace the thick vein at the underside of his shaft with your tongue. Stroking the base of his cock with a firm grip, your free hand weighs his heavy balls. Giving a light squeeze every few seconds, you turn him into a moaning mess above you. His hands tangle in your long locks, guiding your head.

“Jus’ like that darlin’,” he says as he hits the back of your throat, holding you there briefly. “You gonna let me fuck that pretty little mouth?” he purrs giving an experimental thrust into your mouth.

You moan around him, sending vibrations through his pulsating length. He’s always been a dominant lover. Demanding. It arouses the hell out of you.

“That’s it, darlin’,” he moans as he starts thrusting in earnest.

Your jaw is aching, eyes burning with tears, legs slick with your own arousal, but you couldn’t care less. It feels so fucking good, and you couldn’t stop even if you tried.

“Fuck fuck fuck!” Logan mutters, pulling you off him roughly. You whine in protest. He chuckles, “Don’t worry, sweetheart. I’m gonna fuckin’ ruin you.”

Twirling you around, he shoves you face first into the wall, kicking your legs apart. He enters you in one swift motion, not bothering to give you time to adjust. He fucks into you roughly, unrelenting, growling with every thrust. The angle has you seeing stars. You’re a begging sobbing mess and Logan revels in it.

Pulling you back by the hair, he places a hand on your throat, whispering in your ear, “Mine… only mine.” A particularly sharp thrust has you coming undone around him, spasming and arching against him. “And I don’t share what’s mine.” He growls  loudly when he comes, long thick spurts coating your walls, panting harshly in your ear. “I love you,” he whispers, nipping affectionately at your earlobe.

“I know,” you reply as an unexpected wave of emotion flares in your chest. Logan pulls out of you, handing you your clothing. Understanding rips through you and leaves you reeling, breath caught in your throat.

Logan looks at you with concern. “You alrigh’? Did I hurt you?”

You stare at him in disbelief. “Oh..Oh my god.”

Logan strides toward you, checking you roughly for any sign of injury. “What? What is it? Where are ya hurt?” he mutters, panicked.

“Logan,” you breathe out. His concerned eyes train to yours. “I..I think I love you, too.”

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Rewatching AoS 4x07 cause I dunno, and I am still living for all the Quakerider in that episode!

Like, Robbie wanting to help Daisy beat up the Chinatown crew, but he physically can’t so he just tells her to “have fun.” <3

Also the:

Robbie: On your left!

Daisy: *takes out the guy by slamming the Charger into him*

Robbie: Fair enough.

Things I'd love seeing during the season finale of Lucifer:

-Lucifer using the flaming sword
-Lucifer or Amenadiel saving Linda with their angelic powers (Just save her, dammit!)
-This probably won’t happen but I need a hug between Lucifer and Maze so much! 😭
-Lucifer getting his wings back (I have to see this so much, pretty please!! ❤🙏)
-Chloe seeing Lucifer’s wings (asghdgdhj 😍❤) & hopefully not going nuts 😅
-Seeing Trixie again!!!! 😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏
-Getting a cute moment between Amenadiel and Maze 😊
-Having more scenes with Dan and Ella

Okay, I finished 😂

So in this Rey-is-Obi-Wan’s-granddaughter theory, one obvious candidate for grandmother is Satine, right? Which adds yet another layer of poetic parallels to the story, because then we have Kylo Ren, grandson of a Jedi and a diplomat, and Rey, granddaughter of Obi Wan and Satine… Jedi and diplomat

Veronica's House Party

She was dreading it. It’d been about 3 weeks since she last saw him. They cried and held each other on the worn out sofa in his fathers trailer, clinging onto each other for hours praying that the other would say something that meant they didn’t have to split. She needed him and he needed her.

Week 1 was the worst. She lay in bed almost all day eating ice cream while Veronica sent her messages constantly asking her to come out because she needed “fresh air”. No, the only thing she needed was him. Jughead Jones. Her drug, her life, her world.

Week 2 was better. She went out and met up with her friends. They talked and laughed but there was still a part of her missing.

Week 3 was..eventful. It was Veronica’s birthday on the weekend so everything had to be planned and perfect for the “house party of the year”–at least that’s what she’d heard around school. But to her, Betty Cooper, it was the first time she’d see Jughead in weeks. Was he hurting like her? Did he feel the pain she felt inside? Did he miss her? Well..she was gonna find out in about 4 hours.

Veronica had told her to find the sexiest dress she could find to show him what he was missing. So that’s what she did..was it appropriate? No. Did she look hot? Yes. So in Veronica’s eyes and mind..that’s all that mattered.

Betty walked down the stairs slowly, her hand holding onto the rail so she didn’t fall in the 6 inch heels V had forced her to wear.

As she slid past a couple in the doorway of the kitchen eating each others faces off, she slipped and stumbled into some familiar arms. She knew that touch. She knew that smell, the cologne she bought him for his birthday a few months ago. That touch that made all of the things in her mind disappear and focus on him and only him.

She turned around slowly, looking up into his crystal blue eyes. She watched as his eyes took in her body, the dress, the shoes, the curves, the lips and the eyes. The same eyes that would make him weak and fall in love over and over again.

“Hey” he mumbled to the beauty standing in front of him his eyes not leaving her lips. The lips that he was once able to touch anytime he felt like it.

Oh my god. What was happening. She was losing control. Before she knew it she was pushing through the crowd, her hand linked in his leading him upstairs into the spare bedroom.

She locked the door and before she had chance to pounce he already had her pressed against the door their lips making that same spark they always did. He placed soft kisses on her neck but that wasn’t enough. Betty was always elegant and innocent but not tonight. She’d waited too long. She needed him and she needed him now.

She pushed him onto the bed and straddled his lap as she took off the leather jacket that hung over his shoulders. His hands ran all over her body and through her hair. This was it. This was what she was missing. She needed him back and dammit she was gonna make that happen whether her parents liked it or not.

Story I wrote based on this art, by @pinguinmitbrille / @pinguminati

“Ya can’t keep lettin’ them talk to ya like that.”

Lúcio, who was in the midst of tying up his dreadlocks into a ponytail, looked over at Junkrat.


“The way the other heroes talk t’ya. It’s…it’s disrespectful,” Junkrat clarified, orange eyes stormy with irritation, “The way they trash-talk yer healin’.”

“Oh, come on, Jamie, it’s just the heat of the game, you know they don’t mean it…”  Lúcio glanced over at the door to the locker room as it swung open and closed, the other male heroes streaming in and out.

“Still. If anyone ever talked to me like that, I’d fuckin’ tear them a new one.”

“I’ll be fine, Rat, don’t worry.”

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I know you said paps prob won't date in tpi but how do you think sans and reader would react if they became an aunt and uncle?? If papy did settle down and such. Since they aren't gonna have kids, im curious!

Can you say best godparents ever? lol

man, those kids would be so spoiled. not only because papyrus would shower them with the BEST of the BEST, but so would sans and squish. yup. those munchkins would get everything 

some headcanon things:

  • sans and squish travel quite frequently and always send postcards and bring back gifts. each kid has their thing. papyrus gets cookbooks/action figures/food, but his kids each has like a thing they love like mugs, snowglobes, keychains, etc.
  • squish lets them play in her paint sets. they find cool sugar skull designs and paint on each other’s faces
  • sans and squish will read bedtime stories and do all the cute voices
  • tag team to prank papyrus + mysterious mom
  • omg sans teaches them all the SAME joke to tell pap and because pap wants to encourage his children he is forced to laugh at the same horrible joke multiple times
  • sans is a good stand in rib cage playground
  • omg squish accidentally swearing in front of them and suddenly you have all these tiny skeletons screaming FUCK at papyrus level volume and then sheepishly having to tell pap what happened 


so cute.

d-dammit i need this tiny army of skeletons pronto


So since I’ve seen so much actor AU stuff going around, I’ve decided to aid my friend to showcase the need of a Hetalia Actor AU! 8D So here are some headcannons you guys can use (if you want, I mean… you don’t have to D:) and here is an amazing thing that my dear friend has created in honour of this AU.


France and England’s actors are best friends that end up rolling around on the floor crying whenever they have to do a serious scene together: especially the marriage proposal one. Both of them struggle to keep a straight face in any scene they have.

Hungary’s actor lives up to her character and she is always lending a helping hand. She helps the director, the costume department, the props department, the arts department and she always drags Austria and Prussia’s actors with her wherever she goes.

Japan’s actor is a lot more outgoing than his character and is known to scare the living daylights out of his fellow actors from all the spooky pranks he plays on them. He is notorious for the pranks involving horror stories from Japan respectively.

The child actors that play Chibitalia and ChibiRomano are Italy and Romano’s cousins and they are not as innocent as many people might think.

Belgium’s actor is always found with either chocolate or waffles in her dressing room. She constantly bakes and gives food to the other actors for breakfast or late night snacks. 

Spain’s actor is very much like his character and has a basket of tomatoes in his dressing room. He is also the one who forgets this lines the most yet knows everyone else’s lines perfectly.

Germany and Prussia’s actors are brothers and Italy and Romano’s actors are twins. Canada and America’s actors are also twins and Australia and New Zealand’s actors are brothers too. 

Russia’s actor is the nominated “big brother” figure that everyone else turns to. He is sweet, incredibly shy and sometimes finds it difficult to play his yandere scenes because he is too sweet for his own good. Ask any of the other actors and they’ll tell you that he gives the best hugs and advice.

The Nordic’s actors are all related and they all live up to their personalities: except Sweden, Iceland and Norway’s actors. The three have the funniest bloopers, the rudest but the most hilarious jokes and the largest stomachs. They are constantly found in the lunch room.

That’s it for now. But expect more later :3

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Are you planning on continuing coleslaw? Or at least revamping it. DAMMIT I NEED THIS TO HAPPEN MAN >;*<

One day I’m going to revisit it for sure ;w; I miss my spaghetti boys

I had just gotten used to the fact that maybe relationships just aren’t for me. I had just become comfortable in my own skin. I had just started to adjust to being on my own. I had just started to be fully independent….and then those feelings hit again. They hit me like a tsunami. Suddenly, I’m rethinking every word I say, changing my outfit three times before I go out, and seeing every other girl as someone I need to compete with. And dammit, I hate that this is happening again, and I hate you for being so oblivious.
—  But clearly I don’t really fully hate you, because if I did I wouldn’t be in this situation. (via dissembled-thoughts)