needs to happen dammit!

Goddammit! That whole last episode of this part of Digimon Adventure Tri was practically nothing but evolution animations that we kinda didn’t need.

Now we gotta wait for forever to see what happens next again! Dammit Cliffhangers! 

What I need to happen

Peridot finally being ready to try fusion

and it’s with Lapis

And the experience be somehow used to help Lapis heal from her ordeal with Malachite

Peridot’s first time [fusion] with Lapis

Showing Lapis that fusions can be different. That they can be good and not harmful.

I need the lead up to be sweet, dorky, cute and full of understanding, sympathy and caring

I need this

I want-no-I NEED a Jurassic World animated series about Owen and Barry raising the Raptor Squad from birth to the events of the movie and it needs to feature all adorable Tumblr head cannons about precious raptor sisters and their mama!

Kind of a part two to because a few people requested it.  Set a few months after the first part.  MORE DANCING because you know I cannot get enough of Steroline dancing.  And more listening to records in Stefan’s room because DAMMIT THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN!  It’s a little different.  Less sexual tension and more straight up romance because I think our babies will be very romantic, knowing both of them.  

Rated M for romantic smuttiness  :P *shrug*

It was during the second verse of We Belong Together by Ritchie Valens when Caroline finally looked up at him.  She’d been glued to his body for who knows how long, swaying to the music from the record player in his room.  No real intention of ever removing herself.  Stefan seemed content enough to just hold her.  Intermittently reaching up to smooth a hand down the back of her dress, to rub his thumb across the back of her exposed neck, his cheek against her temple.  It was warmth and comfort and home.  And it was high time.

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I had just gotten used to the fact that maybe relationships just aren’t for me. I had just become comfortable in my own skin. I had just started to adjust to being on my own. I had just started to be fully independent….and then those feelings hit again. They hit me like a tsunami. Suddenly, I’m rethinking every word I say, changing my outfit three times before I go out, and seeing every other girl as someone I need to compete with. And dammit, I hate that this is happening again, and I hate you for being so oblivious.
—  But clearly I don’t really fully hate you, because if I did I wouldn’t be in this situation. (via dissembled-thoughts)

So in this Rey-is-Obi-Wan’s-granddaughter theory, one obvious candidate for grandmother is Satine, right? Which adds yet another layer of poetic parallels to the story, because then we have Kylo Ren, grandson of a Jedi and a diplomat, and Rey, granddaughter of Obi Wan and Satine… Jedi and diplomat