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EXO Reaction #2

Request: “…EXO reaction to you having a bad day and needing to be cuddled…”


(my exo reactions low key suck but hang with me here)

okay, so does each individual letter in exo stand for something orr??

Xiumin: He’d be a shy lil bean about it at first. He’d kinda just be circling around you for a bit. He had noticed that you had a bad day because of the way you were acting. Not wanting to ask you about it he’d take precaution with his words, careful not to trigger you. He came up behind you and gave you a back hug. He pulled you as close as possible to him and whispered sweet nothings into your ear. You’d soon both sit down on the couch and cuddle til your lives desires.

“Just forget about it, princess. I’m here now”

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Suho: He would walk through the bedroom door and see you curled up in a ball in your shared bed. Right away he knew that something wasn’t right. Your quiet sniffles was perceived as he stepped closer to the bed. His eyes widened with immediate concern. He lays down beside you and wraps his arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him. He’ll try to cheer you up by telling you some of his corny dad jokes. Sooner or later he figured out that his puns weren’t working very well. He cuddled up with you in comfortable silence, but not before trying one more time.

“How do angels say hello?…..halo”

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I Would Never Hurt You

Note: I’m sorry I’m so behind on requests, guys! I’ve had the worst writers block :( thank you for this one, sweetie! I really hope you like it. the title sucks, but hopefully the fic doesn’t. ♥ .c

Request: Can i request a fic where Bucky and the reader don’t get along, and he keeps making snarky comments (ugly, fat, blah blah) and eventually the reader gets into a huge argument with him and everyone leaves the room, and then he raises his metal hand and the reader gets scared. then hes really upset that you thought he would hurt you and fluff fluff :D

You’re not even sure when it started; it being the constant bickering between you and Bucky. Maybe it was when he commented on how you needed to spend an extra ten minutes in the gym. Or the day he was alone with you and kept pestering you and trying to get you to do things for him while he lazily sat on the couch all day.

All you knew was that Bucky had no filter and didn’t care if he hurt your feelings or not. You didn’t give him a break either but only because he pushes your buttons far too often to deem it acceptable. You didn’t back down from a fight, nor an argument. Bucky knew that and he knew just what to say to get you riled up.

You were sitting in the kitchen, having just worked out. You needed a small snack to recover from your HIIT exercises. Clint and Sam were talking about the new episode of some show you had no clue about. You laughed at Sam’s face when Clint said some dude would come back and kick some other dudes ass.

You were sitting on the island, swinging your legs back and forth as you ate your smoothie bowl. Bucky soon walked in; the rest of the others joining. They had been training in the gym with you, and you had been pushing yourself more these days, especially since hearing how Bucky thinks of your body.

It didn’t sit well with you and you knew you shouldn’t let it get to you, but you couldn’t help it. Seeing how Nat and Wanda looked compared to you, you were determined to better yourself. But today, you knew you needed to take it easy and just do some hardcore exercises for a few minutes, instead of prolonged exercises for an hour and a half like you usually did.

Avoiding Bucky’s gaze, you hoped he wouldn’t say anything to you. But no matter how much you wished he’d leave you alone for just a few minutes, you knew he’d always run that mouth of his.

As if on cue, you heard him snort. “You know, no matter how many smoothie bowls you eat, it won’t help get rid of your fat, right?” Bucky asked, crossing his arms against his chest and he stared you down, a smug smirk plastered on his face.

You scoffed and rolled your eyes. “It’s healthy, dipshit.” You muttered, bringing the spoon to your mouth. You were losing your appetite the more his words circled throughout your brain.

Bucky cleared his throat with a chuckle. “Yeah, sure, whatever you say, chubs.” He quipped as the room slowly died down from it’s loud commotion. Your heart sank a tad and you set your bowl down.

Hopping off the kitchen island, you took your bowl and dumped the contents in the trash. Tossing the bowl in the sink, you walked back over to where you were, only standing.

“I suppose I should starve myself then? You know, since no matter how healthy I eat, or how much I exercise, you always have to point out how imperfect my body is.” You said with a firm voice, lifting an eyebrow.

Bucky looked you up and down, your body shifting under his harsh stare. “Hm. I mean, it takes away from your face. But neither pleases the eye.” Bucky said, running his hand through his hair.

You heard a few gasps come from the team, nobody was sure how to address what Bucky just said to you. Your eyes threatened to fill with tears but you held them back, not wanting to give Bucky the satisfaction of seeing you cry.

“What’s your deal?” You spat, shaking your head. “Is your brain really so fucked up from that machine, that you forgot how to be a decent person!?” You basically yelled out, your tone getting louder.

Bucky’s mouth fell open, completely shocked at what you just shouted at him. More gasps sounded through the room, but you ignored them. You knew you shouldn’t had brought that up, but he deserves to have a taste of his own medicine.

“Excuse me!?” Bucky yelled, his feet bringing him a bit closer to you. Your heart started racing in your chest and you inhaled deeply before losing every ounce of calm you had.

“You fucking heard me! You treat me like shit, Bucky!” You yelled back, a crack eliciting from your throat at the end.

Bucky scoffed and rolled his eyes. “Oh come on! They’re jokes! You’re such a weak person!” Bucky shouted at you, his eyes boring right into yours. He was fuming with anger, but so were you.

Suddenly, the sound of chairs squeaking against the floor brought you out of your death stare with Bucky. 

You watched as Wanda left with Nat, their eyebrows raised and lips tucked into their teeth. “We’re, uh-gonna go.” Sam said before rushing Clint out of the room, his hands on Clint’s back, urging him forward.

“I’m not gonna get hit in the head with a spoon like last time. Go, go, go!” Tony rushed, pulling Bruce out of the kitchen. The others quickly followed behind, though Steve lingered before he decided to let you and Bucky get your anger out.

You bravely took a step forward, peering up at Bucky. “You’re a bully. You’ve been one to me ever since I got here basically! I only shoot back because I don’t let people walk all over me!” You shouted, watching Bucky’s eyebrows crease again as he growled. “If you weren’t such a bitch, maybe we could get along!” He yelled back, his fists clenching by his sides.

You stepped even closer, your chest nearly touching his torso. “I only act like a bitch because you don’t know when to stop being an asshole!” You yelled even louder, noticing Bucky’s breathing picking up.

His metal hand suddenly shot up to run through his hair, the move causing you to flinch. You held your arms over your face as one of your legs rose up to shield more of your body, a high-pitched squeal fell from your mouth. You stayed like that for a few seconds, not really sure what you were waiting for.

You had no idea why you thought he was going to hit you, but as your breath came out in huffs, and you heard Bucky’s calm, you slowly let your arms and leg down. 

“Wh-what was that?” Bucky quietly asked, watching your body tremble in fear because of him. You swallowed thickly. “I thought-“ Bucky gasped. “You thought I was going to-Y/N, no. I wouldn’t-” Bucky breathed unevenly, his eyes falling to his hand.

Your eyes glanced back and forth between his hand and his face. “I know, I just…” You trailed off, watching Bucky’s face contort with an emotion you couldn’t place. 

“Bucky, I know you wouldn’t do that.” You whispered, feeling your anger dwindle down to nothing. “Y/N, you flinched. M-more than that. You-you fucking…” Bucky rasped, his eyes not daring to look at your face.

Bucky’s heart sank in his chest as he inhaled, the images of you flinching and shielding yourself from him clouding his mind. “I-I need to go.” He muttered before walking away, his head hanging low. You wanted to stop him and tell him you were okay, but your voice didn’t work. Neither did your feet.

A few hours had passed and you felt guilty for everything. All of the arguing, shoving Bucky’s past in his face as a way to get an upper hand, reacting the way you did when he raised his hand. It hurt you to watch him walk away, and you wanted to go find him to apologize, but you weren’t sure if he’d listen to you.

You were sitting in your room, looking out of your window. The sun was setting and as you watched the city below, your heart became heavier. You’ve even shed a few tears. Not wanting to waste another moment, you moved away from your window and walked over to your door to go find Bucky.

As you slung your door open, you almost bumped into the man himself. “Bucky.” You breathed out. His eyes were puffy and bloodshot. “I needed to make sure you were alright.” Bucky whispered, his eyes still not looking up at you. “I was coming to make sure you were.” You admitted, stepping aside so he could step into your room.

His hands were stuffed in his pockets and his shoulders were slumped. You shut your door for more privacy and walked over to Bucky. Nervously biting your lip, you stood in front of him again. “I wanted to say that I’m sorry, Bucky.” You said softly, hoping he’d notice your attempt at burying the hatchet.

Bucky nodded and sniffled. “I’m-I’m sorry, I just-I thought about everything. The way I treated you, what I’d say to you, and when you reacted like that towards me earlier,” Bucky’s eyes met yours and you never felt so grateful to see them again, “I felt so horrible. Y/N, I would never hurt you.” Bucky said, shaking his head. The movement caused a strand of hair to frame his face.

It was your turn to sniffle now as your eyes burned with tears. “It didn’t have to be physical. Bucky, your words hurt me.” You said quietly as you moved to sit down on your bed. Bucky sat beside you, his hands now resting on his thighs. “I guess I was afraid.” Bucky shook his head, his voice shaking with emotions.

Your hand raised up to rest on his shoulder. “Bucky, I want to start over.” You said, watching his eyebrows crease together. “I’m a monster, you don’t want to do that.” Bucky scoffed, shaking his head. Your mouth fell open. “Bucky, no you’re not! I feel so bad for bringing that up earlier; I was just so angry.” You said, the guilt returning.

Bucky shook his head. “Y/N, I can’t get close to you. You’re totally opposite of everything I’ve ever said. When I first met you, you were so happy. I went through so much and I didn’t like how cheerful you were. I wanted to take it away from you. How is that not monstrous?” Bucky questioned, his head turning so he could look at you.

You sighed and shuffled closer to Bucky, taking his metal hand in yours. “We can start over. Please, Bucky?” You desperately asked, your lip trembling. Bucky’s eyes stared into yours for a few moments before he leaned in to hug you. You hesitated at first, but let your arms rest on his lower back.

Bucky let out sob and pulled you in closer, your body cradled into his chest as you sat in his lap. You’ve never seen Bucky like this, much less had any physical contact with him except for the occasional moments his nose would touch yours in a heated argument.

You moved your arms from under his to rest around his neck tightly. His breathing was ragged as his metal hand gripped the material of your shirt tightly. “I’m so sorry.” Bucky sobbed into your neck. You blinked away your tears. “Bucky, I’m sorry.” You whispered, resting your hand on the back of his head.

You two sat there for a while, holding each other, sitting in silence as you thought about how horrible you had been to each other. You decided to break the silence and begin your journey to becoming friends with Bucky.

Bucky whimpered as you pulled away from him and you had to admit, it was kind of cute. You stood in front of Bucky and extended your left hand towards him. “Hi, I’m Y/N.” You said with a small, albeit genuine smile. Bucky looked up at you and let a little chuckle out. He shook his head and grabbed your hand in both of his.

“It doesn’t have to be like that, Y/N. We can accept everything and move on.” Bucky said, his smile growing wider as he watched yours grow. “Well, I look forward to it, Bucky.” You said softly, truly hoping you could start over with Bucky. You still felt guilty, but maybe this was your second chance. You never wanted to see Bucky hurt again.

Bucky pulled you back onto his lap, holding you close again. You two stayed that way for hours, just enjoying the final moment of silence between you two.


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You’re Mine

Originally posted by thegraylee

Artist/Person : Lee Sunghwa/Gray

Group/Crew : AOMG

Genre : Smut

Word Count : 1527

Requested : Anon; Can you do a daddy smut of gray where he gets super jealous and possessive! Please and thank you !!

Usually Sunghwa chill, barely display much emotion at all. So when I looked at him from across the room and caught sight of his deathly glare, I felt myself start to feel worried, even a bit scared. I rose an eyebrow at him, but he kept that stone cold look on his face. We held eye contact for a few more seconds before he looked away and someone tapped on my shoulder. I turned around, coming face to face with the person that I’ve been trying to avoid, but yet again he found me. Woo TaeWoon. It’s not that he’s not a cool person. It’s just that he’s very flirty, and not really subtle about it. And I would tell him that I go out with his hyung, but Sunghwa didn’t want everyone to know about our relationship. I let a small smile pulled onto my lips as the older male started up another conversation.

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(Requested by Anon)

He had no one to turn to. He didn’t trust anyone else as much as he trusted her. Alec knew that it was probably not the best idea to ask his sister for love advice, but he was desperate.

Or foolish. He wasn’t quite sure yet.

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I don’t think many people understand my attraction to older men… I am not looking for a man to “take care of me”. I am not looking for a “sugar daddy”.

I am looking for a man who will listen to what I have to say and have an intelligent/witty rebuttal. I am looking for a man who will hold me when I need comfort, who will laugh when I laugh. A man who will love me for me, despite if I have a thigh gap or not.

You see, guys my age are just immature boys. Boys who believe that they need “swag” and believe that to “fit in” they need to wear their pants so low that their ass is hanging out.

Now you tell me… Which sounds more attractive? A guy who wears a snap back with his pants so low that he has to waddle to keep them somewhat up.


A man who is classy, witty, intelligent and cultured. Who knows the importance of well fitting clothing and also knows the definition of romance and how to “woo” a girl.

subjxctseventeen  asked:

in the safehouse, does everyone have their own room, or do some people have to share? (*quietly chanting* bunk beds bunk beds bunk beds)

Geoff: It all depends on which safehouse we end up at after a heist, as we’ve collected quite a few all over Los Santos over the years. We try to predict which one we’ll need to use in order to give everyone enough space while he hang low, but we can’t always follow though when shit happens. The smallest place we still have and use pretty often is from a few years back when it was only me, Jack, Ryan, and Ray in the crew. It’s two bedroom only. I’ve never taken the time to upgrade the place because I always forget we have it.

Geoff: Usually, we make it work, even though it was a hell of a lot easier when we didn’t have seven of us trying to cram in there. Jack and I usually take the Master bedroom we stuffed another bed in, and Ryan and Ray gave up their old room to the other Lads and take up their residence on the couch. Apparently it doesn’t bother them ‘cuz they don’t really spend a lot of time sleeping anyway. 

Geoff: Things, uh, get a little dicey if Lindsay’s involved though.

Geoff: When Lindsay is bunking with us, she and Michael take the spare room for themselves and Gavin and Jeremy are forced to take couch space with the others. They can get pretty obnoxious and loud, which pisses Ryan and Ray off because they like their quiet time in the late evening/early morning, so they all end up bitching which keeps everyone awake.

Geoff: I didn’t even think about putting in bunk beds until you mentioned it, that’s a pretty fuckin’ brilliant idea. That way Gav and Ryan can stop waking me up in the middle of the night with their yelling, the assholes.


anonymous asked:

I know Osana is a huge deal (lol), but I for one find it funny how after all this time Yansim's idiotic characters don't even react to a huge blood puddles and body parts on the floor. The hell.

Y'know, he claims that he needs to work on low hanging fruit, and… That’s something to work on while waiting for assets for Osana, not adding in Kizana instead. :U

-Mod Lee

Solivagant - Jinki


This night wasn’t supposed to end like this.

You tap your freezing fingers nervously on your knees, the never ending silence bringing a dreadful ideas to your mind. Looking around you, your eyes slip to the old, flickering lamp, it’s glass cover full of dead insects. It’s the only source of light close enough to brighten every shaded corner, gladly making you feel at least a bit more comfortable. Your heart quickens its pace every time the light dims.

Closing your eyes, you rub on the eyelids when yellow spots begin to cover your sight.

Straightening your back you let out a quiet sigh; sitting on the edge of the wooden bench with two (out of four) desks missing isn’t the most comfortable position. The proximity of a trash can, that still holds the, oh such a distinct, smell of burning making it only worse.

Such a cozy bus stop, such a lovely sight.

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Title: Play Date
Summary: Dan and Phil need a night off parenthood duties, so they leave their son with Phil’s mum and make reservations at a nice restaurant. Only things don’t really go to plan…
Genre: fluff/pre-smut/smut
Warnings: a few swear words and well there’s sex but what else is new
Words: ~ 3.6k
Beta: @demisexualhowell tysm you are fabulous
Written for: @femtastico my pRECIOUS MUNCHKIN MUM (this took me like five hours ahh the things i do for you)

Disclaimer: this isn’t actually a songfic but i was listening to Melanie Martinez’ incredible album “Cry Baby“ (including the song “Play Date”) while writing this so check it out if you wanna!


“Y’know-,” Phil says mid yawn and stretched halfway across the table. “Y’know what we need?”
Dan doesn’t respond, face hanging so low above his mug of coffee he’s inhaling it rather than drinking.
It’s seven in the morning and neither of them have slept for more than three hours. There was a time when three hours of sleep would have been fine with them. There was also a time when getting up at seven would have been intolerable - at least for Dan - but those times have passed, and though neither of them says it, they are both immensely thankful for this short while of peace and quiet that only the early morning grants them.
Phil tries again, this time lifting his face off his arms. “Dan, you know what we need?“
The other man makes a grumbling noise, not looking up. His hair is a mess of tangled brown curls and his lids are so heavy Phil can barely make out his eyes.
“We need a day off,” he declares.

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I'm pregnant. // L.H

A smile found it’s way onto your face as soon as you heard the front door of your apartment slam shut, letting you know that your boyfriend of three years was finally home. Humming a soft melody, Luke walked into the living room, a frown covering his features once he noticed you cuddled up on the sofa. “Hey”, he mumbled, sitting down next to you. “Hey baby”, you smiled, wrapping your arms around his neck. Instead of hugging you back though, Luke stood up, his eyes focused on the floor. “I need to talk to you, but I’m going to shower first, if that’s okay?” His voice was nothing but a whisper, causing your heartbeat to speed up. Luke only ever whispered when he was nervous, a habit of his you found utterly adorable. “Yeah, of course, go ahead. I need to talk to you about something too.” He nodded, his head hanging low as he walked down the hallway, disappearing in the bathroom.

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Forest of Death

summary: Five days given in the Forest of Death. Unfortunately or fortunately for Team 7, it is still only the second day.

“Alright! We might be back to square one but don’t worry guys! We’ll get our second scroll and then we’ll be at the tower in no time!” Naruto exclaims in excitement. He clutches the scroll in his hand. “And since I rested up the whole night, I am all charged up for today!” He raises his fists in the air to pump up his team. “Let’s go! The river’s nearby! I bet some teams would be going there for water!”

Sakura nods with a smile. “Ah, but are you sure you two don’t need more rest? And Sasuke-kun, your fever…”

“I’m fine now,” Sasuke states. “Although, maybe it would be wise to rest a bit longer first.”

“If we keep resting any longer, all the teams will beat us to the tower!” Naruto argues. Sakura and Sasuke glance at each other but they don’t respond back because Naruto had somewhat of a point. “Okay! Then it’s decided! To the river!” Naruto shouts when neither of them argue back. He begins to march forward as he leads the group onwards.

Sasuke begins to follow along but turns his head to the side to glance at Sakura. Something about her seemed a bit off. Her hair was now slightly fixed thanks to Ino’s cutting skills with the kunai. It was still choppy in some parts and undeniably quite short. It was going to take getting used to, seeing Sakura with such short hair. The bruises on her face and body still bothered him to a great extent. Him and Naruto being unconscious had left her worse for wear. He couldn’t help but feeling at fault for each injury on her body. 

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Primal Hunger

Supernatural One Shot

Vampire!Dean x Reader

Warnings: Smut, Some Dirty Talk, Fingering, Sex against the Impala

Word Count: 2,411

Tagging: @but-deans-back-tho, @mishasmuffin, @ac-dcdean, @imakittehkatt, @the-mrs-deanwinchester, @aprofoundbondwithdean, @i4z-0892-imagines, @deans-colette

A/N: So this was only supposed to be a drabble that, unfortunately or fortunately, turned into a one shot. I’ve wanted to write something for vampire!dean and you being the one to provide for him so this is pretty much what I created. Feedback and comments are always welcomed.

When he gets hungry, he gets possessive. Like ‘don’t touch my girl unless you want to see how long your small intestine is before you die’ kind of possessive. He would always have an arm wrapped around you, his fingers digging into your waist, his lips on your neck, savoring the feeling of your rushing pulse underneath the skin that his simple touch could create.

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People with disabilities are worthy of money and effort

In the part of special education community that promotes inclusive education, I often hear advocates say things like “inclusion doesn’t have to be hard,” “inclusion doesn’t have to be expensive,” and “inclusion doesn’t require special skills.”

This isn’t really true, unless we exclude a lot of people from “inclusion”. Some access needs are easy to meet; many are not. We can bring some people in without too much trouble. In order to commit to full inclusion, we’re going to have to be willing to spend money, acquire expertise, do hard things, and make changes.

For instance, people who can’t rely on speech as their primary means of communication need support learning to communicate. This is inherently expensive:

  • They usually need expensive devices
  • (The cheapest good option is an iPad with a $200 app; some people need dedicated devices that cost upwards of $10,000.) 
  • They also usually need therapy
  • Having a communication device doesn’t solve all of someone’s problems; they also have to learn how to use it
  • (And they usually need help learning how)
  • Or they need something like RPM, which is low-tech but requires twice-daily 1:1 lessons which use scripts that generally have to be prepared in advance specifically for that student.
  • If they are in school, they need teachers who know how to teach them (which generally means that experts have to teach their teachers how.)
  • AAC communication is slower, and can be hard to interpret
  • Inclusion doesn’t happen automatically; teachers have to learn how to make sure AAC users are able to participate and be heard in class
  • (Eg: If someone isn’t using complete sentences yet, it can be hard to know what they mean. You have to be willing and able to do the work of helping them to clarify).
  • (And: if someone responds slowly, you have to proactively make sure they get a chance to express their thoughts in class discussions)
  • All of this requires money, expertise, effort, and willingness to change
  • If we’re only willing to consider cheap options, people who need communication support are left behind

Another example: People need to be able to get into the building

  • Many buildings were built incorrectly
  • They may have large flights of stairs at all entrances
  • They may have many floors that can only be reached by stairs
  • They may not have any accessible bathrooms
  • The bathrooms may all be too small to enter in a wheelchair (which means there’s no way to fix them without moving walls)
  • All of the doors may be big and heavy
  • Often, there’s no cheap way to fix this
  • There may be inexpensive starting places; we can’t stop there
  • If we care about including people with mobility disabilities, we have to be willing to spend money to fix buildings
  • We have to hire architects who have expertise in accessibility
  • We have to make sure that people with mobility disabilities are part of the conversation, even if no one with a mobility disability has expressed interest in accessing the building recently
  • We have to be willing to make changes that make the building look different, in ways that may mean changing or destroying things that longtime users of the building are emotionally attached to.

We can start with the low hanging fruit; we should not pretend that all fruit is low-hanging. A lot of access needs are inherently expensive. There are a lot of needs that no one even knows how to meet yet; the expertise we need does not yet exist. If we want to commit to full inclusion of children with disabilities in schools; if we want to fully include adults in all aspects of society, we need to be in it for the long haul.

tl;dr In order to stop excluding people with disabilities, we’re going to have to spend money. We’re going to have to bring in expertise and develop expertise. We’re going to have to do difficult things. We’re going to have to make changes. We’re going to have to start seeing this as normal. People with disabilities are worthy of money and effort.

phanniemay: reboot

OK the reason i havent been doing phanniemay challenges is in part bc ive been busy and ran out of the drawings i did ahead of time and part bc i got so caught up in this one and ive just been doodling and writing down ideas for it

so with Reboot i was like, assuming canon had to stay intact as is, what would i want to see in a reboot, what would I want to watch?

I’d want a show aimed for older teens about this gal.

we totally got shafted on both her development and valerie’s in the third season and phantom planet, and much as i love danny, i’d love to see things go in a totally different direction.

lots more doodles and blathering under the cut.

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The Teaching Assistant (Part One - Luke Hemmings)

Do they even have teaching assistants in Australia? Idk. I just love Liz okay? Okay. Leave it be. Just enjoy

“Mrs. Hemmings?” You called, knocking on the door as you stuck your head around the corner into the classroom.

“(Y/n)!” Mrs. Hemmings looked up from the conversation she’d been having over the desk with a tall, blonde boy who looked maybe a little too old to be a student. Her face lit up seeing you, as it did any time she saw someone she liked, and she waved you on in. “Come in! Come in! Did you finish grading those papers?”

“Yeah,” You approached her desk at the front hesitantly glancing at the boy who was now looking at you instead of Mrs. Hemmings, “You, uh, you might want to take a look at Tyler and Jason’s answers to section five before you submit the grades. I think they might be cheating off someone.”

Mrs. Hemmings took the stack of papers from you and gave it a quick flip through before she smiled up again, “I’ll be sure to do that; thank you, (Y/n)…” Mrs. Hemmings suddenly noticed the anxious expression on your face and the curious one on the boys, “OH! (Y/n), this is my son, Luke. Luke, this is my new, teaching assistant, (Y/n).”

“Nice to meet you,” Luke stuck out his hand with a smile.

You smiled back and nervously looked to your feet as you accepted the hand he offered. “Nice to meet you too; feels like I already know you from how much Mrs. Hemmings talks about you.”

Luke chuckled and shot his mom a look, “As long as she didn’t start showing you my baby pictures…”

“Nothing she couldn’t find online,” Mrs. Hemmings immediately waved off his concern and began packing up her things to leave.

You could instantly see through what she was doing. Mrs. Hemmings was making a show of packing her things into her bag and was taking quite a while to do it, even packing things she didn’t need or probably shouldn’t be taking home.

“So,” Luke hedged as his mother walked to a supply closet at the back of the room and made no attempt to engage them in conversation. “How long have you been a teaching assistant?”

“Oh, just for this semester,” you spoke rather hastily, words running together. “They bring in university education students to study under top teachers in the area and help get a feel for the classroom… kind of like an internship.”

“Ah, so are you teaching math too?” He asked, crossing his arms over his chest and relaxing back against the desk.

“Uh, well I’m planning to be a music teacher, but arts teachers are required to teach at least some core classes. That’s why I’m working with Mrs. Hemmings.”

“Honey,” Mrs. Hemmings turned around from the closet and pointed a finger at you. “Call me Liz.” As she turned back she shot Luke a glance and nodded her head in your direction.

Luke caught the look she sent his way and rolled his eyes. He could tell quite easily what she was doing. Usually, he wouldn’t be quite so indulgent in her whims, but he found you rather intriguing. You wanted to be a music teacher; you worked with his mom; yet you were either clueless as to who he was or simply did not care. “Music teacher huh? Play any instruments?”

“Yeah, a few, but I’ve been trying to teach myself guitar for a while… Not that I have time with how many quizzes Mrs. Hemmings gives out,” You glared playfully at the back of Liz’s head which was still hidden in the closet.

“You know,” Liz called, not turning around this time. “Luke here plays guitar.”

“Yeah, I think the pictures on your desk were a giveaway,” you said, more to yourself than her.

Luke laughed. It was a hearty, deep laugh that made him throw his head back. “I think,” he said, still chuckling, “this is the part in the conversation where I humbly offer my services to you.”

“Ah,” you nodded your agreement, “yes, and then I politely decline because I have two class’s quizzes to grade tonight and another tomorrow.” You took a quick glance over your shoulder at the clock, “Which means I should really be going.” You shot Luke a smile and waved to Liz as you backed slowly towards the door, “I’ll see you on Monday, Mrs. Hemmings. It was nice meeting you Luke.”

“Nice meeting you too,” Luke waved goodbye as you rounded the corner and left.

You trudged your way through the deserted halls of the school and out of the building to begin the tedious walk home down streets that now stood vacant with the school rush gone. You didn’t mind the 20 minute walk to and from the school. It gave you time to think about things. Like today you were thinking about Luke.

The conversation had felt very awkward and a little forced, but you thought it was kind of sweet that Liz, a woman you considered notorious for her love for her children, deemed you even remotely worthy of one of her boys. It meant a lot to you, even if you knew nothing would come of it.

You were all too familiar with Luke’s occupation. Liz had talked to you about it on many occasions. You knew exactly how busy he could get and how little time he seemed to have for even the most basic necessities in his own life, let alone someone else’s.

He probably wouldn’t be in town long anyway. You’d have to endure another week or two of strategically placed conversations before he was gone again.

You stepped further away from the road as you heard a car coming down the street behind you.


Your head jerked up as the car slowed to a crawl, matching your pace. The driver’s side window was rolled down and Luke Hemmings himself was leaning out the window, squinting against the low hanging sun. “You need a ride or something?”

“I’m all right, thanks! Just a few minutes up the road, anyway.” You waved your hand in the direction you were heading

“Nah, come on.” Luke slowed to a stop and reached across to pull open the passenger door. “I’m headed that way, anyway, and my mom might kill me if she found out I let you walk home.”

You hesitated a hesitated a split second before sighing and walking over to get in. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome. Where are you headed?” He slowly pulled off in the direction you were walking.

“The apartment complex just off Summerset…” You trailed off as he turned to glance at you.

“That’s like… a twenty minute walk. Tell me you don’t do this every day.”

You shrugged, “It’s not so bad. I don’t mind the walks, and I can’t exactly afford a car.”

Luke shook his head and turned back to face the road, finally getting up to speed again. “You actually like to wake up early in the morning and take a twenty minute walk to a school?”

That made you laugh. “I said I don’t mind walking; doesn’t mean I like it. But, there’s nothing I can do to change it, so why dwell on it.”

“Fair point, I guess.” Luke nodded. “You know, you could ask my mom for a ride. She wouldn’t mind.”

You were shaking your head before his sentence even finished. “Oh no I could not. Your mom is my boss. There is no way I am letting anyone who holds my future in their hand see me that early in the morning, and especially not before I’ve gone through at least half a coffee pot in the teacher’s lounge.”

Luke chuckled, “That bad huh?”

“Worse.” You agreed.

“I’m not much of a morning person myself. I jump at the chance to sleep as late as possible.”

You raised an eyebrow, “You get away with that with your mom? She doesn’t really seem the type.”

Luke smirked and shot you a quick look before diverting back to the road. “I think she kind of pities me having seen our schedule while on tour.”

“Ah, right,” You nodded along. “Your band is all anyone seems to talk about at that school anymore. I cannot believe some of the things that those girls say about you boys, and with your mother right there too!”

“That’s probably part of why she likes you is that you don’t do that.” Luke consented, wincing a little at the idea of some of the things his mom might’ve heard.

“I guess,” you shrugged. “D-Does she always do that… you know, back in the classroom with the… you know…” You couldn’t really bring yourself to explain what happened.

Knowingly, he smiled. “Not usually, no… Though I can’t say I blame her for this one.” Luke turned onto Summerset and pulled to a stop in front of the apartment complex at the corner.

Your eyes were a little wide with shock at his comment, and it took you a second to register that he was in fact parked in front of your apartment. “Uh, thanks.” You weren’t entirely sure if you were thanking him for the offhand compliment or for the ride, but you just let the words hang in the air as you scampered out of his car.

“Oh (Y/n),” He called after you as you walked up towards the building. You stopped and turned back to see his car door wide open, him standing behind it leaning forward against it like some sort of male perfume model. “What time do you usually leave for school in the morning?”

“Around 8… Why?” You asked, chewing on your lip.

“Great I’ll see you then!” Luke chirped and stepped back into his car, closing the door behind him.

“Wait what?” You took a few steps back towards his car.

Luke rolled down his window and propped his elbow up with a wide smile in your direction. “You think I’m gonna let you walk now that I know how far you live?” Luke turned the key and started his car, flipping back into drive he called, “I’ll pick you up in the morning!” as he pulled away.

Meeting You - Part 9

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They were all lounging around in her living room admiring a job well-done. Rae was sitting on the couch next to Chloe, Chop and Izzy where poking at each other on the floor next to Finn who was sitting next to the stereo flipping threw CD’s he brought. She was surprised how quickly they managed to get her house back to normal, although it still smelt pretty gross, she opened a couple windows though to help air it out.

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