needs to go back to having longer hair

some doodles from tonight of @oztrichbunz‘s precious water-themed Genos who I’m absolutely going to draw more of in the futureヽ(´ヮ´)ノ

@anjelzjelly129 I’ve fallen in love with your drawings of Genos with an undercut and I used that concept here except with a ponytail (which I am,, very bad at drawing,,,, I have almost never drawn hair pulled back uughhguh)
now that the artblock is gone, the laptop is fixed, and I’m no longer sick (surprise, I had a 48 hour flu) I can FINALLY DO THINGS AGAIN

Okay this turned out longer than I expected I just spent 1.5h on this and it’s 230am I really need to get back to work hahaha hope y’all enjoy it! :-)

“Aw you really didn’t have to wait up for me,” Jay said as he joined you in bed after a shower with a towel hung around his neck.

“I wanted to,” You told him, then took the towel off his neck to help him dry his hair as he sat cross legged in front of you. “I’ve been going to bed alone all week…”

His recent packed schedules had him coming home a lot later than usual – mostly past midnight – and that meant less opportunities for cuddles or even a legit conversation since he was more or less exhausted by the time he got home so despite seeing him every morning before leaving for work, you really wanted some time with him. It was a Friday night after all.

You combed through his hair with your fingers as soon as you were done and he gave you a small smile, “Thanks baby, now go to sleep alright? It’s almost four, and you look tired.”

“But I want some boyfriend time…” You said with a frown, then climbed onto his lap.

He chuckled, placing his hands on your thighs and rubbing small circles on them with his thumb, “I’m tired…tomorrow?”

And with a bit of convincing, a kiss on your pouty lips and a promise he’d spend the whole of tomorrow with you, the both of you eventually turned the lights off and laid in bed, Jay holding you in his arms as you rested your head on his chest. Lying in your boyfriend’s arms and feeling the warmth of his body, taking in his scent and feeling his fingers draw lazy patterns on your stomach…this was a pleasant change after a week of going to bed separately. It was all good, the sound of his heartbeat lulling you to sleep until the vibration of his phone on the bedside table woke him up and you felt him very carefully slip away from you in your half asleep state, then moved to the edge of the bed and turned over such that his back was facing you before he picked up the phone.

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So, I was looking at Rising images for fanarting and I noticed something about Rei…

…  well. Maybe it was just a case, happens when drawing, you make something shorter or longer than usual. Usually fanarts fix this and make things their right siz-

… I’m starting to have doubts, let me go check the WHOLE new chapter…

… let me go back seeing the other series

… oh my God…

It’s real… it happened…

*single tear*

Rei Kon cut his hair….

If you shave your legs and head,
You will grow back all the lost hair.
If you scrape off a few layers of skin,
You still have a few layers to spare.

If you go out in the biting cold,
You will shiver until motion makes heat.
If you stand beneath the hot sun,
You will sweat ‘til you have the sun beat.

If you go without food for a while,
You will no longer need much to be full.
If you need all the strength you can get,
In life-or-death matters, nothing’s impossible.

Your body is made to help you;
You are built to win the toughest fight.
Don’t give up until your body gives out;
Fight back with all your might.

What Friends are For Part Two

Part 1

Rating: Explicit 

Reader Insert

Word Count: 2,195

Author’s Notes: The long awaited sequel to What Friends are For. I wanted to post it last night but it was taking longer than expected, and I was not enjoying the direction it was going, so I stopped where I was and picked it back up tonight. I enjoy it a lot more now. If you guys have any requests drop them in my ask box! 

(Y/N)’s entire body tingled as she awoke from a much needed nap. Her bare legs poked out from underneath the blankets as she recalled what had taken place the last time she was conscious. She pushed her hair back from her face as she slowly began to freak out.

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