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Dating Stiles Stilinski Would Include

warnings: mentions of sex

- you and stiles are neighbors, but he didn’t really notice you much.

- that is until you hit a puberty stage in the seventh grade, and suddenly he was tripping over his feet crossing the street to your house. you were shocked when he asked if you wanted to ride bikes with him.

- but you said yes anyways cuz how could you turn down the adorable little spazz. 

 - you and Stiles became best friends easily in the one day, and overtime you him and Scott were a tight little group.

- scott asked you to your first dance in eighth grade, yes, scott. You’d looked between him and Stiles, and when the buzz cut boy said nothing, you said yes to scott

- no, Scott did not have a crush on you, nor you him, but you had a great time that night. though when a slow song came on, Scott made an excuse for punch and asked if you’d rather dance with stiles

- Stiles barely knew how to dance to slow songs, but you taught him. holding your arms around his neck, and his at your waist comfortably. and at one point you’d laid your head on his chest and made him promise you’d be best friends forever. he did without hesitation.

- in freshman year, it was painfully obvious that he was head over heels for Lydia Martin

- (or so you thought. that’s just what stiles wanted you to think)

- but your friendship continued nonetheless, and your growing feelings for the boy continued as well.

- the both of you always made witty remarks. as well as being on the same level of sarcasm. so the banter was great

- except to Scott, who was constantly worn out by it

- seriously. he always took out his inhaler whenever you two got into it

- you’d really pushed yourself to look for nice for homecoming that year.  You’d forced Scott to take you to the mall and critique each and every dress you tried on

- he told you nervously that you looked hot in the one you’d ended up picking, and you gave him finger guns


- you went with Scott and Stiles to the woods that fateful night, in hopes of seeing a severed body

- you and Stiles figured out together that Scott was a werewolf

- when he went to confront Scott about it, he made you stay at his house.  It turned into a nasty argument, which ended with him yelling that he wasn’t letting you get hurt in the process

- you made up easily.  It was you and Stiles.  Of course you did

- but you were with Scott and Stiles when Scott was chained up to the radiator, so that he wouldn’t go crazy on the full moon.

- you sat with Stiles in the hallway, both of you trying not to cry to the sound of Scott’s audible agony.  You saw your freckled friend close his eyes tight, and leaned your head onto his shoulder.  The action provided more comfort than you’d ever know

- the winter formal was a colossal disaster.  Scott snuck in, Stiles was with Lydia the whole night, Jackson was a jerk, you were left alone the entire night, and Lydia got attacked by Peter.

- you did comfort Stiles a little bit later that night in the hospital

- and you beat the shit out of Peter Hale with a baseball bat.  Which resulted in you getting scratched deep on your arm.  Scott Stiles and Allison took you to the hospital the second that Peter’s throat was slashed.  Scott taking Stiles’ keys and starting the Jeep, Allison rushing into the passenger’s seat.  Stiles was holding your nearly unconscious body in the backseat, letting you lay across his lap.  You didn’t really comprehend how hard he was crying

- you didn’t know that he slept in the waiting room for two nights in a row while you were under strict ‘family only’ visiting hours

- but he ran into the room the second Melissa allowed it.  You cried upon seeing him, weakly holding your arms out for him to hug you.  Your pain washing away as soon as he held you in his arms.

- you had to stay in one more night, and Stiles stayed again much to your protests, and he pulled up a folding chair in the room.  Sitting next to your bed and laying his head on the sheets.  He accidentally fell asleep before you did, so you spent half an hour just running your fingers over his buzz cut and thinking about the life you had.

- but don’t worry, the cut wasn’t deep enough to turn you into anything

- you and Stiles became messengers for Scott and Allison.  A tiring, yet sometimes fun job

- Stiles telling you all of his suspicions about Allison’s grandfather, Gerard

- as well as complaining about how cocky Jackson had become

- standing up for Stiles (and Scott when Jackson dared threaten a werewolf) whenever the little shit poked fun at him.

- he stood up for you too, because Jackson… well he was just a dick

- you became closer with Allison and Lydia, but your friendship with Stiles never faltered

- when Stiles found out that Matt was stalking both you and Allison, he flipped shit, and you were crying because you didn’t want him to know.  (because you knew he’d freak out

- Stiles didn’t tell you he punched Matt the next day

- you and Stiles laughed for a long time about how ironic it was that Jackson was the kanima.  I mean, come on, a lizard? Of course it was him.  Jackson’s a fucking snake.

- it got unfunny real fast at Lydia’s birthday party

- you had refused to drink, knowing someone had to have spiked it.  So you saw Stiles lose his mind in the middle of the party, and dragged him outside.  He kept mumbling on about disappointing his father, which made you cry.

- you and Stiles accidentally passed out spooning on Lydia’s couch that night

- the night at the train station still freaks you out.  First Matt tried to get you to join him, and when you’d told him to fuck off, he had Jackson the kanima paralyze you.  Your limp body was tied to a chair for the entire night, and you had to watch him pull a gun on Stiles, and shoot Scott.  

- you later caught Gerard drowning him when you’d been heading home.  You’d grabbed Stiles’ hand so fast, unsure of what to do.  Yes, the boy needed to be punished, you surely didn’t want him to have a happily every after… but he was so afraid and in so much pain.

- you Stiles and Scott picked a lot of classes together over the summer

- Stiles began to grow his hair out, which you supported more the longer it got

- also had a summer road trip to San Diego for a weekend.  Big back to school shopping spree

- you were nervous going back to school after the shitty way last year ended, but Stiles constantly assured you that it would all be okay

- you complained to him constantly about the awkwardness of being friends with both Scott and Allison, and how you barely mentioned one around the other.   

- “but I’m your best friend, right?” to which you’d eagerly nodded to

- groaning the second Scott told you about the alpha pack.

- “can’t i catch a break!?”

- you and Stiles catching a quick two second flicker in Scott’s eyes, shifting from brown to yellow, to red, then back to yellow.  You exchanged a glance that said you’d talk about it after fighting the alpha pack.

- you getting closer with Isaac, and sitting with him on the bus ride to the motel
(you didn’t know Stiles was pestering Scott as to why you’d choose to sit next to a boy who wore scarves that looked like scarves that you would buy.  But Scott was in too much pain to care about his friend’s love life problems)

- you had known all along Lydia and Allison were trailing the bus, because Lydia was snap chatting you about how Allison was so still in love with Scott.  While you were snap chatting her about your Stiles problems

- when you stopped at a rest stop so Allison could stitch up Scott, you were freaking out outside the bathroom, but Lydia and Isaac had no idea how to comfort you

- Stiles had rushed over and held you in his arms, cradling your head against his chest and cooing softly to you.

- “you’re okay, and you know Scott will be okay, don’t worry too much then others will wonder what’s going on in there” 

- after that, Isaac sat with Scott the rest of the bus ride to the motel, and you sat with Stiles

- most of the night, Stiles made you stay in his and Scott’s motel room because weird things were happening.  He’d told you to stay in there after Ethan tried to cut open his stomach with a saw

- “Stiles you know I can handle myself fine-”

- “I know you can, I do, but this is different, they have no idea what’s going on either so I need you to just stay in here, and stay safe

- you’d listened, and ended up falling asleep on the bed waiting for someone to return

- you woke up when the door opened, a soaking Scott and exhausted Stiles dragging in.  Stiles asked if you were staying with them instead of the girls tonight, and you’d nodded limply.

- after Scott got in the shower, Stiles collapsed onto the mattress next to you, mumbling ‘we’re sharing a bed by the way’ and you’d only nodded

- you restrained from screaming when he told you what had happened that resulted in Scott being drenched in gasoline.  The thought of Stiles… him being gone… it killed you.  But you didn’t say anything, just snuggled up against him and fell asleep in his arms.  It meant more than words could’ve said

- you sat with him on the bus the next morning too.  He didn’t wake you up when you left, just carried your sleeping body out to the bus and gave you his flannel to use as a blanket

- you woke up next to him relatively happy upon finding the clothing on you and your head on his shoulder, his head atop yours as he played on his phone

- you were taken with Melissa Chris and Noah, because you’d figured out that Jennifer was the darach, and what her next move was.  You were on your way to warn Stiles when she’d caught you

- you were trapped in the nemeton, but you still just had this feeling in you that Scott became an alpha.  You’d later learn that it was because in a way, without being a werewolf, you were his beta

- when Stiles got you and his father back, the group hug between you three was so tight you cried harder

- he called you the second he started getting night terrors

- and soon Noah began to just come pick you up and bring to the house in the middle of the night because you were the only one who could get him to stop screaming

shh Stiles, it’s not real I promise” you laid down next to him, pulling the covers over both of you. When Stiles shakily nodded, laying down with you, Noah left the room.

“It’s not real” He’d repeat over and over.

- you always stayed on your respective sides of the bed

- you helped Allison get her stability back in the woods, and helped Stiles get his ability to read back

- it took you stepping on a bear trap for it to happen, but hey! he did it!

- Stiles told you first about his dementia

- you were as calm as possible, hugging him and telling him it’d be okay, not shedding a tear

- you went straight to Scott’s and screamed and cried and beat up his chest with your fists in anger, eventually falling to the ground in defeat and exhaustion

- you felt as numb as Stiles looked

- you went with him and Scott to the hospital for the MRI, the three of you group hugging when it was all over

- Trying not to cry.  A lot those days.  Mostly not in front of Stiles, so you ended up crashing on the McCall living room couch and taking over Allison’s bed.

Maybe you should go talk to Stiles, I think you guys need some closure with each other”

“Scotty, I love you, but that would just end with me telling him I love him and there’s enough shit already”


“Stiles, you can’t just sit next to her anymore.  You gotta tell her it’s all going to be okay.  You’re little game of ‘we don’t need words’ can’t last forever”

“Scotty, I love you, but that would just end with me telling her I love her and there’s enough shit already”

- You eventually broke.  Like a twig actually.  You’d been sitting on his bed, messing around on your phone when he told you that he was going to admit himself to Eichen.

Are you insane? Did you actually lose your mind?!”

“y/n… maybe they can help…”

“Why can’t we help?!”

“Professional help y/n”

- You cried a lot, too much, you got tears and makeup all over his favorite flannel.  But he didn’t care, he was just glad you finally showed some emotion

- You went with him Scott and Noah to the hospital.  You stood silently with them as he checked in, holding his hand so tight you wondered if he was in any pain.  But he didn’t show any

- You didn’t let go until he hugged Scott and his father goodbye.  Noah excused himself to go ‘start the car’ and Scott ‘offered to help’

(they shipped you two hard)

- Stiles giving you the biggest bear hug and lifting you off the ground.

Just promise not to die in here, this place reeks of depression and I’m not even a werewolf” 

“I promise.  I’m coming back okay?”

- holding his face between your hands and wiping away the tears (he was trying not to let show) with your thumbs

I’m holding you to that promise”

- two days later not being able to take it anymore.  Lydia had offered a million times to conceal the bags under your eyes, and Allison offered a million times to take you shopping.  Kira even invited you over for a sleepover.

- Scott being the only one who wasn’t pushing you to do anything.  

- in fact he was the one who drove you to Eichen to give Stiles his pillow

I’m sorry ma’am, he can’t have visitors yet-”

“Tough shit”

- Scott being surprised when you pushed past the nurse and waltzed towards Stiles’ room because you were usually so calm and collected in public, and never disrespectful towards your elders

- Swiping a key card off of a passing orderly, and pretty much sneaking into Stiles’ little chamber that was hardly an actual warm

- Your heart broke when you looked at him.  His eyes were dark, there were pink bags under them, and his skin was much paler than usual

y/n? Scott? How’d you guys even get in?”

- being tugged into a hug that made you feel like home wasn’t a place anymore

- he smiled when you showed him that you’d brought his pillow

Stiles… what did they do to you?”

- your reunion was short lasted, and you were being dragged out by a male nurse named Brunski

Wait- y/n-!”


“I’m gonna get out soon!”

- hearing him yell those same words over and over as Brunski kicked you and Scott out of the building

- wearing Stiles’ lacrosse hoodie for the next few days, waiting for him to come back

- When Noah picked him up, he brought him straight to your house, again, shattering your heart at his clearly unstable persona

- He told you first that he’d known Void had taken over

- You both sat on your bed for a long time, criss cross in the middle of the mattress just talking over everything that happened

- He was crying by the time he got to the part about Void making him have sex with Malia (which he never really knew if it was Void..or him…) and kill his room mate Oliver

I’m a killer I’m a killer y/n I belong there I’m a psycho”

“No.. no Stiles that’s not you, that’s the demon it’s not you”

- He broke down a few times that day, and you had him lay his head in your lap so you could softly run your hands through his hair.  He fell asleep mumbling something about voices

- You called the pack quickly and had them come over

- BIG pack meeting (while Stiles was asleep in your room) about what you were going to do

y/n what if he takes over and you- or or- or anyone- what if someone gets hurt?”

“You’re not going to hurt me Stiles”

- having that conversation a lot

- in school just grabbing onto his hand when he’d get quiet, in the halls at lunch, in class

- whenever you were separated, texting him constantly

you: how do you feel?
Stiles: idk lonely
you: you’re in bio right?
stiles: yeah
you: I’m on my way over tell the teach you’re goin to the bathroom

- this happened many many times in a single day

- seriously his teacher began to ask if he had some bladder infection

- the day Stiles Void was in Derek’s loft was a hard day for you.  Watching Chris pull a gun on the boy made you scream, but before you could go up to the Man, Derek had pinned your arms behind your back

- it hurt more seeing Void smirk upon the action

oh your little spazz is so pissed right now.  he’s quite angry with you Derek” The demon chuckled louder when everyone exchanged confused glances.  “Well, you’re hurting y/n”

- you officially became afraid of Void when Allison had attempted to taser him, and it had no effect on him.

- you hid behind Scott while he was tied to the chair

“he’s so upset y/n, he’s upset that he’s the one scaring you”

- you moved further behind Scott, gripping onto the Alpha’s arm and burying your face into his back

oh this is new… jealousy.  he’s not a happy camper”

- you silently thanked Melissa when she put a thick duct tape over his mouth

- watching him pull foot after foot of rope from his throat horrified you in a way that will haunt your nightmares for many years to come

it’s me guys, I swear it’s me”

- beating Scott to it, and both you and Stiles crashing onto the ground in a hug.  You cried into his neck, your body crushing his chest.  His arms wound around you and he cried too

- you stuck next to him in the McCall living room while everyone else came up with the plan to get Lydia back from Void

you’re okay now?”

- he’d responded by putting his head on your shoulder, and taking your hand in his

I’m here to save my best friend”

“And I’m here to save mine”

- Scott had looked at you, prompting you to say what everyone (minus Stiles) knew you were here for (to save the boy you loved) but you’d only nodded, too afraid in the moment to say anything

- you’d screamed, nearly louder than Lydia upon seeing an Oni pierce a blade through your Argent friend

- Stiles had grabbed onto you so fast, holding your face against his chest as you were still screaming, body convulsing against his.

- he ended up having to pick you up off the ground, while Scott was with Allison.  He carried you to the jeep, and you sat in silence with him in the backseat

- Chris took you both with him, Scott, Isaac, and Lydia to the police station to *cough* explain the death of Allison Argent

- Noah let you stay silent, seeing how much deeper it was  effecting you

- the man took you with him and Stiles home for the night

- you barely slept, you just laid in bed across from Stiles, who was holding both your hands between his

It’s my fault, I did it to her-”

“Stop, you didn’t, you know you didn’t”

- you were already out of tears, the entire void experience had drained you, so you were mostly in silence.  But here and there Stiles would say something to you

Do you hate me?”

“Of course not”

- he asked this a few more times that night, until eventually you leaned up, and kissed his cheek, then buried your face into his shirt, whispering a soft ‘no’ before finally falling asleep

- you were pissed when he held the sword to his chest, the stupid boy thinking that it would help everybody

Stiles don’t, Stiles don’t please, please don’t, drop it Stiles please”

- when he’d dropped it, you’d wrapped both arms around his waist, and didn’t release the entire night

- you freaked when he passed out after void turned to dust

- but when he woke up, you were more relieved than you’d ever been before

- the both of you went together to get clothes for Allison’s funeral

Is this one okay?” you would ask softly

“I think it’s beautiful”

“Stiles you said that about the last four”

- your hand was wrapped in his throughout the entire ceremony

- and after, you him Scott Lydia and Kira went to the McCall house, just wanting to grieve together

- it took you a few weeks to find actual peace, but Stiles was there with you through all of it

- but the day Stiles came to your doorstep an eager and boyish grin on his face as he told you Malia Tate (a girl who’d quickly become your friend) was his girlfriend, you’d lied to him for the first time

good for you Stiles, I’m glad you found someone who made you happy”

while on the inside it was more like…

“that’s great Stiles, not like I had my fucking heart on my fucking sleeve for you.  glad that you found someone who’s better than me”

- but he was smiling so happily, you couldn’t tell him the truth

- Scott chewed you out for lying, Kira chewed you out for not telling Stiles you loved him, and Lydia chewed you out for not jumping Stiles’ bones when you’d had the chance

- and every time there was some sort of opportunity for you to say something to Stiles, Scott would give you a look, or Lydia would kick you under the table, or Kira would cough.  Sometimes all three

- but you were somewhat friends with Malia.  and you were friends with Stiles.  So you let them have their relationship, and you slowly grew away from Stiles

- you became closer with Liam, a new beta, and his friend Mason

- you loved Mason

Scott, Scott who’s that kid she’s talking to? Since when did she go for freshmen?”

“Stiles, he’s gay, and you have a girlfriend”

- you didn’t know this, but every time Scott reminded Stiles of his girlfriend, he did it bitterly.  

Is uh… is Stiles and Malia going okay?”

I dunno why don’t you ask”

- Scott became a very bitter person when either of you brought up the other.  But Lydia would back him up with something snarky

- when in Mexico, watching Stiles let Malia dance dirty with him, went right on the list of things that would haunt your dreams.  Which sucked, seeing that being stalked, attacked, and your best friend being murdered was on the same list

- you ended up getting yourself strapped to an electric chair, and Scott took most of the blows, but you got one for mouthing off to the Calevera’s henchman

- Stiles had screamed your name when you were released, your spasming body falling to the ground.  But Lydia had gotten to you first, and Stiles just stood and watched as she held you and asked if you were alright repeatedly

I-I-I-I’ll b-b-be al-alright” 

- when the spasming ended, she helped you up, and Stiles couldn’t tear his eyes off you

- he’d never been jealous of Lydia before, but her arm around your waist as she walked you back out to the jeep seemed threatening to him

- you sat in the backseat on the ride home (the day was interesting… a young Derek being in the backseat and weird bone men attacking Kira and Malia.  Not to mention the Calevera’s torturing you) Scott and Kira were on his bike following the Jeep.  Malia in  your  the passengers- seat.  And you were wedged between the younger version of Derek Hale, and Lydia on your other side

- young Derek was hitting on you, and you just let it happen.  What? you liked the way Stiles would glare at the teen through the rear view mirror

- you’d gone with Scott Malia and Peter to the school for the Hale loft, and ended up getting attacked by Berserkers

- Stiles came to pick you guys up, and yelled at you for going.  you’d stayed silent, not wanting to break the friendship you were painfully keeping up.

- Scott took you home on the motor bike, and when he dropped you off he asked you how much it was hurting you before you went to the door

I don’t know what you’re talking about”

“I know when you lie, y/n”

“Then it seems to me you knew the answer when you asked the question”

- and when he heard your voice crack before you walked away, he did know the answer.  more certain this time anyways

- you went to Lydia’s party, before it was a party anyways, and the blonde freshman lacrosse player, was hitting on you all.  night.  At one point he had himself leaning against you, both arms caging you against the wall.

Alright, really, you’re nice, but you’re too young for me and I’m not interested-”

“Come on babe, age is just a numb-”

“She said she wasn’t interested”

- your has had widened impossibly further when Stiles had pried the boy off of you 

go screw your actual girlfriend Stilinski” was all the boy said

- but thankfully he had left after that

- you’d exchanged a glance with Stiles, and he’d asked quietly if you were alright.  You nodded, thanked him, then excused yourself to find Lydia

- you told Lydia everything that happened in the last twenty minutes

- the entire pack spent the night at the lake house, even Liam did, spending most of the time talking with Scott about what being a werewolf meant

- the same blonde boy, Garret, tried to kill you a week later, to which you’d hit him over the head a few times with a bat before sprinting through the almost empty school, finding Scott, who told you the other girl, Violet had tried to kill him for being a werewolf

I’m on the deadpool”

- the realization meant you weren’t as human as you thought.  you’d said this at the pack meeting, and for some reason, your eyes were locked with Stiles’.  before Malia pulled his attention back to her

- so you went from researching with Stiles, to researching with Lydia

- you found out that you were a witch.  not the broomstick kind, but the kind with telekinesis.  You figured that the bite triggered it in you, but never really proved that theory

- so you did some training with Liam, both of you learning about your powers together since he was still trying to get the hang of the werewolf thing

- but you still missed Stiles miserably, and Lydia was the one who seemed to notice the most

y/n i love you, but you’re miserable.  All the time”

- and she was right

- so one night, on a total whim at 10 pm, you drove yourself over the Stilinski house hold to talk to Stiles.  Maybe tell him your true feelings, or just talk, because he had to notice the change in your relationship, right?

- but fate was against you that night.  your car got a flat tire, which lead to Kate kidnapping you and dragging your sorry lover ass to Mexico

- Stiles lost his freaking mind

- when the pack (+ a shady ass Peter) came to get you, Scott was long turned into a berserker

- and when he broke free from the curse, Peter revealed his true intentions, and knocked you out with one blow

- you woke up to a lot of movement, and barely opened your eyes to see Stiles carrying you, yelling that you were going to be okay over and over again

- you just smiled a little bit, and leaned into him as he brought you to the jeep

- he let you sit in the passenger’s seat on the ride home

- Lydia hugged you tight, and screamed at you for having a death wish

- you her Malia and Kira had a sleepover, where you might have had some drinks and maybe proclaimed your love for Stiles

- but Malia was actually cool with it

- you forgot all about it the next day

- that summer, all of you went to San Diego together, and promised each other to make it a tradition

- senior year was gonna be bad, and it was all Stiles would talk about.

I mean Theo? he seemed really shady don’t you think y/n? Don’t you think?”

“no, I think you mean to say he seemed dreamy

- you didn’t know how much more shady that made Theo seem to Stiles

- you opened up with him more though.  your friendship was still mending back together, but at least he no longer ignored you

- Theo made his advances on you, and when he asked oyu out, you’d happily said yes

- when you told Stiles, he made a face

what? I thought it was sweet”

“well I think he has other plans.  why else would he ask you out?”

- Stiles immediately realized his mistake

wow Stiles.  so what reason would a guy ask me out if he wasn’t trying to use me?”

- there were tears in your eyes as you stormed out of the house, ignoring Stiles as he yelled after you

- you went on your date with Theo, and he was a real gentleman

- you made big deals about kissing in front of Stiles

he reeks of jealousy”

“that’s not jealousy Theo, that’s just anger.  and that’s what we’re going for”

- after two weeks of this, you were trapped in your room on a school night, reading up on chimeras when there was a knock on your front door.  you didn’t expect Stiles to be standing there

we need to talk”

“if this is about Theo, then go home Stiles because-”

“I don’t care about Theo, I did something bad y/n”

- you’d quickly ushered him in, and upstairs to your room

- he began to cry, and you rubbed his back comfortingly, throwing all your past conflicts out the window, just wanting the boy whom your heart ached for to feel safe here

- you weren’t expecting him t tell you that he’d killed Donovan, but you sure weren’t mad at him like you thought he’d be

you don’t hate me?”

“no” you answered softly

- you had a movie night together, and for a few hours, it seemed great, pocorn fights, for a whole Star Wars film you’d even slept on his shoulder

- you were woken up by Stiles getting up, and cleaning the area

you can stay the night if you want, my parents aren’t home”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Malia’s probably already waiting for me at home, and I don’t think your boyfriend would like me staying over night with you”

- surprisingly, his voice wasn’t dripping with sarcasm, or bitterness, but with reget, and a sad undertone.  you’d nodded, and followed him to the door as he put on his shoes and jacket

- you told him to get home safe, and he pulled you in for a hug that you hadn’t had in so long that just… replenished your well being

- Theo was a lying, bitchy, manipulative, jerk

- Lydia was admitted into Eichen

- Liam hated Scott

- Kira was with skin-walkers

- Stiles broke up with Malia

- and you were broken

“you were right you were right” you cried to Stiles on his doorstep in the pouring rain.  “I should’ve listened you’re always right”

“Shh..shh come inside”

- he wrapped you up in blankets and towels until your body stopped shaking, and you broke down to him, just like you had both done before.  You told him how you missed Lydia and Kira, how Malia wasn’t talking to you (to which he said ditto) and how Scott steered clear of everybody

- you fell asleep in his arms

- it was difficult, but the two of you had managed to cinch the pack back together, enough to kidnap Kira, and plan to save Lydia

- Theo’s pack seemed to have plans for her too, and you ended up getting held hostage by Theo in Eichen

- Scott and Stiles found you, his claws to your throat

- and you’d never seen Stiles so furious

- Scott ended up kicking ass, and you were thrown into Stiles’ arms


- the pack barely did it but they escaped, and all went to Deaton’s where the emissary and Scott Kira and Malia stayed in the operation room to help Lydia

- you went to sit outside on the curb of the vet, needing frfesh air to clear your mind

- Stiles followed you and sat beside you

I was really freaked out tonight… when..uh.. when Theo had you”

“Trust me, I was to” You managed a soft laugh, and glanced over at him.  His eyes were stuck down on his shoes.

I didn’t like the thought of… of you being gone… or something” Stiles added in a weak voice.  Again, you smiled a little bit at him.

I’m not going anywhere Stilinski, you’ve got nothing to worry about” You put your hands into the pockets of the hoodie (the red one you’d stolen from Stiles earlier that night)

yeah but… but what if something did”

“Stiles” You turned to him.  “I’m fine, really, I don’t have a single cut, I’m okay, you don’t have to worry so much-”

- Stiles Stilinski had cut you off, leaning forward, cupping your cheeks, and kissing you for the very first time.  It was a long, warm, and very passionate kiss

y/n, I do have to worry… I-I love you-”

- you cut him off, holding his own face in your hands, leaning forward, and kissing him for the very second time in a needy, emotions displayed kiss

I love you too Stiles”

- you had a few happy tears in your eyes as you two kissed a few more times, only slightly aware of the pack watching you through the windows of the building

- you pretended not to notice Kira giving Scott thirty bucks

- Stiles drove everyone home, dropping you off last and trailing you to your doorstep

- he promised you that when all the Dread Doctor business was over, that he’d take you on a real date, to which you nodded, and kissed him quickly on the tips of your toes, before saying goodnight and heading inside for the night

- you high fived Stiles when Theo was dragged to the pits of hell, and that very night, went out on your first date

- it was a picnic at the overlook in the Beacon Hills Preserve, and it was beautiful.

- lots of kisses

- a really lot

- his hand was wrapped around yours as he drove you home, and as always, he stood with you at your door

I’m not usually one for taking boys home after a first date, but my parents aren’t home and I don’t wanna wait anymore”

- the infamous Stilinski smirk as you were pressed against the door in a matter of seconds, and familiar warm lips sealed yours

- the sex was nothing less of hot

- neck kisses, you weren’t surprised Stiles loved hickeys

- he let you set the pace, and asked you for consent five too many times

- the look on his face was priceless when you snapped on the sixth time, and you’d told him to shut up and fuck your brains out

- (but hey, he did just that)

- and after you fell asleep together, him on his back and your front pressed into his side, your head on his bare chest and falling asleep to the sound of his heartbeat in your ear

- lazy morning sex

- then shower sex

- then he made you breakfast, and you giggled half way through eating it


“oh nothing, I’m just surprised you haven’t thrown me onto the table yet”

“well I was waiting for you to finish eating”

- he wasn’t lying.  *clears throat and sputters*

- you applied for a lot of colleges together.  but here and there you’d come across one that seemed good for you, but would be far from Stiles.  You applied, on the off chance you even had the ability to get in, but didn’t tell him about the ones in New York, or Tennessee.

- you told Lydia, because you couldn’t just keep it to yourself.  There was a certain hype that came with college applications.  Lydia hated keeping secrets nowadays, but promised not to tell.  You never questioned her loyalty

- but one day you were telling her and Malia about a university in Maine called Colby.  How great it seemed, but how you had other options that would keep you and the pack closer to Beacon Hills.  You may have gotten a little vocal about the situation.

You want to go to school in Maine?” you’d whirled around so fast upon the voice of your boyfriend.  Lydia and Malia ran off as soon as you were looking away.


“But you applied there?” Stiles asked, his voice a prime example of broken.

“Yes- but I didn’t- it was more of a wonder really” You felt guilty immediately.  “Stiles I didn’t want to.. I wasn’t- it was just-” You stopped trying to talk to take a deep breath.

Do… do you still want the vision?” He asked, stepping closer.  Your hands wrapped around his forearms.

“Of course I do Stiles, I want that with you” You said.  “I mean it, I want that” He nodded, eyes flickering to the ground with uncertainty.  “Stiles I love you, and the idea of going to college with you… maybe rent an apartment or something, really starting our.. our future? You held onto him tighter, and he looked at you.  “That excites me and frightens me at the same time okay?” He nodded.

- dramatic kisses

- everywhere.

- all the time.

- sometimes in lunch after a particularly difficult day in class, you’d wrap both arms around one of Stiles’, and lay your head on his shoulder in a half nap.

- but other days he’d have an arm around your waist, or your hands would be intertwined on one of your legs, or on the table.

- pushing him to take his class picture

y/n, I already took it”

“Uhm, no you didn’t Stiles.  There’s no photo here”

- Stiles argued with you for a bit bout, until you ended up dragging him to get his picture taken, again.

- Malia and you became really close friends, like connected at the hip kind of close.  It surprised everyone, but it made you happy.  Friends were important to keep close in this town

- Stiles called you later that night.

Baby what’s wrong it’s one am?” You’d mumbled upone answering.

“I-I saw- I saw them” His shaky voice replied.

Saw who Stiles?” You asked, sitting up in bed now.

“The ghost riders” 

- you went to his house to spend the night, and talked for a long time about what it all meant.  You fell asleep crying in his arms, and him cooing and hushing you while running his fingers through your hair.

- the next day at school you’d clung to him like crazy

- he was taken that night, you’d been sitting in the jeep with him, holding onto him so tightly you were sure it would be impossible for anyone to get him.  He’d repeatedly told you he loved you, anything he could.

y/n please try-”

“I couldn’t ever forget you Stiles” You said, crying hard as tears blurred your vision.  “I love you, I love you so much you’ll never know.  I want everything with you, I still do, I want us to go to college together, Stiles I wasnt to spend the rest of my life with you” You sobbed, and he held you tight, and leaving bruising kiss on your lips.

“I want that too y/n, I want that too” Your arms wound around his neck, holding him closer as his head was buried into your neck.

- you still cried in the jeep even after he was pried away from you, and dragged out through the door.

hehehehe this is sooo long I’ve had this in my drafts for months.

anywho here’s somethin a lil extra to just top off my excitement for being back on tumblr again

Rowaelin’s daughter x Feysand’s son fic Part V

Sadly, friends, this is the last one. Thank you for coming on this journey with me, and meeting and shipping Sastiel as hard as I did. I cry now.

Check out Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV.


Seraphine walked behind Kastiel in silence, her wolf following behind her.
It felt like a lifetime ago when Fenrys had given her Fen as a pup. Now he was as big as she is.
She patted down the scruff of his fur, murmuring how good he is when she felt Kastiel’s gaze land on her.
“We’ll train here,” he said.
Seraphine looks around at the vastness of her surroundings. Kastiel wanted to train early—so early in fact, that the sun had barely even risen. She had been given a thick set of Illyrian leathers to wear (despite her telling Kastiel that she didn’t feel the cold), and a ridiculous amount of daggers were now strapped to her body.
“It’s more for my peace of mind,” was his only reply.
Now they were at the snow capped mountain side, with no one around them.
This was dangerous any way you look at it.
“Scared, Seraphine?”
“Only of what your family will do after I’m done with you.”
The two circle each other—neither looking away from each other’s gaze. “No powers. I want to see you fight,” he says.
As she pulls out a dagger strapped from her hip, Seraphine supposed she should have told Kastiel that she’s more skilled with a knife than her fire.
With a twist of her wrist, Seraphine let fly a hand full of daggers towards Kastiel. He dodged them easily, no hesitations in his steps. Like he was dancing. Whatever training he had gone through—it was perfect—beautiful to watch.
But Kastiel didn’t spend years on the road, fighting bandits, dealing with thugs and dodging assassins—he didn’t know how to fight dirty like she did.
Seraphine rushed towards Kastiel, tackling him to the ground. The soft snow crumbled underneath them. Seraphine held Kastiel in a bear hug, her dagger pressed against the soft spot of his neck as they fell in the small ditch.
Luckily, Kastiel’s strong wings cushioned their fall, Seraphine now on top of him. She couldn’t help but think of how perfectly they fit together—like two pieces in a puzzle. 
She gives him a mischievous smile. “You’re letting me win, princeling.”
Kastiel blocked Seraphine’s dagger with his own, letting both of it clatter to the ground near them.
“I win,” he says, studying her face under heavy lids.
The sun had finally risen, covering the white mountains in shimmering orange. It was almost as if the snow were alight with flames. The view reminded him of when he was younger—when his uncle brought him here.
Kastiel couldn’t stop himself—didn’t even bother trying. He slowly, apprehensively, touched his lips to her temple—like a question.
And Seraphine answered back, sliding her cheek down against his, where his lips touched her closed eyes, and down, down to the sensitive part of her throat, her cheek, her jaw.
Kastiel’s lips found hers.
And the soft feel of them and the hard feel of his body under her made her body come alive from a different kind of fire. And the taste of him, of their kiss deepening, of his hands on her back, his leg between hers, made her ache from a different kind of need.
She couldn’t stop the moan escape from her lips—or the way her body moved yearningly into him.
A familiar male voice cleared their throat, separating Seraphine and Kastiel.


“How disappointing,” his uncle practically purrs, “to find the two of you rolling in the snow, instead of training.”
Kastiel took a moment to collect himself, his scrambled thoughts, his lips on hers. And how they still screamed more, more more.
He ignored his uncle, helping Seraphine to her feet. He was never going to hear the end of this.
“You even had the wolf on guard,” his uncle says incredulously with a shake of his head. “Kastiel, I need you to take care of the monsters. This is an order, little general. I have things to do.”
His uncle gives him a wink, and winnows away, taking Fen with him.
Kastiel lets out a long breath, glancing at Seraphine. Her mouth was tilted up in a secret smile at him, her lips swollen from their kiss, her hair a mess from how he had held her close to him. He reached for her hands, feeling the flicker of the mating bond between them.
Kastiel falters at the touch.
“I have to go back to camp,” he says. “The fire training will have to wait a little longer.”


Seraphine spent her afternoon sitting on a trunk of a large oak tree. She promised herself that she would not think about the kiss they shared—but it was hard for her to not obsess over it. She was perfectly fine sitting under the sun with a sketchbook in her lap, day dreaming about future kisses to come.
Besides, it was pure indulgent to watch Kastiel train a group of Illyrian kids.
She could tell, just by the way he was showing the kids how to wield their stick swords, that he was distracted.
“Stay close,” he had told her, before she decided to ignore him. She wandered the camp aimlessly until she found her spot by the tree.
It pleased Seraphine even more that Kastiel’s eyes kept on looking at the general spot of her vicinity, but he had yet to realise that she was up on a tree.
As he supervised each child’s parry, one particular little boy followed behind him like his shadow. Everything Kastiel did, the little boy was mimicking.
With a smile on his face, Seraphine watched as Kastiel hoisted the boy up in the air—the boys arms and legs flailing helplessly—and said something that made the boy giggle with laughter. She couldn’t help but sketch Kastiel’s face in that moment.
When Kastiel was done, Seraphine leaped from her spot on the tree. They found each other in the middle, and got started on working to control her fire.


“Don’t be scared,” Kastiel told her from behind the door of her suite, “Or else they’ll sense it.” He started pacing. “The only person you have to watch for is my Aunt Nesta—and maybe my Uncle Cassian—they’re very protective of me. But other than that, everybody is nice. You’ll fit right in.”
“Oh, will you stop fussing about,” Seraphine says as she opens her door. Kastiel’s mouth drop open. Seraphine had changed from her Illyrian leathers to a simple, long silver slip dress that matched her hair. The dress caught in the light every time she swayed her hips.
By the Mother.
Seraphine gave him a timid smile. “I must confess—I haven’t worn a dress since I can remember.”
He shook his head in reply.
The sight of Seraphine undid Kastiel.
“Control yourself,” his father suddenly warned him in his head. But Kastiel couldn’t stop the pull of the mating bond.
The dinner table of the House of Wind were already occupied with the uncomfortable looks of his family—they no doubt sensed it in him. Kastiel pulled out a seat next to his mother for Seraphine to sit, whilst he sat next to her and his uncle Azriel.
“Seraphine, this is my mother and father, High Lady and Lord of the Night Court, Feyre and Rhysand.”
“Please,” his father said, “call me Rhys.”
“And here are my aunts Nesta, Elain, and The Morrigan. And my uncles, Azriel and Cassian.”
Seraphine’s eyes travelled along his family’s faces.
“Honey,” The Morrigan said to Seraphine, “you can call me Mor.”
Kastiel choked on his drink. “Why do I have to call you The Morrigan, when others can call you Mor?”
“Because, Kastiel,” The Morrigan smiled, sipping her wine slowly. “I don’t want to sound old.”
The table erupt in laughter.
“Though Rhysand,” his uncle Cassian interrupts, “you wouldn’t be laughing at what I saw by the mountains earlier this morning.”
The smile in Kastiel’s lips fell.


Kastiel’s dysfunctional family made Seraphine miss her own. She couldn’t believe how long it’s been since she sat at the dinner table to eat a simple meal.
“You’ve gone quiet,” Kastiel whispers in her ear. “Is something the matter?”
Seraphine shakes her head. “I am simply homesick,” she says out loud.
Kastiel’s mother, Feyre, reached for her hand on the table. The gesture surprised her, yet Feyre’s touch was comforting, real—reminding her of her own mother.
“Is there anything that you remember from your past that could help us find your way home?” Feyre asks her.
Seraphine takes a moment to collect her memories, trying to separate the truths from dreams. She had been taken by a group of strange assassins in Erilea. They had captured her, captured her wyvern, captured her wolf, and bound her to a pole in a circular clearing. They were chanting, calling, reciting—it was a sacrifice. She was a sacrifice to the dark pit welling under her. But Seraphine could escape any hold, and so could her wolf. She had shouted at Fen, shouted at him to watch out as an arrow flew towards him. But she blocked it with her back, she fell on her hands and knees from the impact, and she kept on falling, falling into the void, screaming, screaming—
The voice that woke her was at once the night and the dawn and the stars and the earth, and every inch of her body calmed at the dominance of it.
“Look at me.”
She did.
Kastiel held her face in his hands, “you’re safe, you’re here, you’re safe with us.”
Seraphine looked around at the table. She didn’t know what she expected—maybe their judgment—but certainly not their faces of awe—at Kastiel, she wasn’t sure—and understanding.
She swallowed the lump in her throat. “I met this creature, in the forest. It called itself the Suriel. It said to find the ancient one—”
“The Ancient One?” Rhysand interrupted, his violet eyes pinning her to the spot.


Kastiel and Seraphine sat by the ledge in her room. His father had called for his aunt Amren to return from the Summer Court. Kastiel shudders at the thought of facing his aunt after this.
Ever since the dinner, Seraphine had barely said any words to him. He would be lying if he said that her outburst had scared him—had scared his whole family. They were all expecting her fire to erupt.
But it never did—she had controlled it without her even noticing.
“I want to show you something,” he said, gathering Seraphine in his arms, and flying away from the House of Wind.
“The view of Velaris at night cannot compare to any city. But, I think the Sidra River can make you think otherwise.”
Kastiel held Seraphine in silence as they looked out into the sparkling river.
“Is it safe to swim?” Seraphine asked.
Kastiel flew down into the water in answer.

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Unwanted (Bucky x reader)

This one is a request by @buckyslocalfarmer and I gladly accepted. I thought it be a really good fic to balance out the angst of Battered and Bruised. (If you love Bucky, then I think you’ll like my series, Battered and Bruised. You can find it here in my masterlist.) 

This turned really smutty really quickly and I’d just like to say that this is my first time writing smut and I’m sorry if it’s bad. I’m gonna work on it. So please forgive me for the cringy writing. 

Request:  Could you do something with Bucky where reader is feeling useless, due to her work, friends or something like that and Bucky comforts her? Something fluffy or hot.

Warnings: SMUT. and cursing

Your boss had asked you to come to his office to tell you something. You were nervous, you had a terrifying boss who gave scowls everyone in the building. Maybe he was promoting you? You honestly had no idea. You came into his office and shut the door behind you. 

“You said you wanted to s-” You were cut off immediately. 

“You’re fired, F/N.” He gave you one of his famous death glares. You had no idea what to say, so you nodded and turned, leaving his office for good. You didn’t understand. You were doing everything that you were supposed to do and you made sure all your deadlines were met, even going as far as to getting them in a few days early. You groaned in frustration as you packed up your things from your cubicle and headed to the car. The rest of the employees peered from their work spaces, their eyes like lasers in your back. You could feel everyone staring at you. 

You snapped. “What the hell do you all want?” When they realized that you could tell they were staring they darted back to your work, acting like they hadn’t done anything at all. 

“That’s what I thought.” You walked out, your blood boiling. When you reached the car, you threw your box of belongings in the back seat and got in. Your car ride was silent. No music. Nothing. You were beyond upset. You felt so useless. Every time you tried to do well, and go above and beyond, they hated you. 

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Meet Me Inside -  Part 1

Masterlist  I  Part 2 

Relationship: Bucky x Reader

Summary: You really wanted your last year to go without a hitch so you could finally get your Masters degree. But then Professor Barnes walks in to your lecture. And he makes it a whole lot harder to focus. 

A/N: I finally had some inspiration thanks to a request I’ve had sitting in my inbox for ages. And i’m so excited.

Warnings: None for this part. 

Words: 2134

Originally posted by veronikaphoenix

Rubbing the fatigue from your eyes, you groan as you roll over, picking up your phone and squinting as the screen shines far too brightly while you turn off your alarm and drop the phone back on to your bedside table.

“Last year” you mutter to yourself repeatedly as you roll out of bed and get ready.

Only one more year and you’d finally finish your Masters Degree. The thought, however, was always threatened to be dampened by the realisation that you’d need to make plans for what you would undertake after you graduate, but you pushed the thought aside whenever it threatened to linger.

Although you’d refused the offer to go out the night before, you had stayed awake for much longer than you should have and it showed. Your eyes were puffy and dry from lack of sleep.

“Last year” you mutter to yourself once more.

As was routine, you tie your hair back, dress in whatever is clean, grab your phone from the bedside and your bag from beside the door, locking your apartment as you leave.

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Reaction to Hidden Camera Break Up. . .

Anonymous said: hi hi~~ first off i would like to say u are HILARIOUS, like ur posts and how u write them make me laugh legit out loud lmao. anyway i was wondeirn if oyu could do a got7 or exo reaction to a hidden prank break up. like oyu pretend to break up with them for a hidden prank? thank you kai <3 mucho love back at ya! ;D -mia <3

Reaction to Hidden Camera Break Up…

A/N this is just cruel, but I like the idea, so enjoy Anonnie~ and thanks for the mucho love!



It would have been after practice, the boys were in on it, in fact they (and the manager) were the ones who asked if you could do it. It was both for the entertainment of the fans (and them, lezz be honest), but also to test his temper, considering he was one with a temper. You came to pick him up like always, but you were nervous, of course, you were about to fake break up with you boyfriend who you loved very much, and he seemed to be able to sense your off mood that night. He’s always been one to be able to pick up on small things, as Jinyoung had once said about his leader, and this was a rare moment where you hated that trait of his. You decided that the quicker you did this, the sooner you could tell him it was fake and, no, you didn’t want to actually break up with him.

Y/N: “Jae… We need to break up.” You spoke quietly, almost hoping he hadn’t heard you.

But he did and his head snapped up quickly while he was packing his bag.

Jaebum: “What?”

Y/N: “I said we need to break up.” You answered quickly.

There was a silence, and you grew worried he would be able to see through your acting as he stared at you closely.

Jaebum: “Okay, what’s wrong?”

Y/N: “What? Nothing. I’m just…. It’s not working out. We barely get to see each other and when we do, you’re too tired to want to do anything other than lay in bed or on the couch… I need something new.”

This was all a lie. You and Jae had talked about knowing what would come with this relationship, and you were fine with it as long as it was with him. And you made that clear, he was the one who was hesitant about this, not wanting you to feel unloved.

Jaebum: “That’s bull, and you know it. Tell me the truth Y/N.” You could see the anger growing in his eyes, but you knew he was trying to control himself for you.

You flinched, he never used your full name, it was either your nickname, babe, baby or Jagi. Never Y/N. You needed to end this quickly.

Y/N: “I’m sorry Jaebum.” You put emphasis on his full name, knowing he would take this more seriously if you did. Then you quickly turned and left the room.

BamBam: “That was good Y/N. Even I believed it.”

Y/N: “Ugh, I feel horrible, can I please go in and tell him it was a hidden prank?”

They made you wait a few minutes to go back in, but when Jaebum walked out of the room, angrily running his hands through his hair, that plan was ruined. He looked up and saw you with the rest of his members, his eyes narrowed at the sight, but you could see pain in them. You didn’t ask, you need to give him a hug, and you did just that. 

Y/N: “It was a prank!” You say, wanting to get it over with.

Jackson: “Aww, c’mon, could have let it go on a little longer Y/N.”

You felt Jaebum laugh slightly underneath you, and you backed up to see him wearing a smile.

Jaebum: “Did they put you up to this?” He asks pointing to his members and when you nod he sends them a warning glare. “You guys are in trouble.” The guys quickly look at one another then run out of the room. “And you?” He looks to you with softer, but still stern eyes. “Don’t ever do that again, even as a prank.”

Originally posted by younggjaebum


It was done at the dorm, the members pretended to leave, but really, they were all waiting outside the front door. You and Jackson were sitting on the couch, and you had just said the horrible words.

Jackson: “But, why?”

You shrugged, using it as an excuse to look away from his pained eyes.

Y/N: “I think it would be for the best-”

Jackson: “For who!?” He cut you off, and you looked at him shocked, the only time he ever raised his voice in front of you was when he was overly excited about something.

Y/N: “For you mostly, I mean, I know how hard it is for you to juggle both work, your needs and me… So I thought-think, that if I were to step out of the picture, it would be better and healthier for you.” You speak calmly, trying to calm your own heart down. But seeing Jackson furiously shake his head at your words made your heart ache more. Because it’s true, a part of you thinks this is true.

Jackson: “Y/N, you know that if I had a hard time with you and all that other stuff I would talk to you about it. If it got this far, I would only ask for a small break, a few months at the most, but never for a break up.” Jackson pleads. “I don’t want this Y/N, if anything this will just be worse. Let’s find a balance, how about just a break for a few months, okay?”

Y/N: “No Jackson. This is what I came up with, I thought a lot about it, and this is what I think is best. I have to go, okay?” You stand, and Jackson quickly follows. “Thanks for everything Jackson.” You smile and turn to leave.

However, Jackson follows just like you all predicted and when out in the hall, you two come face-to-face with the members and camera crew. 

Jackson: “What…?” He stops next to you looking at everyone confused, but slowly puts the pieces together and ends up laughing. “It was a prank!?” He asks, looking to you, his eyes now shining, no longer looking pained.

Y/N: “Yeah, they made me do it. I’m so sorry.” You say as he pulls you into a hug.

Jackson: “Ahhhhh, I thought I was losing you! Y/N!!” He screeches, hugging you harder and spinning you. He screams again, letting out all his worries and fears he was holding a few seconds ago.

Y/N: “You’re not mad?” You ask, looking at him carefully after he sets you down.

Jackson: “No. But I’m mad at them!” He shouts glaring at his members.

You laugh as you watch as he begins to wrestle with BamBam and Jinyoung.

Originally posted by mauloveskpop


He would know, lezz be honest. He’s smart and logical, and he’s an actor, and you’re not the best actor. So he would know what was coming from how nervous you had been for the past few hours, and from the members and how they’ve been acting as well as the manager and camera crew. He would have seen it coming. He wouldn’t know exactly what was coming, but he knew it was prank. So when you said the words ‘break up’ he knew that must have been it. He would play with you and would nod understandingly, not making the big fuss you were probably hoping for. You realized he must have figured it out, knowing how in-tune your boyfriend is, so you decided to take it to next level and use those text that your ex was writing to you, and that you showed to Jinyoung as the reason for the break up. However, still not believing it, Jinyoung just said that if that’s what you need, then he’ll except it. Though it was a prank on a prank, you still felt hurt, and want to get him back, you allowed your tears to flow, catching Jinyoung off guard. He would apologize and pull you into his arms tightly.

Y/N: “Jinyoung, why are you so mean? It was only a prank. Do you really want to break up?” You ask looking up at him, making sure he could see your tears.

Jinyoung: “No, no, I knew about the prank and-”

You knew now that you got him, and decided to take it further.

Y/N: “If that’s what you want then…” You stood and grabbed your bag, showing that you were leaving him.

You made your way to the door with Jinyoung standing to follow you. You opened the door.

Jinyoung: “Aish, Y/N, I’m sorry, I was only prancking you back. I don’t actually want to break up.”

You let the members and camera crew in, now smiling as you looked back to your now confused boyfriend.

Y/N: “I know, but I got you on this part didn’t I?” You ask smirking at Jinyoung.

He sighs, now looking fed up. 

Jinyoung: “Ahhh, you got me. I was expecting the first, but I didn’t expect you to cry and react like this.”

Y/N: “I figured, that’s why I decided to cry and see if I could catch you off guard. I out smarted you huh?” You ask smiling.

Jinyoung: “I thought I really made us break up.” He laughs. “I suddenly got so worried and didn’t know what to do.” 

You run over and throw your arms around him. 

Y/N: “No way. I love you Jinyounggie.” You whisper the last part that he returns in his own whisper.

(him apologizing to you)

Originally posted by jypnior


This would be the first time that you see Mark angry, and angry at you. Usually Mark was able to keep his patience with you, and usually if he got mad at you, he would simply talk to you about it. However at this moment he was angry, and you could see it clearly in his eyes, and he wasn’t trying to hide it from you. You had told him you wanted to break up because you realized you couldn’t handle the glory and public attention that came with him. That was when he got mad, not at you, but at everything and everyone. You quickly left the practice room and looked through the window along with the other members to see Mark sitting on the couch, his face in his hands. 

Y/N: “This is horrible, I need to go in there and tell him the truth, look at him…”

Jaebum: “Yeah, he’s taking this harder than we thought.”

You walked back in quickly and squatted down in front of him and placed a gentle hand on his knee.

Y/N: “I’m sorry. It was a prank thought up by your manager and members. They wanted it for a hidden camera.”

Mark looks up slowly and you see pain in his eyes as well as tears. He doesn’t say anything and simply pulls you into a tight hug.

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You would have told him before you all were going out to dinner. You would have called him and told him over the phone, saying that you wouldn’t make it and that you didn’t want to see him again. Of course there would be cameras around, and he wouldn’t think much of it because this dinner was going to be filmed for the fans. So they caught the reaction of Youngjae freaking out over the phone while they’re driving to the restaurant. However, little did he know that you were waiting for him in front of the restaurant. When the car finally pulled up, Youngjae didn’t notice you.

Y/N: “Youngjae oppa!” You would call with a big smile.

Youngjae wouldn’t have looked over, thinking it was just fan, however, you were standing by the body guard at the front door of the restaurant. So when they walked up, you would see Youngjae standing behind the group, his face down cast, wishing he had you on his arm so he could smile with you again. He tried to walk by, still noticing you, so you placed a hand on his chest to stop him from walking by. That was when he looked up and his eyes met with yours and his grew wide.

Youngjae: “Y/N?! What’re you doing here!?”

Y/N: “Telling you it was just a prank that your mean members decided to play on you. And… If you’re willing to forgive me, I’m hoping you’ll allow me to accompany you to dinner like we planed tonight?” You spoke softly, giving him a  shy smile.

However Youngjae simply gave you his hugest smile that you loved and pulled you into his arms.

Youngjae: “Ahhhh! Y/N! You’re going to be the death of me!”

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You told BamBam that you were getting back with your ex that has been texting you and actually trying to get back with you. That was true, and BamBam knew it, as he was the one who was helping you try to get rid of your persistent ex, what wasn’t true was that you were getting back with him. It would just be more believable if you used that story considering he knew your ex was texting you.

BamBam: “But why? You were so eager to get rid of him last week, what changed now?” You simply shrugged. “But he treated you horribly last time, what makes you think that’s going to change this time? Do you just not want to be with me and you’re using this as an excuse? I’d prefer you to just tell me you don’t want to be with me rather than say you’re getting back with your ex.” He mumbles looking down at his hands, frustrated with this situation.

Y/N: “No. We talked all last night, and he really seems to have changed. I want to give him a second chance.” You lie.

BamBam looks up at you, his face now void of any emotion. This wasn’t a BamBam you liked to see. You preferred the animated and sweet BamBam more than anything else.

BamBam: “I can take care of you better Y/N, I have been for the months that we… … Haven’t I?” He ask after hesitating, looking at you confused, like he really doesn’t get what was happening.

Y/N: “I miss him, I want to go back to him BamBam. I’m sorry.” You speak softly.

BamBam runs his hands through his hair, frustrated as he sighs deeply. 

BamBam: “This doesn’t make sense! Is he blackmailing you?” He asks, but you shake your head. “Y/N, please tell me this is a joke. Please.”

There’s a knock on your door, and you move on to the next plan of the prank. 

Y/N: “That’s him. I think you should go now BamBam. I’m sorry, and thank you for everything these past few months-”

He cuts you off and angrily stands and rushes to the door, however when he opens the door standing there isn’t your ex, but the rest of Got7 with huge smiles on their faces. BamBam looks to you, confused and you smile to him.

Y/N: “Surprise! It’s a prank!” You shout, hoping he’ll be okay with this.

It takes BamBam a moment, but then he breaks down laughing hard. Covering his face with his hands and you walk over to him and pull him into a hug that he tightly returns.

Jackson: “What were you going to do if her ex was really at the door?” Jackson asks laughing.

BamBam: “Fight him. I was gonna fight him.” BamBam replies with a smile as everyone else laughs at the thought.

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They would make you say that you were dating one of them, and the plan would be to have the one who would be your ‘new boyfriend’ –which would be chosen as JB, to walk into the room at the end. To see Yugyeom’s true love for you, and whether he would stand up against his leader for you, or let it happen.After you had told Yugyeom, he had asked who it was, and you tried to avoid the question, but he wouldn’t let it go. Eventually you said the name Yugyeom would want to be the last name to be said. But it was, and you could the see the hesitation in his eyes. Then, the door opened like you had expected, and in walked JB, he said hi to you, like he had planned, considering in the lie, you two would be hiding your feelings for one another. However, Yugyeom spoke up.

Yugyeom: “I know.”

JB would look to Yugyeom and then you, his acting skills on point. 

Jaebum: “Oh, so… Does that mean you two are broken up?” He would ask.

Y/N: “Ye-”

Yugyeom: “No.” He would speak. “I’m sorry, I respect you, but I can’t let this happen. Y/N means too much to me, and you know that. So please…” He himself didn’t even know what he was asking, for JB to not love you? Anything. He didn’t want to lose you or JB, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to handle seeing you and JB together.

You could see the tears growing in Yugyeom’s eyes and frantically look to JB, hoping he would let go of the prank and come clean.

Jaebum stared at Yugyeom for a few seconds, then broke into a smile and pulled his maknae into a hug. 

Jaebum: “Ahh, don’t cry. It’s a prank, it’s a prank.” He pulled away and ruffled Yugyeom’s hair. “You seriously think I would do that to you?”

Yugyeom simply laughed and looked to you.

Yugyeom: “So you’re still my girlfriend?” He asks.

Y/N: “Of course!” You reply, pulling him into a giant hug as he returns the hug with just as much, if not more, love and firmness as he kissed the top of your head.

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Happy Birthday, Bucky!

Summary: AU! Bucky comes home from work to a celebration in his honor.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader, plus some dad!Bucky feels

Word Count: 982

Warnings: fluff and cuteness overload

A/N: This is a one-shot (my first one on this blog!) in honor of Bucky’s 100th birthday (and in honor of me reaching 2k+ followers). I was in mighty need of some Time After Time Bucky, so that’s the family I used. I wrote this in like fifteen minutes to try to make up for my previous story’s angst.

HBD Old Man!

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Nightmare [Rick Grimes x Reader]

Ok so i thought of a really detailed smut request lol. Rick finds the reader (young girl like 20) and brings her back to alexandria and shes very scared and standoffish so rick lets her stay at his house. At night she has a bad dream and crawls into bed with rick in just her tshirt and panties and tells him she had a bad dream. He feels guilty and says they shouldnt be in bed together but she seduces him and touches him and he finally gives in. Im like beyond excited ab this lol. Pls and thk u!

I could not WAIT to write this one, OMG. Hope you like it anon! 💝

Warnings: SMUT, Swearing, unprotected sex, dirty talk, seduction, oral sex (female receiving)

Words: 3,023

A/N: Enjoy some grade A Rick Grimes filth. I feel like I should dunk myself in some holy water after writing this. 

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Those who are Broken | Chapter Twelve

Everyone has a soulmate. Except the Broken.

↬ Word count: 2825

↬ Your favorite hoe FINALLY updates

Chapter list

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The water was ice cold. From the surface, it was calm looking—didn’t look like it would eat you alive like it was doing right now. You didn’t have time to hold your breath the second you fell in. You were swept under the current and that was it. It was dark, cold, and the only thing burning was your lungs as it begged for you to fill it with air. No matter how many times you tried to swim to the surface, you never made it. The current was too strong for you to fight.

Is this how you were going to die?


Damn. Fate is just cruel now.

At least you weren’t going to die like the rest of those who are Broken. You get to drown. That’s nice.

You thought you were going to drown.

You felt something grab a firm hold of your arm, pulling you out of the river. You gasped for air, couching up the water you had swallowed as you were dragged onto solid ground.

“What the hell are you doing in the river?” a deep, gruffly voice said, the grip on your arm releasing.

Oh, you know, going for a swim.

You said nothing as you were on all fours coughing and gasping for the greatest element to exist on earth. Over the sound of your coughs, you could hear the sound of footsteps quickly approaching before coming to a stop next to you. “Fuck, are you okay?” you heard Jimin ask, cupping your cheeks, bringing your head up to look at him. You could see the worry in his eyes as he moved your hair away from your face. “You’re fucking ice cold. Shit, we need to get you warm.” He helped you to your feet, catching you as you stumbled. “Do you have a cabin close by?” he asked, looking past you at the man behind. When there was no answer coming from the man, Jimin added, “She’ll get worse the longer we’re out here, and our place is too far. Please.”

The man sighed. “It’s half a mile east of here.”

“Okay.” Jimin turned attention back to you. “Let’s go.” You wanted to tell him you were fine. However, when you opened your mouth to let the words flow out, nothing but the sound of your teeth chattering left past your lips. “You’ll get hypothermia if you’re out here any longer,” he said in a firm tone before grabbing your arm, turning around, and lifted you on his back. You were going to protest, but you could feel the warmth radiate from his body, and it was welcoming.  

He was quick as he made his way towards the cabin. He maneuvered around the trees with ease, hopping over fallen branches, ducking under them, and never missing a beat in his pace. Not long after, as fatigue began to wash over you, he quickly walked up the steps to the cabin. He burst through the door, slamming it shut behind him.

Jimin set you on the ground. Turning towards you, he told you, “Take off your clothes. I’ll be back with a blanket and I’ll start the fire.” You nodded, watching him leave when all you wanted was to be wrapped in his arms again where warmth was comforting. Slowly, and shakily, you began to strip until you were in nothing but your undergarments.

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Just Friends (part nine) - Stiles Stilinski

You were standing in your drive way.  Yours.  Not Stiles’.  Staring up at your house.  Questions and thoughts racing through your mind.  Your Mom’s car was in the drive, was she still home? What if she was just on a walk.  You didn’t see Jerry’s car around, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t there.  You swallowed thickly.  Would your mother even want to see you? Did she know what happened? 

You swallowed, and turned back to see Stiles sitting in the front seat, where you told him to stay. ‘You okay?’ he mouthed, and you nodded.

You turned back to the house, and walked up to the door.  You needed to talk to your mother.

A shaky hand knocked three times, and as you waited anxiously, you sucked in sharp breaths.

And when the door opened, you stared with your mouth hung open.

“y/n?” Your mom smiled a watery little smile.  “Baby where have you been?” She cried now, and you wanted to hug her- but you didn’t know what was right to do.  “Come in, we have a lot to talk about” She said softly, and you nodded, following her in.  You stole a glance back at Stiles before you closed the front door, and gave him a quick thumbs up.

“Is Jerry home-”

“Oh baby I’m so sorry” Your mother said, pulling you in for a hug.  You didn’t hesitate this time, just squeezed onto her and hugged her tight.  “I got a call from the Sheriff at the police station last night and I- I was just so scared” Tears brimmed your eyes.  “He told me you were safe… staying at his home- baby I’m so sorry” 

“I’m sorry too mom” You cried.  “I could’ve done better I-I should’ve done better” She pulled away from you, holding your face in your hands.  You saw her eyes wander over the light bruises on your skin.  

“No shh no” She cooed, petting your hair softly.  “You did nothing wrong” She told you.  “You did nothing wrong I- it’s my fault it’s all my fault y/n I’m so sorry” You didn’t know what to say, again, too shocked to do anything, just stared at your mom’s wet eyes.  “I let him into our home- I-I-I-” She choked on her own words.  “I wasn’t here for you” Her voice cracked as a fresh stream of tears coated her cheeks.  “And I’m so sorry, I love you so much it’s all I have to give you” She said.

“Mom he..” You didn’t even have to finish your sentence, you knew she understood the question you were trying to convey.

“He’s gone baby he’s gone… he’s not coming back.. he’s under police custody right now at the station” She said quietly.

Your platonic emotions grew into a smile.

“Really?” You breathed.  “You did that?”

“Of course baby… I may not have been the best mother recently, but nobody hurts my little girl” You were both crying when you hugged her, a tight, and much needed hug.

“Mom I…”

“It’s okay” She cooed, rubbing your back and petting your hair.  “I love you-”

“Mom I think I need to stay with the Sheriff for a little longer” You whispered, letting go of her.

“Oh” Was all she said.

“I’d just be really comfortable if I did.. until we figure out a plan for the whole… thing” You said weakly.  Your mother nodded a little, taking your hands in hers.

“Okay” She breathed.  “Okay, okay I can handle that” She said, meeting your eyes again.

“Thank you” You said quietly.  She just nodded, and you heard her sniff.  “Mom please don’t cry… I’m not leaving you” You told her.  “I’m coming back” You said.  “I’m coming back” You repeated softly.  She nodded, wiping her eyes.  “Would you like to meet Stiles again? To know I’m safe?” You asked.  “He’s in the car, I could go get him”

“Yeah that’d actually be nice to properly meet him” She said, and you nodded, squeezing her hands in yours.

“I’ll go get him” You told her, and walked off towards the door.  You walked onto the front steps, and Stiles’ eyes instantly locked with yours.  You waved your hand, motioning for him to come out, and the boy scrambled out of the jeep, running clumsily up to you.

“Are you okay- is everything okay?” He panted, and you giggled a little bit to yourself.

“I’m fine, it’s just my mom inside” You told him, and stared off behind him as you spoke.  “She… wanted to meet you properly” You told him.  “You know.. cause last time I didn’t really let you guys talk but…” Your eyes met his now.  “I dunno… I don’t think it’s a bad idea for her to meet you” Stiles smiled, and nodded his head.

“Well I’m happy to meet her” He told you.

You, Stiles, and your mom talked around the table over grilled cheeses and apple juice.  You and Stiles shared a lot of things you’ve done, both dumb and fun, sharing embarrassing stories.  Your mom didn’t hold back on the most humiliating memories of your childhood, she told Stiles all of it with a big, unapologetic smile on her face.  But the worst part, was that Stiles seemed to love it.  He laughed when she told him about how you would play mermaid in the bathtub.  Or how you preferred to sit in the closet of your bedroom when you played with your toys, in hiding…. or how you once threw spaghetti all over your body when you were two.Stiles just laughed and smiled through all of it, while you were avoiding all glances thrown your way, trying to hide your red blush of embarrassment.

“y/n and I are actually going to Prom together on Saturday” Stiles said at one point, and your mom gave you a look, smiling wide.

“Well it’s about time she gets out there into the world of boyfriends-”

“Oh no no, not like that” Stiles chuckled out before you could protest yourself.  “In her defense, she kinda got stuck with me.  My friends Kira and Lydia made her go” You laughed a little too.

“Yeah they did, I eat lunch with them for a day and suddenly we’re best friends” You said, loosening up a little.  Your mom smiled again, happy that you seemed comfortable with these new friends of yours.

“Well I’m glad you all have something exciting to do together this weekend” She said.

“Yeah me too” You said.

Your mother reluctantly allowed you to go to your room, packing up a few more outfits to take to the Stilinski house.  Stiles stayed downstairs with her.

“Miss y/l/n?”

“Oh, y/m/n is fine sweetie” She smiled warmly.

“I uh… I just wanted to say thank you”

“Thank you? For what?” Your mother asked, beginning to clear the table.  

“For… for y/n I guess” Stiles laughed nervously, rubbing the back of his neck as he stood to help her.  She looked at him, a smile forming on her face.

“You’re awfully smitten about my girl, aren’t you?” Smitten, Stiles repeated the word in his head.  And suddenly, he couldn’t come up with a better word for his feelings towards you.

“Yeah… yeah I guess I am” He said, a big smile playing onto his mouth.  Your mom chuckled.  “Is-is that okay?” He asked quickly after seeing her reaction.

“Stiles, let me tell you something honest about y/n” Your mother said quietly, and he walked forwards a little.  “She’s the most stubborn person in the world, I’ll tell you that, but when she cares about something, she pursues it.  It’s like… she doesn’t see a point in having something around if she has no feelings towards the matter” Your mom explained.  “Now for you? I haven’t seen her even attempt to say hello to someone, and today at the table, I’ve never seen her so carefree with someone” 

Stiles’ heart thundered in his chest and he tried not to smile too dorkily.

“I haven’t been around much, I haven’t been around enough, especially not when she needed me.  So really, I should be thanking you Stiles” She said, and put a hand on his shoulder.  “Thank you for taking care of my baby girl”

Before he could reply, you came bounding down the stairs, a bag of clothes in your hand, and a smile on your face.  “I’m all set” You said.

Two more days.  It had been two more whole days.  Two days of living in Stiles’ home, alternating the couch and his bed- even though you ended up staying together no matter where you were.  Using excuses like ‘i came down for a drink of water but you seemed cold so i slept with you on the sofa’ or ‘i thought i left my phone in your room, so i came up to look for it but i’m too tired to walk down the stairs so i slept with you in the bed’.

Even though you knew damn well your phone was in your pocket the whole time.

But it was a Thursday afternoon, and you were studying on the couch in rolled up jeans and a tee shirt when rapid knocking hit the door.  You looked at Stiles, who was sitting in the chair next to you on his phone.

“It’s your turn to get it” You said.

“Ha, nice try.  I got it an hour ago for the mail man” Stiles snickered, and you groaned, throwing your head back.  More knocks hit the door.

“Coming!” You said, setting your textbook aside, and capping your highlighter as you trudged to the door.  You opened it with an irritated face, but it quickly turned to surprise when you found Kira and Lydia.

“Hi!” Kira said, pulling you in for a quick hug.  You dropped your hands behind your back, hiding the revealed bandages on your wrists.

“Uhm, hey, what’re you doing here?” You asked, careful not to let them see your arms.  Sure, you and the two girls were friends, but you didn’t want to scare them away with your ugly history.

“Dress shopping for prom, duh!” Lydia said.  “Ready to go?”

“Wh-what?” You stuttered.

“We thought you’d want to come dress shopping with us” Kira said.  “Is Stiles home? I have a message from Scott”

“I’m here” The boy walked up next to you, just slightly in front so that your wrists were well hidden.  “What’s up?”

“We were thinking y/n could come dress shopping with us” Lydia said.  “If she’s up for it?” You looked between her green eyes and Stiles.

“Like like just us?” You asked.

“Of course, Stiles can’t see your dress, just like Scott can’t see mine” Kira said with a bubbly smile.  “It’s like a wedding!” Her eyes lit up, and she clapped as she bounced on her feet.  “So whad’ya say? Will you come?” You couldn’t help but smile at Kira’s big hopeful eyes.

“Sure, why not” You said with a shrug.  “I’m just gonna go change first” You said, and quickly turned, holding your hands to your chest as you went up the stairs, again so your bandages wouldn’t be revealed.

You quickly went into the bathroom, deciding maybe you could just take them off.  So you went in and closed the door, locking it behind you for safe measures.  You were careful about taking the gauze off, cutting it slowly until it fell off.

No, you weren’t completely healed, and you knew you wouldn’t be any time soon.  But the redness was gone, and the swelling had stopped.  So using concealer to cover up the scabbed slits.

And when you finished, you inspected your handiwork, proud of yourself in a sick way for being able to make your cuts appear to have never existed.

But just for safe measures, you threw on a blue knitted sweater anyways before going downstairs.

“I’m ready” You grinned, slipping on converse at the door.

“Yay!” Kira squealed, jumping again as she waited for you to tie your shoes.

“I’ll go start the car” Lydia said, heading back to where her car was parked in the driveway.  When you stood and looked at Stiles, Kira skipped off after her strawberry blonde friend.

“See you later” You said with a smile, turning to go.

“You have your phone right?” Stiles asked before you could step out of the door.

“Yep” You responded.

“And it’s turned on?” He asked again, and you nearly giggled.

“Yes Stiles, I’m fine, I’m with Kira and Lydia” You shrugged.  Stiles rolled his eyes a little, putting his hands on his hips.

“Is that sass? Was that sass? You’re with Lyd for two seconds and now you’re sassing me.  They’re coming between us!” He exclaimed.  You rolled your eyes and put your hands on hi shoulder.

“Come here doof” You said, your arms wrapping around his neck in what was supposed to be a quick hug.  “I can take care of myself you know” You said.  “Just because I’ve got a bad track record doesn’t mean I’m not trying” Stiles hugged you a little tighter.

“I know” He said.  You smiled and pated his back.

“I gotta get going” You told him, and he hesitated on releasing you.

“Okay” He breathed, and you walked out the door, shooting him a quick smile as you climbed into the front seat of Lydia’s car. Kira sat in the middle back.

It had been nearly two hours, and you still hadn’t found a dress.  Kira had, a beautiful inky blue dress that hugged her waist and flowed down to her ankles.  It’s sweetheart neckline was a little glittery, but not too much.  It was just perfect for her.  But you and Lydia were still searching.  At least Lydia knew that she wanted something green, you on the other hand, had no idea what to look for.

“How about one that matches your eyes?” Kira asked, but you crinkled your nose and shook your head.  The pixie girl huffed, putting back the three she’d already found for you.

“Well let’s make this easy.  What’s Stiles’ favorite color?” Lydia asked, and you shrugged.

“I dunno.. all of them?” Lydia let out a little laugh.

“Alright, well then lets focus on styles of dresses” She said.

You learned more about fashion in the next half hour, than you learned about anything in your entire life.  Everyone was right, Lydia was a pro at this.  She knew exactly what she was doing.  From necklines to lengths, colors, patterns, shoes accessories, purses and makeup, the list went on.  But she would recite it like it was her religion.  And it may very well be.  But the best words you heard from her, were when she grinned at you eagerly, eyes sparkling as she said,

I found the perfect one”

And it very well was the perfect one.

Lydia had found a dress for herself with ease, a long deep green strapless one that pooled at her feet, but in her heels it didn’t touch the floor.  When you’d all purchased your dresses, (and by all Lydia paid for them, too excited to not help her friends out with cash that didn’t come so easy for them) you all agreed to have dinner at the food court of the mall.

You sat at a four person table, you and Kira with sub sandwiches and Lydia with her salad.. she only seemed to eat on the healthy side and you wondered how she managed it.  You talked about little things, cute little memories and the loads of work from school.  Until Lydia said something you knew was bound to come up.

“So.  You and Stiles are pretty close huh?” 

“Yeah I would say so” You said.  “I mean I’ve been staying at his house for a few days now” Lydia smiled.

“Well? Is there something there?” She asked again.

“Something where” You asked, picking at your nail in search of a distraction.

“Don’t play dumb silly, do you like him?” You immediately blushed at her question, making Lydia and Kira both bear grins.  “I knew it! OMG I’m so excited you’d be soo cute together” Lydia gushed.

“Right! All he does is talk about how much he likes her” Kira added, and your wide eyes shot to hers fast.

“Wha-what did you say?” You asked quietly, wondering if you heard her wrong.  It was quiet for a few moments.

“Oh shit I did it again didn’t I?” Kira cringed, and Lydia gnawed on her lip.  Stiles was going to kill them.

Your phone began to ring in your pocket, and you pulled yourself out of your frozen state of awe to answer it.  

“y/n, y/n are you still at the mall?” Speak of the devil.

“Yeah Stiles, why?” You asked.

“I’m here” He said.  Your brows furrowed and you cocked your head to the side, giving the girls a weir look. 


“Jerry’s making his plea at the station”

“The station why not-”

“If he pleads guilty, he’s going to prison straight away” Stiles said.  “I’m here to know if you want to be there-”

“I do” You cut him off this time.  “I’m getting my things I’ll be out the main entrance in a minute” You said, then hung up your phone.

“Everything alright?” Kira asked, eyes full of concern.

“I just need to go be with Stiles and his father at the station” You said, trying to make it sound like it was nothing.  “Thank you guys so much, I haven’t had this much fun in a while.  And thank you for buying me the dress it’s gorgeous, and thanks-” Lydia stood up and hugged you.

“Don’t mention it” She said.  “But I did put my number and snapchat and followed myself on Instagram on your phone, so you better be texting me and stuff” She added, making you smile.  “I did it for Kira too” 

“Thanks, I’ll see you tomorrow” You waved and said your goodbyes, then rushed out the large entrance of the mall.

Stiles’ baby blue beat up jeep sat right in the front, and you ran over to it, opening and closing the door fast as you got inside.

“You ready?” Stiles asked as you put on your seat belt, and you nodded.

“I guess I’m ready as I’ll ever be” You said.

The drive was a silent one.

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ok so i know the relationship between the reader+lydia+kira grew super fast but i feel like they would automatically make someone their friend yano? kira would totally be all over it and lydia would be there making sure they’re flawless and ye ok.  also i was wondering what y’all thought of the dress, I don’t usually prefer to use exact examples of outfits cuz everyone’s style is different and stuff but idk.  TWO PARTS TO GO! stay gold.
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Typically you loved college. It was light years better than high school. There was none of the drama and no cliques, you got to take classes on things you were interested instead of what was required by the state, and your professors were generally funny and interesting. Until you encountered The Class. At some point in their experience with higher education everyone has a class they flat out hate with a professor they can’t stand, and you were currently experiencing that. You were fairly certain your professor hated you and because of that you were afraid to go to office hours for help, it seemed like whatever you tried you kept getting bad grades and by the time you realized how much you hated the class it was too late to drop it. 

About halfway through the semester with your grade at a low C and a paper worth a large percentage of your grade that you were struggling with, you began to worry that you would fail and have a black mark on your transcript forever. Luke watched you stress about The Class multiple times, though when he asked what was wrong you gave a vague answer of “Just school stuff”. He’d never been to college, and you figured he wouldn’t understand. One day you were feeling a little worse than usual and when he asked if you were okay the floodgates opened. You spilled about everything that was going on while Luke listened and held you when you started to cry despite your best efforts not to. 

After talking about it you actually felt a bit better and that night you slept better than you had in weeks and the next morning you went off to your classes for the day (which thankfully did not include The Class) in a good mood. When you returned from your classes, your apartment looked very different from when you’d left it. It now resembled an art museum, pictures in frames occupying every spare inch of wall and Luke clad in black from head to toe resembled an art student standing among this. 

“What’s all this?” You asked confused. 

“The national museum of your achievements.” Luke spread his arms ta-da style. Still confused you stepped closer to the picture closest to you, realizing it wasn’t a picture at all. It was a spelling test from the first grade that you’d gotten an A on. Your handwriting was terrible, but spelling had never been your strong suit so when you’d brought home the test with a gold star on it your mom had put it on the fridge. You thought that she had thrown it away after awhile, but she must have kept it hidden around somewhere. “I called your mom and asked for any old papers or anything that she kept and she had tons. And I found the English papers you’ve kept since we’ve been living together and had it all framed.” Luke went on. 

You were touched. You knew that framing could be expensive, and you couldn’t imagine how much work finding all the papers and later hanging them up must have been. You threw yourself into Luke’s arms. “Thank you. This must have taken all day.” 

It probably had but Luke didn’t say so. “I thought you needed a reminder or how smart and amazing you are. And how you can do anything you put your mind to.” He whispered into your hair. You pulled back from the hug enough to thank him again and kiss him, letting the kiss go on a little longer than you normally would. When you broke apart, Luke offered you his arm like a proper Victorian gentleman. “Would you like the grand tour?” 

Luke led you through your entire apartment, where pretty much every good grade you’d ever gotten hung on the walls. You couldn’t believe that your mom had saved all this stuff and that Luke had took the time to sort through it all. The first A you’d received on a college paper, a paper you’d kept because of your professors nice comments that reminded you of why you loved writing so much, hung above the TV. The A on a chemistry exam on balancing chemical equations from high school, something you’d found impossible at first, was in the kitchen. Another high school exam from math on geometric proofs was in the hallway. Luke had even framed your lame awards from elementary school for learning cursive or getting an A in social studies-the ones they handed out on the last day of school so no one left out. Your high school diploma-which had probably been collecting dust in at attic of your parents’ house until now-was framed and in the place of honor above the bed. 

“Feeling better?” Luke asked once you’d circled your entire apartment and seen grades and exams you’d completely forgotten about until now. 

“Lots. Thank you.” You said again, kissing him again. 

That night you started your paper for The Class, making actual progress this time, determined to earn another A for the collection. 

Title: Facing Snakes
Summary: Betty doesn’t like the way Jughead is struggling in order to spare her from the wrongs of the south side, and she decides to find a solution for that in her own way. She visits the Serpents Bar, and she won’t leave that place until she can learn more about her boyfriend’s new reality.
A/N: Okay… I really can’t wait to see Betty around the Serpents! Like, she might seem like this cute, fragile girl in their eyes, but I feel like as soon as they get to know her, they will all love to have her around! It’s probably a silly idea I have of the situation, but I would love to see this happening! Hope you enjoy it!

Also, adding a “Continue Reading” even if it's not long!
Never, in a million years, would she have seen herself where she was.

With her impeccable, golden ponytail; clean, blue cardigan; jeans and white sneakers, Betty Cooper stood in front of the Serpents’ bar Archie had told her about. Outside, people were smoking and whispering, as well as fixing their bikes and getting ready to leave, starting those powerful engines that ripped all the silence of her thoughts. For she had come straight from school, her bag still hung over her shoulders, and there were some notebooks firmly pressed against her chest. She was feeling apprehensive at that very moment, as her presence around the South Side was still not entirely overwhelming, and as she could feel all those eyes set on her.

Confused eyes. Suspicious ones. It was probably the way she dressed or the way she just seemed too perfect to be around that place. Too perfect to be around the wrong side of the tracks, trying to blend in with her boyfriend’s new reality in order to help him feel lighter regarding the dual life he tried so hard to keep for her sake.

Betty appreciated his efforts, and she loved him even more for that. However, she couldn’t let him do all the hard work in that relationship. She had to help him. She had to show him how she was willing to relieve the pressure over his shoulders by simply embracing this new, ophidian part of his life.

She survived Riverdale High and her mother. A bikers’ bar would be nothing compared to those things.

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Beanie Boy - Bughead - Part 11

Part 10

Summary: “You were lonely, homeless, broken. I just gave you a place to stay.” Beanie Boy Jughead and Good Girl Betty are in it together… until romantic feelings for each other bloom between them. 


Archie ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. “You two were living together? For how long?”

Jughead pulled on his shoes and said, “I’ll just get going … ”

“Yes, Jughead, you need to leave. We’ve got a Social Services worker for you,” Alice said. She tugged at his arm.

He glanced back at Betty, whose lips were trembling. “Mom, leave him alone! He needed a place to stay, and I was — ”

“I don’t care Elizabeth,” Alice spat, causing Betty to flinch, “because now Jughead will have a place to stay.”

Betty tugged him back, away from her mother. “I no longer abide by your rules,” she said, “and neither does he.”

Alice squared her shoulders, her teeth grinding. Archie said, “I can’t believe you two.”

Jughead opened his mouth to say something, but Betty beat him to it. “Juggie, how old are you?”

“Nineteen,” he said.

Alice threw her hands up in the air. Betty continued, “that means, Mom, that Jughead doesn’t need a Social Services worker. He’s old enough to be out on his own.”

Archie said, “but that doesn’t mean he can live with a girl who’s not even his girlfriend. Wait … ”

“I can’t believe you guys!” Betty exclaimed, “you’re so nosey!”

It was silent for a while. It reminded him of a Mexican standoff, because everyone was staring at each other, with the deadliest of glares.

Jughead shifted on his feet. The silence was unbearable.

“How long have you two been living together?” Alice demanded, returning them to Archie’s original question.

Betty and Jughead glanced at each other. “It’s none of your damn business,” Betty replied, “he needed a place to stay. And where’d you get this information anyway?”

They avoided her gaze.

Now it was Betty’s turn to scoff. “Wow.”

Jughead grabbed his keys and his backpack. “I’ll find somewhere else to stay.”

Alice turned to leave, but then stopped before she reached the door. “If I find out he’s living with you, again, I won’t be so forgiving.”

“What are you going to do, Mom? Send me away to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy?”

“I might just do that,” Alice said indignantly, then left. Archie sent a glare their way before following her.

Jughead glanced over at Betty, before heading for the door as well.

She tugged on his arm, and said, “will you please stay?”

“I don’t want you sent away to the Sisters,” he said, “I have to go.”

“Oh,” Betty said, “where will you stay now?”

“I’ll figure it out,” Jughead said. He adjusted his backpack on his shoulder. “Bye, Betts.”

The trailer door loomed over him threateningly. His dad was probably on the other side, drinking his weight in liquor.

He reached up to knock, but thought twice about it. He turned to walk away, the gravel crunching under his weight. But before he got far, the door squealed open, and he heard his father’s voice.

“Son,” he called, “I heard what happened.”

Jughead froze in his tracks.

“I promise I’ve changed,” FP said, “I’ve made a real effort, Son. I’m a part of a recovery group, I even shaved my beard. Come back, please.”

Jughead turned around, and stared at his father. “Dad … ”

“Please Son. I know you have nowhere else to go. I can get your mother and Jelly Bean back if you want — ”

“Dad,” Jughead paused, thinking. If he returned, he wanted to see this effort put into action. He could say that to FP, make him aware … “Alright.”

FP’s face broke out into a smile. “Thank you Son, I promise I — ”

“I want to see all these promises lived out,” Jughead interrupted.

He nodded, “and you will. I promise.”

Jughead walked up to him, and FP clapped his shoulder before letting him in.

Hopefully Jughead wouldn’t regret his decision.

Asking For It [10/10]

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Swearing, arguing, sister trouble, and basically shit gets ugly.

A/N: Sorry it took me so long to get the last part out, I some how miss labeled it in my files… Haha. Took me a while to find it. Haha. Hope you all have enjoyed the story!!

From the beginning

Your life couldn’t get more perfect, an Avenger, engaged to Steve Rogers, your life was better than you planned. That is till your twin sister shows up, shady as they come you knew better than to trust her. Mirrored features, but two completely different people. She’s stirring up trouble in your perfect life, but what happens when Buck falls hard for her and you know she’s up to no good?Can you convince him she’s bad news before he’s too far into her web?

“Stark!” You yell as you and Nat step off the elevator.

“They cleared out.” Steve jogs into the kitchen looking at you.

“Can someone please explain to me what the hell has happened here?” Clint looks from you and Nat to Steve, Sam agrees quietly next to Steve, Tony sips from his coffee cup.

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Return To Me.

Can be found on AO3 and, also this chapter under the cut….

Summary: What would you do if you woke up tomorrow with the last 5 years of your memories gone? After an unfortunate accident, Oliver Queen must figure out his place in a life he has no memory of whilst his wife, Felicity, does everything she can to support him. With emotions, secrets and relationships pushed to the limits; will love and friendship be enough to turn back the hands of time?

Authors Note: So I’m back with a new story! Firstly massive thanks to @mel-loves-all for helping me with the title, and for @laurabelle2930 for supporting and encouraging me constantly, especially to share this with you guys. SO this is very loosely based on The Vow, with no Green Arrow etc but it’s got a variety of twists and turns and this is going to be ANGSTY, full warning from the start this wont be all sunshine and roses, there will be happy moments of course, but if you don’t want angst this isn’t for you. NOW I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1: Begin Again

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I Love My Captain

Prompt - Totally feel free to ignore this but would you mind if you wrote one where you’ve given up on love and are ready to defend your friends (and crush jim kirk) even with your life and so you end up nearly dying on an away mission with him and then in medbay you tell him how you’d gladly die for him since you love him? and then you’re like “i know you don’t like me back” and jim argues he does love ya? i’m sorry if it was confusing


Life on the Enterprise is difficult. Especially because you’re completely and utterly in love with your Captain. You know that he doesn’t love you back, how could he? He could have anyone; so why would he chose you?

“Y/N!!” Jim shouts, running after you, “Are you going to the Rec rooms? Alpha shift is all going there to have dinner”

You let out a soft smile, “Sure, Jim. I’ll head there in a few”

Jim gives you a bright smile and bounds away. You wish that you hadn’t given up on love, that you were willing to put yourself out there, but you couldn’t. Your ex-boyfriend had hurt you, in every way possible. He abused you, both physically and emotionally. Bones had been the one to finally get you out of that relationship. You had come into class one day with a black eye, and a broken rib, so your best friend had had enough. He had beaten the shit out of your ex, and gotten you help. After that you had refused to open your heart up to anyone, but somehow Jim had wiggled his way in.

Of course, because you work on the Enterprise, you’re selected to go down to an M-Class planet with Jim, Spock, Bones, and the security team. Scanners say that there are no lifeforms on the planet, so you can only hope that the mission is peaceful.

“Bones! Hurry up!!” You shout

“Hold your horses, Y/N!! We’re going on a mission with Jim, he attracts trouble, you know that!”

“I’m aware, but the Captain just commed me and told me that the two of us need to get to the transporter room.”

You can hear Bones start grumbling as he shoves another hypo into his bag, “Let’s go, can’t keep his majesty waiting”

So far the away mission is a success, there really don’t seem to be any lifeforms on the planet.

“Captain, it would be unwise to touch any of the flora without a proper analysis” Spock said, carefully collecting samples.

“It’s fine, Mr. Spock! The plants aren’t going to hurt me, they’re just plants!”

You glance behind the Captain, catching sight of the large flower that seems to be slowly swelling up. “Jim!”

“Oh, not you too, Y/N!! Come on! It’s …” Jim let out a shout as you made impact with him.

As soon as Jim is out of the way the plant explodes, shooting poisoned needles into your chest. Almost immediately it takes effect. Your legs buckle under you, but instead of hitting the ground someone catches you.

“Y/N!” Jim, that’s Jim’s voice, “Bones! Get over here! Spock call for beam up! NOW!!”

The tricoder beeps as it runs over you, trying to identify the type of poison that is killing you. You feel it as the away team is beamed up. Jim scoops you up and starts running to Medbay. “Jim …” you wheeze.

“Shh, it’s alright. You don’t need to say anything.” Jim quickly deposits you on the biobed, Bones and several nurses running up to try and figure out what’s wrong.

“I need you to move Jim” Jim steps back, letting the medical staff do their job.


“Bones! What happened? Is Y/N okay?” Bones sighs and collapses into the chair behind his desk.

“She’s stable for now. Spock went back down to the planet to retrieve the plant and hopefully synthesize a cure before it’s too late”

“How much longer does she have?”

Bones runs a hand through his hair, “Without a cure, she could only have hours left. I sedated her, but you can go sit with her, if you want”

“I-I have reports to write …”

“And you can’t do those here, kid?”

Jim nodded, “Thanks, Bones. I’m sorry I didn’t listen. It’s my fault Y/N got hurt, if only I’d …”

Bones holds up one hand, “Stop, kid. You can’t beat yourself up over this. She chose to protect her Captain, a choice that all of us would have made”

Less than an hour later you peel open your eyes. It feels like you have an entire Starship resting on your chest. “Shit …”

“Y/N? You’re supposed to be asleep!”

You can feel your body already starting to give out on you, “Jim, listen …”

“I’ll call Bones; he can give you something for the pain …”

“Jim!” You take a deep wheezing breath, “I need to tell you something, just in case I don’t …”

“Don’t talk like that! You’ll be fine! Bones and Spock are working on a cure! You’ll be fine”

“Just let me …” Your vision is starting to tunnel, your body is giving out, “I love you. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for this to happen. I know you don’t feel the same way, I just …” Your body is starting to go limp, everything fading away, “… needed you t’ know”

Jim stands in shock as the biobed screeches to life. Several nurses jump into action trying to resuscitate Y/N. Bones sprints in, holding a hypo, and all Jim can do is stand there in shock. He doesn’t even notice when the biobed stops flashing, and everyone steps away.

“Jim? Jim! Snap out of it!” Bones shakes his shoulder, “We found the cure, she’s going to be fine!”

Jim’s eyes slowly focus on Bones’, “She said she loves me. She said that right before she coded. I didn’t … I didn’t get to tell her that I love her too”

Of course Jim knows about Y/N’s past. He was the one to make sure that her ex got kicked out of Starfleet.

“Calm down, kid. She’s going to wake up. You can tell her then. For now, you need to sleep, you’re no use to her dead on your feet”

Jim glances around Medbay, “Can I sleep here?”

Bones’ eyes widen, “Damn I wish I had that on camera. James Kirk actually wanting to sleep in my Medbay”

Jim shrugged, “I want to be here when she wakes up. I need to tell her, alright? She could have just died without knowing that I love her back.”

“Calm down, Jim. You can stay”

“Thanks, Bones”

Waking up is a bit of a shock to you, honestly you were pretty convinced that you had died, but here you are, awake and alive.


You glance up, “Jim?”

“It’s about time you woke up. You’ve been asleep for almost 3 days”

You groan and try to prop yourself up, Jim quickly reaches over to help you, “Here, let me …” Jim reaches over and uses the remote to prop you up.


“Y/N listen … about what you said …”

You hold up a hand, “I’m sorry for saying that. I understand if you just want to just forget about everything. I can switch shifts, and …”

“Stop! Stop! I need you to listen to me” Jim takes a deep breath. “I love you, too. I know that I never told you, but I really do.” Jim sighs, “I know about your ex, about how he hurt you. I wanted you when you were still with him, but when you broke it off I knew that you would need time, so I gave it to you. When you never showed any interest towards me, I kinda accepted the fact that you didn’t want me the same way I wanted you.”

“Damnit, Jim! Why didn’t you say anything!?” You reach out, taking one of his hands into yours, “I can’t believe that we wasted all of this time because of our own insecurities!”

“So, you really meant it? You really …”

“I love you, Jim. I really do” You whisper. Tugging Jim closer you whisper, “Can I have a kiss, Captain?”

Jim grinned, “I suppose you can, sweetheart, since you asked so nicely”

Bones lets out a shout when he walking into Y/N’s room, “Are you kidding me, Jim?!? She’s barely awake for 10 minute and you’re already trying to maul her”

“Calm down, Bones! It was her idea!”

“Get out, Kid. I need to make sure Y/N is well enough to leave, I don’t want her to have any side effects from the cure.”

Jim sulks as he’s ushered out of the room. You blow him one last kiss as the door shuts and his entire face lights up.

Bones turns back to you, “Are you really alright with starting a relationship with him?”

“I think I am. I can’t let my past ruin my future, I have to get over my fears someday, and I think Jim is the right person to take that risk with”

“He’s going to follow you around like a lovesick puppy, now”

You grin, “I can’t wait. I really love my Captain”

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I'm sleepy, come cuddle with me - with Poe dameron please

“Sweetheart, I have to go,” he murmurs, laughing softly as he leans down and places a gentle kiss against your temple.

“You always have to go,” you mumble, shifting closer to his warmth. “Can’t you just stay for a little while longer?”

He chuckles sadly, fingers running through your hair as he leans down to press another kiss to the same place.

“No can do, babe,” he sighs. “They need me. I can’t leave my pilots alone can I?”

You groan in response, but he knows you understand and he chuckles, kissing down your shoulder now.

“Get some rest, baby. I’ll be back before you know it.”

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Secrets And Lies - Six

Reid x Reader

For two weeks Y/N pushed all thoughts of Georgia and Ellie to the back of her mind.

At least, she tried too. But she wasn’t doing very well at it. Georgia text her four times asking if they could meet up again, and Ella constantly asked if they could go back to the park near her parents so she could play with her new friend. Eventually, Y/N gave in and messaged Spencer’s wife and told her she’d be at the park Friday afternoon at 4pm. And then she consulted JJ.

“Just… Be careful, okay. I don’t want to see you or Ella getting hurt again here. Georgia is a good person, but she is still married to Spencer, regardless of how unhappy they are together.”

“I know, I know. You should have seen then together though JJ. They’re so alike, if we dressed them the same, you’d barely be able to tell the difference.”

She hadn’t told JJ the entire conversation she’d had with Georgia. She didn’t think she could bring herself to talk about how Georgia had admitted to faking a pregnancy and miscarriage because she knew Spencer was going to leave her. And anyway, what difference would JJ knowing now make?

Friday afternoon at 4pm came and Y/N and Ella made their way to the park, seeing Ellie and her mom already there. The two girls ran towards each other, squealing in that way that little girls did. Y/N slowly made her way to the bench where Georgia was sat and gingerly lowered herself down besides her.

In the few weeks since she’d seen her, Georgia had changed. Her hair had been dyed a more vibrant shade of red and she was wearing more make up this time. When Y/N realised she’d been staring far longer than was acceptable, she complimented her quickly.

“You look nice, the hair… It suits you.”

“Thanks…I figured if my old love rival was back in town then I’d need to start making an effort with my appearance. Don’t want the husband straying again…. ”

Y/N’s jaw dropped, not having the first clue how to respond.

“Y/N…it was a joke. Seriously, I’m kidding…. My roots have needed doing for ages so I just decided to go the whole hog. And as for Spencer straying, meh.”

She said the last part so nonchalantly that Y/N wondered whether she was baiting her, but then the woman started making idle chit chat and Y/N pushed the thought to the back of her mind. The two women talked as they watched their daughters playing, taking them to a small diner afterwards where all four slurped on milkshakes and complained of brain freeze. When it was time to leave, Georgia asked Y/N quietly “same time next week?” and she nodded.

And so began the start of an awkward friendship between Spencer’s wife and mother of the child he knew about, and the woman who’d birthed his first born that he knew nothing of. It was strange, extremely so at first but as the women met regularly to watch the two half sisters playing, they realised that they had more in common than they thought. Ultimately, there’d been a reason that Spencer had been attracted to both, they all shared the same interests. They met most weeks, only missing a meeting if Spencer wasn’t out on a case and had made plans with his wife and daughter. Those nights, Y/N tried not to be annoyed or irritated, but she’d be lying if she said she wasn’t jealous. Although Georgia tried not to talk about Reid, after Y/N specifically asked her not to when she commented one too many times that Spencer should know about Ella, Ellie did. And sometimes, it hurt her heart to see Ella listening in awe at stories of her friends daddy and the things they got up together.

After four months of Y/N and Georgia secretly meeting up, Y/N found Ella at bedtime looking solemnly through a photo album that they’d put together.

“What’s wrong, baby?” she climbed onto the bed next to her daughter, seeing her little face crease up as she tried to hide her emotions.

“Mommy, where is my dad? Ellie has one, and even the boys and girls at school who don’t live with their daddies still talk about them. I do have one, right?”

For six years Y/N had always miraculously managed to distract her child from the fact that her father was absent. But now, she no longer knew how to lie to her. She no longer knew if she wanted to lie to her.

“El… It’s complicated.”

“How is it? Babies are made when a mommy and daddy love each other right?”

What the hell had she been reading or watching?

“Yes… Kind of.”

“So that means I have to have a daddy somewhere. Is he…. Is he in heaven?”

Y/N had explained the concept of heaven to her when she’d found out how ill her father was, although he was doing a damn good job of holding on to the land of the living now that he had his granddaughter growing up nearby. It would be so easy for Y/N to lie and say that Reid was in heaven, but she realised that if Ella and Ellie were to continue to be allowed to be friends, then eventually there’d become a time where Georgia and Y/N couldn’t control their meetings and Ella would run into Spencer. Once Spencer saw her, he’d know.

“He’s not in heaven… Listen, mommy needs to make some phone calls, but… We’ll see about finding your father, okay. Just, please don’t keep asking me about him.”


Y/N took the photo album off Ella’s lap and kissed her head, before leaving the room and dimming the light.

When she reached her living room, she grabbed her phone and shot of a text to the contact labelled ‘Gee’ in her phone.

“You know how you keep saying I should tell Reid. I think you’re right.”

Georgia and Y/N decided that they’d meet on mutual ground. Ellie had been left with Georgia’s sister and JJ had taken Ella. If Spencer was going to meet her, the women wanted it to be without Ellie there at first. They figured it would confuse the two girls but they didn’t want to go through the hassle of explaining everything to two six years olds, if on the off chance Spencer wanted nothing to do with her.

They met at a cafe around the corner from JJ and Will’s home, Y/N already in the booth when Georgia walked in with Reid in tow. He had no clue who he was meeting or why and when he saw his wife slide into the booth opposite Y/N, his eyes widened and his jaw dropped.

“Hi,” she said quietly, her heart hammering ten to the dozen.

Spencer looked between Georgia and Y/N and then back again, obviously confused.

“Spencer, please sit down,” Georgia urged him and he carefully slid into the booth next to her. The waitress came over and took their drink orders, Georgia ordering for all three of them as both Reid and Y/N suddenly seemed at a loss for words.

“Well, this is fun and not half as awkward as I thought it would be,” Georgia joked dryly when the drinks arrived and they’d still not spoken. Y/N had learnt over the time they’d spent together that the girl could be incredibly blunt sometimes, a trait she didn’t appear to have had all those years ago.

“Gee.. I’m…I’m confused,” Spencer finally spoke, his eyes not leaving the face of the woman he’d not seen in over six years.

“That’s to be expected, honey. You’re sitting in a booth with your wife AND the woman you cheated on her with, and they’re not ripping each others hair out. Very confusing, I agree.”

Y/N stifled her chuckle at the shocked look upon Reid’s face.

“W-what… You know? W-what?”

‘Tread carefully, Gee,’ Y/N thought to herself. They’d both agreed the Spencer didn’t need to know about her fake pregnancy, but the woman needed to be careful about what she said now.

“Yes. I know, I suspected then, especially when Y/N left suddenly and no one seemed to know why. But I didn’t say anything. And then Ellie came along and we were happy again, so I didn’t want to say anything to you. Why rock the boat?”

Spencer grimaced slightly before taking a sip of his coffee. “So why are we rocking said boat now?”

Georgia looked at Y/N quickly, and she nodded. She knew she’d struggle to tell him so Gee had offered to do most of the talking. She kinda felt she owed Y/N something for all of her own untruths.

“Y/N and I started meeting up around four months ago when we came across each other in a park. She’s moved back into town.”

“You two have been… what? You’re friends?” Reid was now gobsmacked.

“I’d say so, wouldn’t you, Y/N. We’re friends now right?”

“Yes. Me and Georgia are friends. Mainly because…. Oh god. Mainly because our daughters are friends… They’re a similar age, you see. Only Ella’s a few months older than Ellie.”

Confusion crossed Spencer’s face again and Y/N quickly rummaged in her bag and pulled out a photograph.

“Ella’s four months older than Ellie, to be more precise. I only found out I was pregnant when I left.”

Reid stared at her, his genius brain struggling to process the information he was being given.

“This is a….a photo of her.”

Y/N placed the photo face up on the table watching Spencer’s face as he took in the image of the girl that looked so much like the child he tucked into bed each night he was home.

“I am so fucking sorry Spencer.”

Dream Sweet in Sea Major 2

When considering traditional standards of beauty or masculine charm, the features that made Yagura recognizable were not often considered. A notable scar below the one eye, irises colored bleeding pink, and a diminished stature that confused him with children if viewed from behind. No, Yagura was not what tradition would call beautiful, but he was other things.

Among those things he was old, considerably old, and in all the years of his long existence he had learned how to be. He knew what angles worked for him, what lighting suited his features, and how to lower his tenor to a velvet edged voice that could turn razor sharp in a second.  He knew how to hold himself, how to dress himself, how to carry himself. He knew his worth and his worth was pretty damn high. The world was meant for him and was his. He acted as haughty as he pleased and the world slid right into his palm.

It gave him no little delight to be proven time and time again that the world was his to manipulate and take from as he pleased. The woman in the doorway seemed to do nothing more than stoke his already engorged ego.

There was blood across the floor and a dead hand under the toe of his designer shoes. Yagura leaned his head to the side and lowered his lids before lifting a rolled cigarette to his lips and cupping the end. A small burn of red and the end caught and began to smoke.  

With the toe of his shoe he poked under the dead hand and kicked it up so it flopped back down onto the face of the corpse just as he took a long drag to exhale in semi dramatic fashion. The woman in the doorway didn’t move, and her eyes were still glued in appreciation to his figure even though half the other employees were scared and hiding.

“That’s enough for now,” he said to the other boys, turning away so the tail ends of his jacket flapped like a cape behind him. It made his walk all the more purposeful as he walked past the hungry woman and left her wanting. He didn’t even glance her way as he called out to the boys behind him.

“I think they got the message here. We’ll be back in the hour though if they step into our turf again.”

“You think we needed to leave so few alive?” Haku asked in a clear voice that reminded Yagura of the ice.

“Ao?” Yagura grunted before exhaling smoke again.

Ao came up behind Hake and purposefully stopped to turn and look behind them before pulling his gun out from the front breast pocket of his gray pinstripe. He aimed in less than a second and recoiled only slightly when the shot rang out and sank into the woman in the doorway’s forehead.

Slowly, purposefully, Ao put his gun away and reached for his hat instead. The rack had all their hats, as well as a few others that would never be worn by their owners again.

Yagura fit his fedora and pulled the front down low over his eyes before stepping out. A thin mist had settled and every so often the rain would come and wet the world further. It was perfect weather and the Mizu boys were all the stronger for it.

Haku begrudgingly followed his betters out and kept his head down, least his questions lead to more avoidable bloodshed. One woman was too risky to leave alive if she sported a handgun in the belt on her thigh? Apparently.

Ao drove, but Yagura rode from the backseat and was the real directioner for their group. If he didn’t want to go back to Mei’s place than they didn’t have to. She was technically their boss and really the only person that could handle Yagura enough to boss him into doing things for her.

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