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omg so I’m dogsitting for my cousins this week right? and they live in a city but right next to a prairie path so we’ve been walking down that since the weather has been so nice. well this morning as soon as we got back onto the sidewalk and were on the home stretch back to the house a skunk runs across the road right in front of henry. a skunk. now I live on five acres on the edge of civilization and we have chipmunks and squirrels and opossum and raccoons and deer and coyote and beaver and mink and great blue herons and great horned owls in our yard like it’s no big deal but never in my life have I seen a skunk in person and now one comes out of freaking nowhere and crosses the road right in the only place where there are people and skuttles right up to where we’re standing before stopping less than five feet away from us. if I had had any inclination I could have leaned over and started petting the thing because it is that close. and I’ve got this super enthusiastic floofy puppy of a goldendoodle who I just had to pull back from running after another dog he saw in the distance. and there’s a moment where the skunk is on the curb looking startled, henry is deciding how he wants to play with his new friend, and I’m frozen in place, tugging on the leash with all my might as my life is flashing before my very eyes. and then we’re running, hightailing it back to the house and I’m dragging henry most of the way but I don’t care because that was a skunk and we both just almost suffered a fate worse than death

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As a reasonably rich person, I'm sorry! I try not to be terrible/conscious about my privilege, etc.

You don’t need to apologise! Just transfer me $5000 and we’ll call it even 💃

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welcome back grandma lov u

i was about to make a joke about you guys projecting all sorts of parental figures onto me but you know what - I’ll take em!! I’ll be your dad who learns how to bake a cake bc you like to eat them when you’re sad…I’ll be your mom who learns how to fix a watch because your favorite one broke

I’ll even be your grandma who force feeds you with food and wisdom if I have to, I don’t care!! so call me whatever you need friend

I’m reading about Victor Hugo’s time on the island of Jersey, and of course he was not quiet while he was living there, and someone wrote some insulting stuff about him in a letter or the paper, or something, and called him an”individual” at the beginning and it was this, rather than the rest of the insult, that for some reason caused to shout “That’s all I needed, the son of Robert Peele calling me an individual!” and threw bread across the table. 

This biography is something. Earlier he was talking to ghosts and apparently continues to do so. 

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au where kara is a nwhl player and lena is a sports announcer or smth which. of course. leads to "-aaand goal from danvers! damn, that's a nice ass. assist. that was. that was a really nice assist. um"

at the end of the game lena smirking and asking kara out on a date. kara blushing and saying yes and, when they exchange numbers, lena tells kara to “call me if you ever need my assistance”

R e u n i o n
  • Ghost Anakin: Luke, Son, I'm so sorry. How did that happe-!
  • Old Luke: God I hate how young you look, father!
  • Ghost Anakin: *relaxes* my Son?
  • Old Luke: No really, look at me. I'm ancient!!
  • Ghost Anakin: *shakes his head and smiles*
  • Old Luke: *pouting*
  • Ghost Anakin: That means you've lived, my child.
  • Old Luke: *glares*
  • Ghost Anakin: *hugs his "old" son*
  • Old Luke: I hate you!
  • Ghost Anakin: I love you too, kiddo.
  • Old Luke: DON'T CALL ME THAT!!
  • Ghost Anakin: *laughs* need help with your current problem?
  • Old Luke: *hugs his "young" father back* yeah.

MAINS CALL ( and consideration )

I needed to get around to this. Basically, like this to be considered as a main; someone I come to first for plots with your version of a character. I have a limit of 2 or 3 mains per character. Maybe Jan will take you on that private jet in the picture.. I’ll message gradually. I do consider exclusivity but on certain conditions and if it’s mutual. I’ll make a page soon. 




@youusedme - 616 Steve Rogers 

:‘3c I’m also going to need male customers to stop calling me by pet names like “Dear” “Sweetie” and “Cutie Pie”

Please don’t do that it is really uncomfortable. Like you can compliment my flower crown or dress that’s whatever but you don’t fuckin know me! Stop calling me “Sweetie” I am a demon spawn straight from hell itself

Daredevil: Boy who was blinded gains super senses and his hyper awareness becomes his super power.

Jessica Jones: Abuse victim becomes the strongest woman in the city and even builds an immunity to mind control.

Luke Cage: Was wrongly incarcerated and the side effects of illegal experiments turns him into a bullet proof black man protecting Harlem.

Iron Fist: Asian-American torn between escaping stereotypes and feeling estranged from his culture, discovers he’s from a long line of mystical martial arts masters and gains the ability to use his chi to save the world.

Iron Fist: White boy can do Asian thing better than Asians