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In light of Mark’s video (Why do I make promises that I can’t keep…) I would like to get my own thoughts about what he said.

The irony of his video is that he talks about how he can’t seem to keep promises and then he ends the video with a promise. Not to insult him in anyway but there is a moderate possibility that he won’t keep this promise. Not to say that he doesn’t respect us, but in that he will struggle to keep his focus on keeping the promise 100% of the time. 

And that’s because….. it’s natural to falter. 

As human beings we can’t control everything we do. 

And one thing I’ve learnt (through in-depth philosophical conversations with many people) for a long as ‘chance’ exists, there is no such thing as an ‘absolute’. In terms of promises: we can’t keep them all the time, especially ones that don’t have deadlines. Because things get in the way; things we can’t control, things that just happen, things that have no cause. And these things either distract ourselves from the promise or make us fail promises all together. These things are natural. 

And because these things are natural, we shouldn’t kick ourselves in the ass for ‘letting these things happen’, because we couldn’t stop them in the first place! We can try to avoid them, if we plan ahead, but if we constantly worry about the ‘what ifs’ of these thousands of possibilities that could happen to put obstacles in our way… we’ll end up torturing ourselves, living in a constant state of anxiety and paranoia and constant guilt…. And that’s not a healthy way of living, especially if you’re the kind of person who wants to make a big impact on the world. We shouldn’t worry about the ‘what ifs’. And thats all the ‘what ifs’: the what ifs of the past (no point worrying about them because they happened and you can’t do anything to change them now (unless you have a time machine)) and the what ifs of the future (because nobody can successfully predict the future)

I guess as an example of the inability to fully keep promises could be the Markiplier Makes challenges (since I’m talking about Markiplier here): in this case the Ballista challenge. (I know the video is mainly an entertainment video with comical effects, but out of that context for the sake of this example): At the beginning of the challenge Mark says they will build a fully working ballista within 3 minutes without instructions. They tried: by the end of 3 minutes the ballistas weren’t fully built (in fact the stands for the ballistas were the only things built). Now I know that seems like an unfair point because Mark wasn’t ‘promising’ that the ballistas would be built and he also could have been exaggerating on their abilities to craft something in such a short area of time, but… still… they tried. They tried to keep that almost impossible promise. And failed.
But the video didn’t end there. They carried on building, realising what went wrong and learning from it. And even when Mark failed again (gluing something in the wrong place) he still carried on with whatever he had left. 
Making a good point. I know this post so far has gone on about the impossibility of keeping promises, but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a large majority of the goals that promises create. As Samuel Beckett says: 
“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.”
Meaning: try, fail, try again, fail again but better, try again, until eventually you will win. It’s not reaching the goal that makes it worth while, it’s the lessons you learn along the way. 

So Mark, if you see this, the phrase ‘don’t make promises you can’t keep’ is important. In this case it’s not meant in a negative way; in a way it’s meant as stable advice. Because if you make promises with the utter conviction that the promises will be kept, if you fail to keep a promise (especially through something you can’t control), you’ll end up torturing yourself (again) and it’s not healthy, considering that the achievements you’ve made completely outweigh any failures you’ve had. You are a good person who has done great stuff, but in times of sadness or self-doubt those accomplishments seem to not exist anymore. But they do exist. If not to you then to someone else.

Just like the Starfish story: whatever may not matter in the bigger picture is surely appreciated by someone somewhere in the world. 

To conclude: no promise is absolute, because things happen: things we can’t control, so it’s not possible to fully keep a promise. But 1) because the promise wasn’t kept doesn’t mean it’s entirely your fault so it’s no good blaming yourself for something that you can’t stop, and 2) just because promises can’t be fully kept doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to keep them, because you may accomplish many things along the way for trying your best. 

So yeah, that’s my rant. 

Hope everyone has a good day/night. :)


It feels so good to be writing regularly in my journal again. This is something that I’ve done since I was young, but it’s also something I find difficult because it’s hard for me to be completely honest a lot of the time (whether for fear of someone finding my journal or for fear of really dealing with my past and things that I’m feeling and thinking in the present). But I’ve started again, and I’m taking baby steps in my (journaling) honesty journey. I wrote three full pages today, plus wrote down some goals for myself. I feel good.

Do any of y’all journal? Message/inbox me! Tag me in your photos! Let’s talk journaling. What does your journal look like? Do you prefer pen/pencil? Do you draw in yours or is it strictly for writing? Do you also have a hard time being honest?

Michelle is a Genderbent Miles Morales

So this is JUST a theory, but:
• It would explain why his uncle is in the movie (Donald Glover as Aaron Davis)
•Kevin Feige just confirmed that Miles is in the MCU
• one of the interviewers (from the livestream with the entire cast) said, “everyone in this movies has a different race and gender, everything is kind of flipped.” That comment automatically threw me off because there are no other characters we know of that have a different gender.
I have no idea what this would mean for the rest of the movies, but I think it’s a pretty plausible theory.


Ok!! So!! I need money, for reasons, so this is just to get my art out there. How many people would like comissions?? Please reblog if you would, and honestly, sending it to your friends would be great too, I need all the traction I can get. I have an idea of prices, and I’ll discuss them with some of my friends, but feel free to contact me if you want to know what the current prices are! They could go up, they could go down.

Now, down to business.
I will draw the following.

-Gravity Falls
-Voltron, Legendary Defender

If I’ve missed anything, PM me and ask me if I’d be willing to draw X. I might, I might not. Onto what I will NOT draw.

-NSFW[This includes sex, gore, the likes]
-Anime characters with hella hard hair. Like dude, imagine how hard it is to draw that, let alone animate it.
- Racist, sexist, or anti-lgbt art. You have an extra fifty you’d throw in as a tip? Why nevermind, of course I’ll block you!
-Really anything that is morally wrong

to think that hobi is really out here a REAL person and not just a figment of my imagination living breathing beautiful graceful breathtaking astonishing soul just being loved and giving love all around being that selfless angel that he is being not only the reason as to why my motivation and inspiration and mindset have changed completely and taken nothing but good things from him and is continuously feeding me with love and joy and coloring my world and making me feel so lovely in ways i didnt think was humanly possible to feel this powerful intense amount of love like what the fuck wtf tfjsk fuckk hgmnnnnnsghnnmmmshsjggg wow i LOVE HIM

so it’s not rlly my place to step in but my whole dash is flooded with posts about being divided over laundry. i mean hey personally off the grid would’ve been great, yeah! but laundry is p ok too. i don’t feel like it’s right to bash EA when the whole time the majority of people were screaming at them to add laundry. either way not everyone is going to be happy; there’s gonna be people who hate it, and some who love it.