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Something really frustrating/sad happened at the m&g for LDF

So Laganja and Gia were doing the m&g together as Team Too Much and I know Laganja is the more popular of the two, like everyone knows that… But people were being so fucking rude to Gia. They were telling her to stand out of the way so they could get photos with Laganja on her own and they weren’t even being polite about it. 

I don’t care if Laganja is your fave queen, it was downright disrespectful and harsh when Gia was being nothing but sweet. If you ever have a m&g with a couple of queens/people and you want a photo with just one of them please:

1. Get solo photos with them both, even if you don’t plan on doing anything with the other photo.

2. Just crop the other person out of the photo later.

3. Don’t be fucking rude.

It was disheartening to see how people were treating Gia and she was visibly upset. Nobody deserves to be disrespected like that.

Don’t Ruin Valentine’s Day: Avoid These Chocolate Truffles Common Mistakes

Real talk: Chocolate for Valentine’s Day—or any other day, for that matter—is totally overrated. Unless. Unless it’s really good chocolate. We’re talking quality ingredients and superb, melt-in-your-mouth texture. There are a few brands and chocolatiers who’ve captured our hearts, but if you’re looking to get a little more D.I.Y. and make your own chocolate confections, there are a few things you need to know. Here’s what most people screw up when making their truffles.

1. Using Sub-Par Chocolate
Truffles only sound fancy—they’re a simple confection. With so few ingredient—at their very most basic, just chocolate and cream. This is all the more reason to invest in the good chocolate, the good cream, the good vanilla, and so forth. Though high price tags don’t necessarily translate to quality chocolate, do your homework and find a brand you like—here are some of ours. A definite don’t: chocolate chips. They contain stabilizers to help them keep their shape when heated, which means a ganache that’s granular and gritty (ganache is the basis for truffles).

External image

Amaretto-Mocha Truffles. Photo: Alex Lau

2. Working with Too-Hot Cream
You’ll be melting the chocolate by stirring it with heated cream. Avoid cream that’s too hot, advises Claire Saffitz, BA‘s senior associate food editor. Boiling cream will cause the cocoa butter to separate out from the chocolate, making it look and feel greasy and congealed, rather than smooth and silky. Bring cream to a simmer then let it sit for a few minutes before slowly pouring it over the chopped chocolate in a bowl. Use a heat-proof spatula to stir from the center outwards.

3. Adding Too Much Flavoring
Cognac, vanilla bean, almond extract, chile powder… these are all great additions to your truffles. But add too much or too many different flavors, and you’ll miss the entire point. (The point is the chocolate!) Also, says out senior food editor Andy Baraghani, adding too much of a liquid will make the truffles challenging to roll; they won’t hold their shape because they’ll be too watery. With alcohols—that includes extracts—you’ll want to wait to add them until you take the mixture off the heat.

External image

Chocolate Truffles with Beer (!) Sugar. Photo: Alex Lau

4. Not Adding Any Salt
As with any pastry, baked good, or candy, a little salt is imperative. It helps bring out the sweet flavors—salt makes all ingredients taste more like “themselves.” Choose any salt you like—we’re partial to flaky sea salt, and we wouldn’t be opposed to even adding a tiny pinch to the top of each truffle.

5. Making a Mess When Chilling and Rolling
Chocolate has an irritating way of getting everywhere when working with it. Set yourself up for success by making the chilling and rolling process as neat as possible. First, use a shallow dish to chill the ganache—a glass casserole dish, for example. Not only will it set faster, it will be easier to scoop if you don’t have to dig deep. Then, have a parchment-lined baking sheet set up for the formed truffles. Saffitz likes to use a melon baller for perfectly-sized portions (not too big and not too small!). She’ll scoop out all of the truffles before putting on plastic gloves to roll them into 2-bite balls and decorating. Re-chill them again so they firm up. Be sure to cover them, or they’ll adopt the other (less chocolate-friendly) flavors in your fridge.

External image

Bittersweet Chocolate Truffles. Photo: Alex Lau

6. Attempting to Temper Your Own Chocolate
Store-bought truffles are lacquered in a shiny, hard shell of chocolate. That’s the result of tempering, a complicated process involving precision heating and cooling. Save yourself the headache and skip this step, says Saffitz. Instead, roll the formed balls in crushed pretzels or banana chips, raw sugar, sprinkles, whatever your heart desires!

7. Serving them Cold
“A good truffle should melt in your mouth,” says Saffitz. If you serve them stone-cold and straight outta the fridge, you’re missing the point. That said, letting them sit at room temperature for hours will render them so soft that you can’t pick them up. A solid hour oughta do the trick.

Our best chocolate truffles recipes, right this way…

Feeling really ambitious? Make cake!


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I'm so late but as a queer girl I just needed to thank you for that response to stucky as an "economical risk". Big companies like marvel don't have inclusive characters because they don't care. Bottom fucking line. Yes, having Cap be canonically gay would get backlash, but it wouldn't last long and, considering the majority audience of the films, the positive response would outweigh it greatly - not to mention the critical acclaim and historical weight it would command. +They'd still be rich.


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erm, do we have any single proof that HL aren't in the UK at the moment? it's the same with Jay and LA, no one saw her, she just tweeted a pic from SPA and tagged it LA, and that was all people needed to believe her

The only thing saying that Louis is still in LA is this and rumors of people meeting him. (because there still is not photo as far as I am concerned) and we don’t know anything about Harry.

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do you have any headcanons for holly?

yes! i do have a few (although i totally need more, holly needs more love)

i headcanon her as a trans lady and i headcanon her as???definitely not white?????? idk i rarely make actual ethnicity headcanons bc im rlly scared of getting terminology wrong…

i also associate her with the color yellow a lot? bc i like assigning characters colors in my head and i associate 4 with greys and purples and blues and so. theycontrast eachother its cute

i imagine 4 as quiet and deadpan and occasionally kinda gloomy and kinda tending to come off as rude without meaning to, and then holly is more upbeat and cheerful and theyre really cute together…..holly is very patient and caring with 4 even when hes getting his ass kicked by depression and theyre cute and i die

i also headcanon she likes art? idk that was my gf’s suggestion and it stuck i have no basis for it really

also i like to think she was a very close family friend to the walters, even after four “died”, she and rabbit were really good friends, actually. also i like to think in cosmo’s timeline she ended up becoming friends with dwight (flight engineer dwight also needs more love)

thats all i can think of that isnt au specific or too long and tangential to put here so, there you go anon 0:

The last time

But again,, you don’t need to engage with antis anymore tbh

I don’t want to.
Every post I see of theirs that shows up in the tags, I just flag as spam and move on.
Their community has been toxic and dangerous for the longest time, turning on each other SO QUICKLY and over really,, stupid shit. Like Headcanons, to the point of triggering their own anxiety attacks because of being harassed by their own, or just disagreements.

Please, people who ship what they are against, just ignore them.
The point for them is to block us, and get over the fact that no one has to listen to them. Once they block us or we block them, we don’t even see their posts, so… They are really just wasting their time then. Hopefully they’ll realize it in the future.

They need to learn that the abuse that people go through, is the fault of the abusers, no one and nothing else.
I am pretty fucking certain that the Pedophiles and abusers out there ALL KNOW that they are doing shit wrong, they just don’t care.
Ships don’t groom people, abusers do. They just won’t under stand that.

And also, someone else’s mental health/trauma is not OUR responsibility. Someone else’s triggers is NOT OUR responsibility either.
They need to stop forcing their trauma on others, especially when we have our own trauma and mental problems to deal with.
There are many extensions they can use to block out the content they want to avoid.

So don’t even engage if it’s not on your posts, if someone is constantly spamming the tag, just be calm and ask as nice as you can. But if they continue just flag the posts they used to spam and flag their blog/block it.

Just enjoy the content. I know it may be hard but honestly, just removing all the negative stuff just makes everything better, because the bratty voice that is brought is the post fades away, and makes you want to laugh.

Please just do this. I know it’s hard not to argue, but really, these people are just becoming irrelevant, and should be irrelevant to your lives.

There are literally over 7 billion people on this Earth.
Nothing is going to stop the abuse, child abuse or rape that goes on in the world. No matter how hard WE actually TRY to do something about it.

If laws don’t even stop these sort of things… What makes them think that trying to remove certain ships are gonna stop it?

The past week all IVE BEEN HEARING were MORE reports of rape, child molestation and abuse. Going on in many countries.

And not even because of ships.
Because people in this world are cruel. And they know they are hurting others, it’s just what they take pleasure in.
But no, it’s only ships that cause these problems, not the abuser’s own urges.

They are acting like all of the billions of people in this world have access to these sort of subjects.

So please, just listen to what I’m saying. All they really are doing is just keep their cloud of negativity. They don’t want to escape that, and find something that would relieve them, and obviously it’s become dangerous.

Flag as spam/block,, and search the “popular” posts in your ship tags to find content you missed, or go to another website to find some more artwork or fanfiction.
Trust me, once you just push them out of your thoughts, it’s like they are not even there.
Don’t engage
Be the better person and be mature.

Again, their triggers/mental health is not ours to baby nor is it our responsibility. Just be decent to tag content properly, to make sure they have things blacklisted.

- Mod Starship✨

Since someone I followed posted about the issue of sexuality and it’s exploration in fandom today, I feel like I need to speak up as well:
It is not okay to make a ‘straight-AU’ of gay characters. Ever.

I do get where you guys are coming from with the idea of supporting a character’s sexuality in canon material, but exploring other possibilities in fanfiction, however, you are forgetting an important part that happens in history and our media very often – queer erasure.

Said erasure is why most people don’t know that Shakespeare wrote his Sonnets to a man and not a woman. Said erasure is the reason why Dumbledore was never out in the books, as back then, Harry Potter would have never been published if he had been openly gay. It’s why a character’s bisexuality might be titled as ‘just a phase’ instead of explored more, just to make sure that in the end the book will be read, the movie will be seen. It’s why people call something ‘representation’ that’s only a glance, a sentence, something that can almost be missed.

That is why queer characters are so important and why them staying queer in fanfiction is far more important than straight characters being straight. Straight people are, in our society, seen as the norm and thus, many developers do not even think of including different sexualities, they don’t see the need for LBGTI+ to be included. And even if there is a queer character included, those tend to be stereotypes, however, that is another issue. What is positive about it is, that, in the end, they are included.

Taking their sexuality away is like saying their inclusion does not matter. It’s turning a blind eye once again to it in order to “normalize“ something. It’s going back to the hetero standard, back into hiding, back into the closet.

Now what’s the difference to straight characters being turned queer then? It adds representation to a normally surpressed group. It does not take anything away from straight people as they are still represented. It does not give the message that being straight is not okay because look around and you know that straight people are accepted.

However, a lot of queer people had to and still have to suffer from people trying to convert them in real life. Kids get sent to the therapist and special camps because of their sexuality which, according to their parents, means that something is wrong with them. That they have an illness. In making these straight AUs, in hiding and bending queer characters, you say just that. That it’s not okay to be queer. That you enjoy thinking ‘what if they were straight? what if they were “normal”?’,

If you say you understand why people don’t want a straight AU of canonically gay characters and do it anyway, then you obviously don’t understand it. You throw it in their face that, although you sympathise with their issue, in the end you do not care enough about it.
And I think that’s a shame.

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Hiya! Basically everyone is asking for really sad fics soo do you have any really freaking fluffy fics? I need happiness right now. (I'm on the tumblr app, btw)

That certainly seems to be the case, right?  I dunno why people love the angst so much!  Anyway, I’d start in our fluff tag, and here are several sweet places to start:

The Handcuffing Of Kurt Hummel

Tender Years


A Perfect Collision Verse

Italian Boy

Feliz Navidad

Somewhere In The World

You’d Tear This Canvas Skin Apart

I do NOT condone art reposts!! You wanna use my work for personal uses (phone or computer bg) go right ahead! You wanna use it as an icon, header or background for your blog, twitter, whatever? That’s fine too as long as it’s properly credited! (And I really appreciate when people ask permission first) Even on instagram, if you’de like to have one of my drawings on your page, you can always go ahead and tag me ( @marianaavilal ) and it’s all fine! However, on tumblr or twitter you can reblog or retweet my original, there is ABSOLUTELY no need to repost! (ESPECIALLY without credit!) I invest a lot of time and effort in my art, posting it online is my way to get exposure, and I appreciate spreading it around, however it’s pointless if I’m not credited in any way, It’s stealing! 

Thanks this has been a PSA.

Didn’t mean to alarm anyone with my last tag post! Sorry, I needed to rant. 😞 anyway! I’m not gonna delete, I was just caught in the heat of the moment ya feel? I’m gonna turn off anon messages for a bit (even if I swore not to) because despite the fact that there are people who have been sweet AF to me on anon, there are still people who have constantly been trying to take the fun out of blogging and shipping and being part of the fandom in general for me. I swore I wouldn’t let it get to me, I know! And I’m not letting them win obvs but the anon hate is starting to make things not fun anymore. I mean I like to say the nice messages cancel out the rude and mean ones but I think I’ve had enough “get your delusional self off of tumblr and the world” messages to last me a lifetime. 😅

People forget there’s a person behind the blog ya know and that’s not cool. Ya I’m a big girl and I’d like to think I’m mature enough to be able to handle these things. At the end of the day, I can block and ignore the messages I get should I choose to. I’m a bit passive aggressive in that way. And trust me, I’ve been. For a long time! And I think I’ve been successful for the most part.

See, I like being positive. I don’t usually like posting rants or negative stuff because the world can use a lot less of that and a lot more of the good stuff namsayin? 💁 (Like the people who send me compliments or “have a nice day” messages, I think you all deserve to be showered with good things.) But when you receive a submission of a vandalized photo of yourself, you realize maybe you need to put your foot down because it’s gone too far. And so that’s what I’m doing.

I hope you realize what the impact of a message, even sent anonymously, would have on a person. I mean may be one of the people who can keep my head up and walk away from getting harassed online, but others aren’t so lucky. It could definitely be damaging. And I hope you think first about the people you’re sending messages to as people and not as virtual punching bags you can have little to no sensitivity towards.

I also hope you’re able to take things lightly, especially on this site. Life’s too short to be too caught up in things that don’t even really matter. Like, would it impact your life so much to find out if x is dating y for real? Or if people like to ship them together? Is it worth going to a person’s profile and sending them rude messages to get them to give you information? Or to “shut the fuck up” and tell them they’re pathetic for liking the things they like or posting the things they post or doing the things they do? Is it really worth it?? Going through all that trouble just to say fuck you to a person who doesn’t even hold any bearing whatsoever to who you are as a person?? Honestly, what’s the point?

idk. ANYWAY! even if it’s still mind boggling to me how I suddenly became the target for the hate, (honestly I can’t believe I’m important enough to be sent hate to) I’m gonna get this out and get over it. Thanks to everyone who’s been sending me encouraging messages. Y'all are the bomb dot com. 😉

Everyone just needs to chill the fuck out and live a little. It’s not the end of the world. 😌


i was gonna do some testing but screw it i have high hopes that i can’t possibly fuck up setting up a thingy thing

im doing a live stream tomorrow, wednesday february 10th!

it’s gonna be a live commentary, wanna say like around 6:30 EST (time zone converter if you need one), we’re gonna be discussing supernatural!

in detail im gonna wait for people to show up and during that time we will decide on a topic we want to focus on, and mainly i’m gonna be talking the whole time and interacting with people and im gonna stream it off netflix so it’ll have subtitles cause im a nice person

i don’t recommend using this time to catch up with supernatural as talking may be distracting and idk how often im gonna be doing this it’s just gonna be when i feel like it but you’ll still get heads up

i don’t think im missing anything, other than we will take an intermission break during the episode and i will like pause it to talk about whatever we may need, but the intermission is for like maybe you wanna get a snack or whatever

but yes we’re starting this commentary series with the pilot episode and eventually get up to season 11 which will take forever which is why i think it’s a good idea to have this cause i have too much free time on my hands

if you have any additional questions feel free to message me HERE! i have nothing in my inbox so don’t worry i won’t miss it!

and now im gonna tag some people who ik might be interested and a bunch of other people i want to see this so if we don’t talk and you have no idea who i am; hello! i am a member of the tumblr community! :D

@charliewomanofletters @casdroid @jedimish @suckmywinchester @timetraveldean @deepnecksknucklefuck @consulting-cannibal @exbloodjunkie @habitatfordeanwinchester @rockandrollchick @supernaturalapocalypse @brightfallenstars

yeah also sorry again if you don’t know who i am a lot of the people i tagged aren’t mutuals of mine but ik they’re cool people who might not mind sharing this so if you do thanks, i love you!

this is a new thing and i actually am hella nervous about it cause i want it to go well so i need to just do it, go all out and hope people show up! (that’s why im tagging people who don’t know me)

also if you also know people who would love this please tag them i wouldn’t mind it at all, the more the merrier!

also im sorry i sound so thirsty for this but i really want this to get out there ya feel me?

I will post the stream link tomorrow but my channel is HERE and you can save it i guess if thats how this website works idk I’m still new to it but yes, ok. I’ll be happy to see everyone if you don’t think I’m weird and hopefully I’m not gonna be like misha in this sense,

See you there if you decide to join me! ^-^

4 tags in 1

NOTE: Okk everyone I tagged dont need to do every tag just choose one or more! I was tagged in more tags but I dont find or don’t have the time for them, sorry! Ahhh and everyone who I didnt tagged, feel free and tag yourself if ya wanna do it too(:

1Tag:Rules: Always repost the rules. Answer the 11 random questions posted for you. Create 11 new questions and tag 11 people. Let the person who tagged you know that you’ve answered.
Thaaanks tagging me @emmy-likes-the-sky love uuu<337

1. Katy Or Gaga?
Ahhh I prefer Katy more, but both are fabulous tho

2. What is your opinion on feminism?

3. Is your favorite color red?
naahh isnt muhahha

4. Are you more of a math/business person or a art/creative person?
I’m the the kind of person who eats 24/7 even when I’m calling someone 

5. Who is your favorite singer?
I dont have one? maybe rita ora but really I dont have fave 

6. Nalu, gruvia or gratsu? lol idk

7. will you give shania a shrine 2k16?
not only a shrine more than that puh 

8. 1D or JB? ;)))))

9. opinion on dan howell?
wow whats phil lester dont forget him and both unique and fabulous af

10. What is life?
life is word my queen dont ya know that?

11. Is yellow green?
the question should be is yellow pink.

My questions: 
1. Spongebob or Patrick? 

2. Can you touch your nose with your tongue?

3. would you rather be a man without penis or a woman with penis? 

4.Did you ever tried to twerk in front a mirrow?

5. when yellow is pink whats blue?

6. are you a sinner? 

7. whats better cake or ice cream?

8. did you actually tried to touch your nose with your tongue cause of question 2?

9. are you an optimist?

10. in which guild would you like to be?

11. do you like the color of the sky? 

2.Tag Is tagged by my lovely @oikawaii thanks bubuuu<33
Zodiac Sign? leo
Which of the 7 Deadly Sins fits you best? I’m mix of all but maybe the most ban and meliodas?
When picking a brownie, do you pick the middle, side, or corner piece?The middle piece when it’s nice and hot and gooey omg
Ocean or Space? The ocean is my area
When it comes to sound, which is prettier: Violin or Piano? Piano!
List your OTP’s here, as many as you can think of! Oh my god okay so: Iwaoi, Kagehina, Bokuaka, Bokuroo, Nalu, yatori, Gratsu, mikayuu, Kou x Futaba, hak x yona, raku x chitoge 
What color lightsaber would you have? Tbh I don’t know very much about Star Wars so maybe green or blue dont kill me pls
What is your aesthetic? I don’t really have one
Hogwarts house? Ravenclaw represent!  
Which one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse do you think you could totally be/want to be? Omg I have no clue what this is D:
What’s something that can always make you laugh? I’m all-time laugher its so easy to bring me laughing tbh - Just say the dumbest joke ever I will laugh. 
Aliens or ghosts? ghosts are cool 
If you could live in any past era, what one would it be? It would be too creepy for me being in the past so I will stay here
Would you ever swim with sharks? yeah why not? would be.. funny…? not.
What’s your favorite word? shit, cause I use it too much XD
Favorite band? I dont have fave bands but I really like the bands Kurt hugo schneider is performing with they are so WOAH
Have you ever wondered, even for a moment, what another human tastes like? Ahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaha tbh actually no I haven’t haha Fire or ice? fire oc 
Light or dark? I like being in my room and its usally dark inside ut like more the light, wow was that unnecessary to say hhaha XD
What’s your favorite romantic troupe? I’m a whore I have too many? 
What’s your favorite holiday? seker bayram (türkisch)
How far would you go to keep the person or thing you love the most? When the person loves me he or she would stay with me but when not they can just go dont wanna waste time with someone who dont loves me.
Who or what are you most loyal to? friendship
What’s your favorite flower? Probably lilies?
Favorite amusement park ride? I like every ride who dont?
Favorite board game? Idk if that counds as a board game but cards of humanity
What’s your favorite meme? JUST DO IT 
Favorite ice cream flavor? Vanilla and strawberry
Disney character you are going to FIGHT: Tbh no one because I love them all ahhh
Last book you read/book you are currently reading: currently reading Australia Connection cause of school bah
What characters are your “children,” so to speak? Hinata, King, Enrico are so mine 
Favorite comic series? I don’t have one haha
Favorite Tim Burton movie? The Nightmare Before Christmas
What character, and it can only be one character, do you ship yourself with? with my lovely katberry love uuu<33

3Tag:  Rule - List your ten favourite anime characters 

Thanks tagging me @inconsistent-igloo <333

1. Kaneki Ken - Tokyo Ghoul 
2. Natsu Dragneel - Fairy Tail 
3. Ban - the seven deadly sins
4. Levi Ackermann - Attack on titan 
5.  Taiga Aisaka - Toradora!
6. Edward Elric - fma
7. Yuichiro Hyakuya - ons
8. Oikawa tooru - hq
9. kuroko - knb
10. yato - noragami

4TAG: . Rules: Make a new post, answer the questions and tag 10-20 followers that you want to get to know more about! - Thanks tagging me Isaa<3 @smoltadashii

Name: Melissa 
Nickname: mel 
Birthday: July 23
Star sign: leo
gender: female
height: 1,64 cm ( 5′5 )
fave color: all pastel color are sweet
current time: 4:30 pm
average hours of sleep: 4-6 but on the weekends much longer
lucky number: 28 & 15
last thing I googled: 1,64 cm in inches XD
fave fictional characters: Ohh god I know too many Animes and have too many fave characters DX just look above there are 10 of my fave 
fave famous person: my bro is somehow famous so him I think? 
fave book: I am not much of a reader but just saying Harry Potter 
fave band or artist: puhh I dont have many but I mostly hear from alyxx dione, rita ora, fetty wap, beyonce, drake, dawin and kid Ink
song stuck in my head rn: chingalinga - alyxx dione
last movie i watched: the incomprehensible now you see me 
dream trip: I wanna rise around the world, starting with America ;o
dream job: puhh where the future will take me idk rn
when i made this blog: this year january I think on the 20? 
what do you mostly post about: hq, random shit, ft
current amount of follower: 81 not that much but I love everyone of theeem<33
do u get daiy asks: no haha
how did u choose your url: wanted a somehow japanese name so I just came up with melichama I think? XD
what do you doing tomorrow: going school afterwards dance school, writing with ma faves and eaaating 
I TAG @aonofeari @smoltadashii @satan-soul-celestial @emmy-likes-the-sky @sixiz @ultimate-milk-sandwich @lovesickwizard @emmathehalf-bloodhunter @doublepasse @trashbinofsin @oikawaii @pineapple-fangirl @inconsistent-igloo @just-another-fairytail-fan @hyyaakuya @dragonlov123 @lilneki @leylaaki @firefiredragonsandfluff @mejt-stupor @awkwardindividuals @endragoneel @entredormidaydespierta @shotsfrid @hamatomiwa2012

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Hey Nicole! Today i had my neuropsychology exam, and i've been crying ever since i left the classroom. Never did i imagine i Would do So poorly. I might probably pass, but with a low grade. I am really disappointed. And the irony, it was my fav object. I've been studying for this exam but i couldn't organise my thoughts, and therefore, the result was a total mess. I really need to change the methods for the Next semestre. Do you have Any advice for me! Thank you! And you're the best!

I’m sorry to hear that, anon! I know lots of people who’ve gotten their worst grades on their favourite subjects so you’re not alone. If you’re looking for study tips, I suggest looking in this tag!

Permanent Starter Call?

Howdy. So, I see so many people do this all the time and honestly it seems really convenient… I don’t really wanna do anything fancy with this so it’s just going to be a normal post though.

Anyway, if you like this post then you’ll be giving me permission to:

  • Randomly tag you in starters. (I’ll ask if it’s something I think would need communication first.)
  • Creep up into your ask box and send random questions or memes on anon and off. You’ll probably figure out it’s me eventually. 
  • Let my muse tell you bad jokes/puns whenever.
  • Talk to you OOC and become friends.
  • Probably submit or show you random stuff that reminds me of our muses or that I just think you’d enjoy. Sharing is caring, after all.

I don’t really want to list off every personal belief I have, but I’ve taken a peek at my followers and feel the need to point something out.

This blog is supportive and affirming of trans individuals, and especially of trans youth. This includes trans men, trans women, nonbinary trans people, and people who are questioning their identity. Ideology is not a justification for bullying and harassing people, nor is it an excuse to deny them affirmation, love, support, and validation.

Anyone who disagrees is welcome to unfollow or to remain following. I don’t believe in denying a resource to any victim of child abuse. However, if I see any transphobic content in tags or reblogs, the person making it will be blocked immediately. Being a victim of abuse doesn’t give you the right to engage in abusive behavior.

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can you stop putting anti-ship or anti-character confessions in those ship/character tags? like I get that you need to have an organizational system, but going into my tracked tags just to find people shitting over things I love sucks. if you put in five 'placeholder' tags, it won't show up in the tracked tags.

I’m not trying to be an ass, but, guaranteed people will think I’m an ass….no. You’re like the thousandth person to ask us, we’ve explained it, even other members that follow the blog explained why they like it the way they do.

Here is the deal, we’re not the type of blog that begs people NOT to block the blog or black list it. If you don’t like seeing things, I suggest you do in fact block or black list it.

Or, you can do what the people who actually own the blog do and ignore those that make nasty comments about your favorites. You don’t think that we haven’t gotten 1,000 confessions that we personally had to make dissing our favorite actors, characters, ships, movies, comics, etc? Man, I’ve lost count at how many confessions I’ve disagreed with. Mostly because I disagree with a shit ton of them, but I do the adult thing and ignore it because other people have opinions and that’s just the way life is.

Also, I don’t know if it is still happening, but I don’t think the whole first five tag thing works anymore. On my own personal blog, if I search something that I have tagged, even if people only mentioned what I have tagged, not even in their tags, but in their posts…I see it. So I don’t think that works anymore.

It’s the internet, people tag things with what the subject is about. Whether it’s a website, a blog or whatever, so again, the answer is simply no.

Tell Me What You Saw

by irlh0well

“What happened at the cabin?”

“Sir? Mr. Styles I need an answer.”

“Sir, please cooperate. This won’t take long.”

“Three people were found dead. What happened?”

Words: 7, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

via AO3 works tagged ‘Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson’
Dogs Allowed

read it on the AO3 at

by grimmfairy

“Can I help you?” Barry asked politely. The man looked at Irwin pointedly. Irwin stared back, the overhead lighting glinting off the reflective edges of his service harness.

“Dogs aren’t allowed,” He sneered. Barry felt the familiar pull of an attack start to build on his already frayed nerves.

Words: 1325, Chapters: ½, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

So I needed some advice this morning and I was thinking I better tag a few of the medblrs I follow, to help me out. I thought maybe one person would respond with advice. Little did I know that I was about to get advice from EVERYONE!

What an awesome feeling to know that there are all these wonderful people out there who are willing to give you honest advice and share their personal experiences! SERIOUSLY awesome! So because there is no reply function… thank you:

@miss-sassmaster @dogemd @medschoolmanic @breathinghistories @futuremedstudentminerva @pleasedotheneedful @premedtomd @mymedlife @futurekelsomd @aarumeanssix @medamoiselle @nicolemariahmedical

You all made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside, knowing you got my back! 

And I think I’ve decided what to do based on all this advice! I am just going to sleep on it for a night…