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Domestic life 

For everybody who’s read the manga, do not spoil it for people who have/are only watching the anime. When Noragami Aragoto comes out don’t spoil the next episode for people on purpose.

I’ve seen this happen so much in other fandoms and I don’t want Noragami to become like that.

Markiplites If You Are Still In This Fandom Will You Stay Till The End In The Fandom With Me And If We Work Together We Can Some How Make The Tag Safe Again I know It will be a tough road/path to take we will get hate mail but we should ignore it and close our inbox’s or turn anon off we are strong people and we need to get this tag sorted now before it’s to late is anyone with me?.

We Will Stay Strong Through This Is There Any Markiplites Left In This fandom.


I’m fucking done with this drama. You’re all a bunch of kids. Every one of you.

1. Cry: You’re a fucking idiot for letting something like harassment not only happen to a former friend, but in front of 10s of thousands of people. And yet laugh about it as if it were nothing

2. Chey: The fact that you insulted someone about something they dearly care about is not cool. The fact that to make a point you had to insult them but harass them as well.

3. Ziegs: You pointed the finger. You let this mess happen. You confessed the toxicity to the public eye. To a few thousand people or more. You are just 6 people in a group. No one needs that pressure.

4. Coyote: You should be the one more mature about this. I know how you are with opinions, but this was just crude as crude could get.

5. Fandom: Stop. Everything. You don’t know Cheyenne side of the story. No one tends to ask what was Cheyenne side of the story in this shithole of a fandom. Ziegs said her thing and youre out like an army against Chey. Stop. I know her story to some degree. I understand why this may have happened. Maybe I don’t, but I know something. But do you? No. Then fuck off with your bad self. And I know when shit like this happens not to pick sides, why? Cause it’s not our purpose. No one said for you to attack Cheyenne. No one needs that kind of shit. No one wants that kind of shit. So why do you do it? Why do you need to obligate yourself to harass someone.

This is what needs to happen.

1. Cry: You need to apologise to everyone. On stream. On YouTube. Fuck I care. Do it. You need to apologise about what has happened, and promise to never let it happen again.

2. Cheyenne: You need to apologise to Ziegs for insulting her. Whatever you said, hurt her. It needs to be done.

3. Ziegs and Coyote: You both need to apologise to both Cry and Cheyenne. They didn’t need this kind of pressure, and yet here we are.

4. Fandom: You need to shut the fuck up. Whoever’s side you’re on, I don’t give a fuck. Grow up. There’s no need to abuse anyone here.

I heard this fandom was at one point cool. And it wasn’t until I actually had the chance to be privileged to be in one stream with my friends, the suppettes, playing a shitty game of L4D2, I realised how neat it was.

Now, it’s just drama after drama. Fuck man, I just wanna watch a bunch of goofs play games. I don’t need this shit clogging up the butthole that is tumblr. It leaks onto other stuff.

I want this shit sorted asap. I’m saying this not only as a fan, but a friend or nice guy, whichever. This needs to resolve, and people need to shut up. And I need to get some sleep cause fuck I had a salty game of CSGO this night.

Read it or Ignore it. Whatever.

Have a Good Day at least.



In Australia we had guns. Right up until 1996. In 1996 Australia had the biggest massacre on Earth. After that they banned the guns. In the 10 years before Port Arthur there were 10 massacres. Since the gun ban in 1996 there hasn’t been a single massacre.

I understand that Australia and America are two vastly different cultures with different people..
(Jim Jefferies, Gun Control)

As a general rule, I find it really infuriating that some people think you don’t need to be polite on the internet.

Someone once tagged one of my edits - the last scene of DN with visible credits - with ‘you’re telling me you couldn’t find a creditless version?”. They were basically scolding me for a graphic I spent time on and shared gratuitiously. I didn’t owe them anything. 

You’re talking to real people, through another means of communication than the language you usually speak, that’s all. 

Be polite, it’s not that hard.

why does ship wars exist

Soo okay wow what the hell. I was scrolling through the troyler and tronnor tag and jeez louise, its full of rants and complaints and all that shit. 

People keep saying that the collab was forced or staged or awkward but my initial reaction to the collab is “wow its been so long and holy shit have they grown”  People just have this huge deal that Troye and Tyler should have this “spark” or connection which is really not that important if deep down you are really enjoying their collab. 

Regarding the war between the tronnor and the troyler shippers, you all need to fucking chill. Seriously you just need to calm bc just a little fucking detail angers you. Just because someone wrote a “tronnor sux and troyler rulez” comment in the video does not mean you go batshit. 

All im saying is that go be calm and polite when you tell them that you are offended by that comment and if they acted so freaking cranky then dont add a reason why they are acting that way. 

And please do not insult someone because something big happened with their likes or passion jeez can we just get along for once

AH I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!! I managed to get 1,000 people to like me enough to follow me and I’m honestly so in awe. I remember when I had 20 followers and I was so excited about that and now here I am with 1k! So if you follow me THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I truly appreciate it so much you all are so special to me. If you ever need/want to talk my ask box is 100% open :D 

And now, as seems to be tradition, I will celebrate the lovely blogs that make my dash such a special and interesting place with this follow forever and a crappy edit I made in paint (it could be a lot better but I don’t have photoshop) 

It’s in alphabetical order as far as I can tell (alphabetizing takes forever omg) and if I forgot anyone I AM SO SORRY I LOVE YOU BUT IM DUMB AND IM VERY FORGETFUL OKAY I STILL LOVE YOU BEEB

Mutuals are bold
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I love you all :) 

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I got tagged multiple times and I thought it was finally time to do this.
Thanks for tagging me @ bigban9 ajustc big-bangtans everythingmusic18 kai-high (ik you’re on hiatus you scientist but still) and some other beautiful people :^)))) I was having a nice day and took 4 selfies for y'all

I’m tagging topsquiat officialyanghyunsuk h1gh-h1gh epikshoebox jhopeismykitten seungkwans-gf xxxloveee and yg-drag

30 questions

Rules: tag the person who tagged you - answer the questions - tag 20 people

I was tagged by modesthijabi 💕💕

How tall are you?

What color and style is your hair?

What color are your eyes?
Dark Brown

Do you wear glasses?
Yes, only when I’m reading though.

Do you wear braces?
No, Alhamdulilah. I hear they are really painful 😳

What is your fashion style?
Long black dress (abaya), Hijab, Runners and that’s pretty much it.

Full Name?
- I don’t want to tell you guys this. Lol. No, haha all you need to know is that my first name is Zareena.
(people can do black magic on me if they know my last name let alone full name, I’m too paranoid, sorry)

When were you born?
May 2nd 1995

Where are you from and where do you live now?
From Afghanistan, currently living in Australia.

What school do you go to?
I used to go to Minaret College, I graduated. Alhamdulilah.

What kind of student are you?
I am a mix. Like if its a mix of boys and girls I would be the quiet one in the corner, if its all girls I’m the girl that never shuts up… so yeah.

Do you like school?
I only like school when I want to get away from my family. So that too depends on whether or not my siblings are fighting with me or there is just too much drama in the house.

What are your favorite school subjects?
Quran/Arabic/Islamic Studies/Islamic History/Text and Tradition
And English.

Favorite TV shows?  -
I have a lot of Indian/Pakistani/Afghan/Turkish favorites.

Favorite movies?
Shes a Man. LOL.

Favorite books?
Obviously Quran… duhhhh.
haha, um And the Mountains Echoed, A Thousand Splendid Suns, I think I am also going to like the Kite runner but I am yet to read that one.

Favorite pastime?
Contemplating about the world, thinking about the akhira and just imagine some random as thing and thinking about all the chocolate cakes, sponge cakes I could have and having my very own cats and horses and omgggg I should stop now. In Sha’ Allah we all get there!

Do you have any regrets?
Anyone who says they don’t have regrets about their past is a liar. Of cousre I have regrets.

Dream job?
Islamic Studies teacher 🙏🙏🏻

Would you like to be married someday?
Ah duhhhh.

Would you like to have kids someday?
Yesss, In Sha’ Allah!!!

How many?
mmh as much as Allah wills.

Do you like shopping?

What countries have you visited?
Afghanistan, Dubai, India, America and that’s about it

The scariest nightmare you’ve had?

Do you have enemies?
Yes, the Shaytan.

Do you have a s/o?
Yes, my future husband…

Do you believe in miracles?

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You all can do this, I don’t mind just tag me as the person that tagged you so I can get to read them all, lets get to know one another

anonymous asked:

okay so your like one of the only active benny blogs i follow and like do you have any suggestions for blogs cause like i wanna yell about him with people i have a lot of feelings about him.

hi anon yes I understand your need for people to yell about benny with for sure, im very glad I have my little squad so let me do some namedropping right about nowwww (list is incomplete I have to say! so many peeps)

floristbenny dennyismydestiel topetine ava-wilson-spn crowleysgirl86 damightymidget girly-fanatic benjaminlafitte deanbennylife therebetterbepie willbakefordean reallyscj rednikjow intentioncrafts 

just to name a handful but there are lots of people that have feelings about benny so you needn’t worry, you are not alone
also just stalk around the benny lafitte tag if you don’t already, some names will become very familiar real quick

edit: eeeEEE ofcourse winjennster as well!! <3 

and since my brain is waking up some more, a few more names;
soullessboyking myangelshunter dumplingdean garrisonbabe feelsnotfeelings vampiricallyxspeaking ocesjustafan bennybaer deifysam thedropoutandthejunkie 

I’m really sorry if I forget someone, my brain is a slug atm but yeS


Everybody strap in, about to go on a fucking rant. 


We can’t go ONE day without any sort of drama in the Markiplier fandom. Someone…well…a few people actually have been bullied out of this fandom for have THEIR OWN OPINION.
Mark puts makeup on, THE FANDOM GOES CRAZY.
Mark accidentally says something on accident that isn’t THAT offensive, THE FANDOM GOES CRAZY.
Someone says a 12 year old has been sending nudes to Mark, THE FANDOM GOES CRAZY.
Some admits they’ve been tracing for quite a bit, THE FANDOM GOES CRAZY.
Rumors start up, THE FANDOM GOES CRAZY.  
Mark says he’s had a girlfriend for most of the time, THE FANDOM GOES CRAZY. 
People sending hate, MAKES A LOT OF PEOPLE GO CRAZY. 


Okay…okay…..Enough yelling…calm…*breathing*…*sigh*….okay. 

I started watching Marks videos in about October last year. (So I’ve been around for nearly a year!) Long story short, it was great! People being nice and friendly, funny pictures and gifs. Beautiful pieces of art etc. And it was probably about March-ish when the drama started? (For me to notice anyway) And it was about Mark sort of mocking trans people (which he really wasn’t really…) And I don’t know what to say on this, other than this is where the drama really started in my eyes.

A whole bunch of other crap started stated above started up and..,.GAH…It spirals out of control. Please stop drama. Please stop hating people. Stop hating on people’s art. And don’t expect Mark to fix EVERYTHING that happens. As family/Whanau, we need to stop the drama together, not expect Mark to clean up after us like babies. 

Tagged by my one and only love till the end of time kissableirwin for the 20 beautiful people tag <3 You folks do not need to do this but ya know it would be cool to see your realll face lolz #beingweirdafismylife alexgaiskarth 5sosoverwifi cliffordskittxn echelon-wolffie flukenluke galactic-mikey irwinsource kiwixlashton lukemehood mtvirwin moist-5sos newbrokensccene oh-my-5sos-god pornhubhood rejectcal stupidcal toolucas underashton ziouis ohfuckoffhemmings