needs to be a tshirt

just because you have to patrol on halloween doesn’t mean you can’t dress up like gotham’s favorite vigilante


(*My screenshots* please like and reblog🤗) Boi!!!!!! Christian needs to stop with his livestreams!😍😍 looking 🔥🔥🔥 as always. Cant wait for those DPR tshirts to be official fan merch!!! Btw i dont think i’ve ever been so jealous of lori before😂😂😂

For those who couldn’t/ didn’t watch the stream:
1) he was doing some funny ass febreeze dance😂😂
2) he was working on live’s next mv
3) he said he saw the “older jungkook” meme😂 but he doesn’t want to offend bts fans because he doesn’t think he looks like kookie. Also he said he worked with rapmonster before and that bts are “cool guys”.
4) he spoke about meeting dean in a club’s toilets😂😂😂

For those following at home, the current MO of Louis’ team still seems to be to post on his social media accounts and use it to generate a round of press - BUT ONLY as it relates to stunts AND to other SYCO artists. 

This dynamic makes it more glaringly obvious that they didn’t utilize this account for JHO or anything that really pushes Louis as a solo artist - nothing that revolves around Louis himself and builds his brand positively, or his actual song (does the JHO tshirt count? LMAO.)

And if it needs spelling out - Louis’ account is being used to promote SYCO bullshit in quite a planned and tactical way, with social media and press going hand in hand.

IF ONLY they had put THIS MUCH effort into promoting Louis as a solo artist and his music no? 


dinosaurswearingdior  asked:

can we hear more in the sugar daddy nursey universe? or nursey and dex bonding over space stuff because nursey loves the beauty of the universe and dex loves the beauty of the math of it so they watch nerdy space programs together at 3 AM


  • one day nursey walks into dex’s room and dex is laying on his bed reading “death by black hole” by neil degrasse tyson and nursey’s just like “BROOOOOOOOO”
    • dex is like omg do NOT chirp me for this
    • nursey’s like DUDE I’VE READ IT TWICE
  • after that there’s no going back
  • like ½ of their texts are “cosmos is on rn come watch with me” or “DID U SEE THAT ARTICLE I POSTED ON FB?? SIIIIIIICK, RIGHT?”
  • dex doodles planets and stars and spaceships in the margins of his notebooks
  • nursey sticks little stars up on the ceiling of his room
  • they’re both sluts for eclipses and super moons and blood moons and everything like that
  • when nursey first visits dex in maine dex takes him way out to where there’s no light pollution and it’s the first time nursey really sees the stars and he doesn’t cry but it’s a close call
  • nursey gets dex a “nasa” hat for his birthday
  • dex gets nursey a “i need my space” tshirt for christmas
  • they’re both fascinated by the concept of entropy, but for different reasons
    • dex: “it’s the one thing that, no matter what, always increases. it’s so crazy, like, entropy of the universe is just ever-increasing”
    • nursey: “the tendency of the world towards disorder, man. like, we are always slowly moving towards chaos. murphy’s law, man. murphy’s law.”
  • when they get married they get space tattoos bc they are NERDS IN LOVE
Campus work studies must be wild

You work in the college bookstore. You dread the times when people come in five minutes before closing just to browse around, but even more you dread when the collection of stale air and distant echoes comes in to rifle through the shelves. Afterwards, you notice that everything is hanging backwards, and the tshirts need to be refolded. It’s a regular visitor, irregular customer, and though you try not to you can still remember the time you had to ring up Its purchase (a baseball cap and a commemorative mug from the 85% off table).

Last month your manager went into the back room. She hasn’t come back yet, but when you call out to ask if she’s alright she always yells back a reply. It’s a little too distant, though, a little cheery. It sounds less and less like her. No one wants to work the evening shifts anymore.

Is it just me or do the display mannequins look a little too… alive?

No one wants to tell Them to stop shoplifting from the candy section. They’re not even subtle about it, like jfc guys at least quit shoving the wrappers under the yoga mats. (Their favorite candy is Reese’s. Don’t ask me why. Definitely don’t ask me what happens when we run out.)

(I wrote this while working my shift at my own college bookstore, so please excuse any typos. I hope you like it!!)


I did my own stint in my own campus bookstore and this rings Too True

Straight White Boy Problem #623

*is playing sports (in really cold weather) shivering really bad* i should have worn a long sleeve under armour shirt but i need to show everybody how manly I am in my tshirt!!! *screams at myself*

hey David, you should really get that thing on your neck checked out, looks like it could be poison oak… or bugs…

…particularly… the love-bugs… named Gwen ;)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

ya never know in these woods, amiright???