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Long Distance (Chapter Four)

I cant wait to hear what you guys think of my au Bucky in this one! Hes sort of my favorite!

Thanks to everyone for rallying and getting all those notes on the last chapter, love to know you guys are reading and enjoying this! Love my readers!

I tried to add everyone who asked to the tag list, let me know if you want to be added!!!


Enjoy :)

“Tony.” Pepper ran a comforting hand over his shoulder. “Tony, are you alright?”

“Just leave me alone.” Tony was alternating between scribbling nonsense into a notebook and staring out the window at nothing. “Nothings wrong, just leave me alone.”

“Did something happen with Steve?” She asked softly. “I know you’re not answering his texts anymore.” Tony flinched away from her and she sighed. “Oh Tony. I’m sorry. What happened?”

“He has a boyfriend.” Tony said bitterly. “A boyfriend. We were all ‘oh I missed hearing from you all day!’ And ‘sure wish we lived closer!’ And I asked him to meet up and–” the pencil in his hand snapped in half. “And he’s got a boyfriend.”

“Tony…” Pepper floundered for a second, trying to find the right words. “Maybe you misunderstood him? Surely he wouldnt be talking to you all this time and then–”

“I asked him to meet up for Valentine’s Day, and he said that Bucky couldn’t wait to meet me and that they had both wanted to see me for weeks.” Tony shrugged. “I didn’t sign up to hang out with a couple. I didnt want to be a third wheel. I know it sounds stupid but I thought Steve and I– I thought we were–” then he shook his head. “It’s stupid. Just texting. It’s not like we even talked on the phone or anything. I have no reason to be upset. Stupid.”

“But you’re sad, so it isn’t stupid.” Pepper ran gentle fingers through his hair. “You’re more upset about this than you were about Shawna.”

“Yeah, I guess I hoped men didn’t play games like women do.” Tony snorted.

“Hey.” Pepper tugged at his hair. “Every gender has their stupid moments, Tony. You just seem to attract them more than others.”

“Thanks for that.” Tony frowned at her, but leaned his head against her stomach anyway. “Will you stay and have dinner with me?”

“Of course.” She hugged him a little tighter. “Tony, of course.”

“He still isn’t talking to you?” Bucky put his bag down and crossed the living room, wrapping his arms around Steve’s shoulders.

“Nope.” Steve was staring dejectedly at his phone, slouched in the recliner. “I mean he texted me a few days ago, you know, telling me to lose his number but–”

“I’m sorry babe.” Bucky pressed a kiss to his temple. “We should have told him earlier. About us, I mean. You can’t blame him for being upset. Learning someone you like is in a relationship is tough on anyone. And when you first started talking, he had just been dumped, that’s why he had been having such a bad day remember? Hearing about you and I was probably just….” Bucky’s voice trailed off. “I mean, he would have been upset anyway, but more so considering how his last relationship ended.”

“I guess I assumed he would realize that you and I were together. Two guys eating dinner together, working out together… Sure I never came right out and said, but I didn’t think I had to. And it definitely didn’t occur to me that he would be upset that he’d stop talking to me.”

“You miss him.” Bucky said softly, and took the phone from Steve’s hand, moving so he could kneel between Steve’s legs. “Don’t you?”

“It’s so stupid.” Steve tugged his fingers through his hair in frustration. “It’s just texting, right? He has every right to be upset at me and I don’t really have a reason to miss him. Stupid.”

“It’s not.” Bucky ran his hands up and down Steve’s thighs comfortingly. “It’s not. I mean, I’m practically in love with the guy and I’ve only been reading over your shoulder. And if I miss hearing from him, I know it’s worse for you.”

Steve didn’t say anything, just leaned down until their foreheads touched and breathed a heavy sigh.

“Do you want me to try and call him?” Bucky offered then. “It’s been over a week, maybe he’s cooled down and would be willing to listen.”

“I don’t think—”

“Stevie.” Bucky brushed their lips together. “Honey, I want to talk to him too. I want to meet him too, remember? Just let me try.”

Without waiting for a reply, Bucky copied Tony’s number from Steve’s phone and hit ‘call’.

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fcyrearcherxn  asked:

i meant to send this days ago congrats on 800 babes, i have a hc request for kevin/renee brotp because they're my children and a rarepair thank you and goodbye hope youve had pasta recently

oh my,, god,, lindsay this is perfect i love you thank you i’m so excited oh this is gonna be soft as hell

  • renee likes the quiet. she loves her teammates, she really does, but she finds value in quiet moments. in stillness. 
  • kevin feels like the world is always moving at mach 5, like he’s pushing himself to 200% to keep up. 
  • when the dorms are too loud, and taking a walk just isnt enough to calm restless hands or skin that feels too tight, they both end up at the library. 
  • neither of them know the other does this for years. after all, they don’t always need the quiet solace between shelves at the same time, and they hardly go to the same sections.
  • but one day kevin is deep in some random tome he found on a dusty old shelf on the 5th floor history section when renee comes around the corner
  • it’s a little awkward at first, but kevin recognizes the slight shift in her he sometimes sees in andrew, or in neil, so he simply turns back to his book, and leaves her to find her own.
  • renee has never considered herself close to kevin, has mostly watched him from afar and entrusted him to andrew, but in that moment, she sees why andrew made that deal with him. she sees that kevin may be harsh and insulting at times, but he’s far more perceptive than he lets on.
  • and kevin may be perceptive at times, but he’s still a bit stunted when it comes to making friends. so when renee begins to actually ask him if he wants to go to the library with her, he’s confused. but he goes anyway because while being alone is nice sometimes, sometimes its nice to be alone and quiet with someone else’s steady presence nearby, because then being alone doesnt fell lonely
  • their friendship is a quiet one, built on quiet hours at study tables in the library, and exchanging slightly exasperated glances when their friends are being particularly loud or attracting attention
    • renee is very attentive as a person and friend. she starts picking up kevins favorite tea (or smoothie, in the hotter months) at a campus cafe when she’s coming back from her morning classes to eat and get a head start on any assignments. she catches him in the hallway as he heads out for his afternoon lectures, and hands him the drink with a smile
    • kevin, of course, doesnt really know how to handle casual gifts from friends so of course he’s like ????
    • but kevin “gotta whole ass everything ever” day wants to try, because he really appreciates what renee is doing, so he starts making extra food when he makes lunch and leaves a plate with a sticky note on the counter with dan before he leaves and runs into renee in the hallway as usual
  • renee brings her religious theory readings to kevin to ask him about different historical events she can use to back up her essay points and kevin just gets so excited that she just lets him rant on and on even when he’s given her plenty of information
  • kevin sends renee really funny snaps that are just videos of his face, blank of expression, with people acting dumb in the background. he manages to pass the weirdest stuff on campus and always gets it on video for renee and she thinks theyre absolutely hilarious
    • in return she sends him history memes. never thought you’d see kevin day snort-laugh but the first time he gets a meme about the inquisition he almost falls out of his chair
  • renee is low key really funny? like sometimes she’ll say things under her breath and whoever is standing next to her will catch her clever comment, and more and more often that person is kevin
  • when kevin is anxious and looking for a drink to drown his feelings in, renee will drag him out on a walk if he can’t sit still, and other times she’ll simply sit next to him with a hand on his knee, keeping him grounded, asking questions in a low voice to draw him out of his memories
  • when renee gets that cold edge that slices through her typically calm, welcoming exterior, kevin will complain loudly about how andrew and neil arent around for extra practice so that she’ll offer to go with him and it won’t feel like everyone can see her cracks showing
  • they have a hand shake. they just do. i don’t make the rules ok
  • renee sometimes has to reign in kevin’s competitive spirit since nearly everyone else eggs him on
    • kevin: i’m going to destroy him. he’s gonna wish he was never born. i’m going to beat him, and then i’ll beat him again. this cannot stand. i won’t let it.
    • renee: kevin it was just connect four and nicky beat you because you were drunk
    • kevin: this cannot stand.
    • renee: ….uh huh. drink your smoothie.
  • after his years in the nest, kevin doesn’t like to be alone. he doesn’t necessarily like a lot of people around, but being alone feels like he’s off kilter, and it probably will for years. with so many people though, it feels like he owes them something. like there’s an expectation he has to be aware of meeting at all times. with renee, it’s not like that. renee values him from his skills on the court to his ability to go on for four hours non stop on the effects of colonialism. kevin doesnt feel like Kevin Day™, exy star, world champion, media golden boy. he just feels like kevin. 
  • renee sometimes feels like she doesn’t deserve the life she’s made for herself at palmetto. though most days she believes in and loves her god 100%, sometimes the memories sneak up on her and she feels her faith in herself, in her god’s forgiveness, wither. but kevin is relentless. he is the most determined and passionate person renee has ever met. and though his words always come out better when pointing out flaws in technique, his little acts of kindness help her on her worst days, especially because he doesn’t even sees it as a gift to her. he sees every kindness given to renee as something she wholeheartedly deserves, and has zero tolerance of any suggestion otherwise.
  • kevin’s sometimes overexcited reactions are balmed by renee’s steady calm. renee’s fractures are held together by kevin’s perseverance. they balance each other out.

anonymous asked:

Ok prompt: baz is a swimmer (like damn all lean and muscly) and Simon is a guy who can't actually swim but I ly doggy paddle and they're neighbors and they get talking or smth and they're both like 👀👀😍😍 so baz offers swimming lessons and idk where to go with this I just woke up but try it maybe ?

Anon…. this is actually the greatest prompt EVER. 

I AM A SWIMMER. I can work this au so well… GET READY (also baz is totally like a distance swimmer like 200s and 500s and 1650s even and IF simon were a swimmer but hes not for this au he would totally be a flyer)

So this isnt exactly your suggestion but it’s close I think I hope you like it

(Normal boarding school, Simon and Baz are still roommates,
swim team au)

(there’ll be a part two, i think) (because i like this) (chaptered possibly) (because i need baz pov and less introduction more of the actual prompt im sorry) 


this is shit

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12


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anonymous asked:

This ones a little weird... but how would the rfa react to waking up, after a night of drinking, in bed with mc? (In a version of the game where mc stays friends with all of them and doesn't really pick a route,,,) thnx so much!!!

you guys r so cute lolol this isnt weird :3


  • the first thing Yoosung notices when he wakes up is a sharp headache 
  • the second thing is MC
  • when he woke up he was holding MC in his arms, spooning them
  • oh my god
  • is this seriously MC?
  • i mean obviously he knows what MC looks like but he just….has to be sure that this is really whats happening right now
  • as slowly and quietly as humanly possible, Yoosung gets out of bed
  • he goes around to the other side so he can see the face of the person he apparently spent the night with
  • MC confirmed
  • he honestly cant believe it
  • MC is here, in his bed, in his arms
  • all wrapped up in his stupid star sheets
  • (these in blue)
  • he just looks at them for a few seconds, taking it all in
  • he then does the worlds quietest, dorkiest victory dance
  • he spent the night with MC
  • HIM!!!
  • thats when MC shifts in their sleep and he quickly gets back in bed, snuggling up to MC like he never even moved
  • he decides this is something he can definitely get used to!!
  • :3


  • as soon as Zen wakes up he knows he got real Fucked Up™ last night
  • he sits up in bed and stretches and thats when he sees MC
  • “shit. shit shit shit shit shit shit”
  • i am the worst human being on the planet
  • how could i take advantage of them like that
  • God please forgive me
  • why did i do that
  • Jaehee is gonna kill me
  • he stumbles out of bed, waking MC
  • “oh..good morning, Zen”
  • oh my god their sleepy voice is so cute-
  • “i am so sorry, i’ll get you a ride home right away i’ll even treat you to breakfast i swear i did not mean to take advantage of you-”
  • MC is majorly hung over and doesnt have the energy to talk over Zen so they just shush him really loudly
  • “wh…why are you…”
  • “Zen, you didnt take advantage of me, alright? this was my decision as much as it was yours”
  • they flop back down, sprawling out across Zen’s bed
  • “now will you please come back to bed? i dont wanna get up yet”
  • Zen is SHOCKED
  • MC doesnt want to leave, they dont even want breakfast
  • they just want to be with him
  • and after about one (1) single second of contemplation Zen gets right back into bed and snuggles up to MC
  • he is honestly so happy and warm and butterflies in his stomach


  • its MC
  • its really MC
  • shitshitshitshitSHITSHITSHITSHIT
  • she has to take some DEEP breaths to calm herself down
  • MC is probably dehydrated and will be hungry when they wake up and needs a fresh set of clothes and something for the headache they will definitely wake up with
  • but Jaehee is already late for work 
  • she makes a breakfast that would normally be for herself, and leaves it by the bed for MC
  • she brews some coffee that she would normally take to work but leaves it in a thermos for MC instead
  • she also leaves a glass of water and some advil
  • and on a little piece of paper she writes a note
  • “i hope you feel alright when you wake up. please dont forget to eat breakfast and remember that i am only a phone call away”
  • and on her way out the door Jaehee couldnt help but notice how cute MC looks when theyre asleep


  • he has so many mixed emotions
  • i mean, he feels happy but…
  • this is not how this was supposed to happen
  • he was going to court MC and win their heart in the most romantic way
  • not wake up next to them, disheveled
  • no, no this is all wrong
  • but somehow to still feels so right 
  • MC is so warm and soft and gentle and…perfect
  • but he cant wake up with them like this!!! ITS TACKY AND NOT HOW HE PICTURED IT!!!
  • Jumin leaves for work without waking MC but gives them a little kiss on the head before leaving
  • he makes sure that his staff knows to take good care of MC and gets them anything they need
  • he makes someone go out and buy MC a brand new set of clothes
  • and like Jaehee he leaves a note!!!!!!
  • he spends like 20 minutes drafting the perfect note
  • he doesnt want to sound too stiff but he cant sound too clingy either and he’s trying so hard
  • “my deepest apologies for leaving you like this. i hope that you are well taken care of, please call me when you wake up. Driver Kim will make sure you are returned home safety. i hope you had as much fun as i did last night. -Jumin Han”
  • this isnt how Jumin pictured his and MC’s relationship starting but he definitely didnt hate it


  • a rough morning
  • Seven is actually woken up when MC wakes up and sees him
  • “oh my god this cant be happening, this cant be happening”
  • he wakes up and rubs his eyes and then LEAPS OUT OF BED
  • “wait, did we….”
  • MC buries her face in their palms
  • “………….nice”
  • Seven decides to say with a smirk on his face
  • immediately MC grabs every pillow in the vicinity and starts chucking them at Seven
  • he bats them out of the air
  • “hey, hey whats all this hostility?”
  • MC grabs the blanket and suddenly hides under it, mumbling “because youre an idiot”
  • Seven shrugs
  • “thats fair”
  • he starts to leave the room when MC pokes their head out of the covers
  • “where are you going?”
  • “to make us some breakfast”
  • “really…?”
  • “yea. no one should have to wake up next to an idiot like me and not even get some waffles out of it”
  • Seven makes breakfast and even brings MC some water and meds
  • its actually a really pleasant morning and he’s super chill
  • then as soon as MC leaves his house

if you read all that thank you so much and i hope you liked it :3

voltron overwatch headcanons

guess who has too much time on their hands. me.


  • handle: sharpshooter (everyone makes fun of him in match chat befoew a game…little do they know…)
  • a widowmaker main. full stop
  • the first time he ran attack widowmaker keith yelled at him. until he Learned
  • he’s Super good when he takes it seriously.
  • does not, however, take it very seriously. hes here for fun, more than any of them
  • unless, of course, they are playing competitive
  • gets play of the game more than any of them
  • occasionally plays ana to let hunk play pharah because he is a good friend
  • will not, under any circumstances, play hanzo. dont ask him why


  • handle: believeit (he played wow when he was young and refuses to change it (mainly because it makes pidge and lance angry))
  • likes playing pharah the most, but is often forced to play zen or rein (until orisa was dropped) bc hes either solo queueing or playing with his friends who dont know how to team comp
  • however, it is agreed hes allowed to play her on anubis no matter what and his team backs him up whenever they can because they love him
  • doesnt like always playing competitive because it stresses him out
  • “im gay but id date pharah”


  • handle: trnsgrlcommi
  • has the most hours on bastion. swears she isnt a bastion main.
  • also plays lots of sombra and symmetra and spends those whole games yelling into her mic about how gay she is
  • actually really good symmetra
  • gets play of the game most times 2nd to lance. everyone yells whenever it happens
  • taught matt to play bastion and has regretted it ever since
  • actually cried when she saw orisa
  • nearly became an orisa main like. 3 days in
  • shes got mediocre aim so shes not the Best but she knows when to use shit and basically becomes a permanant tank for like a month. then shes a Usually tank


  • handle: ripmcr (”youre sure no one will be able to see this pidge?” “postive”)
  • talks to people like and plays with the attitude of a genji main. can’t aim for shit, so he plays mei. unironically
  • he left in the middle of the match when hunk said “ice ice meiby”
  • hunk, laughing so hard he literally cried, also left
  • also plays reaper and shiro is literally always making fun of him for it. its almost sad.
  • gets. really stressed when they play like arcade but is Calm during comp. lance is scared

shiro (+ matt)

  • handle: daddy (hey it sucks but he got $50 off matt for it) 
  • mercy main
  • uses his pistol a little too much. not all the time too much. just a little.
  • solo rezzes keith all the time. his team hates him.
  • after owning the game for a day: “this is what 400 hours of mercy experience looks like”
  • also enjoys tracer and mccree
  • he only started playing mccree to make fun of keiths accent (which he has in this au fuck you) but was actually kinda good? so he kept going at it
  • enjoys doin shitty impressions. except his junkrat which is Spot On somehow
  • he never plays junkrat
  • but he does make keiths life hell rip
  • plays comp with Matt “Resident Bastion Main” Holt and always pockets him
  • they never win. 


  • handle: musregina
  • the home screen character when she first booted up the game was zarya
  • she fell in love instantly
  • matt: dont worry allura ur learnin from the best
  • allura, with potg and 4 gold medals after her first game: what
  • actually probably the best one out of all of them
  • used to play comp with matt and shiro. stopped when her sr reached like 1500
  • “guys i love you but i placed into fucking platinum bye”
  • really doesnt play anyone but zarya but she enjoys the Power she feels when she plays roadhog and hooks people and will occasionally play hanzo to fuck with lance
  • is never friendly. even in skirmish. waving or emoting just gives your enemy another chance to strike. 
  • keith is also like this
  • they bond

bonus: the heith arc! because this is My au and i can do whatever the fuck i want! cut for length because i cannot shut up about heith!

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anonymous asked:

youriko for the ship meme

yooooo thanks for sending!!! 

- who takes longer showers? 

yousoro, she likes the sensation of the flowing water and it’s good for washing off sweat from exercise, she probably takes showers twice/thrice a day. Uses all the hot water wwww poor riko but she’s like a satisfied cat after a good shower so riko doesnt mind. riko could probably take long showers too but you don’t tend to linger when all the hot water’s gone and you have your gf waiting outside.

- how do they make up after a fight? 

they BOTH go consult chika in a flurry of panic separately, and try to set up some romantic thing to make it up to the other but they get so caught up in the awkward atmosphere one of them’ll just start blurting out what’s wrong. it gets resolved pretty quickly. it’s usually accompanied with blankets and comfort cuddling.

- who prefers rain and who prefers sun?

surprisingly, you doesnt find rain too comforting, a feeling that’s built up from feeling anxious whenever a storm strikes while her father’s out on a boat trip. Plus, in the sun she can play all her sports. riko finds rain more comforting, less glaring than the sun and a good atmosphere to compose music. she associates good things with rain, like cuddles.

what’s their favorite place to go together? 

the aquarium!! you loves the unique fish you can’t just find from snorkelling, and riko loves drawing/taking photos of you’s delighted face as she presses up against the glass windows.. you tells her all the weird trivia about fishes and octopi and whatever, and riko’s content to listen to you’s voice, sometimes adding new information and pleasantly surprising you. they both have a real good time.

- whose more likely to win prom king/queen? 

considering how popular she is, of course it’d be you.. riko’s a lil jealous that everyone’s clamouring over you, but she admits that you definitely deserves it. if anyone else happens to get it, riko’s the first one to be shocked in outrage

- do they celebrate anniversaries? 

you’s a sentimental nerd and riko’s a really organised person, with calendars and stuff, so they’d definitely go all out. they’ll be planning weeks in advance. you’s more likely to be the one who celebrates all the insignificant ones though, like “today’s the anniversary of the fifth time we held hands!!!!!” riko finds it really sweet but their schedules and wallets doesnt allow such extravagant things so often, o77

- who’d pressure the other into singing karaoke? 

uchuira’s too rural to have too many karaoke places, so it’s a whole new concept for you. when riko realises you’s never even heard of the place, she drags you there. however when they actually get a room, riko still needs to be begged by you to sing

- what’s their nightly routine? 

wellllll they come home, meeting up with each other halfway. upon reaching home, you goes to bathe because she doesn’t like sweat at night and she doesn’t want to hinder riko’s shower too long either. in the meantime, riko does some work, or tries composing a lil on the piano. while riko bathes, you fidgets around waiting for her, eventually giving in and playing some video games. when riko comes out she joins you and they cuddle a lil while trying to kill a boss at the same time until they’re both sacked

- whose more likely to burn the dinner?

riko, she’s only got True Experience in making eggs, you’s the main cook of the house so when riko tries to cook something for her tired gf, it’s probably eggs, because from experience everything else burns. you just doesnt burn stuff.

- who brings home a puppy/kitten without the other’s knowledge?

YOUSORO, this lil shit, brings a puppy home without telling riko and when riko comes back she’s hovering at the doorway for ten minutes until you comes out of the room……

(because riko doesnt feel calm with the puppy in the house, you just ends up driving it to chika’s place, where they keep the puppy and you brings riko over every now and then to warm up to it until riko says she’s ready to take it home… it’s resolved like that.)

- who starts the food fight?

YOUSORO, our resident lil shit strikes again, riko’s ready to cry that hamburger was really good and now it’s stuck on the wall

you’s less caring about the food because she can just make it again, whereas riko’s physically incapable of making anything but eggs

- who makes all the food?

established, it’s you, but breakfast is riko because her eggs are seriously the best

- who goes shopping?

both of em, they stop by the supermarket on the way home together and riko picks out all the essentials while you picks out all the ridiculous stuff. riko’s fine with it as long as you does the heavy lifting and it isnt out of budget.

- who loses the kids in Walmart?

you knows exactly where the kids are, but chases them around the mart until riko’s lost both you and the children, and she’s at a LOSS because she has all the stuff but she can’t just up and leave without her family….. you isnt helping

- who laughs at the other when they trip?

you laughs a lil, but it’s all in good nature and she always catches riko… riko doesnt laugh but just smiles a lil exasperatedly because here we have a national class athete, landing on her ass because she tripped while trying to woo riko

- who lovingly gazes at the other as they sleep?

BOTH, but you falls asleep faster than riko so more often than not, at night riko’s gazin at you…. but in the morning it’s a complete reversal, although you’s supposed to go for a morning jog, she can’t leave, not quite yet

- who plays with hair vs whose hair is played with?

riko’s hair is long and silky, while you’s hands are pretty fidgety and can’t keep still. you learns to braid hair just for this express purpose.

- what do they do in their free time?

you: sports, exercise, video games. riko: painting, composing, reading some book (another doujinshi, really, you’re married now riko)

as for together, they like to draw together.

- how organized is their home?

riko cleans up after you. so before a certain day, everything will be a hellhole except for riko’s corner, then suddenly the next day All Is Well With The World. as for organisation in particular, you’s mess is an organised mess and she in fact knows exactly where everything is. most of the time.

- who cleans their home?

riko makes it happen, but all the physical labour intensive ones are done by you. riko does everything else.

- who eats all the pizza?


(riko doesnt eat at a quick pace, but she can just keep eating,)

- who leaves their stuff everywhere?

you, for the most part, but surprisingly many of the notebooks lying around are riko’s. for composing and watercolour and stuff.

I made a short, 3 am thing here about a Neil who grew up as his father’s son rather than Riko’s player, and now here’s my rant about it. (I will write about it eventually, alongside my Cinderella AU and my cliche high school AU. Maybe. I’m aiming to do so) (What should I call this AU? Heir AU? Butcher AU? I think I’ll go with Heir for now)

This got incredibly long because for some reason I decided to plan an entire fic wow

  • so this is a nathaniel who was never sold to the moriyamas
  • a nathaniel whose father was never in debt
  • a nathaniel who takes the time to learn how to take over his father’s empire
  • he learns how to cut and carve and the best places to aim and how to cut a man’s eye out and how to torture with only a few weapons
  • because hes not at risk, his mother doesnt take him away
  • i imagine that, considering her own history, she doesnt let him ignore her side and teaches him how to fight physically and how to use a gun
  • (not that nathan would let him ignore that either, but he wouldnt prioritize it like she would)
  • perhaps nathaniel grows up beside ichirou rather than kevin and riko because theyre heirs to their fathers
  • now, nathan and mary frown upon exy but it keeps him in shape and it does something with his pent up energy
  • besides, exy makes him seem normal-ish
  • (hc nathan puts nathaniel into a private school and the private school happens to have exy)
  • until nathaniel turns thirteen and he makes his own kill
  • its gradual but hes brought into the business more and more as he grows older so he has less time for exy
  • and nathaniel cant say he really likes being the future butcher
  • but he knows better than to go against his father and mother
  • but then kevin day happens

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More theories/reasons why Ali has always been -A

• She said something like her secrets stay hidden until she wants them found.
- uhmm?? Didn’t that how the first few seasons go? Them “finding” Ali’s hiding places. it seems to me like she planted them – but why would she want them to find those things? What’s the point? How could she foretell she was going to be missing?

You can easily argue that she may have planned to run away beforehand, but why leave clues? Isnt the point of running away, not wanting to be found? Or maybe she planned to run away from -A beforehand and was so scared something might happen to her so she left clues for the girls to find that mysterious stalker — but then again if she’s really on the Liars’ side and want them to find -A, why didn’t she tell them who the blackmailer was? She told hanna she knew who it was but never told them when she had so many opportunities


• Ali planned to run away (leaving diaries, keys, etc) = was that the only thing she planned?
• weird quotes like she wants to die young, leave a beautiful corpse, etc. and what happens??? She “dies young”
- speaking of Young, before Mona fake died she called aria to say ALI LURED BETHANY TO ROSEWOOD. to fake her death she obviously would’ve needed a body.

Yes i know allegedly mona wanted to fake her death and pin it on Ali but then got kidnapped. BUT LISTEN. This doesn’t make sense to me.
1) she was gonna have a good future, going to a good college, and she clearly loved her mom even speaking to her with no hints before the “fake death” so why would she risk all that?
You could say that because she’s not mentally stable and her hatred for Ali was so deep but this brings me to the next point
2) IF she really planned on pinning it on Ali, i love how -A (supposedly cece that time) kidnaps her at the right time — did she know her plan? Or just coincidentally kidnapped her first before she could actually do it

Whichever it was, i don’t buy it. If Cece knew her plan and wanted to stop Mona from pinning her “beloved sister/cousin”, she did the exact opposite – by how smart Cece was portrayed, she would’ve known there were cameras. So why didn’t she at least put on a wig to not look similar to Ali? To divert the cops completely?

Same thing if Cece really just wanted to kidnap her, why not have put on a wig or a disguise to not get Ali blamed? As she claimed to want to protect Alison

My far fetched theory is that Ali wanted to get pinned for her murder to be put in jail, so that when the girls get kidnapped she wouldn’t be suspected of being involved as she was in prison — completely ruling her out as -A/kidnapper. One purpose of the dollhouse was introducing them to Charles, making them believe they’re closer to learning the identity of -A — i’m pretty sure “A” never planned to kill them or lock them inside forever. It was all part of the plan for Ali to find their location. Again, making us/the Liars rule her out as A.

• also it’s kinda weird how all the Liars’ parents think Alison is capable of hurting people more than with just words – i mean all we know that they know, is that she was a 15-year old bully. They don’t even know about the Jenna thing.

I think one of them even said something along the lines of we know what Alison dilaurentis is capable of.

What do they know?

• Cece said she targeted the Liars because they were happy Ali was gone.

BUT it doesn’t make sense??? I think this would’ve fit better if it were Ali’s motive. Like for example :
After running away to get her wish of dying young, being popular in life and death, expecting people to mourn for her and all that and being remembered but then she sees her friends living a seemingly better life without her. She’d be furious

• Cece and Ali were shown to have always played games before, that they were partners-in-crime.

I could see Charlotte taking the fall for everything (knowing she would only be put into a facility), if it meant Ali could continue their sick game – which is why Ali stayed behind 5 years for her. They wanted to resume the game.

Note that if Cece = Ali’s cousin is true then more reasons why Charlotte would’ve done that as she was her only family left (besides estranged Mary)

• in the Dollhouse, why the fuck would Charles put blocks that would’ve given out his name??? Everyone knew Spencer was smart so -A knew she would’ve figured it out. Obviously -A wanted her to know — to hide Ali’s real identity and distract them by giving them another’s name? To put the seed of their plan to have Cece as Charles confess as -A?

• Also in the dollhouse, its probably just me pushing it but i saw Mona dressed up as Alison as a metaphor for MONA DISGUISING AS ORIGINAL A. She was said to be the first A but if it were really Alison, then she was really “dressing up” as Alison. (Did that make sense? I suck at explaining lmao)


That should’ve been a big red flag already !!!!! That scene screamed she hasn’t changed. Also why did she even make up the kidnapping story? So she wouldn’t talk about -A to the police !!! Because they would find holes in her story.

• During the pilot, something happened like the girls looking for Ali, scared and all, only to find her playing a prank on them. UHM FORESHADOWING??? thats the whole show, i swear.

• during the First Secret, something like that happened again. She hired someone to fake attack her (but apparently noel couldn’t make it but irrelevant to the theory), to see how far the girls would go look for her and to how much risk are they willing to jump for her. Seemed like a test trial for the -A game.

Maybe it’s called the First Secret because it’s the first (pre)- AGame Ali played on them.

• she told Hanna it was fun for her to play someone else or something.
Hence, Vivian darkbloom and switching personalities with Cece, etc.
Who says -A isn’t one of her alternate personas?

• jenna always repeating “you shouldn’t be afraid of me, i’m not Alison.”

Jenna was always the red herring especially after the last episode of 7a i think it’s confirmed she’s not uber A

Some of these are already shoved in our faces since season 1 (of course some are still just theories), they’re literally just adding things to confuse us to rule out Ali (like Rollins, Mary) but it really comes back to Alison. A FREAKING D are the initials, like they want us to think it’s not Ali because it’s too obvious – but that’s the whole show. It was already obvious in season 1 but we said nah too easy.

IT’S ALISON’S SHOW, but not because it’s all about her family, or her fake death or her secrets. BUT it’s because she calls the shots on what would happen next, she’s the one who wrote the entire thing.

Think about it. She loved mysteries. She was the one to lay out clues, she made them solve her fake death, she appears out of nowhere just to say mysterious ass quotes that don’t answer anything they need, she kept doing things to move the story forward. Even SOS-ing them that brought them to kill and bury someone.

-AGame seems to be like a huge power trip and we clearly see Alison playing people like puppets. Even during that fight with Spencer “that night”, she said they were nothing without her and honestly, they really were her dolls back in the flashbacks. She knew how to play them to get exactly what she wants. She feeds off having power over them, over everyone around her. Who knows maybe because she doesn’t have any control about her fucked up family – maybe it drives her crazy that her own mother was the one to teach and encourage her to lie, that her parents cheat on eachother, that jessica had an affair that resulted into another sibling and who knows how many more, that her mom had a secret twin in radley, that for god knows what reason ur mom spoils some girl in a mental facility, i can go on and on about how messed up her family is.

But yes, i could see how all that could have affected Ali resulting her bad behavior maybe even to the point where she has the need to control everyone – being -A.

anonymous asked:

Is t ok for me to ask when she says those those things? I'm not saying it ain't true I've just listen to very little of her music (the weird "big/cry baby X daddy" vibe makes me uncomfortable)

ofcccc yes!!!!

(tw for ableism, slurs, appropriation of mental illness, mention of rape/sexual assault/csa/pedophilia, misogyny, slut shaming, mention of food, death/murder, abuse, mention of suicide under cut)

(sorry @ mobile users)

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Planet Earth: Chapter Four - This could be a trap

This is Chapter 4 of Planet Earth read Chapter One, Chapter Two and Chapter Three first! ________________________

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30 Minutes before:

“You are not really a member of the guards right?” Murphy asked Bellamy.

“No, but the guards will come here soon, unless we stop them. You dont actually think they forgive your crimes, right?” Bellamy said with a provoked face.

“You got a point?” John Mbege asked while he stand next to Murphy.

“No I got a question. They locked you up, send you down here to die and you want to help them?” Bellamy asked and laughed.

Murphy and Mbege looked confused to each other.

“You wearing this bracelets, dont you? This things tell them, we are alive.. that the Earth is survivable. Take them off and they will think you’re dead, that Earth isnt safe.” Bellamy smiled to them.

“If we do, whats in it for us?” Murphy asked and looked to Mbege with a smile.

“Bellamy!” Octavia yelled.

“Someone is gonna help me to run things.” Bellamy said and turned to Octavia.



It was evening and already dark after Finn, Monty, Jasper, Clarke and Octavia came to the dropship. Octavia told her older brother what happened to you, he didnt believe it.

“Wait there are others here? Like who? Radioactive zombies?” Bellamy laughed. “Thats ridiculous.”

“My cousin was hit by a spear and if you didnt made it or one of your little monkey, then no its not a joke and its not ridiculous. We’re not alone and we have to save her.” Finn said serious.

“Bellamy what are they doing?” Clarke said as she looked behind him to the campfire. “What did you done?” She asked shocked and looked at his arm.

“They took them off, like Murphy and Mbege. Everyone is going to take the transmission bands off, they burned them.” Wells said. “I couldnt stop them… Clarke are you okay?” He asked her best friend.

“Yes I’m fine but why Bellamy? Are you crazy? The communication system is dead, this bands are all we got, take them off and the Ark is thinking we dying.” Clarke said.

 "Thats the point, Princess. They send us down to die, now? They are gonna die. We can take care of ourselves.“ He said while the others took the bands off behind him. "Can we?” He turned around and asked the people behind him.

“Yes!” The people shouted and lifted their arms up. 

“This is not a game Bellamy, our friends.. our familys are up there.” She said with a very serious and angry look. “We’ll not survive this on our own, we need them.”

“My friends and family are already down here, those people?” He said and looked to the sky. “Those people, locked my friends and family.. Those people killed my mother for having a second child.” Bellamy said and looked to Octavia. 

“Bell, stop.” Octavia said and looked sad.

“No Octavia, down here there are no rules. We do whatever the hell we want.. whenever the hell we want!”

“Yes, yeah!” The others agreed with Bellamy and showed it, they continued and took off their bracelets.

“Princess, Chancellor Son.. you can try to stop us. Kill me, you know why? WHAT EVER THE HELL WE WANT!” He yelled and everybody with him.

This was enough for Clarke and Octavia, they went into the dropship. Finn walked forward wanted to kick their asses but Monty stopped him.

“Finn, stop! We need Bellamy to find Y/N.” Monty said and looked Finn in the eyes.

“Why? He’s not going to help us.”

“He has a gun.. and if we give him a reason, he will.” Monty said and smiled to Octavia. “You saw Octavia and Y/N, they are friends.”

“I understand.” Finn said and walked over to Bellamy who was on the Campfire to see his work.


“What do you want?” Bellamy asked annoyed while Finn showed him he wanted to talk alone with him.

“I heard you’ve a gun.”

Bellamy showed him the gun.

“Good you’ll need it tomorrow, you’re going to help us saving my cousin.” Finn smiled and Jasper came join in.

“And why the holy hell should I do that, to get myself killed? No way, thanks.” Bellamy laughed and turned around.

“You hurt your sister a few minutes ago, you know that right? And you’ll hurt her again, if you are not saving Y/N.” Jasper said serious while Bellamy was confused and turned around to them again.

“And besides you need her too, if you want them,” Jasper looked to the campfire were Murphy took bands off. “to follow you. Y/N kicked two asses today in less then 30 seconds. She let Murphy and the other guy look like little children.” Jasper and Finn smiled.

“You dont know if she is alive.” Bellamy argued.

“They took her, they need her. She is alive.”

“How do you want to find her?” He asked Jasper.

“Finn is good in track read, he’ll find her.”

“Okay, I’ll come with you.. Now could you please leave unless you want to take off your bands.” Bellamy said provoke.

Jasper and Finn went off into the dropship to Clarke and Octavia.


“Did you hit him?” Octavia asked sad. 

She was still hurt because Bellamy mentioned her mother. She blamed herself for her death.

“No, I did not.” Finn laughed as he stepped in.

“What did you do?” Clarke asked next to Octavia.

“Jasper convinced him to rescue Y/N with us tomorrow.” Finn said with a sarcastic smile.

“I’ll come with you.” Monty said and walked in.

“Okay.” Finn said.

“No you wont.” Clarke argued.

“Excuse me? She is my best friend, I need to save her, like she did it for us. She came down her just for us, to watch over us.” Monty said and looked to Jasper.

“I know but Jasper and you’ll stay here. You two are too important, if we lose you.. our chance to survive is zero.” Clarke said. “Monty you can try to rescue the communication system and Jasper will help you.” Monty and Jasper nodded.

“We should sleep now, this will be a tough day tomorrow.” Octavia said and she lay down on the floor and put her jacket over her body.


Next day:

Finn was already awake and woke everyone else, he wanted to go as early as possible. Bellamy, Clarke and Octavia came to Finn who was waiting impatient.

“Hurry!” Finn said.

“O, wait. You’ll not come with us.” Bellamy said he hoped she would understand.

“No, I’ll come with you.” Octavia said sharply.

“Octavia I need you to be save. Murphy is going with us and you’ll stay with Atom.” He said and Murphy walked by.

“I dont need a Babysitter.” She said sharply.

“Yes you do. ATOM!” Bellamy yelled and Atom came. “Dont let her out of your eyes." 

Atom nodded and Finn, Clarke, Bellamy and Murphy went into the woods.


After 1 Hour walking around in the woods, nothing. 

"Since when are we in the rescuing business, huh?” Murphy asked as he walked next to Bellamy.

“She is my sisters friend.” Bellamy said and looked than.

“This is not the only reason.” Murphy argued but Bellamy didnt answered.

“Bellamy, Murphy come here.. Finn found something.” Clarke said.


“This is Y/N’s ring.” Finn said as he knelt on the ground and showed Bellamy, Clarke and Murphy the ring. “She would never take it off.”

“This could be a trap.” Murphy said.

“I dont care.” Finn argued serious and walked on, he followed the trail and Clarke followed him.

“I hate this guy.” Murphy said annoyed and Bellamy laughed.


Meanwhile on the dropship:

“Atom stop following me!”

“I’ve to watch over you and I’ve you wouldnt run away, like a little girl, I wouldnt do that.” He argued and had to laugh.

Octavia tried really everything to get away from him but nothing worked, so she ran into the dropship, upstairs to level 2 were Monty tried to save something of the communication system. Atom tried to follow her but she was to fast, when she made it upstairs, she locked the door. She wanted to distract him so that he would not longer follow her.

“Octavia, open the door.” He said pissed but she didnt.

“Nope, go away.”

“Could you please be quiet? I try to work.” Monty said annoyed.

“What do you do?” Octavia asked.

“He’s trying to connect this wires and get the communication system online.” Jasper said with a smile.

“That looks interesting.” Octavia laughed.

“You can stay.” Jasper said.

“If she’s quiet.” Monty argued.

“I’ll and I just wait until this donut face is gone.” Octavia laughed and walked over to Jasper and Monty.


Hours passed but after a while, Finn, Clarke, Bellamy and Murphy came to a place where a strange tree stand. They examined the ground, looked under the bushes. This place looked very suspicious and as Murphy went to the other side of the tree, he saw your bloody face and body, tied up on top.

“Gu-Guys over here!” Murphy yelled and they came.

“Y/N!” Clarke said shocked. 

“I thought they throw a spear?” Murphy asked as he looked on your body.

There was no wound through which a spear could went. Your face was bloody and your stomach was cut a bit, a few stabs on your arms and legs but nothing to see from a spear wound.

“We’ve to get her down.” Finn said and walked forward but Bellamy stopped him.

“This is a trap. You see the ground?” Bellamy said and lift the grass up.

They wanted to impale them.

“So what should we do?” Murphy asked and crossed his arms.

“Finn, you’ll jump on the tree, cut her off.” Bellamy said self-conscious.

“She’ll fall down.” Clarke argued.

“I’ll catch her.” He argued and looked serious into Clarke’s eyes. “You’ll watch if anyone is there, got that Murphy?”

“Yes, lets do that.”


Clarke handed Finn a knife, Jasper gave her to defend herself. He didnt trust Murphy. Then Finn jumped on the tree, climbed to the top and tried to cut the lianas which hold you. Bellamy tried to find a save place to stand, everywhere could be a trap who could kill him.

“Ready?” Finn asked, he hat cut all lianas except one, the one who hold you know.

“Ready.” Bellamy said when he found a save place.

Finn started to count. “1-2-3!” He cut you off and Bellamy catched you.

“Hey little Angel.” Bellamy whispered into your ear. “She is unconscious but still breathing.” He yelled up to Finn.

Finn came down and wanted to hug you but-

“Bell-BELLAMY WATCH OUT!” Clarke yelled as a puma came out of nowhere.

It all happened so fast, the puma running and wanted kill Bellamy and you. In the moment Murphy ran to Bellamy, took the gun and had to shoot 4x on the Puma to take him down and kill him. Then Finn took the gun and shooted again.

“Now, we have food.” Murphy laughed sarcastic and Finn had too.

“The bullets are off, this were 5 shots.. Bellamy its a 6 shot magazine. What did you shot?” Clarke asked confused.


Meanwhile on the Ark:

“Abby you need to come with me.” Jaha said as he walked into the control center were Abby asked herself why the kids were dying so fast.

“Whats going on, Jaha?”

“Kane is been shooted.” Jaha said Abby ran into the medicine station.


On the Ground:

“You did what?” Clarke asked shocked. “The Vice President? How did you get that damn gun?”

“An officer gave it to me, he said if I didnt shot Kane.. I’ll get floated if I try to get on the dropship.”

“Someone wanted to kill Kane?” Clarke asked again.

“Everyone wants to kill Kane.” Murphy argued.

“No, they want Jaha dead. Kane was just distraction.”

“I dont care, we’ve to get out off here, come on now.” Finn said.

“Bellamy, we’ll talk about this later..” Clarke said and Bellamy nodded.

“I’ll take care of her, Murphy and you’ll take care of our food. You three will change every 30 Minutes or we wont make it to the dropship.” Bellamy said.

“You cant carry her the whole time.” Murphy argued again.

“I can and I’ll come on now.” Bellamy said and lifted you up. “I got you.” He said to you as you open your eyes a bit.


Meanwhile on the Ark:

“I need more blood here, now!” Abby yelled.

“Abby this is too much blood, you cant give him more.. this is against the rules.” A nurse said.

“MORE BLOOD!” Abby said angry.


After 8 Hours she finally saved Kane’s life. Jaha came in.

“How is he?" 

"He’ll made it.” Abby smiled.

“How many blood did you use?!” A doctor came in.

“As much as I had.” She said.

“That is against the law, Chancellor you need to float her!” The doc. said and Jaha looked to Abby.

“Hey, If you wanna float me, do it. You’ve your Vice president.”

Jaha laughed. “That’s true and I’m not going to float you for that.”

Abby nodded.

“What? She need to be punisht!”

“She’ll but not yet. Now we need to find out who shooted Kane.” Jaha said to the doc and Jackson came in.“

"It was Bellamy Blake, his sister is on the dropship.” Jackson said and showed Abby and Jaha a picture of Bellamy.


On the Ground:

After 8-10 Hours Clarke, Finn, Murphy, Bellamy and you finally made it to the dropship.

“They’re back!” Someone yelled and Octavia heard it. 

She was still up with Monty and Jasper because Atom was waiting downstairs til she came out, she was fell asleep but when she heard that her big brother came back she finally opened the door and went downstairs to see him. Monty and Jasper were going with her, they wanted to see if you’re okay.

“Bellamy!” Octavia said and ran to him. 

You were still in Bellamy’s arms. He carried you the whole way until Jasper came down and took you into the dropship with Monty. Clarke went with them, she knew a few things about medicine and wanted to clean your wounds.

“Are you okay?” Octavia asked him while she was huggin’ him.

“Yes I’m fine, but my arms hurt.” He had to laugh and Finn too.

Finn and Murphy laid down the puma. 

“Thank you, man.” Finn said glad and walked into the dropship.


“How is she?” Finn said as he stepped in.

“I need water, hot water bring me some!” Clarke said 

Finn, jasper and Monty went out too get some, from the others. (They brought this afternoon water)

“You’ll be okay, just stay with me.” Clarke said worried and touched your head.

After a few minutes they came back with water.

“The wounds are infected Y/N, I need to clean them.. please hold still.”

Clark poured the hot water on you, and it burned, it hurt and you started to scream so loud as you possibly could.

“HOLD HER DOWN!” Clarke yelld to Finn and he did.


After this hot water shower, she sewed the wounds up and let you rest. Finn was with you, then he fell asleep until it was evening. Then Monty and Jasper looked after you and told Finn to eat something.

“Hey if you want that you’ve to take of your transmission bands!” Murphy said to a guy. “Go over there.”

“What are they doing?” Finn asked Clarke as he came out.

“If you wanna eat something, you’ve to take the bands off.” Wells copied Murphy’s voice and Finn and Clarke had to laugh.

“We’ll see.” Finn said and walked over to Murphy and took some food.

“Hey If you want that-” Murphy started.

“You’ve to take your transmission blabla off, I know.” Finn laughed and turned to Clarke. “But you know what? Down here there are no rules so, whatever and whenever the hell we want.” Finn said with a smile and went to Clarke and Wells.

“Lets eat.” Finn said and give Wells and Clarke some food and Clarke glanced to him.

Bellamy saw that and went to Murphy, together with Octavia.

“We need to do something.” Murphy said sharply.

“And we’ll but not today, eat something with Octavia. I’ll be right back.”


Bellamy walked over to the dropship, he looked to Jasper and Monty.. They were on the fire and wanted something to eat too. Then he stepped in and over to you.

“Hey” You said weakly.“Thank you for carrying-”

“Shh, it’s all good. How are you?” He said and knelt to you. You were on a tiny bed which Jasper built in the afternoon.

“I’m good, I think” You smiled. “Thanks to you.”

Bellamy smiled too.

“Can I ask you something?”

“You wanna know, why I rescued you? Because you’re the first friend of my sister and you dont judging about her for having a brother. You understand her.” Bellamy said and smiled again.

“No thats not what I meant.” You said weakly again.

Your wounds hurt so much when you started to talk but you wanted to ask him, you needed to ask him that.

“On the first day, after I kicked your guys asses.. You called my Angel why? I mean I kicked them so badly and you say Angel?” You laughed but it hurt.

Bellamy smiled and looked down.

“You learned how to defend yourself, you wanted to bring Kane down.. You spied the Ark for 6 months and did everything to get down here and as you came down here, you were nice to a girl who was locked up just for having a brother.” He stopped and looked at you. “And I know, you known her.. On the dance party where I saw you the first time, you must have been 15-16? I dont know anyway.. you were nice to Octavia even when you couldnt saw her face and she danced like a crazy person” Bellamy smiled.“You did everything so you could save your cousin and your friends, you’re a good Person.. like an Angel.” He said, holding your hand then he gave you something. “Finn told me this is your ring, I thought you might be wanted back.” Bellamy pulled the ring on your finger. “Get some rest. I’ll stay here until Finn comes back.”


Meanwhile by Finn, Clarke and Wells:

Finn and Clarke told Wells everything about today and what they had done after that Clarke were confused.

“You know what’s weird?” Clarke asked Finn who was eating.


"Why didnt they kill her? I mean, the traps and she on that tree with so many steps and wounds.. They could have killed her but they didnt.”

Finn stopped eating. “And they could have killed us.. when we went over the bridge to cross the lake.” He said and looked into the woods.

“This whole thing was a trap, they wanted you to find her.. to bring Y/N back. This was the whole trap.” Wells said shocked.

Clarke stood up and walked to the dropship, she saw Bellamy when he went in.


“Bellamy?” Finn said, he followed Clarke. “What are you doing here?”

“Monty, Jasper and you were eating. I wanted her save, I mean I dont wanted to carry her for nothing.” He laughed.

“Bellamy we need to build a wall, Y/N was a trap. They wanted to know where we are.” Clarke said with a serious face.


This was part 4 of Planet Earth. I’ve you’ve any Ideas just send me some, I would like to hear them and I would glad about positive comments. :)

University Class Registration Advice: Learn from my Mistakes.

Okay so you got accepted into university, you’ve submitted your deposit and you’ve probably chosen your roommates already. Everything is going pretty good but now you actually have to register for your classes, because “Oh yeah, thats what I’m going to be doing there.” DISCLAIMER: This advice is based off of my personal experience and the rules and regulations set forth by my University, understand that your situation may be completely different because the rules and regulations set forth by your University will probably be different. Nonetheless from what I heard from my friends going to other colleges, the process is somewhat similar. 

  1. KNOW YOUR PROGRAM: Most majors have a set amount of courses that are required to get your degree. So it is advisable to know what these courses are ahead of time. In my personal experience some of the “General Education Requirements” or “Basics” or “Foundational Area” (every university calls them something different, its basically the courses you take for the first two years while you’re at university) courses that overlapped with my major. So to avoid taking more classes than necessary and paying for more classes know what these courses are so that way you can “kill two birds with one stone” and be on track to graduate. 
  2. ACADEMIC ADVISOR = BEST FRIEND: Call. Your. Academic. Advisor. Do it. Have a list of questions ready and try to at least understand some what you have to do to register so that way you don’t exhaust him/her with questions you should already know the answer to. E-mail is a good form of communication too, but if you’re not getting responses, stop being a wimp and call. 
    1. How will my incoming IB/AP scores effect my schedule?
    2. *e-mails advisor draft schedule* “Hey! I just wanted to know if you could look at this draft I made of my schedule and see if there any mistakes you can point out or advice you have for me?” (This is totally okay to do- your advisor will probably be impressed that you took so much initiative.
    3. How long does it take to get to one side of the campus to the other? (You’re going to want to know this to make sure the time you have in between classes in enough to get to your next class.) 
    4. What time does the portal open to register for classes?
    5. Do I get special priority if I applied as Early Decision? 
  4. BE READY FOR A LATE NIGHT: Okay so you need to keep in mind that everyone needs to register. Everyone. And that there is a limited amount of space in a lot of these classes especially for times that aren’t super early in the morning or late at night. You want to get into your student portal, register, and get everything set in stone AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I kid you not, students will stay up until midnight and wait for the server to open to get their classes registered. YOU WANT TO BE ONE OF THOSE STUDENTS. So get a pot of coffee brewing and get ready to set up your first semester the way you want it to be. 
  5. HAVE A GAME PLAN: Notes, Spreadsheets and Excell Documents are your friend. You want to have everything mapped out. When you go into your portal to register you should have everything mapped out and it should just be a matter of punching in letters and numbers to get the classes you want. Most Universities have a thing called a “Class Registrar” that you’re going to log onto that let you see the class times, teachers available for that specific course. I recommend when choosing your courses to take a quick look at a website like to make sure you’re getting the best teacher possible. Once you know what class you want WRITE IT DOWN. The section number, class code, teacher, all of it. Chances are you’re going to need this information when registering, so you want to make sure you have it all available so that way you don’t loose time going back into the system to find 3 numbers. Do this for all your classes
  6. BE REALISTIC. BE SMART.: Are you really going to be able to get up early? Some of you may be moving to the other side of the county, or to a different country. I understand that you love challenging yourself but from what I understand the first year is tough. Maybe you should try to take it easy the first semester and then depending on how you do decide if you want to take on more classes. Also keep in mind that you may  also be juggling a job, extracurriculars, internships and social time, so don’t spread yourself too thin. 
  7. THIS ISNT HIGH SCHOOL ANYMORE.: You don’t have to schedule a class everyday Monday-Friday.  I know one girl who scheduled everything to be on either Tuesday or Thursday, and she is free for the rest of the week! I’m not sure if this is something I would personally do, but now that I think about it, it would be nice to have Fridays off. 

Okay so my schedule didn’t end up being terrible. In the end I got all the classes I wanted and Im on track for my major, but the hour and a half I spent freaking out trying to figure out how to register could have been prevented. Keep in mind you have to make the best out of everything and you can’t let minor mishaps slow you down. If I could change one thing, I would have tried to make my schedule to where I didn’t have to go to class on a Friday… 

Maybe next semester ;) 


anonymous asked:

oH and this is a specific one but what if MC had like some kind of food like saeyoung and his honey buddah chips (rice cakes maybe idk?) and she lived off them and she gets into arguments w him because he wants her to eat better but she wants him to eat better and its great they love each other

“and its great they love each other” LOL THAT’S LITERALLY ME

  • MC has always known Seven likes honey buddha chips i mean he never shuts up about it
  • but they didn’t realize the full extent of his addiction until they moved in with him
  • like seriously
  • he only eats chips
  • and only drinks dr. pepper
  • MC has literally no idea how his body even continues to function i mean
  • shouldnt it just shut down or something?
  • ok the amount of chips he consumes is acutally unsettling
  • MC will make pasta for dinner sometimes
  • and he’ll eat three bites and be like 
  • “that was great baby! i love having a personal chef, hah!”
  • and then pop open a damn bag of chips
  • he doesn’t even eat their food and makes jokes about having a “personal chef”
  • so now MC is not only worried about his health, but also a little offended
  • one day Seven goes out to run some errands
  • and MC is like this is my chance
  • so they literally hide every single bag of honey buddha chips in the house
  • and there are like a lot
  • So when Seven gets back from running errands he plops down at his computer as per usual
  • “MC! can you bring me some chips pleeeaaseee?”
  • MC walks into the room, arms crossed
  • “no”
  • Seven assumes MC is playing around, pushing out his bottom lip to pout
  • “plleeaassseeee??”
  • “no”
  • “wwhhhhhyyyyyyyy??”
  • “because you need to eat real food”
  • oh shit MC isnt playing around
  • okay, two can play at this game
  • “yea? like you?”
  • “yes! like me!”
  • “you’re joking right?”
  • “Seven, i’m not joking. you need to add some variety to your diet or e-”
  • “MC…”
  • “what?!”
  • “all you eat is pasta”
  • MC stomps their foot on the ground
  • “that is unfair and untrue”  
  • Seven bursts into laughter
  • MC insists that he stop laughing at them but the thing is
  • he’s not wrong
  • MC doesnt actually “make pasta for dinner sometimes”
  • “you really thought i hadnt noticed?”
  • Seven’s still laughing
  • they make pasta every night  
  • and then heat up the leftovers the next morning for breakfast 
  • you dont even use sauce or anything! all you eat is noodles! its unnatural!”
  • MC’s flustered, and stutters a little trying to retaliate 
  • “well…but…at least pasta has way more nutritional value than chips” 
  • “does it, though? you think i dont worry about you too?”
  •  MC doesnt realize this but Seven wishes so badly he could take care of them
  • he’d love to cook meals for them like Yoosung would
  • or sweep them off their feet like Zen would
  • or care for them with detailed attention like Jaehee would
  • or be able to give them anything in the whole world like Jumin can
  • but he can’t do any of those things
  • he cant even feed himself properly…
  • MC notices that Seven’s stopped laughing, and his expression’s grown solemn
  • “Seven…i’m sorry..”
  • they walk toward him, taking his hands into theirs
  • “I just….you have to take care of yourself…so you can live a long happy life with me. you want that, right?”
  • Seven smiles, leaning forward to kiss MC gently
  • “of course i want that”
  • and so the next day MC and Seven go grocery shopping together
  • Seven has to physically hold MC back from walking down the pasta isle like six times
  • “MC, what is this”
  • “those..those are onions, Seven”
  • “do we need them?”
  • “are they chips?”
  • “….no”
  • “yes, we need them”              

anonymous asked:

hi, could you do headcanons where Neil was raised to replace the butcher before being sold to the ravens? Thank You

I feel like a lot of this is going to be badass!Neil. I couldn’t figure out if you wanted “Neil in the Ravens as the Butcher’s heir” or “Neil is sold but his mother still takes him away” so I went with the latter. I tried the former, but there were too many details that I couldn’t quite work out.

  • ok so lets assume nathan didnt go into debt yet when neil is ten
  • lets say he goes into debt say… six years later
  • neil - except hes nathaniel here - learns more about fighting with knives
  • hes used some skills on people by now
  • id say he sort of knows kevin and riko bc he goes with his father occasionally
  • (i still think he would know ichirou a little better but you know)
  • so nathaniel is prepared to take over as the butcher when hes say eighteen
  • hes not fully prepared, but hes definitely a lot better with knives and shit
  • but then nathan loses a bunch of money
  • now nathaniel is sixteen, so he knows the consequences of this
  • he fully expects to be sold
  • and he is
  • but then he isnt
  • because his mother tells him that theyre leaving and theyre leaving now and he doesnt argue as she sneaks them out of the mansion
  • they run for a few years
  • nathaniel (who is stephen and has brown eyes and blond hair) knows french and german and japanese by the time his mother dies two years later
  • but hes still the butchers son and he was raised to fight so he gets away with dirty tricks
  • when david wymack finds “neil josten” hes a little bit jaded, a little bit subdued, and a lot angry

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And It’s Good Enough To Make Me Wanna Fall In Love

my friend dragged me to this party and I just saw my ex quick make out with me” au


It’s not that Dan isn’t a party person. He likes parties. He likes the whole socialising, drinking, I-don’t-know-who-the-hell-you-are-and-why-we’re-sitting-on-the-trampoline-in-the-back-yard-talking-about-dinosaurs-but-I’ll-roll-with-it vibe to it (okay, maybe the latter was only one time), and what’s the harm in getting a little drunk every now and then?

But the problem with Joe, is that he has more friends than Dan can keep up with. He knows too many people Dan doesn’t, and he goes to way too many parties.

Which, Dan supposes, isn’t really a problem in itself, but it’s where he comes into it that is – being the loyal roommate/best friend he is, Joe seems to have adopted him as his party mascot. His trusty ‘plus-one’, for want of a better term.

“Come on, Dan,” Joe throws him a red and black plaid shirt, dismissing one (of many) of Dan’s excuses of ‘but I have nothing to wear’. “I’ve grown out of that, so it’ll fit you just fine. You suit red.”

Dan glares at him, but walks over to the mirror and holds the shirt up to his face. It does suit him, kind-of, and he supposes he could probably get a couple more wears out of his jeans before he has to wash them.

“We’re like teenage girls, you and me,” Joe smirks, watching Dan assess his reflection.

Dan smirks, but tugs his pyjama t-shirt off and grabs the red plaid thing. He’ll never win.

“You owe me big time,” he mumbles, buttoning it up.

“Come on, it’ll be fine. This is Andrew – he knows how to throw a good party.”

“Ah, yes – ‘Andrew’. Another strikingly familiar name.’” Dan mutters dryly, grabbing his straighteners.

Joe tuts. “You’ll love him.”

Dan wonders how many times he’s heard that one before.


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I continually fail to see how Chat Noir is being pushed to the side in this show. People complain that he’s always getting hit by the Akuma (it’s not nearly as often as its made out to be), but how is this at all a reflection on his contribution in the show, both as a character and as Ladybug’s partner?

I just think Chat Noir being the favorite of the show is blinding people to actual facts. For one thing, Ladybug can’t get hit by an Akuma. If that were to ever happen it would be game over, so there’s that. There’s also the fact that Chat does a lot of the physical fighting while LB works on a plan, so of course he’s more susceptible to the enemies attacks. That doesn’t lessen his contributions to the fights in any way. We’ve seen his skills, we’ve seen him hold his own. But the thing people really need to start accepting is that he has a different skill set from Ladybug. Unfortunately this seems to put him in line of attack more often, not that I’v seen him or Ladybug address this issue in the show, probably because it was never meant to BE an issue. Ladybug proudly statesd that she and Chat Noir are a team and there was no hesitation when Chat agreed.

Another thing that needs to be accepted is that, regardless who is watching this show, a lot of the marketing is geared towards little girls. There are going to be moments where Ladybug is going to stand out and shine, and I think this show does that wonderfully without treating Chat Noir like he’s a second rate sidekick with no importance in the show. I would understand people’s frustration more if Chat Noir had no relevance to the story being told, because than that would mean he was just being used as comic relief. But obviously he’s relevant, he and his family pretty much ARE the story. 

Maybe I’m not getting it, but I think Chat Noir/ Adrien is doing just fine in the show. Some people need to go back and re-watch the episodes, and not be so hyper focused on the VERY FEW times he was hit by an akuma. Or just pay more attention to how seamless he and Ladybug work together, and how each of them contribute to the fight. It’s not the big deal I see people making it out to be.

 (As a sidenote, fandom will often get these waves of people saying that Chat Noir and Ladybug are treated very unequally, and I find myself agreeing with the idea, I just think it’s Ladybug who’s on the unfair side of the playground, story-wise at least. She’s involved in none of the drama that drives the story forward beyond being the hero and love interest, and why THIS doesn’t bother people more will forever drive me up the wall. I wish LB getting hit by the occasional akuma was her biggest issue, then I wouldn’t have to be afraid that her arc next season wasn’t going to be as compelling as Chat’s inevitably will be.)

Hardest Days - Jack Maynard Imagine

We both grew up together, meeting in first year, becoming best friends in second year and was dating by third year. We both helped each other with exams, career options and the struggles we faced. We got on like a house on fire. We were that type of couple where we could finish each others sentences, decided where to eat without arguing and we were both extremely open with our feelings and i loved that because it gave me the reinsurance that he was still happy with me. Every time we met i would get that excited feeling in my stomach, i would feel like a child at christmas. I was so happy until the day i dreaded happened. 

***flashback a year and a half ago***

“Come on Jack answer your phone” I kept repeating to myself. Ever since Jack moved to London with Conor and their new room mate Josh I hardly heard from him. I had to chance to move with them but at the time i was studying Journalism at university back home in Brighton. Every time i had spare time Jack would be busy and when Jack had free time I was busy studying and working. 
“Y/N, I cant talk right now. Ill phone you back later” Jack quickly answered and hung up. This was our average day to day calls. I had to pretend to be happy and pretend we were fine but deep down i knew something bad was going to come out of this. As much as i loved him it was killing me not talking not meeting.

Later that night we finally got the chance to face time and even then he was still busy. I could hear all the boys in the background so i knew they were getting ready to go on a night out. I hadnt seen Jack for 3 weeks and it just didn’t feel right. 
“Jack this isnt how a relationship should be” I whispered. 
“ I was thinking the same, we have no time for each other anymore” Jack replied and even though i was thinking the same it broke my heart. I didnt reply, i just couldn’t i knew what was going to happen. 

***Back to present time*** 

A year and a half later and I still wasnt over Jack. I still kept him in my mind even though we had no contact since we broke up. I wasnt ready to let go, everywhere i went the memories of the two of us came running back. People always told me time heals everything but in this case it didnt. Even with a messed up mind i had to get on with my life. I started a blog and it came pretty popular as i spoke about past experiences, my feelings towards things, beauty, fashion stuff life that. That made me happy as thats why i went to university for and got a degree. It was actually working out for me.

Today, i had to go to London for a meeting, I was being given the opportunity to expend my blog into some magazines and even to make videos for it. I was beyond excited.

I was making my way through town stopping off to get a coffee and heading to my meeting, i was about to walk through the door to the building before bumping into someone or should i say two people i didnt imagine seeing… Joe and Oli.

“Oh my god, Y/N?!” Joe surprisingly said before engulfing me into a hug.
“ Hey guys” I smiled back. “I didn’t even realise who you were for a second” Oli laughed also giving me a hug. My appearance had change since they seen me last. I lost some weight as I became a gym addict, I had blonde highlights, my make-up was done a lot better and i finally had matching eye brows!
“What are you doing here?” Joe questioned. “I’m here for a meeting about my blog, I’m going to be expanding it” I excitingly said. “I keep up with your blog, even though its girly i find it interesting” Joe laughed. “Thank you, i would love to stay and talk but i better go” We all hugged and went our different ways. I started to walk up the stairs and become a little nervous not about the meeting but about the fact Joe and Oli would obviously tell Jack they saw me.


I was in the middle of a game of fifa with Josh when the there was a knock on the door. “Conor get the door” I shouted not taking my eyes off the TV because i wanted to beat Josh’s ass at this game. I could hear Joe and Oli talking to Conor as they walked into the front room. “What you guys doing here?” Josh questioned, taking the words out of my mouth. “We saw Y/N” It didnt click in my head at first and then it hit me. “What? where?” Conor replied. “Going for a meeting” I couldnt talk. The girl i loved was London..the same time as me..I couldnt process it. 

After breaking up it broke me. I didnt want to lose her but the relationship wasnt working at the time and it was the best option. And to this day she is still in my mind hoping she would come back into my life and maybe..just maybe this was the sign to try. The boys told me at the start I needed to get over her and move on but they soon realised how much she meant to me. I wasn’t going to let her go without seeing her..i need her.

“I need to see her, this may be my only chance” I begged to the boys for someone to come along with me and find her. “I can come if you want” Joe offered. I literally jumped at the opportunity. I needed to do this now.  

We started walking through the park near the building Y/N was in and i cannot explain how i am feeling. This girl was (and is still) the love of my life, i never had the guts to message her because i didnt know when the right time was and i didnt want to miss this chance. 

***Y/N POV***

The meeting was a HUGE success, i filmed my first video for my blog and thats being uploaded tonight. Career is now ticked off, the next thing is to find an apartment in London. 

I said bye to everyone grabbing my bag and heading out the door. I decided to take the longer way back to my hotel as i like exploring London. It’s such a beautiful city. Walking through the park was peaceful it allowed me to be at ease and actually enjoy my surroundings. 

I continued to walk for another 10 minutes until i heard a laugh i havent heard in years. A year and a half exact. I didnt dare to look up but i had to know. There.. stood still right infront of me… it was him. 

A/N- Part 2 Maybe? Thoughts?

Part 2 Guys :) 

anonymous asked:

Omg!! That university au hc is awesome!!! Pls more of that *hands praying emoji* Maybe rfa+v are already friends with mc and are struggling finding out how to invite her on a date? Or being insecure bc they dont know if mc likes them or not

godd707 will answer your prayers!

~female MC


  • okay, okay today was the day
  • he was gonna finally ask MC out on a date
  • him and MC had started talking more and more lately and he really wanted to ask them out but he gets so anxious about these thingS
  • its 40 degrees fahrenheit that morning at the bus stop but Yoosung is sweating
  • why wasnt she at the stop yet??
  • Yoosung wants to text her and make sure she woke up on time but he doesnt want to annoy MC…
  • oh god this is so nerve raking
  • Yoosung takes out his phone and scrolls through instagram to try and distract himself
  • “come here often?”
  • Yoosung almost jumps at the sound of MC’s voice he was so on edge
  • he turns to see them smiling brightly, wrapped up under layers of warm clothes
  • he smiles and giggles, which he does a lot when he’s nervous
  • “i’m at this bus stop everyday of the week at 10:30! unless its saturday or sunday or a school holiday”
  • MC laughs at the way Yoosung answered her question
  • “everything alright, dork? you’re acting kind of jumpy today”
  • Yoosung lifts his hand up to push back his hair, forgetting he had clipped it up that morning
  • his hand gets caught up in the hair clips and moves it out of place, and he tries to fix it
  • oh god, he probably just messed up his hair and looks totally weird now..
  • fffffuuccckK
  • MC’s trying to hold her laughter in
  • he takes the clip out and shoves it into his pocket
  • “everything is fine, totally fine!”
  • “okay, Yoosung…sure…”
  • “i wanted to ask you something, actually”
  • “whats that?”
  • “i was just going to ask if you wanted to maybe do something together this weekend if you have any free time i mean if you have a lot of homework thats fine i know you’re taking hard classes and probably dont have much free time but i figured if you could maybe we can grab a coffee i’ll even pay for yours if you want or-”
  • “Yoosung”
  • “um…yea?”
  • “i’d love to get some coffee this saturday”
  • “r-really?”
  • “yes!”
  • Yoosung jumps up victoriously
  • nailed it


  • Zen had no idea if MC even wanted to do anything he was interested in
  • but MC had been tutoring him lately and he’d kind of developed a liking toward her…
  • okay, think Zen
  • what does MC like
  • math….? she’s like…pretty good at math…
  • do people who like math like going to the football games???
  • everyone likes the football games, right??
  • god why does asking someone out have to be so stressful
  • Zen was sitting in his math class waiting for it to start when MC came in
  • ZEN!! chill. you’re an actor. you can do this
  • “hey, Zen! how’d you do on fridays worksheet? understand everything?”
  • Zen’s eyes widen
  • dammit…the worsheet…he didnt do the worksheet
  • “um, yea! totally understood it. no problems at all”
  • “oh wow, you’re getting good at this class. not even i understood the whole thing. maybe you should tutor me!”
  • nice one, Zen;;;
  • okay enough messing around! a s k  h e r!!
  • “MC, do you want to go out with me?”
  • she tilts her head, looking at Zen
  • “to the football game, i mean! i was wondering if you wanted to go to the football game this saturday. with me.”
  • “oh…well, the football games arent really my thing”
  • Zen!! fix this!!
  • “we dont have to go to the game if you want! we can watch it at my place and order pizza or something”
  • MC smiles at him
  • “yea, okay. that sounds nice, Zen”
  • “awesome. i’ll see you saturday, then!”
  • Zen had to turn around then cause class was starting
  • shit, he cant believe he really pulled that off
  • wow, he really has a date with MC!
  • wow, he really needs to clean up by saturday


  • Jaehee and MC hung out all the time, but it was only so MC could help her with her public speaking skills
  • but after being coached by MC for awhile Jaehee wanted more
  • but she didnt really know if MC did???
  • i mean yea they met up a lot but it was always just for school
  • would MC want to see her if school wasnt involved??
  • ?????
  • maybe Jaehee could ask her out for some ice cream?
  • who doesnt like ice cream?
  • Jaehee decided to text MC, since waiting till class tomorrow would probably kill her
  • “hey, you busy after class tomorrow?”
  • “not really, just have some homework to do. need help with something?”
  • “yea, i do actually”
  • “okay, sure! what do you want to work on?”
  • “well i’ve been craving ice cream like crazy lately but i dont have anyone to go with”
  • Jaehee waits for the text back, growing more nervous with every second that passes
  • “you buying?”
  • “yes!”
  • “alright, i’m in! cant wait for that icecream :D”
  • Jaehee blushes reading the message
  • “me either”
  • phew. hopefully Jaehee wont be too nervous on their date…


  • since Jumin met MC on the first day of school she’s like, all he can think about for some reason??
  • he’s never felt like this about a girl before
  • but he gets so stupid around her for some reason
  • he wants to talk to her when he sees her in class but it always comes out so…weird…
  • like once he wanted to ask her “what did you get for number six” but he said “what did you get for number sex”
  • it was awful and embarrassing and oh my god
  • maybe the classroom is the problem!!!
  • if he spends time with MC outside the classroom he’ll be totally cool
  • ….right?
  • when MC sits down next to him, he feels his face heat up just like it did the first day of class
  • hey, face, stop that
  • Jumin doesnt look at MC, afraid she might see that his face is red
  • “good morning, MC”
  • “good morning? it’s 2 PM, Jumin”
  • dammit
  • “…right. i was wondering if after class you would want to join me for a meal”
  • Jumin’s still staring at his desk
  • “sure! where do you want to go?”
  • “anywhere. i would do anything to for you”
  • Jumin closes his eyes, feeling like an idiot
  • theres no way MC will agree to go anywhere with him now…
  • “anywhere? can we go to my favorite pizza place, then?”
  • Jumin looks up, a slight grin on his face
  • “yes, of course”
  • MC smiles and brushes some hair behind her ear, cheeks pink
  • “c-cool”
  • for the rest of the class period Jumin cant stop thinking about that pizza place
  • he was going to be super cool there, for sure!!!
  • yea, Jumin. you keep telling yourself that


  • Seven cant believe he started going to the computer gaming club meetings again
  • and it was all for that girl…
  • she made it so much fun though
  • she was only of the only people in the club who wasnt actually completely clueless when it came to computers
  • playing games with MC was fun and all that but he wanted more…
  • he wanted to take her out to the park and buy her hot coco and take her to an ice skating rink where he could hold her little hand and pull her along the ice
  • god, even he’s disgusted by how sappy his thoughts are
  • but Seven cant help it
  • the thing is
  • Seven’s never really…..asked anyone out before…
  • the last time he came close to having a girlfriend was when he asked his second grade teacher to marry him
  • and he got shot down pretty hard so,
  • would MC even be into all that stuff??? she seemed so chill and they only ever talked if it was about computers or gaming…
  • Seven goes to the club room
  • MC’s there, just like he thought she would be
  • he greets her by standing to her left and tapping on her right shoulder
  • she turns toward him immediately
  • “as if i would still fall for that, Seven”
  • he rubs the back of his neck
  • “damn…you’re getting too good”
  • “i know”
  • Seven chuckles a little and shoves his hands into the pockets of his hoodie
  • “so….what are you up to?”
  • “i’m playing LOLOL, Seven. that’s kind of what i always do when i’m in here?”
  • “oh, yea. cool…so how’s that going?”
  • MC makes a confused face
  • “it’s going great. everything okay, Seven?”
  • Seven takes a deep breath
  • “MC, do you want to go get some food with me?”
  • he kind of blurted it out, talking really fast
  • “…what?”
  • “i’m hungry so i thought you might be too”
  • MC blushes
  • “um…yea, okay. i’d really like that”
  • “oh. for real?”
  • Seven also starts blushing
  • “yea. it’ll be nice to get away from this computer for a little, i guess”
  • MC tosses her backpack over her shoulder and links arms with Seven
  • “and we’re off! the dynamic duo takes the nearest fast food restaurant by storm!”
  • he feels his face get even more warm than before
  • MC had never touched him before…
  • knsvbksdnvmlxcvjoiwyryshfbkldvf


  • thank god V got that cute girls number he met at the party
  • since then theyve been texting nonstop
  • he even got in trouble with a few of his professors for texting during class
  • she was just so much fun to talk to
  • they talked for a couple weeks but neither of them suggested meeting up or anything
  • V isnt sure if MC is interested in him romantically or anything
  • but she really seems like she is?
  • should he just go for it?
  • girls are scary…
  • it’s like 5 PM on thursday and V cant stop thinking about her
  • before he knows it, he’s dialed MC’s number
  • “hello?”
  • “oh um, hey MC!”
  • “hey, V. whats up?”
  • “nothing, really. i was just thinking about you”
  • wait!! fuCK that was so STUPID
  • “oh? what were you thinking?”
  • i was just thinking that i probably want to date you really badly
  • “i just wanted to make sure you ate something today”
  • nice save, V
  • “now that i think about it, i havent really had time to eat all day…”
  • “want me to come get you? i’ll feed you some dinner if you’d like”
  • ‘feed you some dinner’?!!! what the hell was that??????!?!?
  • “oh, really? that sounds awesome, V!”
  • did he just hear that right?
  • she actually wants to get some food?
  • well shit, he better get ready
  • “great. i’ll head out now. see you soon!”
  • “V, wait!”
  • oh no. is she gonna cancel? tell him she never wants to talk again? tell him she already has a boyfriend?!
  • “you need my address, right?”
  • oh, duh.


anonymous asked:

could you give us a summary of the snaps maybe???im suuuper confused on whats going on and why this happened


what this series of snaps was attempting to do was a smaller-scale imitation of that patented Homestuck Thing where a collection of seemingly-unrelated plot threads are tied together and resolve each other. chekhovs guns are fired. a characters obscure hobby turns out to be the exact skill needed to save the day. that sort of thing. obviously homestuck did not INVENT it but it was a hallmark of hussies writing (esp in problem sleuth) and the reason why people were so disappointed with post-game over homestuck was that it disappeared entirely in favor of deus ex machinae and ignoring old plot threads lol

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Namie's 2014 Japan Report! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°


I’m back from my trip with Lulupu! It’s been 4 years since we’ve seen each other! ^////^ We’ve been planning to meet up have a honeymoon in Japan for a long time… 

I haven’t done reports in forever but it really was a dream come true. I want to record it somewhere. So I have a lot of photos and very spastic commentary under the cut if anyone is interested

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Hung up - Fratboy!Calum [smut]

::Inspired by the song Hung Up by Hot Chelle Rae::
//sort of fratboy Calum//

You are in your first year of college and it was going great. Apart from different people, more flexible schedules and harder work it isnt THAT different to high school. There’s still popular people and unpopular people but people don’t care as much. The popular people are the fratboys, footballers and cheerleaders and the unpopular people are people who don’t belong to an activity. You sit relatively near the top of the social pyramid, you’re in a few clubs and as far as you know everyone likes you, you don’t have trouble making friends. At the very top of the pyramid is Calum Hood, football captain (a first considering he’s only a first year himself), fratboy and an english major like you.

You’ve only ever had one true encounter with Calum face to face and he seems nice enough. It was at a frat party that you didn’t want to be at and he’d started grinding on you as a dare, you didn’t like stuff like that and the boys who dared him knew that. He wasn’t very drunk so he apologized a lot and you got to talking. You got a little tipsy and ended up playing a game of seven minutes in heaven, your partner just happened to be Calum. You spent your time in the cupboard talking before you realised you were meant to be kissing and you gave him a quick peck on the lips before he left and that was it for your encounter.

However he did manage to get your number and he spent a lot of his time texting you but you didn’t think much of it. He left you a few half drunk voicemails every now and then that you laughed at before deleting.

One day you were sitting at lunch with (Y/BFF/N) when your phone buzzed.

“Who’s that?” She asked.

You sighed, “Calum”

“What?” She checked her own phone. “He actually texts you back?”

“Text back? I’ve never actually texted him before,” you smile.

“What? I fucked him last Saturday and he hasn’t had the decency to even send a smiley face”

It wasn’t really a surprise that Calum hadn’t texted her back, had a reputation of one night stands, you just thought that the ‘hi’ and ‘what’s up?’ texts were mass texts.

“So he actually doesn’t text you ever?” You question.

She shakes her head.

After college that day you, (Y/BFF/N) and your other friend (Y/F/N) were in your convertable driving back to the dorms when you got stopped in traffic.

“Put the top down, (Y/N), I’m boiling,” (Y/F/N) says.

You press the button on the dashboard and the car converts. It’s the summer now so you’re wearing a tank top and shorts. As the top settles into place a frat car blasting music pulls up in the traffic next to you. In the car is Ashton, the third year biology major, Luke, the first year math and logistics major, Michael, the second year computing major and Calum.

“Look who it is,” Ashton turns the music down.

“Good to see you too, Ash,” (Y/BFF/N) says.

“Hey (Y/N),” Calum calls over.

You twist your head round with a confused look, “Hi Cal”

“You girls shouls come to the party down at the frat house tonight, the usual crowd is getting boring,” Luke suggests.

“Is that your way of saying you’ve slept your way through all of the usual girls and you need some fresh meat?” You say.

“No,” Ashton defends.

“Yes,” Michael says making eye contact with you and winking, which earns him a slap in the arm from Calum.

“Charming,” you mutter turning back the the traffic that seems to be moving again.

“We’ll consider it,” (Y/F/N) says.

“See you tonight ladies,” one of them says as they drive off.

Somehow the two girls pursuade you do go. You dress in your sluttiest clothes which still aren’t that slutty but they suit the kind of clothes you need for a frat party.

You get yourself drunk fairly quickly as that’s the only way you are ever going to have fun, and thats when Ashton finds you.

“(Y/N)!” He yells grabbing your wrist and dragging you away from the crowd.

He’s quite drunk himself but acts quite sober.

“Ashton I’m not hooking up with you,” you say straight off the cuff.

“What? No, I have a message from Calum,” he says.

“What does he want?” You groan.

“In my opinion he’s been hung up on you ever since your last frat party and he’s been sleeping with girls to try and get over you,” Ashton slurs a little stumbling with his words as he struggles to form coherent sentences.

“Really?” You raise an eyebrow. “That’s some full on shit”

He chuckes, “well Cal wants you to meet him out by the guest house”

When Ashton leaves you, you decide to go and see what he wants. The guest house is basically just a house at the bottom of the garden with a bathroom and a bed. When you walk in Calum stands as he was previously sitting on the bed.

“What do you want, Hood?” You ask.

Without warning he walks over to you grabs your hips and presses his lips to yours.

“You have no idea how long I’ve waited to do that,” he mutters.

“So you really are hung up on me,” you smile.

“No, I’m not hung up on anyone,” he responds way too quick for you to believe him.

“How drunk are you?”

“Very,” he responds.

“So that’s what it takes to give you the balls to kiss me,” you grin kissing him again.

He tilts your head back and pushes your mouth open with his. Your fingers fiddle into in his hair.

“You don’t understand how fucking sexy you look with that dress on,” he growls.

Suddenly very turned on you mumble, “how would you feel with it off me?”

Next thing you know the dress is on the floor and the two of you are in your underwear. He leaves a trail of wet kisses down your neck, most of which will leave marks tomorrow. You palm him through his boxers making him moan.

“(Y/N) you’re such a tease,” he groans lifting you and tossing you on the bed.

Things go hazy as the alcohol takes full effect but the next morning you wake up in just your bra with his tanned arm over your stomach. You’re careful not to wake him when you get up and dress yourself in your underwear and his flannel shirt that you pick up from the floor. Your head is aching so you go to the bathroom and get a glass of water before heading over to the mirror to clean up your make up.

That’s when you hear Calum’s sleepy voice behind you, “I’m so hung up on you”


(part two)
This was pretty bad but its 12.30 at night and idk.