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Hey guys! Above is a very small sampling of my product photography. It’s what I do professionally for a online winter sports retailer. Currently, I am trying to beef up my portfolio and finally get my photography website online. It’s not that I don’t have the images, it’s that I don’t have the variety of products that I wish I had. 

Here’s where you come in, I am hoping to find etsy sellers and small eCommerce business owners that need their products shot. I am currently offering free product photography to anyone who is willing to pay for the shipping to and from me. I have access to a full photography studio and can shoot products on white or colored backgrounds, dramatic studio lighting, on female/male mannequins, or lifestyle shots. If you wish to have a model you will be required to pay their fees. I’m most lacking in lifestyle shots so I’m especially excited to do those. I am comfortable with any and all products including: beauty, clothing, home decor, electronics, jewelry, and more. 

If interested please contact me at Include information about yourself, your products, and what you would like shot. The more detail the better so feel free to send reference photos. I will not be taking every assignment and since this is free work done on my personal time do not expect a quick turnaround time. This will be first come first serve. Keep in mind that I live in Michigan so this is open to US residents only at this time

If you have any other questions please email me at the above address. That account was made specifically for this project and I will respond to all inquiries within 24 hours. Please pass this on to any family or friends who could benefit and signal boost on tumblr! Thank you, I look forward to working with you!

changed my commish email to!

I decided that using my personal email for commissions was:

1. hurting my organization. i do my best to be organized, but it just wasn’t working. occasionally orders would get lost, and that’s unacceptable to me.
2. stressing me out. it’s sort of like having office hours be OPEN: all days of week, all hours of day. it’s going to be helpful for me to choose to take a weekend away from my commission contacts and whatnot.

From now on, if someone would like to order some art, or ask me about an order they’ve already placed, that’ll be the email to use!

Also, my commissions menu, for those who’re newly curious:

Something I hope is resolved that I’ve been thinking about a lot since the new episode this week.

Barry can’t swim as Griffin says in this episode, but back when Lich-Barry was speaking from the recorded coin, he said that Barry’s absolute favorite thing was to swim in very cold water on a hot day.

Which cycle does Barry learn to swim during? Who teaches him? Learning how to swim during the journey must have meant a lot to him for it to become his favorite thing. I would love for this to be addressed.


“he spent five hundred pounds on jeans”

“He’s got his eyebrows plucked and his asshole bleached”

“Tribal tattoos and he don’t know what it means”

“And wears a man bag on his shoulder, but I call it a purse”

“Drinks beer, but has a six pack, I’m kinda jealous”

“He wears sunglasses indoors, in winter, at nighttime”

“Now you’re eatin’ kale, hittin’ the gym”

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psa for the yoi fandom: russian names & how to use them

Russian guides: masterpost | patronyms | terms of affection | answered asks

I’m going to start by swearing this isn’t me just complaining but a general resource for the Yuri on Ice fandom because I’ve noticed some mistakes in the naming conventions used among the fandom and want to help correct them. Especially in how the fandom treats diminutives. I absolutely love seeing the huge amount of interest in Russian diminutives, etc. in fanart and fics and hopefully this breakdown will help continue that trend and interest and even spur some more ideas in fandom content.

So let’s go through some important details below the cut!

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