needs new switch


lit meme: ten books or series ♡ one of us is lying by karen m. mcmanus

“Is everybody in it together, or is somebody pulling strings? Who’s the puppet master and who’s the puppet? I’ll give you a hint to get started: everyone’s lying.”

【ダイヤのA】 day 1: childhood → smol!miyumei on cleaning duty °u°


I’ll ask you this favour, man to man…

heyy i need new blogs to follow lol

my dash has been really dry on video games so if you post any of the following please rb!

fire emblem awakening / fates / echoes
the last of us
devil may cry 4 / reboot
metal gear solid v
horizon zero dawn

So i’ve been reading some REALLY GOOD FANFICTION and it sort of rekindled all my love for otp and jumpstarted my long-lost creative drive so I dug this old picture up because I still really like it, and finally finished it. 

So. team switch. Please consider…White Knight Sena…Devil linebacker Shin…2nd year sena vs 1st year shin. Sena inspiring Shin this time around…THe possibilities r ENDLESS!!

Tbh I think of Bitty’s Puck Bunny costume a little too often



Eyh coucou, avant de vous coucher je vous propose de regarder ma demo un peu mise à jour …voilou , des bisous

henlo i finally left the cookie run tag


The pencil I was using ran out of color in the middle of doing my left eyebrow and now it’s slightly darker;; I hope none of those Fashionable Middle School Kids paid attention.