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I Love the idea of comforting cryptids . monsters who live under your bed to assure that nothing bad can fit under there because They’re there & there’s no more room . unspeakable eldritch horrors that follow you around just so they can tell you shitty puns . Mom Friend™ poltergeists who passive aggressively disrupt all your electronics when ur a lil shit who should be sleeping because “you have an exam in the morning!!” , but Also tag along on blind dates in case you suddenly need an out . sirens who work as lifeguards & sing so instead of panicking you can focus on your movements & breathe easier . forest ranger Bigfoot who patrols the woods in case anyone gets lost & needs a guide out . 


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Envy: “I’d sssooner die than be seen ssssssslinking through some flap in the door like a…! Like a….! Common house pet!!! How could she do thissssss to me, her beloved partner?!”

The pokedoor is modestly sized, and doesn’t seem at all “degrading”. Still, Envy alternates between pointing his seething glare at the note and the doorknob.

PSA for pet parents in the North East US

I’m sure you’ve noticed an increase in the tick population. The population of Lyme-carrying mice is a prime indicator of how large the tick population will be the following year. And in 2016, there was basically a mice plague in the Northeast. I pulled twenty (20) off of Barkley today, mostly before they bit. But it’s just awful out here.

Steps you can take to keep you and your baby healthy:

Protect your yard:

  • Keep grass short. Mowing sucks, but it helps.
  • Consider chickens if you can. They love ticks. Good riddance.
  • Ticks also don’t care for mulch barriers or gravel paths, things like that. If you were thinking of installing anything like that, think no more.
  • There are also environmentally friendly sprays.

Protect your pet:

  • Comb your pet with a flea comb, and don’t forget to check places like the armpits, belly, and under those floppy ears. (I found one in his ear, poor thing.)
  • Seresto collars are my personal recommendation, but Frontline, etc, will work, too.
  • Citrus juice is said to repel ticks, but don’t use citrus oils because it has the chemicals in the rind which are toxic to critters.
  • Do not feed your dog garlic as a preventative measure. Garlic is toxic to dogs.
  • Don’t rub oils on your cat, because they’ll ingest them. And avoid all products with permethrin for kitty, too.
  • Vaccinate your pets. You can get them a Lyme vaccine.

Protect yourself:

  • Wear long pants and shirts, weather or activity permitting.
  • Shower very soon after being anywhere ticks may live, such as grassy fields or especially the woods. Perform a self check for ticks along your hair line, around your ears, in your armpits, behind your knees, along the panty lines, etc. Use it as an excuse to get intimate. Ask your partner to check you for ticks.
  • Use bug repelling spray.
  • Wear light clothes so you can see hem crawling up your pants.

Help! I’ve been bitten by a tick!

  • Don’t panic. It’s not a big deal. It’s gross, okay, yeah, but it’s not urgent. You need to be careful when you remove it, so take it slow. You’re going to live.
  • Don’t burn it. Accidents happen.
  • Using your fingers, but preferably a pair of tweezers, grasp the tick gently but firmly, as close to your skin as you can. You don’t want to squish the tick. Tug with steady pressure, so the tick remains intact AND you get it’s head. If the head detaches from the body, you might still get sick because it’s still embedded in your skin. Have someone help you get it out if this happens.
  • Now that you have the tick, kill it in a bath of alcohol and put it in a zip lock. This way, if you do feel yourself getting ill or develop any odd rashes, you can take the tick to your doctor and have it tested for Lyme.
  • The tick needs to be embedded for 24 hours or more to actually have any chance of passing on a disease, but it never hurts to be careful if you aren’t sure.

Just be careful out there, guys. Know your pet’s penchants out there in the wild back yard, and pay attention if they go in woods or grasses, or even if they play in water fixtures. Ticks like still water, like mosquitoes. Hikers especially beware. Have a safe summer!

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Is Love Enough (part 2)

Words: 1.6k

Summary: After running from Castiel, he and the Winchesters find you.

Warnings: Nothing really, some angst, mostly fluff

A/N: Master tag list at the end; let me know if you’d like to be added.


You sat on a dusty couch in an old safe house you used to use. It was a run down cabin tucked away deep into the woods; it looked straight out of a horror movie. Definitely not ideal for your current state, but it would do for a few nights.

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Basket Case (part 1)

Originally posted by magiccastles

Genre: High School Au with angst, comedy/crack idfk, fluff, maybe smut in the future

Characters: (Y/n), All of Got7, and other kpop idols

Warnings: Cussing, Bullying, Mentions of self hate, mentions of underage drinking etc. (some of the stuff put here isn’t until later chapters. If there’s anything else that needs to be tagged as a warning please tell me)

Parts: Part 1 | Part 2

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Summary: After long days, long months you finally find some comfort again in loving Hvitserk. But that comfort sneaks away every day closer to birth when your little one decides to be a active more than sleeping. You thought you were happy, until the birth …
Words: 1813

Update tag: @filippazm

You didn’t find any comfort but you wanted to give it Hvitserk all so you just kept still in the bed, gazing into the darkness while the little life inside of you twist and turned around. Despite he always said that you were the one who needed the rest, you just didn’t listen. In the past nine months everything changed, you came from nothing, just a lonely slavegirl with a cabin in the woods to this … nine months pregnant from the boy that took a bet on you. That first month was hard, you couldn’t put youself over the truth that he really loved you. After that, with the moodswings this pregancy brought you really saw how much he did for you. It was hard for you to adjust in this world, you still were that insecure girl, afraid for the opinions of others, shy with the jokes his brothers maked. When there was a conversation you sat by paying attention without saying a thing. But people started to notice, you belly grow and Hvitserk was more around than usual. The whispers going around scared you for a big part, afraid that you won’t be enough in the end, still afraid that he would leave you now you finally start trusting him again. The alone time was all about sitting around and telling stories to your belly, hoping that a son of a daughter one day be better than you, hoping that he or she would have a wonderfull life. So you told your belly about everything, you told how famous his or her grandfather was, how handsome his or her father was. You never told about yourself, not wanting that your child turned out just like you.

You moved, sitting up, a hand carrying your belly while you pulled yourself out of the bed, walking over to the little window, gazing outside to the rain. You never left your little cabin, even now you stayed here. This was the one thing you owned. Hvitserk tried to convince you to move closer to Kattegat, in case of but you spoke for the gods, your faith laid in their hands. You looked down to your belly, feeling your unborn child kick like crazy, it almost hurted. He or she would be a fighter, or at least  that was what you imagined. Passing was something that maked the child calm again, so you started to walk around, slowly, your back killing you from the heavy weight it had to pull. Any moment now, you could give labor any moment and only that idea scared you almost to dead.
‘Y/n?’ He pulled you out of your thoughts. You looked over your shoulder to Hvitserk who pulled something on. ‘What are you doing?’
‘Passing, someone didn’t want  to sleep.’ You smiled tired, looking down to your belly.
‘You should rest more, you need your strenght.’ Hvitserk reacted, placing a kiss against your temple. You closed your eyes and rested your chin on his shoulder, feeling his warm breath against your skin.
‘I can’t really rest if our child wants to be awake all the time.’ You whispered, looking back up to him. He caressed your cheek and you smiled softly, enjoying the little attention he gave you in the middle of the night.
‘We have a fighter on our hands.’ He said with a promesing look, crouching down before your belly. ‘Don’t do that, your mother needs her sleep.’ He placed his lips on it and the smile on your lips grew with the second. It got a little more silent in your body and you nodded towards Hvitserk, approvingly.
‘If he or she will listen so well to you in the futher, i will be happy.’
‘You are already happy.’ He guessed, leading you back to bed.
‘Not completly.’ You protested, lying down again, signing out of exhaustion.
‘I will be glad if our child is born.’ He said, laying down aside you his hand rubbing your tensed shoulder.
‘I’m not really looking forward to it but yes, I will be glad to.’
‘I’ll be there, I promise.’ He promised you. Now way you would pull labor off without him being around. You still were to insecure to depend on the words or acts from another, if he would be there to encourage you, you maybe would make.
‘Won’t get anywere without you.’
‘Now rest love, I will keep watch for sudden movements.’ He winked. You chuckled, pulling him closer and placing your lips on his. He was your viking, the viking you always dreamt of. And while you slowly got on the way to your dreams you heared him talking, long stories about the gods and the fights his father fought.

Aslaug didn’t really liked you in the beginning. When you had dinner with the sons of Ragnar and their mother you always felt so akward all the time, just sitting there and hardly touching your food while Hvitserk drank a little to much and got all free and enthusiastic. Around you he was always carefull, so you loved to see him like that. But with the birth coming he didn’t drank much, keeping a close eye on you and it that way his mother saw he was becoming a man more than he was the boy you fell in love with.  
‘You took a bet over her, maked her pregant and expecting a son or daughter any minute, when will you get married?’ Ubbe asked joyfull, taking his cup and drinking back his ale. You looked down, like usual not getting in the conversation with them.
‘Don’t you want to marry my son?’ Aslaug asked you. She knew how to challenge your insecurity. You looked up to her, smiling in the best way you could before you looked over to Hvitserk.
‘I would.’ He reacted, getting you enough to nodd for yourself to. Aslaug smiled, glad by the reaction you gave. You felt a small pain getting through your stomach, squeezing your eyes a little to endure it. It passed by without anybody noticing.
‘I’m happy for my son, at least one of my sons is wise and big enough to commit.’ She announched.
‘That isn’t wise.’ Ivar protested, throwing you a meaningless gaze.
‘You are saying that because you are jealous of her Ivar.’ Ubbe smiled towards his youngest brother.
‘Don’t bet with me next time.’ Hvitserk winked on his turn. You looked towards Ivar and his already hard expressions, he did like he didn’t care but somewhere deep inside he needed to, right? He needed to feel something other than always taunting his brothers around, pretend like he didn’t care.
‘You will wish you didn’t bet if that little thing inside her belly waked you up every hour of the night.’ Ivar reacted, a little heated. You felt the sharp pain again and closed your eyes, tensed.
‘Y/n, are you feeling alright?’ Aslaug noticed. The disscucion stopped within seconds, everybody around the table looking at you.
‘It’s alright.’ You tried to smile. Hvitserk came from his seat and walked around the table, crouching aside your seat.
‘Don’t hold back because my brothers are around, or my mother. What do you feel?’ He asked concerned, on a low voice.
‘I feel like I’m going into labor.’ You whispered back, scared. Hvitserk turned to his mother and she nodded, sending her sons out.
‘We will take good care of you Y/n.’ Aslaug said. You nodded, looking to Hvitserk back.
‘I’m scared.’
‘Me to, but let’s keep focus on the little one.’ He said, carefully resting his hand on your belly.  You nodded, taking a deep breath when you felt that pain again. Your water broke and then you were sure … you were turning into a mother.

It was the most awfull thing, giving birth. You felt your body extent in so many ways you even could imagine before. And the pain, you where exhausted from yelling half the time, handling the pain. Sweat transparent on your body while you rested your head in the pillow, panting, exhausted.
‘I can’t.’ You whispered, tears from before running over your cheeks again.
‘You have to Y/n.’ One of the woman said who were present in the room. You head shifted a little, looking aside to Hvitserk who looked concerned from your belly back to you. This was taking hours, scared that the actually labor would take some hours more. ‘One last time, I see the head already.’ The woman said. A new pain got up and you grabbed the last of your energy, screaming out the pain, clenhing to Hvitserk his hand while your little one got his or her first breath in this strange big words. The little cry weakened your body entirly, Hvitserk left your side when you closed your eyes, relieved that it was over.
‘It’s a daughter.’ Somebody announched. A girl … a fragile little girl like you were. The cry she shouted out, pulled a tired smile on your lips, a girl … and she was already twice the fighter you were. You turned your head, looking for her, finding her in the arms of her father. Hvitserk turned around, something so little pressed against his chest maked your exhausted body feel alive again. She stopped crying from the warmth he spread while he sat aside you on the bed. You tried to sit up a little but he protested.
‘Let me see her.’ You whispered, looking over his arm. He turned her around, so carefull, a little clumsy even before you had a full sight of your daughter. She was gorgeous, already having some dark hair, wrapped up in a blanket, the blood still covering some places. You rested your head against Hvitserk his arm, sinking your eyes away in that tiny little body she represented. ‘We have a daughter.’ You whispered, still in disbelief that after those horrible hours this was the result of your pain. You almost forget it right away.
‘I’m so proud of you Y/n.’ He whispered, placing a kiss on your forehead. You slowly looked up to him.
‘I love you Hvitserk.’
‘It will be hard to split my love in ecually pieces.’ He smiled.
‘As long as you love her it doens’t matter what happens to me.’
‘It matters to me.’ He protested. You closed your eyes, tired when you felt that tiny little body contact with your chest. You opened your eyes, laid your hand over that little body. She snuggled, curled up almost, fingers formed to fists. The tears left your eyes again, so happy in the moment. Althrough your body was so weakened, you felt so exhausted, this would always be the perfect moment in your life. Laying here, with her on your chest while Hvitserk sat aside you, placing his lips against your hair and smiling proudly. She would be fierce, she would be loved, she would be exacly how you dreamed a daughter to be. You would make sure of that.

The End

Marinette in Wonderland (Part One)- Adrienette Month Day Eight

Part Two

Part Three

Bonus Scene

“Are you Alice?”

She spins around. “Who’s there? Who said that?”

“I did.” The voice is soft, and for a moment, she sees a flicker of an image… a boy, with gold hair and eyes that she can’t see. “Are you Alice?”

“I… no, I’m Marinette…”

“I have to find Alice. I have to take her.”


“Can’t you be Alice?” the boy pleads, still flickering in and out, like a mirage or a hologram. “Please, Marinette, say you’re Alice?”

She looks around, desperately. It’s the biggest city in France, surely someone else is one the street, seeing this… but she’s alone with the boy who seems less and less human, whose outline she can barely make out now, even under the bright streetlights. “If I say that, will you leave me alone?”

He nods. “If you say it, and it’s not the truth, then you really aren’t her, and I don’t need you.”

She has no idea what that means, but she’s pretty sure her name isn’t Alice, so… “Fine, then I’m Alice, now go away!”

She can see his eyes now. They’re wide, and green… a pretty green. He’s about her age, and smiling, although the smile looks incredibly false with the tears in his eyes. “You’re Alice.”

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Puppy Love (Part four)- Dean Ambrose x reader

You made it to the three month mark and you were thankful it was almost time to see your pups.

“You comfortable sweet heart?” You heard Seth’s voice enter the locker room. You were sitting down in a lounge chair the company brought along especially for you. “Yea Seth, thanks for asking,” you said smiling up to him.

“Do you mind if I just hang out with you? To make sure nothing happens?” He asked. You and Seth were the only ones in the room. “You can stay, yea. Did he really send someone to watch over me?” You asked laughing. Seth sent a devilish smile, “Oh no, Dean didn’t send me. I just haven’t seen you in a while since he keeps you on locked away from us.”

“Well he does that for good reasons,” you stated. Seth shrugged and sat on the ground beside you. You poked him, “you know there’s benches you could sit on?” Seth looked up, “nah, I’d rather sit here.” “Whatever floats your boat Seth.”

Roman entered next, “Seth why are you even here?” Seth shrugged, “I dunno, I just wanted to talk to Y/N.” Roman shook his head, “Nah you don’t, you just wanna convince Y/N to let you name one of the pups.” Seth growled, “So, I have good names picked out!”

You started laughing over the petty argument. Dean came in and didn’t go ape shit on anyone for being near you. He kissed you and went to shower. Seth basically had his tail in between his legs the whole time while Dean was present. Roman whispered, “why didn’t he snap at you Seth?”

Seth shrugged and looked to you, “why didn’t he?” You had no clue but you gave an educated guess, “maybe he believes you guys were watching me for labor pains?” Roman nodded, “makes sense.”

After three minutes Dean came out fresh and dressed. The pups always moved so much when their father was in the room with you. You placed a hand over your tummy and felt the flutters. Roman looked to Dean, “Can I feel the pups?” Dean rubbed his wet moppy hair in the towel, “Yea sure. Be careful.” Roman stood by your chair, “where should I touch?” You grabbed his hand and placed it at the top of your stomach, “you feel them?” Roman waited for a minute, but nothing, “no not really.”

“Oh honey!” You called to Dean, “I think the pups are afraid of their uncle. Come over here to show them it’s ok to jump around.” Dean chuckled and walked over, “move kiddos! That’s just uncle Ro, he’s harmless..sorta,” he smirked. You felt the flutters start again. You saw Roman’s face light up, “whoa! There’s gotta be two small pups in there! They’re strong!”

Dean huffed, “just like daddy!” Seth smirked, “Oh god, we don’t need more Ambroses.” You sighed, “I think we do.”


That night you tagged along with the boys to the woods so they could let loose and run. You decided you wanted to watch the excitement from the car, you got out and sat on the hood. The boys shifted into their feral wolves and ran off. Occasionally one of them would pop back up from the brush to see if you were ok.

It was getting to be 3AM and you decided since you couldn’t leave you would sleep in the car. You sat down in the seat and leaned the seat back. You closed the car door and tried to position yourself in a semi-comfortable position for the night. You checked your phone one last time before going to sleep at 3:07AM on the dot.

You jerked awake at 4:30AM with a sharp stab in the stomach. “Owww fuck!” You breathed out. You turned on a ceiling light in the car to see your pants and the seat beneath you were wet. “Damn it, fuck,” you panicked. You opened the door and slowly got out. Once you stood a contraction hit you. You doubled over in pain, “why do you guys have to come now?!” You asked the pups.

Pain. Pups are coming. Lots of pain.

Dean stopped chasing a wild squirrel as he felt your stabbing pains. He also had that physical connection with you; your pains were sometimes his. His messy tail wagged as he tried to contain his excitement.

A long howl was released. And in that howl was a happy message that both Roman and Seth received and rushed back to Dean. The three alpha wolves ran back to the car hoping you didn’t run off to find them. They reached you; you were sprawled across the ground on your back grimacing.

“Hey fl-“ another stab jerked in you, -uffy, can’t you guys turn back?” Dean shifted back, the other two followed. Dean got up and popped the trunk open to grab a duffel bag full of clothes. He grabbed his pants and shirt; he threw the rest to Seth and Roman.

“Ok, Roman, you’ve delivered pups before, right?” Dean asked sitting down beside you. Roman nodded, “once before. I’m rusty. So uh Seth, help.” Seth wide eyed and confused nodded, he knew that he wasn’t much help, having never seen a pup delivery.

“Just- GET THEM OUT!” You screamed. Dean shushed you, “we gotta be quiet baby girl. We don’t want humans to know that we have a very pregnant woman giving birth to hairy pups. That shit ain’t natural to most.”

Your eyes turned a shade of yellow and you snarled at your lover. Dean raised his arms away and backed away. Roman laughed, “she doesn’t wanna hear your shit right now!” The two men pulled your pants off, cautiously.

Water and licks.

Dean stood up and tried searching the car for a spare water to give you. He grabbed one and walked back over to you, “I’m sorry, but drink this,” he opened the bottle and raised your head. He tilted the bottle to your mouth and you chugged it all. “Feel better?” He asked innocently. You continued to growl at him, “why did you do this!”

Dean ignored the question and kissed your forehead. You melted under the kiss, and grabbed him to pull him into a kiss of your own. You jerked from the passionate moment when your contractions became closer and closer. You reached for Dean’s hand to squeeze or break.

I smell blood.

You were pushing now hoping something would happen. “Fuck it feels like my hips have broken into a million pieces!” You said through clinched teeth. “Ro is she okay, I smell blood?” Dean asked concerned. Roman nodded, “yea! Without much effort from mom here she almost has puppy number one out.”


You gave another hard push and screamed in agony. Roman gently grabbed the pup out. Seth grabbed a towel and put the wet whimpering pup in it. “Dad, will you do the honors of cutting the first pup’s cord?” Roman asked holding up a pair of scissors. “Yea, yea,” Dean said moving down to the ‘sterile field’. He grabbed the scissors and cut the cord quickly.

“It’s a girl!” Seth chirped, “what are you gonna name her?”

Dean didn’t have to think, “Shiloh.” You looked up towards the men and nodded, “that’s such a pretty name honey.” Dean scooted back up to you, “and you can probably guess who told me the name.” You smiled and held his hand again, “fluffy,” referring to the wolf.

Seth gently rubbed the dark brown fur of the pup’s dry. He had to fight back the urge to coo and cuddle it. He tried setting the pup down in a nest of unused clothes to keep her warm, but when he did she howled out to be loved. Dean snapped, “the pup wants to be held Seth, hold her!” Seth quickly grabbed the pup up, “sorry little one.”

“Ok, momma, push when you feel the contractions,” Roman said holding onto your knees. “O-okay,” you let out, you were so weak and fatigued. After several minutes of waiting you felt the familiar stabs again. “Oh holy shit,” you said as your stomach muscles tensed. “Push,” Roman kept quietly chanting.

You gave out a defeated grunt, “I can’t!” You started to cry as Dean cupped your face, “You can, you have to. There’s no other way we can get this pup out. Just try.” You groaned into another push. “Hey, I see the head!” Roman proclaimed.

You howled an awful scream and gave it your all and it felt as if you were tearing all of your muscles as you pushed. “Stop! I can grab it from here,” Roman said as you relaxed. He grabbed the pup and pulled the rest of the way. Seth looked down at the little girl he had, “I’m sorry little one I have to put you down.” He put the pup in the nest of clothes and it howled for touch again.

Seth grabbed the wet pup and waited for the cord cut from Dean. Dean cut the cord and dropped them. “So what’s the-,” Seth peeked at the genitals, “BOY’S name?” Dean looked to you, “the wolf didn’t tell me a name.” You smiled, “mine did. His name is Ash.”

Seth dried off the light brown fur, “Oh Dean, he looks just like you! You got yourself a mini Ambrose!” Seth extended a finger to touch the pups nose but when he did the pup lunged and gummed his finger. The pup made a pathetic baby growl. You gasped, “Oh my god! That’s daddy’s boy to a T.” Dean giggled like a child at the sight, “see, ready to fight at any second.”

Seth laid the pup next to his sister, and Ash didn’t make a sound. Shiloh was still howling. “Give them to me!” You demanded. Both pups were wrapped and handed to you. “Look at you guys,” you said touching their little ears. “When do they turn human?” You asked. “Well around two or three months of age. Maybe later,” Roman answered. They both opened their young eyes and stared at you. This was the face, voice, smell, and touch of their mother. Dean wiggled his finger in front of his son’s face, “you gonna bite me little shit?” The pup only licked his finger.


Your little family was now settled back in at the hotel. The other pack members came in to visit and to congratulate you. “You and Dean make some A-DORABLE pups!” Sasha piped. Everyone took their turns to visit you by bedside. Once everyone got a chance to see you, they left. The Usos hauled in your new transportable crib, “from all of us, we wanted to give you this wicked crib. Now they can go to snooze town all night..hopefully “ You thanked the brothers and they left.

You gave the pups their last feeding and put little diapers on their butts and handed them to Dean. He held each pup in a hand, “Ash, Shiloh..” he said as he cooed, “you both are daddy’s and mommy’s world. Everything daddy does out there in the ring is for all of you. This life on the road might be a little hard. But I promise we’ll get home soon. I have a long break coming up. But between then and now, you better behave!” Shiloh stuck her tongue out. “Oh baby girl,” he cooed. He put the pups in the crib and locked the bars. “Pups are secured. Hopefully no one will cry because of poopy pants,” he laughed getting into bed.

Lilacs and Honeysuckles.

Dean nuzzled into your neck to give you a kiss. “Your scent is stronger than ever,” he smirked. You grinned, “You too mister, musky pine wood scent.”

“You’ve made my life complete. Within such short amount of time I found you, I claimed you. You had pups. And here we are,” he said playing with your hair. “Your welcome,” you said yawning, “can we sleep now before the pups whine about poopy diapers?” You cuddled into his chest and closed your eyes. And like many other nights, your calming scent lulled Dean into a deep sleep.

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You are worth more than who you fuck. You are worth more than a waist line. You are worth more than beer bottles displayed like drunken artifacts. You are worth more than any naked body could proclaim in the shadows, more than a man’s whim or your father’s mistake. You are no less valuable as a size 16 than a size 4. You are no less valuable as a 32A than a 36C. Your sexiness is defined by concentric circles within your wood. It is wisdom. You are a goddamn tree stump with leaves sprouting out. Reborn.

Mary Lambert

Body Love

I was tagged by @ma-at-thought to post an aesthetic of ourselves. I like the things I put online to look pretty, so I made an aesthetic board. I will describe the squares!

1. Draenei - My love of draenei (mostly the boy draenei) has been going for years now. I’ve more or less adopted the race and their aesthetic for my own creativity.

2. Trees - I like the outdoors a lot, especially woods and forests. I need my trees and plants!

3. Castlevania - I really like Victorian fantasy horror settings. Castlevania is also blessed to have character illustrations by Ayami Kojima, who painted this image.

4. Retro games - I grew up playing 8-bit and 16-bit Nintendo. A lot of games in this time period are nostalgic for me. The Final Fantasy series also put me in contact with Yoshitaka Amano’s art.

5. Dark - This is an old original character of mine. He’s the closest to a self-representation that I have, so I put him in the middle.

6. Tea - I like tea, especially dessert tea. I also collect books, mostly fantasy fiction and art books.

7. Flowers - Flowers make me happy!

8. Foggy mountains - I really like mountains, fog, and rain. Scandianvian country in general.

9. European black metal/atmospheric metal - This is an album cover from Summoning, one of my favorite bands. I’m a big European metal nerd, and have tons of albums from Epica and Nightwish to Sabaton and Solefald.

There’s more I could have put on here (particularly birds and dinosaurs… also My Little Pony and 80s cartoons) but this is a pretty good cross section of my interests.

A Walk To Remember-Anon Request

Hello everyone! Happy Saturday night. 

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I hope you’re all doing great :)

So, new imagine request! I’m so sorry for not being very active this week. School is killing me and I have no free time. But I finally finished this request from an Anon :) 

I hope you like it Anon, sorry for the delay

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P.S.: I just found the title and it made me think about the movie ‘A Walk To Remember’. Beautiful movie, watch it if you haven’t seen it yet :)

(c/n)= Crush’s name (y/n)=your name (C’s/b/n)=Crush’s brother’s name(if your crush doesn’t have a brother just imagine he does and take a name you like :P)

‘’Can you write one when your on a walk heading to a forest trail and he sees you and asks to tag along and yup. c: ty’’

The wind blew around me as I walked along the streets of my neighbourhood with an ice cream cone in my hand and my earphones in my ears. Today was a perfect day for a walk, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and summer was approaching fast.

I’d always enjoyed taking walks and going out for a run. They relaxed me and always left me smiling and feeling refreshed. And I somehow always ended up thinking about (c/n). I held back a giggle as I thought about him. I’d met him this year and I felt like we were meant to be. He was just so nice to everyone and funny and everything I could wish for in a guy.

With my ice cream cone done and my mood brought up by a notch, I made a small detour that I knew would bring me to a small street that ended abruptly just to open up onto a forest on the other side.

With a small smile, I ran towards the familiar forest trail and smiled when the forest came in sight. Just as I started walking into the forest I heard my name being called.

I whipped around and frowned as the sun blinded my view. I could make out a shadow running towards me but not who it was. I blinked a few times and my heart jumped in my chest when I recognized whom it was.

‘’Hey, (y/n)! Wait up!’’ (C/n) was waving frenetically and I couldn’t but laugh at how ridiculous he looked.

He finally stopped when he reached me, with his hands on his knee and him panting exaggeratedly. I shook my head and put took my earphones off before putting my phone on silent.

‘’Done catching your breath drama queen?’’ I asked with raised eyebrows.

(C/n) glanced up at me and rolled his eyes before straightening up and shoving his hands down his pockets.

‘’That was very exhausting for your information.’’ He said with a small smile.

‘’You need to exercise more then.’’ I replied with a laugh.

He brought a hand to his chest ad gasped dramatically. ‘’Are implying that I’m fat?’’

I laughed and he raised his eyebrows at me. ‘’Don’t try to put words in my mouth.’’

He rolled his eyes again before walking up to me. ‘’So, whatcha up to?’’

‘’Just taking a walk.’’

He nodded before clearing his throat. ‘’Mind if I tag along? A pretty girl like you shouldn’t be wandering around in the woods alone.’’ He bumped his shoulder with mine before winking at me.

He just called me pretty!

‘’Huh, yeah. C’mon.’’ I smiled nervously at him and we walked into the forest.

*Time skip*

We’d been walking around in the woods for quite a time now, just joking around and talking. We somehow ended up really close and our hands kept brushing against each other every now and then.

I laughed as he made a goofy face at me before running forward and disappearing behind tall trees.

‘’(C/n)!’’ I sighed and walked up ahead. ‘’C’mon don’t-‘’


A shriek escaped my lips and I jumped behind with a hand over my heart.

(C/n) was standing there with big smile on his face and his hands behind his back. He slowly approached and I frowned before taking a few steps back.

‘’If you have a worm in your hand or something I swear-‘’

He suddenly jumped ahead and I shut my eyes close as I brought my hands up to cover my face.

He laughed and I felt his hand grab my forearm. He tried to pull my arm down but I shook my head and backed away again.

‘’It’s not a worm, I promise.’’ He laughed and I sighed before opening my eyes and putting my arms down.

‘’What is it?’’ I asked warily.

‘’Just a beautiful flower,’’ He lifted his hand up and my eyes landed and a light pink flower. ‘’For a beautiful girl.’’ He smiled before stepping up to me and tucking the flower behind my ear.

My heart sped up as his hand brushed my cheek before falling limp at his side. He cleared his throat and smiled at me before holding his hand out.

I looked down at it before looking back up at him with a smile. I put my hand in his and my heart churned in my chest when he intertwined our fingers together. (C/n) smiled at me again before resuming our walk.

We stayed like that for some time, in silence; hands intertwined, the birds chirping around us, the wind blowing around. It wasn’t awkward, it was just… Perfect.

I smiled to myself before glancing at c/n from the corner of my eye. He was already looking at me.

‘’So,’’ He cleared his throat and squeezed my hand. ‘’I was thinking that-‘’

I was suddenly sent flying forward when my foot got stuck on something. My hand slipped from (c/n)’s grip and I landed on my left side. The wind was knocked out of me as I collided with the ground. Tears stung at my eyes and I gasped for air.

‘’(Y/n)!’’ My eyes were shut close and I could feel (c/n) close to me. ‘’(Y/n), can you move?’’

‘’It hurts.’’ Tears were steaming down my cheeks and I was sobbing painfully. Every time I took a breath, my side hurt.

‘’Breathe slowly,’’ I felt his hand on my shoulder and I shook my head. ‘’I’m gonna turn you on your back okay?’’

I nodded and he let out a sigh before pushing me back gently so until I was lying on my back.

‘’Take deep breaths, okay?’’ I opened my eyes and looked up at him through my blurry vision.

‘’I can’t,’’ I whined when I tried taking a deep breath. ‘’It hurts.’’

‘’I know it hurts but you have to breathe, okay? Deep and slow breaths, I’ll do them with you.’’ He brought his hand down to my cheek and wiped my tears away before doing the same for the other cheek.

‘’Deep breaths alright?’’ I nodded and he smiled down at me. ‘’In,’’ I breathed in and he nodded down at me. ‘’And out.’’ He exhaled with me and we kept on repeating this until I could breathe better.

‘’Okay, now tell me where it hurts?’’ (C/n)’s worried expression made my heart swell.

‘’My left side and my ankle.’’ I watched him frown down at my ankle before his eyes were back up on me again.

‘’Try to sit up, I’ll help you.’’ I felt his hand go behind my neck while the other one gripped my hand tightly.

I gasped when (c/n) pulled me up into a sitting position, everything was hurting and my ankle was throbbing.

‘’Don’t worry, I got you.’’ He whispered in my ear.

*A week later*

I let out a nervous breath as I walked up the stairs of (c/n)’s house with a tray of cookies in my hands. I ran a hand through my hair before ringing the bell. I gripped the sides of the tray as I waited for someone to answer.

The door finally swung open and a guy appeared at the door step. He looked older, probably in his twenties and he had the same features as (c/n), he was probably (c/n)’s brother.

‘’Hi, can I help you?’’ He asked with raised eyebrows.

I cleared my throat and nodded. ‘’Hum, yeah. I’m here to see (c/n). Is he here?’’

He smiled down at me and nodded. ‘’Are you (y/n)?’’ I nodded and his smile widened. ‘’One second please.’’

He took a step back and turned around before walking further into the house.

‘’(C/n)! There’s someone for you at the door!’’ A few seconds after that, (c/n) came down from the stairs and walked up to his brother. (C/n)’s brother pointed to the door and breathed in deeply again.

When our eyes met, (c/n) smiled and ran towards the door. ‘’Hey!’’

I smiled and held the cookies up to him. ‘’Do you like cookies?’’

‘’Chocolate chips?’’ I nodded and he grinned before pulling me inside of his house.

‘’That’s my brother (imagine a name if your crush doesn’t have one, a brother I mean). He’s home from university, unfortunately.’’ (C/n) pointed to his brother who rolled his eyes before ruffling (c/n)’s hair.

‘’He loves me.’’ He winked at me and (c/n) shoved him to the side. ‘’Alright, I won’t steal your girlfriend, no worries little man.’’

My eyes widened and I shook my head. ‘’Oh no, we’re not-‘’

‘’Shut up, man.’’ C/n groaned and punched his brother on the shoulder.

‘’You’re always talking about her. (Y/n) this, (y/n) that.’’ (C/n)’s brother was grinning widely and my heart was racing in my chest.

‘’Don’t listen to him.’’ (C/n) turned back to me and motioned for me to follow him. His brother followed close behind and we entered a kitchen.

‘’Huh, my mom baked cookies. She wanted to thank you for helping me the other day.’’ I set the tray of cookies down on the table and (c/n) smiled at me.

‘’Cool, I’ll have to-‘’

‘’How’s your ankle, (y/n)?’’ (C’s/b/n) asked.

‘’Huh… It’s better, still hurting though.’’ I frowned at him, wondering how he knew about my ankle and he nodded before turning to (c/n).

‘’Good, (c/n) was really worried when he came home the other day, he didn’t shut up for the rest of the night.’’

(C/n)’s face was red and he was glaring furiously at his older brother. ‘’Well,’’ (C’s/b/n) patted (c/n)’s cheek before reaching over and grabbing some cookies from the tray. ‘’I’ll leave you two love birds alone.’’ He winked at me again before walking out of the kitchen and leaving us in an awkward silence.

I gulped quietly and looked up at (c/n). He was looking down at his lap with his hands clasped tightly together. He was red from his face down to his neck and his leg was bouncing up and down.

‘’(C/n)?’’ I asked hesitantly. He ran a hand through his messy hair before slowly looking up at me. I gave him a small smile and he sighed.

He just sat there, looking at me with his face still red. I cleared my throat and he sighed again before looking down.

‘’Here’s the thing… No, hum- well, you see… No, it’s been-‘’ He groaned and looked back up at me. ‘’Sorry I-‘’ Before he could say anything else I leaned in and pressed my lips against his. I pulled back with my heart racing against my chest and a smile on my lips.

‘’I like you too.’’ His eyes widened and his mouth hung open.

‘’What? How did you-‘’

‘’Your brother isn’t very good at keeping secrets, maybe you should stop telling him stuff.’’ I laughed quietly and he nodded before smiling at me.

(C/n) took my hand and pulled me against his side. ‘’So, would you-I mean do you-‘’

‘’Yes, I’d like to be your girlfriend, if that’s what you’re asking.’’ His face reddened and he nodded. I smiled and leaned in until our lips were just a breath away.

‘’Damn, that girl has more balls than you.’’ (C’s/b/n) barged into the kitchen and I jumped away from (c/n).

‘’I swear to God (C’s/b/n)-‘’

‘’No swearing on God’s name!’’ (C’s/b/n) grabbed more cookies before punching (c/n)’s shoulder and running out of the kitchen all of that while laughing like a madman.

‘’Sometimes I feel like I’m the oldest.’’ (C/n) sighed and held out his hand to me.

‘’He kinda helped today, don’t you think?’’ (C/n) rolled his eyes and I laughed before walking back over to him.

‘’You’re welcome!’’ (C’s/b/n) poked his head into the kitchen and grinned at us. (C/n) grabbed a cookie and threw it at him. ‘’Alright, I’m leaving!’’

‘’God, he’s annoying.’’ (C/n) groaned and wrapped an arm around my waist.

I shrugged and rested my forehead against his. ‘’You didn’t say thank you.’’ I grinned at him before pressing a kiss to his cheek.

He shook his head and pointed to his lips. ‘’I think you aimed for the wrong part of my face.’’ A laugh escaped my lips and I rolled my eyes before leaning in for a kiss.

The End

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So this is the second of my What if there were other Baby Groots. It is based around a conversation  @schiffeversenken  and I had while watching Guardians of the Galaxy. Not sure who is interested in tales of Baby Groots, but I am writing them anyhow.    

Tagging: @queencobblefreezestuff  @multi-villain-imagines   @bidennisreynolds  @aya-fay  @teh-himes If you want to be tagged let me know

other than a vague threat and implying the little bits of wood are dead, not much warning is needed, let me know if I am incorrect in that assumption.

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anonymous asked:

50 reasons to ship bonkai? ♥

Ohh, that’s a good one..♥♥

  1. Bonnie was the first girl Kai got to see after about 20 years
  2. Kai fancies her
  3. Kai flirts with Bonnie all the time
  4. Kai was the reason Bonnie got her magic back
  5. The way Kai looks at her
  6. Bonnie was the first person Kai could open up his heart to
  7. Kai wishes he was more like Bonnie 
  8. She changes him
  9. Bonnie pushes Kai
  10. He was willing to sacrifice his life to save her
  11. He thinks she’s plucky
  12. Bonnie is the reason he stayed up all night (because of his guilt)
  13. He couldn’t stop thinking about her
  14. He wanted to see her
  15. He wanted to be his friend
  16. Their potential!!!
  17. Bonnie wanted to impress “the new guy”
  18. Kai was speechless when he faced Bonnie to apologize 
  19. She dreamed of him (more than once)
  20. She seems to be the only person he really cares about
  21. He wanted to feel her hand on his chest
  22. He wanted to make her happy by bringing miss cuddles 
  23. He doctored her wound
  24. He cooked her dinner
  25. Kai and Bonnie are both hot as fuck
  26. He only wanted to go if Bonnie was going too (1903)
  27. When they were leaving him, the only name he shouted was Bonnie’s 
  29. He needed her to forgive him (that’s a pretty big deal for a sociopath)
  30. They would be such an attractive pairing

There are so many more reasons…

Bonkaimily, what about we finish this together?! :) ♥♥

Add all the reasons that come to your mind, feel free :)