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Posturing, pt 2 (Post S1, Pre S2)
  • (Cherit swoops into the gym, drawn by the scent of popcorn)
  • Cherit: Are we watching a movie?
  • Lok and Sophie: *munching popcorn, point to opposite end of gym*
  • Dante and Zhalia: *both again shirtless, doing...handstand push ups?*
  • Cherit: ...there they go again.
  • Sophie: They're at fifty seven so far.
  • Lok: Dante's gotten a nosebleed twice.
  • Zhalia: That's because he didn't spend a majority of his teens training to hang upside down in ventilation shafts for hours at a time.
  • Dante: *through new nosebleed* We can't all be as beautifully gifted with acrobatic abilities as you, babe.
  • Cherit: Is it dishes again?
  • Lok: Laundry.
  • Cherit: And after THAT mission...I can see why it's causing a bit of an argument.
  • Zhalia: Is that what this is? Pft, with the way Dante's doing these I'd say I'd be better off calling Montehue for a workout partner next time. ;3
  • Dante: ...
  • Dante: *Manages to arch back enough to lean his legs towards his girlfriend as she's coming up from another pushup and tips her over with his foot*
  • Dante: Oh no. What ever shall we do? Zhalia has laundry duty.