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i’m suddenly imagining Hinami sneaking into Touka’s room at night to get into her bed and sleep with her sometimes? ;-; maybe there are days where Hinami still feels a bit like a child, and wants to be with her onee-chan because she feels safe around her, the 24th ward can be scary sometimes, so she gets into her bed and embraces her from the back and then when Touka turns around she finds her there sleeping, and brushes her hair and it’s a beautiful moment between sisters? ;-; i can even imagine this happening even more if Hinami finds out she’s pregnant, cuddling with Touka and placing a hand on her tummy…

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you and another nonnie got it!!

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There's this guy who always goes on angry rants about Eremika and how it's incest in my messages because he knows I ship it and he has it blacklisted and I've started not tagging it in Eremika posts because screw that guy and yea that's all.

i’m so tempted to just call him out like right here, right now. i’d just go into the anti tag and find him and just outright tag him and then drag him though the dirt.

but i shall restrain myself.