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Four months ago, we were graced with the masterpiece that was
Double Black episode

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@frost-master, I don’t see how he could know how evil they are? It’s not like he and Damien Darhk would likely have crossed paths, and especially considering how long Darhk has been around, many of his really awful allegiances (like, y’know, to literal Nazis in WW2) were well before Len was alive? And Eobard’s from the future and Len wouldn’t know anything about him unless the Len they picked up was after The Flash 1x22, and even then it’s not like team Flash would’ve told Len about EoWells?

And I doubt they’re telling him about their own personal histories; they’re not exactly a forthcoming bunch…

Regardless, I do agree that he’s totally the type to bide his time and see what else he can get out of the situation. It’s very him to watch and see before taking action.

I’m not sure if he’s terrified of his own death. I know that’s @pretzel-log1c‘s position, but I don’t think he’s necessarily motivated by fear as much as he is by the natural desire to continue living and survive, the instinct to see if he can cheat fate, cheat death. I think a knee-jerk reactance to finding out he died and being offered a chance to steal something to undo that? Would be enough to pique his interest. Len will stare down the barrel of a gun, would just as likely say “not interested but thanks for the tip – I’ll be sure not to head on any ‘heroes journey’ in January 2016″ were it not for the fact that his interest is piqued. Not to mention by power and a particularly huge ‘score’ of sorts, a completely new challenge.

All that being said… I really don’t get why this characterization would seem like a reach. All of that is… very fitting to him? And perfectly in line with what canon has shown us?

So I wake up to like 20+ messages about the Chris post LOL 😂😂 I’m glad you guys liked it! I don’t mind people hating a fictional character but attacking actors that have done nothing wrong… anyway Chris Wood is such a kind and beautiful person idk what that blog was thinking coming after my son 😅😅

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Can you say a lot more switch fiics i need them omg

make sure you read the tags before you read any of these bc some of them are quite !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Guardian angels: Jiminel.

Idol: Jimin(AOA).

Summary: Guardian angel AU.(No one asked for it but i love this series so imma finish it. Please let me know what you think.)

A/N: Some mentions of death and depression.

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To all my followers

I may or may not be leaving tumblr after this next week. A lot of stuff has been happening in my personal life lately that I need to focus on. Both my parents health have been been going downhill lately and I feel that I need to focus on them more. I’m going to see how they fair this next week and if they don’t improve then I’ll be leaving. I may return one day to tumblr and join back in my fandoms, I don’t know. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up.