needs more horn

so i decided change tae’s role in the au,,, here’s a doodle of his new design

From Hildegard
Patrick Hughes with UT Trombone Choir
From Hildegard

This is the piece that changed my life.

Imagine being surrounded by horns (instead of trombones like in this recording). Like, literally surrounded. People behind you to your right, behind to the left, in front to the left, center and right.

So the sound wraps a blanket around you, and you are so so enveloped in it, that its is just the most beautiful thing you’ve ever heard in your entire life.

And when the music swells, all you can hear is the beautiful tones of the horn,blocking out every single sound in the room, and the story that they’re telling fills your heart and you just…feel.

Sorry this is kinda cheesy, but it’s what made me decide to do music for the rest of my life.

Because Horns.

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[@everyone i still owe replies to
i’m getting to them slowly but surely, though this weekend where i’m off i’m trying to push cosplay productivity on myself since i have a deadline of maybe less than a month to get my shit together and finish what needs finishing i’ve got no intent on dropping anything i just procrastinated on this stuff way too much and it’s biting me in the ass :’D]