needs more flare

My second pair of finished socks are made from the pattern Kick In The Pants(available on Raverly for free) and the yarn is KnitPicks Felici.

This pattern is a fairly easy one that I kinda consider a “palate cleanser” to do in between more complicated socks that need more focus on them and when you just sort of want to mindlessly knit something for a while. It’s great for self-striping yarns that need a tiny bit more flare than just being knit into regular stripes.

disxwned  asked:

[What a Stunning Battle]

Battle Theme: An odd one, but I’m thinking Nightcore “S&M

Battle intro: “Pity. I was planning for this to be so much later.”

Victory: “Now, you will be beautiful lotus blossoms, dear.”

Defeat: “Now now, don’t deny me a glorious death, my dear~”

Assist: “Tsk tsk, do I need to help you with everything?”

Taunt: “Your strokes need more flare.”

Reacting to Taunt: “Hm? I don’t believe I heard you; I was busy thinking about the things I could do with you.”

Flee: *there is only mad laughing*

Reacting to Flee: “Don’t leave the audience waiting, my dear! Face your last act with glory and determination!”

Tie: “’Seems we’re at an impasse. What fun.”

Perfect Victory: “All these years, and your last act is disappointing. Oh well. At least your death will be a beautiful show.”

Finish Move: “Smile for the audience.”