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[Femslash February]: Style Swap

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Day 11: Style Swap (Alyanette)

Words: 1560

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It all started because of Marinette’s going theory about Alya’s fear of heels. 

“You never wear them!” Marinette cackled during lunch. “I’ve never seen you in a pair of heels once!”

“That doesn’t mean I’m afraid of them,” Alya sighed. “I just don’t like wearing them. They’re uncomfortable.”

“I was texting you pictures of those heels I wanted to buy online last night and you responded with a nauseated face emoji followed by the fearful face emoji,” Marinette announced, checking her old texts. “That sounds like fear and disgust to me.”

Adrien and Nino were huddled together overhearing the conversation. “Oh damn,” Nino whispered in awe. “Marinette pulled out receipts.”

“The plot thickens,” Adrien muttered. 

“Okay, that’s taken out of context,” Alya defended. “You’ll remember that I said that after you showed me an eight inch pair of heels and said, and I quote, ‘wouldn’t these look so cute on you?’”

“They still would.”

“They’re eight inch heels, babe.”

Adrien raised a hand. “I don’t know, Marinette’s got a pretty compelling argument, Alya. It’s just a matter of facts and evidence.”

“Gotta agree with Adrien,” Nino shrugged. “It’s fine, Alya. We’re all scared of something. Nothing to be ashamed of. Marinette’s just braver than all of us and wears heels almost every other day.”

Marinette sighed. “It’s a gift and a curse.”

Alya stared incredulously between the three of them. “Okay, you’re all crazy, and I hate all of you, and this is such a dumb conversation. I could totally wear heels if I wanted to.”

Nino snorted. “You think you have the guts to pull a Marinette? Girl glides in heels, she makes it look way too easy.”

“I can pull a Marinette,” Alya insisted.

“Wait!” Adrien exclaimed. “If Alya pulls a Marinette, then Marinette has to pull an Alya.”

Nino gasped dramatically with a shit eating grin on his face. “Are you suggesting a style swap?”

“I am most definitely suggesting a style swap.”

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okay boys and girls, this bitch is hittin’ the hay. I have 6 fall ficlet thingies queued up and ready to post, so they’ll be filling your dash until approximately 11:25 EST on Friday morning. once I wake up I will promptly chug a pot of coffee and begin writing them again. I have TWENTY  - yes, you read that right, twenty [20] - of them left to write. *wipes sweat from forehead* i’ssa gonna be a long day tomorrow. 

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Yes! I completely agree! Especially since Canada seems to hoard so many amazing people (you guys know who you are).

Canadian AU would probably involve shinobi having to fight in heavy snow, while wearing layers of winter gear (and closed toed shoes, maybe). I imagine young Team 7 wearing those bulky snowsuits they put on children, where your arms stick out at your sides.

I love that in Canadian AU Naruto, Kakashi has a beard instead of a mask. I need more sexy bearded Kakashi. Hell, the world in general needs more of him. In flannel.

My new goal is to be more gay. I don’t know if I can pull off the more stereotypical lesbian look bc I look like a child but maybe if I project the lesbian aesthetic guys will leave me alone and i can get a gf. Also I need more flannel.