needs more character development

“Can’t you see why I want nothing to do with that life?”

What I hope to see in su in the near future

  • Jasper to be happy and love herself
  • Steven to get a therapist cause this kid has been through some serious shit
  • let rainbow buff out of her bubble
  • let the topaz girlfriends be happy
  • Lapis and Jasper to get on a basis of friendship or at least sort out their problems
  • Lars needs more character development (and it looks like he’ll get it)
  • gem war background
  • also homeworld, I need to hear their side of the war

I’m so proud of Lionel.

 He stood up for what he thought was right even though there were risks. Despite Silvio was against it, and despite he is shy and nervous, he took the mic and started talking. He revealed the truth and expose the donors.

He can seem weak but he is SO brave. No one had the courage to speak up and say what was really happening, but HE DID. 

 I love his character development and I need to see more. I hope we get a season 2, eventually.


a:tla + quotes

(inspired by i, ii)


We never saw Lars escape Aquamarine’s ship and we know Steven gave himself up to save everyone.

Can we potentially get a new fusion?
Maybe Lars and Steven have to work together to escape and end up fusing.
I need more Lars Character development pronto! And it would be an amazing way to show both of their anxieties and them both overcoming them.

  • me: *slips joe nicolosi a $20*
  • me: psst, make grimmons canon...

I’m praying for Lance’s well-deserved character development in season 3. I need to see more of his skills as the team’s sharpshooter™. I need more Klance, preferably with Keith getting worried or jealous for whatever reasons and Lance only the one not noticing. I want Lance’s insecurities to be exposed to his world the team and, of course, for it to be solved, but I don’t want it to be easy (like sitting ‘round the table and talking about it). It has to be… angsty and long-lasting.

So, basically I just want and need more Lance I’ll sell my soul for this to happen.

Off Colors (Steven Universe)

If Stuck Together is what started a character redemption for Lars, then this episode, along with the one after this one is what fully establishes Lars’ character development that we’ve been wanting to see for a long time and this episode is truly outstanding for both Lars and the introduction of new characters known as the “Off Colors”.

After escaping from Yellow Diamond’s attack, Steven and Lars try to find their way out of Homeworld and end up being spotted by an explosive robonoid.

The robonoid detects Steven’s gem, which causes it to attack and give chase, which makes Lars really afraid.

An arm from below tells them to hide under from the robonoid, being that they don’t have a choice and the stranger reveals to be a conjoined pair of Rutiles, played by Ashly Burch!

Steven and Lars find themselves in a large abandoned Kindergarten and meet other new gems, being Padparadscha, who is a Sapphire who makes late predictions, a Rhodonite being a fusion of a Ruby and Pearl and lastly, Fluorite that is a caterpillar-like fusion of six gems.

The gems refer to themselves as being outcasts or “off color” as the episode title implies and if they were found out, they could get shattered.

Just after, another group of robonoids follows the group in the kindergarten and Steven tells the gems to hide.

Steven reassures to Lars that it’s okay to be afraid and Lars ends up getting scanned by the robonoids, which causes him to be undetected, as he’s organic and not a gem.

Lars ends up protecting all of the gems and stabs a stick into a robonoid, which causes it to explode and throw him hard against a wall, twice!

Steven checks if Lars is okay, until to discover that Lars is actually dead!

The episode ends with Steven bursting into tears, which causes one tear to drop onto Lars’ cheek which starts to make his body glow pink and wakes up with a scar on his eye, not knowing what just happened.

As I’ve mentioned before, this episode and the one after really set a course for Lars getting some much needed character development!

Not only was Lars more aware that he was very afraid of the situations, but he found out that it’s okay to be afraid and ultimately sacrifices his life to save Steven and the Off Colors.

Not only was supposed death really shocking, but even though most of us knew that Lars wasn’t going to get killed off, was it still very gut-wrenching and emotional for both the audience and Steven.

I remember seeing somewhere that Zach Callison leaked a photo on Snapchat that a main character died and this is the episode where it happened, but only for a short period of time.

But what’s even more interesting is that Steven’s tears are able to resurrect life into a color scheme, similar to Lion!

This lets me believe that Lion is actually an Earth lion that Rose Quartz brought to life after it died, which even seemed to be foreshadowed in Buddy’s Book with Rose and her lions surrounding her.

But not only was Lars’ emotional death and redemption the highlight of the episode, the Off Colors group of gems are without a doubt, some of the best characters we’ve seen in the series, yet!

My absolute favourites of the bunch has got to be Padparadscha and a close second is Rutile, only because I love Ashly Burch’s voice and anything she’s in is a major plus, for me.

But the biggest reason why I love the Off Colors is that they show viewers and even kids, that it’s okay to have indifferent character traits, along with physical and mental disabilities and are portrayed as being really helpful and awesome characters!

I like how Padparadscha is still happy for who she is, even though she’s often delayed in what she predicts, which ultimately makes for some really adorable and humourous dialogue.

Rutile, is of course a representation of someone physically disabled, as she mentioned that another Rutile ran away in fear from her appearance.

Many people, including myself can relate to these characters, when being a bit delayed to actions or having a physical disability, so it’s great to see characters like Rutile and Padparadscha getting represented in kids’ shows.

I really like how Rhodonite is often very neurotic and frightened, as well as being a fusion of a Ruby and Pearl, which is something we haven’t seen in the show yet.

Fluorite is a really mysterious and calm Gem, which reminds me of an elderly grandmother like Grandmother Willow from Disney’s Pocahontas, especially with her voice and open mind!

Along with the next and final episode of the Steven Universe “Wanted” event, this episode really serves as a great episode for Lars and introduction to new characters, which makes this a literal “gem” of an episode, as the combination with Lamar Abrams and Jeff Liu ultimately make a great team of storyboarders, but really anything that Jeff Liu boards is always great!

I see some new characters and need to write an episode review on Steven Universe!

Things I want to see in Gotham (lowkey in s4)

• More Jerome Valeska
• BatCat actually comunicating
• Oswald coming back
• Oswald calling Ed out on his bullshit
• More sassy Bullock bcause hell yeah
• New characters who are interesting
• Alfred’s Parenting Skills
• More Mad Hatter
• Jervis, Oswald, Ed and Jerome interacting
• Oswald and Bruce interacting
• More Babs and Tabs
• Can we see more Jerome pls? I NEED!
• Bruce evolving
• Again. More. Jerome.
• Cool storyline
• Character development
• Bring back mr.Freeze
• Shit going down (lowkey started by oswald)

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how did clonath happen? //ah im on mobile and still new to the fandom so.. but i like the ship!

I have no idea lol. When I saw this piece of artwork by @karawek I jumped onto this ship immediately. Its still my favorite piece of ChloNath art.The fandom kind of just made it happen, tbh. The two only interact like twice in the show, but its a lot of fun to imagine. I roll with it so much because I love everything that is produced for it.  

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I want the end of the next video to be morality saying something dumb and logic and prince making fun of him for it and Anx is trying to get them to stop and someone finally crosses the line and he goes "oh" And sinks down and Anx is going after him and Logan is like "I'm gonna go after (insert name(possibly Morgan)) and prince does too and Thomas is shook.

i’m honestly so hyped for potential character development for morality, he needs more appreciation ok