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Things I need to know about the original Order of the Phoenix:

With Grindewald, he did not intervene until he absolutely had to. Was he more proactive with Voldemort? At what point did Dumbledore decide to create the Order; what was the catalyst?

Where was the Order headquartered? Did this change multiple times or was it one fixed point during the entire First Wizarding War?

Who was in the Order? Who, specifically, including their names, height order, wand type, magical specialties, and personalities.

What was induction like? Like a transcript. Basically, I need a transcript of the induction/invitation meeting.

What kinds of missions did they undertake?

How were people chosen for particular missions?

How were missions planned? Where were they planned?

Were decisions done as a group or was it more Dumbledore handing down orders? Did they vote on certain things?

How often did they meet all together?

Did they ever meet altogether? How many people were fighting full time?

Did they have a potions master?

A healer at their disposal or did Dumbledore try to use the hospital wing sometimes?

Dumbledore entrusted certain information to senior members of the Order during the Second Wizarding War, did he do so during the first? Who were those people? All of them?

What was the exact sequence of events that alerted Dumbledore to know there was a spy? Like we know who died but I need to know more.

Who killed the McKinnons. Who were the McKinnons.

What in the hell did Dorcas do to make Volde go after her personally. Was she in the first Order?

Also I need more information on Benjy Fenwick.

Did Dumbledore likewise authorize the use of unforgivables or did they discuss alternatives? Was it just something that happened, that Death Eaters died, or did they try to capture first?

A list of successful missions versus failed missions would be wonderful. A list of every mission, who am I kidding.

Did Order members hand in reports or give them orally, and if so, to whom? Did they submit memories to Dumbledore’s pensieve instead?

Did they keep records or were things kept recordless for obvious reasons.

I need an accurate timeline on everything.

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God we need some hurt!Benji fics in which there is a lot of comfort from Ethan!!! I am in love with this ship when watching the movie!!! It is so good that more people are beginning to notice this cute couple!

Yes, we totally need more of hurt!Benji, anon! And we need our ship to grow even larger hahaha

I think I’m getting back into the swing of writing (or typing, this after like a year’s hiatus) so thank you for your prompt <3

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