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It’s okay. We hate terrorists.
- Kumail (Kumail Nanjiani)

Honestly actors need more appreciation. Sometimes they can make their characters so real it’s hard to imagine them as someone else. I have to remind myself that these people aren’t real, and their little quirks and movements aren’t their own.

Every time Dean and Castiel stared at each other for a little to long? Jensen and Misha.

Every time John Laurens looked at Hamilton with a bit to much affection? Anthony Ramos.

Every time the Doctor’s happy face slipped a little? Matt Smith, Chrisopher Eccleston, David Tennant, or Peter Capaldi.

Every time Sherlock seemed a little more human? Barginbin Cuddlesnot.

Every time Evan’s anxiety disorder became real to us? Ben Platt.

They’re so good at their job it’s amazing the thought that goes into their characters that might only show up for one episode.

Today a guy told me Jaime and Brienne had no romantic interest in each other whatsoever and he doesn’t get why everybody thinks they do?? I mean have you seen the show?

are you sure you did?

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because it doesn’t sound like you did 

I think they have been dropping little hints that there is something going on there (just teeny tiny hints that aren’t that obvious at all)

But hey I may be wrong

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What I love about Ewan McGregor

his smile:

his hair (so many hairstyles! I couldn’t list them all even if I want to):

his eyes:

he’s sweet (very very charitable guy as well):

he can sing and dance:

his sense of humor:

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We need more actors like Robin (AKA The Penguin from Gotham). We need more actors who stand up for the LGBT community.

I don’t watch the show, but I do admire Robin’s work and I know about all the hate fuckboys from the DC/Batman fandom threw on Robin after we all learned that Penguin was queer.

Thank you, Robin, for standing up for what’s right, thank you for being supportive and loving your fans unconditionally.