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Quotes I've Said While Reading Fics PT. 4

*thinking to myself* Oh god, how do I respond? How does one respond when your mother asks what you’re reading. I’m reading smut, mom.
*Out loud* Oh, just an online story.

“She seems too nice. This won’t end well…”

“I can’t even focus on the words, it’s 2 am, the screen is swimming. I need to go to bed.”

“Oh! I know the perfect song to go with this chapter!”

“Did you make a fucking Frozen reference? Followed by a Mean Girls reference? No.”

“That’s inaccurate.”

“What is punctuation? This person doesn’t know.”

“This is just words. Where are the paragraphs?”

“This isn’t proper grammar or spelling. Stop it. Get some help.”

“Wow, what a sick burn!” *Ironically dabs*

“In the words of Daniel James Howell: back thE FUCK UP.”

“Don’t these characters know that death is bad for someone’s health?”

“Oh my god! Clean and sharpen your knife! If you keep using it without proper care, it won’t kill people as easily!” *Whispers* “I’m sane, I promise.”

“I swear if he does what I think he will, I’m throwing my phone.”

“I’m talking to myself, shit.”

I hate how everyone assumes Jason Todd would be a bad father and not know how to take care of his kids so he’d need his family to teach him how to be a proper father, like b*tch please. Jason would be the best dad and you know it.

He’d be the kind of dad who lets his son do a messy science experiment he saw at school, and when they get green slime all over the kitchen table, Jason just laughs and cleans it up after instead of getting angry. He’d be the kind of dad who goes to every baseball game, every ballet recital, and every concert. He’d be the kind of dad who tells his kid he works with the Tooth Fairy every night instead of admitting the truth that he’s the Red Hood because he doesn’t want them to think he’s a bad guy. He’d be the kind of dad who makes smiley face pancakes in the morning if his kid asks for it and belts out Disney songs while he does so. He’d be the kind of dad who lets his daughter put a bunch of tiny ponytails in his hair, and then goes to the manor like that because she made him promise to. And when his brothers laugh at him, he just laughs along because it was totally worth seeing the proud smile on his little girl’s face when she admired her handiwork. 

Screw all of you people, Jason Todd would be the best father ever, which of course he learned all from Bruce and Alfred. That paired with the fact that he had a crappy childhood, so he does whatever he can to ensure his own children don’t have to suffer like he did. 

How to Clean Your Plushie (Step-by-Step) Tutorial

If you want to see Shu san take a shower, then you have to read this post!

Want to have a clean plushie to cuddle and smooch with? But too scared to wash it because you do not know the proper way to do it?

This is the post you need! The easiest way to wash your plushie with something you already have at home~

If your plushie is not really dirty, it just has a little bit of hair and dust, I recommend you to use Lint Roller (or use Lint Roller first, then wash it with water.)

All right, you plushie starts smell~ You think it’s time to wash it since you might own it for 2 years~ Then here are the steps:

Things you need:

1)      Tide or other Detergents

2)      A Cup

3)      Used Tooth Brush (so the brush is soft enough)

4)      A Washing Bowl

To pour a little bit of Tide in a cup

Add some water, stir with Tide, now you have your Cleaning Solution 

Use tooth brush dips some Cleaning Solution to brush your plushie

Make sure Hold the plushie’s Head with your hand because the Head will be the heaviest (Like you wash a real baby~)

Under the faucet, turn to the Cold Water, lightly brush off the Cleaning Solution

(Cold Water can prevent damage)

In the Washing Bowl, put in some Cold Water, then place the plushie in to the water

Lightly squeeze the plushie, so the extra Cleaning Solution inside the plushie can be squeezed out.

(Sorry Shu’s handsome face LOL)

Clean and empty the Washing Bowl, Lightly squeeze out the water inside the plushie

Shu finished shower. This is what happened, Shu plushie turned to Hot Shu after shower.JK

Put the plushie on the towel, wipe dry the plushie

Place a plastic bag on the table, put the plushie on the plastic bag

Recommend to put the plushie near the window so it can air dry faster!! (You have to wait 2~3 days)

But do not put it directly to the sun light (Sorry the photo looks like I place it directly to the sun light, but i did not!)

Change position every 5hrs or everyday so all the parts can be dried

So yes! This is the final result!!! Shu looks the same and nothing is damaged~

Do you guys think he is cleaner? OW<

Fairy Tail Chapter 536 Review

Yeah… Lets give this hot mess a once over

Cover is of the oracion seis arc. Y’know, A lot of people like the Oracio Seis as characters and that’s fine but I’ve heard many say the Oracion Seis is the arc where the quality of FT had a dip for the first time. If that is accurate than this is the most fitting cover in a while…

We open on Natsu and Zeref clashing. This will be the last scene that makes a lick of sense.

Natsu’s burning magic… I don’t know how the fuck that’s possible given the fact he hasn’t eaten Atlas’s hell flames

oh but we need to get to the next layer of bull shit and that’s back with BP and Jellal

Let’s break down the stupid of this page, first why is it going to blow up? Seriously this damage is nearly the same as the damage taken in the OS arc, but the christina didn’t explode. Actually I can tell you why it’s going to explode, “we need to add a level of urgency to make the scene more engaging” But you know, your facing the king of dragons so really there’s already enough tension.

Second, Your right, HOW IS IT FLYING!? Last time it lost a wing it took 3 mages with very specific powers to make it fly!

Third, Your mission, Anna? Hahaha Your damn mission was to make sure those dragon slayers made it across the gate, the mission to beat acnologia was theirs. Fuck off…

Oh fuck off. How does the fact it doesn’t have enough magic to fly suddenly become negated when Ichiya’s at the helm?

Oh, now isn’t this sweet. I’m suppose to care about the comic relief character in a guild that has been the butt monkey of this series for years and it’s the same comic relief character who appeared in this arc being completely useless? Gag me…

First of all, are you kidding me? Seriously? OK I thought Jellal doing this WAS protecting Erza. Because when plot convenience isn’t involved, ERZA DOES FINE PROTECTING HERSELF! Also, Jellal’s going to do a bang up job protecting her with all his bones broken.

But hey there’s a reason this needed to happen, Ichiya has constantly thought as Erza being his love interest but this is here to obviously show that Ichiya cares about her happiness and gives his blessing to jellal… OH WHAT FRESH HELL! Okay, Jellal doesn’t even know Ichiya has the hots for erza nor did he exhibit any of his running joke about hitting on erza, so now your scene loses weight to it.

This is something I will get into on the post chapter follow up but now we have the prioritizing of Jerza ruining the over all narrative.

So they ram the ship into Acnologia

oh god no


Oh if this crap wasn’t bad enough I have something intercut between this moment and it’s something I know everyone’s dying to see: Nakama power defeating the final villain…

I love how not even Zeref is sure of this bull crap at first as if he knows this’ll never get a good explanation. Also this power to beat White Zeref comes from Natsu’s “Wild emotions”, call me crazy but I’m pretty damn sure last chapter this power was the the strength of the guild. Guess I should now expect not even continuity from a chapter ago not to be consistent.

Y’know for the mighty clash of flames between the Dragon king and white wizard thee guild is still in good shape

Wait why should I care about semantics when I have this to cut to…

Yep, Acnologia, king of dragons, Black Dragon of the apocalypse, was just defeated by a plot convenience hole, a comic relief character who isn’t even a member of Fairy Tail, and a character who was introduced not even 10 chapters ago…

No Jenny… No one won. Well at least none of the fans of Fairy tail did…


*huff* *huff* OKAY believe it or not there’s still some chapter left to go

Yeah I’m surprised that recovery magic didn’t activate a little sooner.

Wow, even Natsu has gotten tired of this crap. Oh Zeref has become black again meaning he no longer hast Fairy Heart.

Post chapter follow up: OH WHERE DO I EVEN START! Well lets start at the end, there are those who will say “Acnologia will be back, there’s still 10 chapters left”. I don’t think so. There’s no indication of that being possible and the characters who were sacrificed were two non FT characters meaning there’s no urgency for their happy ending. Hiro wrote Acnologia so strong that there was no way he could write a decent way to beat Acnologia without having a deus ex machina involved. I don’t have the faith Acnologia comes back, I don’t know what comes next week or the week after but if Acnologia does come back great but right now… I have no words.

Zeref’s defeat, if this had happened on it’s own and it was the whole point of the chapter, then honestly I wouldn’t have hated it so much. I know this is something we try not to let spoil the story and it’s that we know Natsu will win. No matter how high the deck is stacked we know he would have won. But all of this feels so undeserved. The power of all the guilds feelings in the form of a pseudo fire dragon king mode able to overcome infinite power is just horse crap. But even so I actually might have accepted it if portrayed in a wa\y that makes great white wizard look like a moron. While I give props you manged to show the arm being burned, knowing wendy is in the guild those burns will last an hour at most.

Now the sacrifice of Anna, I’ve called that since she showed up so honestly I’m not surprised. But Jellal cheats death. I can’t help but wonder the idea of sacrificing Jellal to protect the woman he loves would’ve made an excellent parallel to simon. SHowing Jellal has come full circle, that even in death not only did he ensure the woman he loved was safe for the time being but her and those close to her would be safe for years to come. But no we had to gut this to have two characters that most people don’t care about give up their lives instead of the long time supporting cast member, who’s death would’ve carried more weight, all for the sake he gets a happy ending with his shp.

This once again follows the trend in this arc of ships taking priority over the narrative. The idea of Jellal and Erza getting together for their happy ending matters more than the conclusion for the villian hyped since tenrou. I know there are many who want Jellal and Erza to be happy together and there’s nothing wrong if you do but when it comes down to it, if you have to choose between a happy end for ship or a good conclusion for your story, it shouldn’t be a question what’s the priority.

Now some people don’t care. As they predicted Jellal wasn’t going to die given Hiro’s track record. People said “lol we know jellal wasn’t going to die” well that doesn’t excuse bad writing. Just because something is consistent, doesn’t stop it from being bad.

All I can say for this chapter as whole is this chapter was disrespectful. Not just to readers but to characters. This was disrespectful to the DS, BP, Jellal, Erza, FT, Zeref, Acnologia, even Anna. This chapter feels like it spit all over the series.

Ugh before I give this a rating I want to say I was talking to a friend of mine, they said while they may disagree with me on my opinions (and sometimes sugar coating of the series) they were amazed that I had hope that the series could still end well. And I carried that hope for the longest time but now, it feels like that hope’s gone for the first time. Every time there was something ad in the series we often tired to put hope into what we believed Hiro would give the proper time and effort, and that was something to look forward to. But now there’s almost nothing left (excluding ships). I know there is still 10 chapters left and hope isn’t “dead” but now we’re so past the breaking point, I don’t even know if what happens in those next chapters can atone for this.

Hiro… I know you have a new series you want to do and I think that’s great. I think you need a clean slate, but you have to remember you’re not writing your new series now, you’re still writing fairy tail. All I ask is you try Hiro Mashima, We’ve seen what it’s like when you do and all I ask is you do it again.

Final Verdict: 0/10

  • Just Awful
  • Disrespectful
  • Disappointment of epic proportions

yumanaa  asked:

Hey! I have no idea if you'll see this, but I know you said you use the sims to make backgrounds for the comic. Is there any chance you'd be able to upload your Frisk's house for download? I'd love to have the lot in my game!

It’s a little sloppy. I’d need to clean up some stuff and give the walls proper wallpaper first before I put that up. >u>;;;


I want Hallmark to make a card that says:
“I’m sorry for how ashamed of me you must be; I really only want to be someone you could admire.”

I want them to make cards for the friends who don’t hold your hair back when you vomit, but only because you cut your hair so short;

The ones who clean you up and put you to bed after you’ve had too much to drink, and give you two blankets instead of just one.

I need a proper Thank You card for the sort of friends that are few and far between, because a lot of people would just let you fall asleep on the bathroom floor, you know.

A lot of people wouldn’t offer you a cigarette without you having to ask,

And a lot of people would just leave and stay gone after all that shit you tend to drag them into.

You could have spent that night alone;

You could have spent a lot more time bleeding and crying on the street.

You could have said Thank You with your voice and not a Hallmark card because honestly this is getting to be A Little Ridiculous,

But it’s so hard, you know, to say this all out loud, because then you’ll hear it just like it’s happening again, and you think if you let them down one more time that you will just drown and fall to the bottom of Lake Michigan.

And a Thank You card is neater and cleaner and prettier and easier to fit in a mailbox.

Advice for New Voice Actors: A Guide from Codot

I’ve been getting quite a few messages asking for advice in the Voice Acting field, so I’ve written a bit of a guide! I hope it’s helpful.

First off, I would have never considered myself to be an expert on something like this, but then I realised I’ve been doing it for about twenty years now, so I guess I have SOME advice I can pass along.


Nothing pulls a listener out of the world you’re trying to create like those pesky pops in your recordings (Tuhs, Kuhs, and Puhs), or those sharp “Ssssss” noises that slice through the mic. Luckily, they’re fairly easy to prevent. BUT HOW?!? I’M TELLING YOU HOW! SIT DOWN! The best advice? Get yourself a pop filter. They’re relatively cheap and very effective (however, if you are BROKE AF like I was when I started recording, get an embroidery hoop and some dollar-store panty hose and you are SET. No joke – that was my first pop filter. I held it between me and the mic and it WORKED). Now sometimes a filter isn’t enough – if you’re really yelling it out, a filter will not save you. In these cases, you wanna make sure you know where your plosives are, and tilt your head accordingly. You only have to move a few degrees to avoid it – just put your hand in front of your mouth when you rehearse and you can feel where your air is coming from. Just don’t do the whole performance pointed away from the mic – it will hollow your sound out.


You do NOT need top of the line gear to sound good; your performance is what makes or breaks you. That said, you can’t use a headset microphone and expect studio quality. For the best quality (without breaking the bank), I recommend microphones from the Blue line – Snowballs and Yetis specifically. They’re both designed for podcasting, plug DIRECTLY into your computer, and sound incredible! I still use my Yeti every once in a while – it’s a great piece of tech!

WARNING: These microphones, although amazing, rest on your table. That means you will have to pay attention to a few things – not touching the table while recording, not moving around in your chair while recording, and (most importantly) watching your computer placement! If you’re using a laptop, it will undoubtedly be sitting beside your mic and your mic will HATE IT. You may not hear the fan on your computer, but your microphone will. Vibrations will ruin your recordings, BUT there’s a solution! Well, two actually: You can fold a towel up, place it on the table, stack a few books on top of the towel and sit your mic on top of that, OR you can move your computer to another surface. It really depends on your space set up. Just make sure you have a USB long enough to reach the mic to the computer and you’re set.

Now, there’s the issue of reverb in your chosen room of recording. Almost every room will have an echo in it, and you will pick it up. You can prevent this a few different ways - you can spend hundreds on soundproof foam (took me a while to save up for that, totes worth it), you can record inside a closet (brilliant idea, enclosed, clothes absorb echo), or you can drape a blanket over you and your mic (gets warm fast, but it works!). Whichever way you choose, you will notice a boost in quality - the less ambient noise you have going on behind you, the better. All ambient noise in my recordings is put in AFTER I’ve finished editing my clips. It’s the same for any production - if you rely on your actual background noise for ambience, you will not be able to edit yourself properly as the cuts become too noticeable, ESPECIALLY if you’re recording a dialogue.

A quick note about SOFTWARE: I always use Adobe Audition – I enjoy the look and feel of it, and have never really used anything different. However, it’s not free! If you want a great, FREE program for audio recording, I wholly recommend Audacity! It’s a brilliant, powerful, and free program that will give you great results!


There has always been one thing I love about Voice Acting over Acting – No one has to LOOK AT ME. I’m not insulting myself here, I’m just saying sometimes you have to make some STUPID faces to get a voice you want. Voice Acting is incredibly freeing in this regard – you can be ANYONE or ANYTHING, and that is very exciting!

I can’t make this point enough times – in most cases, you’re doing this solo, so DON’T BE MODEST. It will hold up your performance – if you hold back in any way when voicing, you’re only hurting yourself. Sure you may feel silly doing certain things, but no one listening will think that. Some voices give me fifty chins, some cross my eyes, but if I didn’t do it, every character would sound the same.

Now let’s talk about PACING! My Friend and Mentor (may she fight well in Valhalla) gave me the best advice in this regard; she said, “If it feels like you’re going too slow, go slower.” Too often we feel we’re keeping a proper pace when recording, but the truth is we are rushing it. In an actual conversation, you haven’t rehearsed – you rarely know EXACTLY what you’re going to say to someone else, so your dialogue should be no different. Your character needs time to think, to react. If you ever want a moment of high tension, you CANNOT rush it. You need the pauses and the breaths, or else it just becomes unrealistic.



Having clean audio has become a relatively new addition to my work – I used to simply use the Noise Reduction effect on my recording and call it a day, but it doesn’t get rid of the new bane of my existence: MOUTH NOISE.

We do it. Everyone does it. I did it five minutes ago and I’m gonna do it again. We smack our lips, we flick our tongue, we click our teeth, we make stupid noises when we’re not talking, and the MIC WILL HEAR IT. My best advice is, after reducing the noise in your audio (all programs have a basic preset to kill the dead air noises in your recordings – google it to find how to your respective noise reduction), highlight the sections between your audio and reduce the volume to ZERO. Just kill the noise between your speech (the whole sentence, not silencing between every word, that would be crazy) – you can leave the sound of your inhales in if you want, but even they can be taken away for a cleaner sound. Just make sure you don’t chop your words off – especially the ends of your words.

Make sure you clean your audio BEFORE you add ANY form of reverb or echo! Otherwise cleaning is impossible.


Voice Acting isn’t easy. Nothing infuriates me more than actors talking about how they like Voice Acting because it’s “EASY”. If it’s easy, you’re not trying hard enough. You have to convey thoughts, feelings, and ideas ALL WITH JUST YOUR VOICE. Anyone who says it’s easy is a fool.

Always try your best to create something you feel proud of. You take as many takes as you need, but never compromise your quality for the sake of just getting it done.

If you can’t get a voice down right today? Do it tomorrow.

Above all else: HAVE FUN WITH IT

I hope this has been helpful to you – if you have any questions about specific things/things I may have missed, shoot me a message!

Codot xx

Wholesome Week 2 Day 2 ~ "Fifteen"


“Marco…,” rang a whisper, which was left unresponsive.

“Marco…!” the voice once more attempted. Still, there remained no answer but a toss of shoulders on a bed.

Growing impatient, the voice hissed, “MARCO DIAZ!”.

A pair of eyes shot open, looking straight above, leading to a scream.

Third time’s a charm, the voice’s owner thought.

“Star?! What the heck are you doing?!” Marco had come to find Star standing right above his bed, hanging upside down, calling his name.

“C'mon, Marco! Don’t you know what today is?”

“Yeah! The day you almost scared me to death! You can’t just hang over someone’s bed and then scare them awake!”

“Psh, you’re fine! The one who should really be offended is me!”

“Star, you’re making no sense.”

Star hopped onto the floor and stood upright. She stared at Marco blankly, not making a sound.

He returned her look, until what Star had meant dawned upon him. He hopped out of his bed. “Oh my gosh. It’s our one-year friendship-iversary!”

Star smiled. “And?”

“…and the first time we fought Ludo?”


“…a year since you set your kingdom on fire?”

“Besides that!”

“Oh, oh! I’ve got it now! It’s been a year that you’ve had your wand!”

Star smacked her head, then shook Marco. “It’s my fifteenth birthday!”

The boy’s eyes widened, then both of their smiles, too.

Suddenly, Star yelled, “Super confetti blast!”, and confetti showered the room, both teenagers bursting out with giggles and excitement.

“This is awesome! We have so much to celebrate… and do you know what this means?”

“I’m a year older than I was last year?”

“Fifteen birthday punches!” Marco began to chase Star across his room, as she had immediately began to run.

“No! No! Marco! No birthday punches!” She stopped firmly in her tracks, watching his every move.

He mirrored this behavior, arousing suspicions within her. Finally, he lifted both of his hands in the air in surrender. “Alright, alright- no birthday punches…”


“…just birthday tickles!”

Almost immediately, Star was on the ground, laughing hysterically. She quickly reached for her wand, pointed at Marco, and commanded, “Makeup blast!”, stopping him instantaneously.

He look in the mirror and groaned. His face looked like ‘Princess Marco’ all over again. “Great,” he laughed, following with a groan, “now I have to go clean my face.”

As, Marco left to the bathroom, Star received a call from her mother on her mirror.

“Star? Hello, Star- I need you to come to the castle today.”

“Gee, thanks, mom. I’m having a wonderful birthday so far.” Star muttered, sarcastically.

“I know it’s your birthday, but since you are now fifteen, we must celebrate with dinner, alongside the royal families of the other kingdoms. You do realize you are coming of age to find a husband?”

“Ugh, mom, I don’t want to sit around sipping tea and being proper with the other royals, and I most certainly am not planning on finding a husband.”

“Star, you must come-” Star ended the call midway in her mother’s sentence.

Coming out of the bathroom, Marco asked, “What was that all about?”

“My mom wants me to go to some stupid royal birthday dinner. Looks like we’re going to Mewni.” Before giving Marco the opportunity to have his output heard, Star quickly grabbed his dimensional scissors and opened a portal to the Butterfly Castle, dragging him inside.

“Hello, my not-so-little girl!” King Butterfly announced. “Hello, Marco!”

“Hey, dad!” she hugged her father.

“Ah, Star, I see you’ve followed my directions for once,” her mother said, arriving in the throne room where they stood.

“Now, why is it you request me here so early?”

“Honey, it’s your birthday! You must prepare for tonight’s dinner; you must ‘wow’ the other kingdoms,” her father replied.

“Ugh, let’s get this done and over with. What are we doing?”

“Well, the servants shall make you look your best; they will do your hair, makeup, nails, and dress you… and, Star, you will wear your crown,” Queen Butterfly demanded. The young girl groaned.

“That sounds… constricting.” Marco whispered to Star, feeling sorry that as royalty, her parents limited her independence.

“Marco,” the Queen began. “Since Star has brought you here with us, you must also look proper for tonight’s dinner.”

“Uh, okay, thanks,” the boy answered, unsure of what his response should’ve been.

The Queen then waved her hand, commencing the servants’ preparation of each teenager for the night’s dinner. Being separated from one another, Marco’s attention lasted for two hours, while Star’s, five. While putting the finishing touches on her outfit, Marco knocked on Star’s door.

“Come in!”

Marco opened the door and entered the room. Star was hidden behind a screen which her mirror had converted into, just as she did when she prepared for the Blood Moon ball.

“Hey, Star. Almost ready?”

“Yeah, I just think my outfit is missing something.”

“Well, I know this is going to sound corny, but I think you’ll shine just like the star you are.”

“Aw, thanks- wait, that’s it! I know what I’m missing!”

“…You’re welcome?”

“Thanks. Now, super glitter blast!” A blast of glitter emerged from behind the screen, covering Star’s dress exactly the way she’d planned. “…And now, for the finishing piece.” Star pointed her wand toward her head, and finally, her crown appeared in her hair, but with a nice, personal touch: a few flowers and her horn headband.

“Alright, now I’m ready.” As Star stepped out from behind the screen, Marco looked up in full focus.

Star wore a matte satin, red ballgown with an off-shoulder neckline, and that made contact with the ground. The top of her gown was covered in roses, and the bottom of her dress shimmered like the stars in the night sky. She wore her hair in a loose half-up half-down curled style, with the crown and horns in the front to top it off. Her pink wings had grown over time, and shown in the back. With golden heels and earrings, she’d surely be the center of attention at the dinner.

Marco was left awestruck, and, without thought, he said, “You’re beautiful. I-I meant- it’s just- you look beautiful. Not beautiful- but pretty– not that you’re not beautiful but- ugh! You know.” He blushed and turned his head in the awkwardness and his panic.

Star’s face turned red as well. “Thank you, Marco. You look super handsome too…”

They stood in silence for a few moments, until Marco began to lean in closer to her, almost making contact with her until-

Moon Butterfly burst into the room. “Marco, I would like you to escort my daughter to the …Great Hall for dinner with the other royals within the next few minutes.” She then shut the door and left the pair in their awkwardness.

“So… I guess I should start 'escorting’ you to the Grand Hall?”



“I’m glad I have you as such an amazing best friend.”

“Me too. I know I’ve said this, but you’re the best girl a guy could ever ask for.”

They took another moment to smile and stare at one another until Marco said, “Now, are you ready to go?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be,” she admitted.

Grabbing onto her hand, Marco led Star through the halls, then stopping in front of a huge door.

“Marco, this isn’t the grand hall. It’s the ballroom!”

“Well, I’ve never really been in this castle before. Why don’t we check it out anyway, maybe you could give me a mini-tour?”

“That’d be great.” Star pushed open the door, still with her smile.

“Surprise!” yelled a crowd of people within the room. In the group stood Star’s friends and the people she cared about most, excluding Marco: her mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. Diaz, Ponyhead, Alfonso and Ferguson, Janna, Kelly, Starfan13, surprisingly, Tom, and many others. Many, many tables and decorations filled the room. A DJ occupied a corner of the room. Space had been left for the dance floor in the middle of the room. Long tables with rows of food had lines of people waiting behind it. The most important people in Star’s life occupied a single table, sitting in pairs of girls and guys; someone had paired Janna with Tom. One small table held a huge cake, reading 'Feliz Quinceanera, Star!“ A single spotlight shone on her.

“Marco- I don’t understand. The dinner? The royal families? My mother? Having to get ready for such a long time? What is all of this? Who did this?”

“It was all a set up. This is a Quinceanera, a special traditional party for a girl who is turning fifteen. I thought you deserved it, so I let everyone in on the surprise. There was never any royal dinner, we just needed an excuse to get you ready for the party. What do you think?”

“I think this is amazing! You did all of this for me?”

“I had help, and for a girl as special as you, I’d do anything.”

This time, it was Star who went in for a kiss with Marco, and it was this time she got it. The crowd cheered and whistled, and after a quick flush of cheeks, Star pulled Marco over to the cake table. Flashing her wand, Star made another cake appear next to the birthday cake, the new one saying 'Happy Friendship-iversary Star and Marco!’

The music played, and everyone was in much excitement. As Star sat, Marco sat beside her. “Remember the Blood Moon Ball?” he reminisced.

“Haha, yeah. According to legend, our souls were bonded that day. I hadn’t even known I was dancing with you. You have quite the moves, Marco Diaz.”

“Well, would you like to put the legend to the test?”

“How would we do that?”

“Would you like to dance with me?”

Amused, Star accepted the request she’d been awaiting, being led to the dance floor.
“I thought you’d never ask. Now show me what you’ve got!”


Author’s note: Thank you to whoever actually read this far! This is my first Starco one-shot ff, and I really had fun with this, so I hope you enjoyed it too! (Btw I’m sorry it’s long, guys)

Spring Cleaning is great for a number of reasons: it declutters your space, makes you feel organised and clean, and it makes you feel overall better. This post is basically my spring cleaning routine which I do probably every two months or so. I obviously clean in between that and do some of these things more often but this is my routine for when I want a deep and really good de-clutter and clean.

1. Put on some good tunes. On my Spotify, I will either put on one of the ready-made playlists or my own ones and put my phone somewhere that I won’t be tempted to look at it every five minutes. Upbeat, fun music makes cleaning seem less tedious and also allows you to dance about a bit while you work. IF anyone would like a link to some of my favourite playlists for cleaning, please tell me and I’ll be happy to recommend some!

2. Strip your sheets off of your bed. I recommend doing this and, personally, I leave the sheets off of it until I’m finished cleaning because then, if it gets messy during my clean, it doesn’t matter because it’s not the clean sheets that are getting messy. Plus, if you really want to use the same sheets as before, this gives you time to wash them and dry them before you’ve finished cleaning. However, I recommend putting on different sheets just for something different.

3. Decide on piles. This step is really only for the first time you do this as you get to know your piles. The piles are going to be where you put your stuff based off of where it is going. For example, I always have a pile for ‘stuff to keep’, ‘washing’ ‘charity’, ‘store in the attic’, ‘throw out’ and ‘other rooms’. You can have as many or as few piles as you like,; it depends on what you need and what works for you.

4. Empty your wardrobe and put everything into its respective pile. Decide whether you want to keep that top or whether you’ll give it to charity. You don’t have to start with your wardrobe. I just find that this is usually the messiest place in my room so it’s easiest to start with. 

5. Dust/clean your wardrobe. Take a cloth and some spray and clean your wardrobe thoroughly. We don’t realise how much dust and dirt accumulates and you will be happy for the clean when it comes to putting your clothes back in.

6. Take the stuff in your ‘keep’ pile that belongs in your wardrobe and put it back. Don’t, however, just shove it back in. Organise it. For example, I like to sort my wardrobe by where I would wear it and the type of clothes it is. So, I have school stuff on the right - and they are divided by skirts, shirts, jumpers and blazers - then my dancing stuff, then work stuff, and normal clothes. You can also sort your clothes by the colour or type or any other system you come up with.

6. Repeat steps 4, 5 and 6 for your other places in your room. Cabinets, tables, bookcases, desks. Clear them all out and stick everything into piles, clean/dust them (including drawers) and put everything back in an organised fashion. 

7. If you have any bags/purses lying around, empty them. I am terrible for leaving things lying in my bags and then never knowing where they are. Clear out your bags and put anything you need in their proper place so you know where it is. It also helps to put away any bags that are just cluttering your space.

8. Move/get rid of your other piles. Put your ‘throw out’ pile in a trash bag and into the bin. Put your ‘store in the attic’ stuff in the attic (in a bag so it doesn’t get musty). Get rid of any other piles that you have lying around.

9. Clean any windows/mirrors. Get some windolene and a cloth and make sure they are sparkling.

10. Hoover. Do a really deep hoover and move any furniture you can to cover as much floor space as possible.

11. Make your bed. Put clean/fresh sheets on your bed and spray it with some Febreze. Make it look pretty and inviting. And try to resist the urge to jump into it straight away.

12. Relax. Relax in your clean and de-cluttered room. Does it not feel so much better now?

|| day twelve of the 30 day summer study challenge ||
Tattooing Under 18

I’ve discussed this in a previous post, but I wanted to make this its own post to highlight its importance

You should not tattoo yourself if you are under 18.  

There, that’s said, it’s out of the way.

What I really mean is that if you’re going to get a tattoo, you need to be EXTREMELY sure of it.  That may sound hypocritical coming from me (a person who literally tattooed the word “TATTOO” on my leg as a joke), but the young teens are a very difficult time.  Your brain is still developing, and you’re ruled by hormones.  At that age, you’re much more likely to regret a tattoo, and much more likely to be upset by it.

Now that that’s said; let’s assume that you ignored that advice and are DETERMINED to tattoo yourself

No. Names.  I don’t mean the name of a relative, or a pet; you know damn well what I mean.  You may love your significant other/best friend to death, but that can change very quickly, especially at your age, but it’s a problem for adults too.  (When I was 14-17 I was in an abusive relationship, if I had been into tattooing at the time, I’d very likely have his name on me)

While it’s true that you can get a tattoo covered up, you will always know what’s underneath.  Whether or not you can live with that is ultimately up to you.

I’m not going to lie, tattoos are fun

They’re also addictive.  You may go into it thinking “I’m just going to get a tiny tattoo on my hip so my parents don’t see it”, and end up wanting another one…and another one…and anothe-you get the idea.

Personally, I started when I was 19.  I’m turning 21 soon and I have 16 Stick and Poke tattoos (as well as three professionally done, and two amateur machine work).

If you’ve got the taste for tattoos, it becomes a bit difficult to resist.  That’s important to know before you get into it.

Tattooing is art

Once you’re hellbent on tattooing yourself, you’ll have to pick a design.  Maybe you’ll draw one yourself, maybe you want lettering, maybe you’ve picked out some simple flash from the internet…whatever you want.  Just remember, tattooing IS an art form, and as such there are some important things to keep in mind.

If you’re choosing a tattoo you’ve seen online, make SURE it’s okay to use it.  No one likes an art thief.
Usually, you can google something like “stick and poke tattoo flash” and get a bunch of designs that are okay to use; HOWEVER, NEVER copy a tattoo you see on someone’s skin unless you’ve checked with them that it’s okay.  Tattoos can be VERY personal (for example, the bird-in-hand that I have on my wrist is in memorial of something very tragic that happened in my life.  I would be pretty pissed if someone blatantly ripped it off)

Always stencil first.
Whether or not you want to use stencil paper is up to you, but you should ALWAYS use some sort of stencil; even if this means drawing on yourself and tattooing over that.  The reason for this is that a tattoo is PERMANENT.  You want to be able to look in the mirror and be SURE this is the tattoo you want.  After all, you don’t want to have any “regerts” ;)
Additionally, to make a good tattoo, you need to stretch your skin to make it as tight as possible to get a good poke.  If you have a stencil to follow, you’re much less likely to end up with a warped design.

Health and Safety

Always, always, ALWAYS be sanitary.  You may have seen people use sewing needles and india ink to tattoo themselves, but this is NOT a good way to do it (it’s a good way to give yourself a damn infection, not to mention a shitty tattoo).  You can easily purchase pre-sterilized tattoo needles and ink online.  Have them sent to the post office if you’re worried about your parents seeing the package. [Again, I have to say that I am against under-aged tattooing, but I know you’re going to do it whether I like it or not, so I’d rather you be safe and informed]

While you’re working, it’s a good idea to clean your skin with rubbing alcohol (I use 91% isopropyl).  I use a paper-towel with rubbing alcohol to wipe the access ink off of my tattoo between passes of the needle.

Just because this isn’t a professional tattoo doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to heal.  You need to take care of your Stick and Poke tattoo just as much as you do any other tattoo.  This means proper washing and proper healing creams used.

I use Dial:Gold(antibacterial) soap to wash mine with, since this is what most professional tattooists recommend.  Clear A&D ointment(commonly used for babies with rashes) is a good and cheap traditional healing cream, but it has a very distinct smell.  I’ve recently switched to using “Tattoo Goo”, which is a popular choice.
(Tattoo Goo also lacks a major smell, so if you’re trying to hide your tattoo, it’s much better than A&D)


This is typically common knowledge, but don’t forget that there is still a pretty heavy stigma against tattoos (at least in America, where I am writing this from). If you’re a minor(and even if you’re not) you’re going to want to think twice before putting any tattoos on your face, neck, and hands.

While stigma IS getting less prevalent as more and more people get tattoos, it still exists.  If you’re young and looking for a job you may not want to have extremely visible tattoos.

Please do not use me as an example of tattoo placement.  I have MANY tattoos on my hand, but it is my goal to be a professional tattooist; and I checked with my boss at my day job to make sure it was alright to have visible tattoos at work.  I did not get hand tattoos until I knew my career in tattooing was an attainable reality, and that I would not lose my day job.


They hurt.
You may think, “That’s obvious, it’s a tattoo”, but this is not like traditional machine tattooing.  I will be the first to admit that tattoos, both machine and poked, don’t hurt anywhere near as much as people would have you believe (of course, everyone has a different pain threshold), but it’s important to remember that you will feel EVERY poke in a Stick and Poke.  Not only will you feel every poke, but you will be feeling it for a LOT longer.  A tattoo that would take an artist with a machine 5-15 minutes to do will take you 1-3+ hours.  Make sure you have the time to dedicate.

They take multiple passes
If you think you’re just going to do one pass with the needle around the tattoo you’ve got another thing coming.  If you want a BOLD and defined tattoo it’s likely going to take you at least three passes around.

They can look patchy
When your tattoo heals, there may be breaks in the lines that look patchy, because the ink didn’t hold as well in some places.  There is no reason to panic; when your tattoo is completely healed you can add more passes to re-define/darken your lines.


Well, there you go.  You’ve got my two-cents on Stick and Poke tattooing and being tattooed as a minor.  Please keep this in mind and educate yourself thoroughly before permanently inking your skin.

Tongue or Eyes?

Fandom: Descendants

Pairing: Evie/Harry Hook

Word count: 2046

Rated: M

Summary:  “So which do you prefer? Your tongue or your eyes?” Evie gets captured. Harry/Evie pairing.

Can be found on AO3 and Fanfiction

Evie watched as a tall figure rushed down the stairs, shouting loudly in an evident worry. She assumed it was Harry, but her vision was too blurry and all she could make out were the outlines of the people around her.

Last thing she remembered was being locked up in that dark cabin.

She was shopping for some fresh apples for her mother and since the Evil Queen had to have the highest quality of apples, Evie had to take a trip across the entire island to retrieve the red apples. Only she didn’t realise the hour and by the time she was about to return home, the sun already set down and darkness filled the isle.

Evie was never afraid of the darkness before, but truth to be told she didn’t enjoy the lack of safety during the night time. After all, she didn’t almost ruin her shoes just to have some thief snatch her apples away from her.

However, what happened next made her wish a thief was her only problem. When she was half-way home, somewhere around Uma’s pirate docks, one large hand covered her mouth and another gripped her upper arm forcefully and dragged her into alley.

For a millisecond she thought it was Harry, since he had the tendency to surprise her like this, but the grip on her arm was too strong and was likely to bruise and Harry never did anything to hurt her.

She tried to spin around and hit the attacker with her free hand, but the person was holding her hand in an angle that if she were to turn around she would sprain it.

Even if she were able to scream, it would do her no good. Screams and shouts were a usual matter on the isle and no one would pay her any attention. However, she could still see Uma’s ship and if she could somehow free herself, she would be able to run there. As much as Uma wasn’t fond of the blue haired princess, she would give her sanctuary in a situation like this.

Evie took a deep breath and with all the strength she had, she bit her attacker’s hand and kicked his shin with her heel. The hand from her mouth was removed and the grip on her upper hand weakened, but before Evie could make run for the docks, her attacker composed himself and before she could do anything, she felt something sharp hit the back of her head.

“Who did this to you darling?” Harry was now kneeling in front of her, holding her hand in his, stroking her knuckles in a soothing fashion. He wanted nothing more than to pull her in an embrace and never let her go again, but he was too afraid that he would hurt her even more, given her state.

“It was Mortimer.” Gil answered for her as he cleaned the bloodied cloth that he used for cleaning Evie’s wounds. Gil was the person who found her in the cabin back then, but she was already in such a damaged state that she barely recognized his voice.

“That bastard. I’ll kill him and gut him like a-” Harry spat out angrily and was about to stand down and hunt the bastard down, until he was stopped in mid-sentence when Evie squeezed his hand, pleading him with her eyes to stay.

Harry realized that no matter how furious he was right now, his princess needed him at the moment and that was more important than revenge.

“You know what, I will tell you a tale. When I was a young boy, I used to play with my mother’s snakes. They were so amusing.” The ginger boy in front of her giggled maniacally as he tossed the dagger between his hands back and forth.

Evie remembered him as Medusa’s son, but if her memory served her correctly, she never even talked to him and now she was in some sort of cabin at his ship, tied up in an uncomfortable chair. When she asked the obvious, he ignored her and refused to tell her why he kidnapped her.

“You see, I used to cut them in a half or skin them alive.” He sighed dreamily, before continuing. “But that was so much work, like urghh. I preferred cutting out their tongues or eyes. That proved to be equally satisfying and didn’t take as much energy.”

The ginger, Mortimer was his name, stepped closer to her, tracing her facial features with his dagger.

“So which do you prefer? Your tongue or your eyes?”

Evie gave him a disgusted look and even though every bone in her body screamed, she refused to break down in front of that maniac.

“The least you can do is tell me why I am here. Why me? I barely know your name.”

“The least you can do is tell me, blah blah blah…” He mimicked her voice mockingly and laughed in her face. “Has it ever occurred to you that I might have no reason? Maybe I just fancied you for a lovely midnight torture session. I do get bored here easily.”

Evie knew that could be true, after all this was the isle filled with villain kids and even though no one she knew was as insane and maniacal as this guy, it wasn’t unusual for the isle people to cause harm just on a whim. However, this wasn’t some harmless mischief or a casual robbery. This was serious and whereas Evie herself didn’t have as dangerous reputation as other might have, she was still known as part of Mal’s gang. And no one would go this far with one of Mal’s friend. Definitely not just for fun.

“Foolish people have no reason. You, on the other hand, don’t strike me as one.” Evie had her way with words and even though she didn’t believe she would talk her way out of this, she could at least stall the time until she figured out a getaway plan.

“Mhm mhm. Flattery won’t get you anywhere, dearest Evie. But you are right. There is a reason why you are here. I might as well tell you while you’re still conscious.”

Evie gulped, trying to control her fear and while she was utterly terrified on the inside, so far she made a good job at appearing strong.

“I never really belonged anywhere, but that didn’t bother me. Until I saw that pirate chick, that Uma, recruiting members for her ship. I decided to give it a try. I’ve always been fascinated by the sea. But it was the lifestyle that drew me in.”

Evie frowned, trying to look confused as to what did Uma and her ship have to do with her. As far as the world was concerned, Evie belonged into Mal’s gang and Mal was sworn enemies with Uma. That was the only connection Evie had to that pirate crew. Everything else was a secret that not even Evie’s friends knew.

“They accepted me. Me, can you imagine it? The awkward ginger who used to torture animals for a hobby. Not that they knew that detail, of course.” Mortimer let himself have another laugh and began pacing around the room.

“I was good. I could tell that they didn’t trust me, but they couldn’t deny that I did every single mission perfectly. Maybe even more than perfectly. You see, I sometimes let myself be caught up in the moment. If you know what I mean.” He winked at her and Evie suddenly felt an urgent need to vomit.

“Once, we went to rob old Tremaine. Now, she’s an old cow, but she’s a stubborn old cow. I wanted to teach her a lesson properly. But unfortunately I wasn’t alone. Hook’s offspring was with me. And he didn’t like my ways.”

“I’ll tell you, the entire crew? Heck they try to seem all tough and badass, but the worst things they’ve done is throw someone over the plank. Pretty weak, if you ask me.” Evie knew that. It was like an unspoken rule of all the villain kids. Stealing, robbing, vandalizing, threatening, heck even occasionally beating someone up, that was normal in their society. But no one ever went as far as murder or torture. The kids needed to be tough to survive, hence the stealing and all that, but they weren’t truly evil.

“The next day I had my things lying at the docks. They threw me out of the ship, called me a lunatic and a psycho. That angered me. Not what they said about me, let’s be honest here, it was true.” Another high-pitched giggle. “But the fact that after months of loyal service, they threw me out. I was a good asset! And I never practised my playtime on any of the crew members. They had no reason to throw me out.”

“Except for the fact that you are a psychopath.” Evie muttered sarcastically. “As much as your story is very touching,” She spat out, making emphasis on the last word, “What does it have to do with me?”

“Tsk tsk tsk. Evie, Evie, Evie.” Mortimer shook his head at her, apparently displeased with her question. He moved over towards a wooden table full of tools and picked a large metal object. Evie didn’t know what it was, but she didn’t want to find out.

Seconds later, he wrapped the metal cage around her sides, pushing it towards her in a way that she was tightly pressed between the metal devices like a sandwich.

“You see, I couldn’t openly take revenge on Uma, I’d have the entire pirate crew at my back. Now I couldn’t take revenge on Harry, Gil or anyone else either, as I would be facing the same issue. So I found myself in a dilemma. Until few days ago.” Mortimer pulled the handle on one side of the metal cage, which made it squish Evie even more, making her grunt in pain.

“You and the pirate aren’t as sneaky as you thought. I had to watch you for a while, though, I had to make sure that you weren’t just some unimportant plaything to him. After I made sure that the pirate truly has feelings for you, I had my perfect revenge.”

“So what, you’re going to kill me?” Evie asked, even though each one of her word was followed by a grunt as the metal device was making it impossible for her to breath.

“I don’t know whether I’m going to kill you or not. You think I have that much self-control? Ha! You’re cute.” He giggled once more, before pulling the handle once more, making Evie scream in pain this time.

Gil placed the wet clean cloth on Evie’s forehead, trying to lower down the temperature. He managed to bandage her torso and her arms, but he feared the blueberry princess would need proper medicine, Auradon medicine.

“I want to sleep.” Evie mumbled and yawned, blinking her eyes sleepily.

“I know, darling, but you can’t go to sleep just yet.” Harry replied to her. It pained him to see her like this, but Gil emphasised that he needs to talk to her and can’t let her fall asleep, at least not until the fever lowers down. Harry was quite surprised at just how well Gil handled himself around the injured princess. He made a mental note to himself to ask Gil when he came to such extensive knowledge on treating injuries.

“I’m so sorry.” Harry whispered to her. It was his entire fault. He was supposed to protect her and now she went through hell, all because some psychopathic idiot wanted to pursue his revenge.

“I don’t know what I would do if I lost you.” He admitted truthfully. He never imagined he would ever fall for someone, save for a princess, but here she was, holding his heart in her delicate hands.

“I’m still here.” She whispered back. Each word she said sent a wave of physical pain through her body, but she needed to give him some sort of reassurance. He needed to see that she wasn’t angry with him and that she was alive and still loved him with all her heart.

“We’ll get through this, I promise.”

Uncommon love Pt. 1

King Hercules x Reader

“You call this clean? This is a mess!” the head maid cried as she saw what you had been working on cleaning. “Do it again!”

You sighed and placed your bucket back on the floor, readying to get back to work. No matter how many times you cleaned an area you were always told to do it again.

You didn’t know why, it was probably because your boss didn’t like you.

You were a maid in the castle of King Hercules. You had been here ever since you were 12, along with your mother who had sadly passed away a year ago.

You continued scrubbing the floor as hard as you could, just wanting to finish the job so that you could go to sleep. It was already eleven.

You dried the floor quickly before picking up your bucket and leaving the room. You put everything away and yawned, leaving to go to the servants quarters for some rest.

“What do you think you’re doing?” a voice called from behind you. You stopped and groaned softly.

You turned around and plastered a smile on your face, looking at your boss.

“I am retiring for the evening m’am.”

She scowled at you and walked closer.

“I don’t think so. You haven’t done all your chores yet.”

You gaped at her. Like hell you didn’t.

“M’am with all do respect, I have been up since four in the morning working as hard as I could. I have done every single thing on my chore list and even on Emily’s chore list since she was feeling sick.”

Your boss snarled at you.

“You little-”

“I’m sorry but what is going on here?” a deep voice called from behind your boss.

You both turned in shock, seeing King Hercules standing in front of you with a frown on his face.

“Your Majesty!” your boss cried, staring at him. You dropped your head and sank into a low curtsey, your boss following your lead.

“Young lady what is your name?” the king asked you.

“Y/N your Majesty.”

“And you said that you have been up working since four in the morning, is that correct?”

“Yes sire.”

“Then why on earth are you still awake right now? You should be sleeping, it will be midnight soon!” he cried, sounding slightly angry.

“I was told that I needed to redo the spots that I have cleaned sir.”

He turned to your boss.

She looked up at him nervously, not knowing what to say.

The king shook his head.

“Go to bed Miss. But come see me tomorrow morning, say nine. Get some rest.”

“Yes sire.”

You curtsied quickly and left the room in a hurry. You could hear him start to chew out your boss. You felt bad for her, but she also probably deserved it. Oh well.

At least now you would get some proper rest.

But what did the King want with you tomorrow?


“Ya know Miss Y/N, I have heard from multiple accounts that you are one of the hardest workers in this palace,” the king said from his desk where he sat, looking out the window.

“Thank you sire.”

“I think you deserve a treat.”

You looked at him in shock. He looked back at you and smiled, a silly twinkle in his eye.

“You are confused?” he chuckled.

You gave a small nod.

“Well don’t be. We are hosting a ball this weekend, and I think that you should attend as an honored guest.”

“But sir! I am only a servant, a commoner!”

“Please, do not worry about it. Or anything for that matter. I am having a  gown sent to your room, please accept my invitation.”

“Are you sure?”

He nodded, smiling gently.

“Well… alright. I shall attend.”

He smiled wider and walked over to you. He took your hand and kissed it gently.

“I cannot wait. Thank you.”

loki-liddell  asked:

Are you guys planning on writing a fig about Lob and Ricardo because If so I would LOVE THAT!

There might be something in the works already, though honestly I wasn’t expecting anyone to be interested enough in this silly little OC ship to want to read it? Leaving a little taste test for those who are interested.

“Er look, Lil'Buddy I ain’t got time to drrr-eerrrp-drop you off back at your dimension. Think y-you could just lay low at my pad for the day? I’ll get ya b-back as soon as shift’s done.”

For a face made mostly of eyeball it was impressive how much wider that eye could get as Lob looked at Ricardo with a mix of utter adoration and amazement.

You want to take me home?” Lob bobbled excitedly. He’d seen the tour bus and VIP backstage dressing rooms, and had even spent the night cuddled here, in the middle of the K’melo desert under the stars with Ricardo, but never had he received an invite to see where the rockstar lived.

“Er yeah? It’s not as gl-glamorous as you’re prob-probably imagining right now.” rubbing a sandy palm against his neck, Ricardo looked almost bashful though it was hard to tell if the red tint on his cheeks was from the late afternoon desert heat. Much to Lob’s fascination, the human had delightfully changed colour from prolonged exposure to the double suns of Blapt. It was a phenomenon Ricardo had called a tan, and it looked good on him. Lob wondered if further exposure would turn him a proper healthy orange, but supposed that answer would need to wait for another day.

Alright! Let’s go home!” Lob said, his glimmering eye smiling as big as one can without any visible mouth.

anonymous asked:

What was your first time with a guy like?

Oh you want story time?

Okay. Gather ‘round, children.

The year was 2003, and in a few months, I would graduate high school and be off to college. I had figured out that I was about dudes, and wanted to try some shit out, but the way one dips a toe into the pool to test the temperature.

For these purposes, I sought out a fella who met three specific criteria.

First, he had to be older than I was. I wanted someone who had already done some shit with another guy. Two first-timers trying to solve the Rubik’s cube of dickstuff didn’t seem like a wise approach, and at this point in time, friends jamming their Nintendo 64 controllers in their crotches and intentionally taking damage so the rumble pack would give them a boner at sleepovers was about as close as I had come to boarding the Mystery Wagon.

Second, he had to want nothing to do with anal. At least with me, anyhow. That smacked of an AP course whereas I was looking for something more along the lines of Introduction to Dickstuff 101.

Lastly, he had to be geographically close enough to meet up, but far enough away that our social circles were unlikely to overlap in any way. I was still in the process of coming out to people, and wanted to retain as much control over that as possible.The possibility of a pants-off dance off with another guy was a variable, and even 17-year-old-me had begun to be risk-management minded to some extent.

I took my time perusing public-facing profiles on the website of good old XY Magazine, pilfering AIM screen-names of nearby fellas and chatting them up. With little fuss, I found myself a 24 year old pilot who checked all the boxes and was pretty good-looking according to my tastes at the time. Man, how those have changed.

Anyhow, I got him (hereafter known as “Pilot”) to agree to meet up. We grabbed Chinese food at my favorite local spot, then drove around aimlessly for a bit in his car before parking in the parking lot near the soccer fields where my team had games on weekends. It was around midnight, so no one was there.

At this point, I basically jumped over and started making out with him because I was not really interested in waiting a fucking second longer to try this shit out. Soon enough, the penises were brandished. This is where the evening took its first strange turn. Pilot was packing, let’s just say it, the smallest penis I have ever seen in person.

I hadn’t really been around many – if any – naked men up to that point in my life, and the porn I had seen was, well, a fantasy. So I didn’t really know what to expect. Based on Pilot’s confidence in what he presented, and the reaction to what I presented from my own jeans, I assumed that Pilot was average. And that I, by comparison, had to be a freak of nature tripod monster.


I distinctly remember Pilot saying “You’re definitely part Italian” before attempting to stuff my dong into his mouth as I hit the recline button on the passenger’s seat of his car.

A lot of unproductive fumbling happened from there, truth be told, until a cop car rolled into the parking lot and Pilot and I put the goods away and sat frozen with terror. The cop never even got out of the car, though, and rolled away. Dicks came back out, we the fondling and sucking exchange resumed with gusto but without much real progress.

I began to worry that maybe I wasn’t into this stuff so much after all, and while it turned out to be relatively easy to intuitively work Pilot’s modest offering to get Pilot to shoot onto his chest, getting me off seemed to prove a taller task for him. At this point the only thing he had successfully blown was my fucking curfew, and so I made the executive decision to get my ass home whether or not dessert was going to be served to all.

Assuming some unwritten rule that we couldn’t be “done” if I didn’t goo, but getting nowhere by way of Pilot bumbling around with my meat, I decided to do something idiotic: I faked my orgasm.

He asked “are you close?” and I just took that opportunity to say I’d already shot.

“But where?”

“Really far, uh, most of it went over my shoulder. Oh fuck, can you drive me home? I’m late for…”

“Do you need a shirt to clean up or…”

“No I’m good I’m good.”

And so he drove me home.

My head was spinning when I got into my bed. Was I still gay? Was I just confused? Or did that guy just give really, really shitty head? I decided on that last one as the truth, revved back up the engines, and finished myself off properly.

I didn’t bother seeing Pilot again, and I wouldn’t get a proper blowjob until college, and let me tell you, that was a real eye-opener. I don’t know what Pilot is up to these days, but I hope someone has fucked him in the ass. The end.

For my own records, I wrote a little opening ficlet based on @runakvaed NSFW rebelcaptain super amazing “Mademoiselle Hallique” manip. So of course, when I look at this amazingly sexy aesthetic with skin and shoulders and kisses and flowing white dresses and tunics, I think…HE LOVE HER OMG TENDERNESS LONGING PINING. 


But ok, a little somewhat porny scene below the cut at the end. BUT THAT IS IT. I GOT PROJECTS OTHER PROJECTS.

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Day Fifty-Two

-I handed a sticker to a ten month-old who promptly began vibrating uncontrollably while squeaking in delight. I fear I may have been the final catalyst in a process I know not the end of, but I will never know, as the baby was still in the vibration phase as they left the store.

-For the duration of a family’s transaction, I stuck my tongue out to their daughter, who would giggle loudly. This confused her parents, as I pointedly went stone-faced anytime they were facing me. They thought their baby was simply having a grand old time playing with her jacket, yet here I am, having secretly made her day. This is a new brand of vigilante justice and I feel it should be spread.

-An older woman grew upset with me after being told that a shirt being on clearance did not mean that a similarly-colored pair of sweatpants would also be. While I may not see the logic here, I can back her up in the sentiment that everything should cost less at all times.

-I was informed by a man that he had just gotten out of the hospital after a double hernia surgery. There was absolutely no context to this, or any prompting of any sort, and I believe that makes his honesty all the more admirable.

-While making eye contact with me and pointing with one hand, a baby picked her nose and ate what she found in there, repeating the process until she had finished off a fine three course meal. I have a great deal of respect for anyone who begins eating organically this early in life.

-A woman purchased two STD pillows. I do not know what the function of an STD pillow is, but she has my sympathies for needing to purchase two.

-Upon hearing that there was a limit to how many times one guest can use a sale offer, an old man told me that he should steal a boy who was passing by and make him purchase his items. He never specified any plans for releasing the boy back into the wild, so I am left with the conclusion that this Alan Alda lookalike is prepared to commit to the kidnapping and upkeep of a ten year-old for the sake of an extra $5 gift card. This man is by no means a quitter and I am in awe of that.

-I was handed a slightly damp yet cold wad of crumpled bills that smelled of someone trying to cover their smoking habit up with dollar store perfume. Despite having never been there, this handful of ones brings to mind strong memories of Florida for reasons I cannot explain.

-I rang up a man in his sixties whose legal name was Rocky and whose arms were covered in tattoos of scorpions. I can only assume that his parents gave him both the name and the tattoos in a short window of time, as they seemed to go too perfectly hand-in-hand to be unrelated.

-A four year-old walked through my lane in a Five Night’s At Freddy’s shirt. Either she has been bought merchandise for a franchise she knows nothing of, or her parents need to monitor her internet activity much more heavily. 

-While cleaning up the card wall, I found that someone had shoplifted a toy and taken it out of the packaging in the aisle, but hung the cardboard backing back up in the proper place. The few seconds they took to put it back where it belonged display a great deal more politeness than many guests show, and I am grateful they took the few seconds to do so in the middle of their crime spree.

Stereotypes of people who buy certain types of fish: Kai's store

Goldfish: Mom, dad or grandma/pa that just wants an ‘easy pet’ for their kid/grandkid, has a 2 gallon tank, and is shocked and awed when I point to the tag and tell them goldfish need at least 30 gallons and get a good 12 inches. Most will allow me to direct them to guppies instead. Small subgroup will become incensed with me and insist on the goldfish anyway.

GloFish: Small child whose parents are letting them pick or bratty teenager that points to them and goes 'WOW, a PINK FISH!’ Always wants just one and I have to explain they’re tetra and need a large group. Small subgroup of people that ask for 8 of them and then come marching back to me from the register with 'I had no idea they were NINE DOLLARS EACH! That’s INSANE!’

Cichlids: Always some 20 something who smells like weed and thinks they’re gangster. This must be just a local thing. Feeds feeder goldfish, is always in buying new cichlids, almost every week. Where do they all go, when each fish needs 55+ gallons? I’ve stopped asking, customer is high anyway. I wish there was a subgroup of people that know what they’re doing, but there isn’t. I’m glad we reduced our stock of cichlids.

Guppies: Actually the easiest to sell, most people seem to know what they’re doing if they want guppies, oddly. What I direct people to if they have around a 5 gallon and originally wanted a goldfish or something inappropriate.

Tetra: Either someone who wants 1 of each type and just wants 'all kinds of different fish!’ in their tank, or someone with a 55-75 gallon that actually buys proper schools. There’s no in between.

Cory cats: 'It cleans the bottom right?’

Plecos: SUBURBAN MOM that comes back and immediately barks at me 'I need a sucker/cleaner fish!’ with no introduction, no polite greeting. Daily nightmare, 0/10.

Livebearers (mollies, etc): Either also the 'I want ALL kinds of different fish!’ person with no idea what they’re actually doing who will put them with tetra OR people who have no idea what they’re doing but politely ask me and let me plan an appropriate hard water livebearer tank for them that fits our local water supply and will be the easiest to maintain for a beginner.

Koi: Never pond owners. Like, once I had a customer that had a 1700 gallon pond. Once. I do not sell Koi to people. I do not. No it can’t live in a 30 gallon tank, for gods sakes it gets the same size as your small child, maybe bigger.

Steve Mcgarrett Imagine

I stepped off the plane and walked down the walk way switching on my phone and check my text to find one from oldest and dearest fried Danny Williams, telling me he would meet me at baggage claim as he was running a little late. I text back “OK” and carried on my way.

I had broken up with my now Ex boyfriend about six months ago and he had been stalking me, so lets just say it was a good choice to move here. There were phone calls, letters, emails, you name it. In the end I said, ‘fuck it’ and packed my bags and jetted of to Honolulu.

I made my way through the airport to baggage clam, where I found Danny shouting at some guy. “No, that’s not what this is and you are not about to stop this."He shouted.

"OK, OK, fine. I’ll stay out of it.” the guy shrugged laughing. He was taller than Danny by a foot or so, He had brown hair and a pair of shades on and he was very handsome. Danny seemed stressed and fed up and I found it quite funny. I ran over and jumped on his back.

“Danno!” I shouted in his ear. He laughed and shook his head.

“Y/N/N,” He laughed as I jumped off of his back onto the ground.

“Wait so she can call you Danno, but when I do it. you get all touchy?” The guy standing by Danny pouted.

“What, touchy, no I don’t get touchy.” Danny argued back.

“I’ve been calling him Danno since high school.”  told him. “Who do you think taught Gracie to call him Danno.”

“You knew Danny in high school?” Tall and handsome asked.


“That’s cool, he never mentions his time in school very often.” He told me. I looked at Danny and frowned.

“Wow, I’m hurt.” I pouted before looking at tall and handsome.“My friends, I could tell you stories that even Danny Williams doesn’t know I know.” I told him.

“Really, please tell me more.” He smiled to Danny as he extended his hand which I shook gladly. “I’m Steve.”

“Mcgarrett, I figured as much. He speaks very highly of you, and the rest of your team. As does grace, speaking of which, where is my beautiful god daughter?”

“At school where she is supposed to be.” Danny huffed.

“OK cool. Anyway. There are only three people in the world that can truly annoy Danny Williams and make his little head look like it’s about to burst. I being the first, Rachel being second and a commander Steve Mcgarrett of the Five-O Task force, and judging by the pout and redness on his face I see you must have done something bad.”

“He thought it would be a good Idea to let Rachel stay over at his house again, for the third time this week.” Steve told me, I stopped in my tracks and turned to face Danny.

“You and Rachel?”

“No, no me and Rachel, It was for the benefit of the Kids, she was home alone and both charlie and Gracie didn’t want to leave her alone so I said she could stay at my place.”

“what did you do after the kids were asleep, what time did you go to sleep?” I asked. Danny gulped and shuffled back a little.

“We stayed up and talked until she felt tired and we went to sleep at about 12:30.” He explained. I nodded and walked a little closer and pulled at his color.

“Where did she sleep?”

“I..I gave her my bed. I stayed on he couch.” He stuttered. I shook my head and sighed.

“Danny, Danny , Danny. She still has that affect on you.” I sigh walking back to Steve and looking up at him,“Right, can we get out of here please, both of you.” I asked.

“Sure, we’ll get you to Danny’s place.” Steve laughed turning to help with my bags which he refused to let me carry, and extended his arm which I took gladly.

“Wow wow, whats this.” Danny asked as Steve began leading me out of the airport.

“I’m helping the lady with her bags and escorting her to the car.” Steve shrugged.

“Yes, like a real gentleman.” I smiled up at him. “By the way, I call shot gun.”

“What, no you can’t just call shot gun this is..” Danny argued but was interrupted by Steve.

“My car and the lady called shot gun.” Steve reasoned as we came to the car. He unlocked the car and opened the door for me to climb in.

“This is ridiculous,” Danny sulked as he climbed in the back of the car.

“Oh, don’t pout Danno.” I smiled at him.

“OK, lets just get home.”

The drive home was a little boring, we just spoke a bit, catching up with their lives, although I didn’t tell Danny and Steve about my crazy Ex. We even decided I would wait a little and surprise Grace as she didn’t know I was coming.

We pulled up out side a small house, a silver car parked in the front which I guess was Danny’s car. I stepped out of the car and followed them both in to the house but stayed behind a door as Steve and Danny said hello to Grace.

“Hey Gracie.” I heard Steve say and he pulled Grace into a hug.

“Hey, Uncle Steve. Hay Danno.” I heard Grace say, she sounded so different since the last time I spoke to her in person.

“Hey, Grace, whos Y/N?” I heard Steve ask, I smiled a little as I waited for her to answer.

“She is Danno’s  best friend from high school. they grew up together and you know she’s awesome. she lives in New Jersy still though. Why do you ask?” I heard her say as she began eating something.

“Oh, I just met her.” Steve said casually, opening what sounded like a fridge.

“You did? How?” Grace asked a little shocked. This was when I stepped into the room.

“Oh, you know, princess, he was very lonely so he wished on a star and puff! here I am.” I smiled as I walked in and jumped onto the counter top right next to Grace.

“Auntie Y/N/N, you’re here” She smiled excitedly and she hugged me best she could.

“Gracie Pie.” I laughed before looking to the side of her where a small boy sat eating an apple. “And you must be Charlie. I’m Y/N, but you can call me Y/N/N, Everyone does.” I smiled at him as I jumped of the counter and knelt down to see him better.

“Are you Gracie’s auntie?” He asked.

“I am. you know if you want I could be your auntie too.” I said as he looked at me. He only nodded. I smiled and pulled him into a hug and laughed as Grace joined in.

“Ohh group hug with the monsters, I’m in.” Steve shouted as he too joined in on the hug. we all laughed and hugged until Danny came into the room.

“Y/N can you…Whats going on?” Danny said as he entered the room.

“Group hug Danno, you wanna get in on it?” Grace laughed. Danny smiled and gave us and nod before looking over at Steve. “We got a case, Y/n can you watch Charlie for a while?” I nodded and smiled.

“Sure he can come with Grace and I.”

“Where, Where are you and Grace going?”

“Oh, you know I thought I’d take her to get drinks by the pool, pick up a few guys and run a way to get married on a dare.” I joked.

“Why, why would you Joke about that” Danny stressed

“Because it is funny watching you squirm. But seriously, I’m gonna ask grace to show me around the town and then we’ll get some dinner..” I replied, trying to calm him down a little.

“OK fine. Here is some money, make sure they get something good to eat, use my car and if you have any problems call me and I see you later.” Danny said handing me a few bills, I nodded before he and Steve left waving goodbye.

“I’ll erm catch you later Y/N."Steve called.

"Yeah see you later Mcgarrett.” I called back. Gracie giving me a few funny looks.

“What?” I asked. “Well, come on, let’s go explore you and your brother change and we’ll head out.” I instructed them. They both ran off to change so I cleaned away there plates and glasses. As I picked them up I saw a small piece of paper folded up hiding under a glass. Me being the nosy girl I am I looked at it only to find it was addressed to me, I unfolded it and  read it.

*In case you wanted a proper tour around the Island.


I smiled at the note and found a phone number at the bottom of the note.

“Whats that?” Grace asked making my jump a little, I shrugged and folded the note back up.

“Just a note from Danno telling me his work number if anything goes wrong. Are you both ready to go?” I asked, placing the clean dishes in the cupboard.

“Yeah, lets go.” Charlie answered grabbing my hand.

“OK, OK I just need to grab my keys and purse.” I laughed/ I grabbed my purse and Danny’s keys before heading to the car.

I don’t know how long we drove for but Grace directed me to a few important places, the kids schools, Rachel’s house, a few place I might end up, It got to about 5:30-ish when charlie wanted dinner so grace directed me to a take out truck by the beach.

“So erm what is this place?” I asked Grace as we sat on a bench.

“Only the best shrimp around.” Charlie replied as he sat by Grace opposite me. I smiled and nodded

“Well young charlie, lets see if your telling the truth.” I laughed as I stood up to buy the three of us some dinner. I wanted in line and watched Grace and charlie until I got to the front of the cue. I looked up to see a big man with a bold hair wearing a yellow t shirt stood. “What can I get you sista?” He asked.

“Well, i’m new to the area and you come highly recommended from someone very high up in the biz, my nephew over there.” I explained pointing over at charlie who waved to the man in the truck. “Can I get three of your best meal and three cans of soda please.” I asked smiling at him.

“Of course, I will bring it straight over.” he smiled. I nodded, before walking back o the table.

“So, how is it out here, you know living in the sun?” I asked grace.

“I think it’s great, I mean Danno doesn’t like the beach and stuff but Auntie Kono showed me how to surf and Uncle Steve he likes to take us out on boats and stuff.”

“I like going fishing with Danno.” Charlie added

“Wow, it sounds awesome over here.”

“You should visit more.” Grace told me.

“Yeah I suppose you’re right but you see I have a problem.” I told Grace.

“Whats that Auntie Y/N?” Charlie asked.

“How do I visit a place I live in?”

“Live, are you moving here?”

“I am I have a place to live just have to sign a few papers and I get to move in.” I told her.“ It’s a nice place, big kitchen, Pool in the back yard and a Three bedrooms, One for me, on as a studio and one in case I by chance guests stay over.”

“ Guests like your favorite niece and nephew.” Grace asked playfully.

“Exactly” i laughed.

“What about you job?”

“I’m a photo analyst for the police back In New Jersey, I’m sure I can find another job.” I assured her.

“I know you can work with Danno and Uncle Steve.” Charlie offered I smiled and Nodded but before I can answer the man from the truck came over with food.

“Three shrimp fried rice for the Williams family.” He smiled placing the food on the table.

“Thank you,but I’m not a Williams, My name is Y/N, Y/L/N I’m a friend of Danny.” I explained as I moved aside to invite him to sit and chat. Which he gratefully excepted.

“I’m Kamekona, I own the truck there and I am good friends with Detective Williams and Commander Mcgarrett. If you ever need anything, you can call me anytime.”

“Thanks it’s good to know I have a friend already.”

“Of course, now I have a favor to ask you and grace If you don’ mind.” He asked smiling a little.

“Sure what can we do for you?”

“I’m a little swamped with orders and my cousin flipper no longer works here so could you dropped by the Five-O HQ and deliver their meals?” He asked placing another bag on the table.

“Sure, here how much do I owe you for the meals?” I asked pulling out my purse.

“No charge for Hawaii’s finest, and you are doing me a favor so it’s on me” He smiled,

“I smiled and shook my head, It’s Danny’s money anyways.” I laughed.

“In that case 35.50.” He smiled I gave Kamekona 40 and told him to keep the change.

“Well, we will get going ten, so we can get the food to them while its still hot.” I told him and shook his hand before grabbing the bags and Charlies hand, “It was great to meet you Kamekona, hope you have a great day.” I smiled at him.

“You too sista, and welcome to the island Y/N.”

The three of us waved goodbye and continued to the car. “Well Gracie, lets get to Danno’s office, where do I go.” I smiled at her as I put the key in the slot, started the engine and pulled out of the parking bay and set off it the direction Grace told me to go.

“And there it is.” Grace said happily pointing to a big building.

“OK, I’ll park and we’ll go find Danno."I smiled as I drove into the car park.

I parked up and we both exited the car. I grabbed the bags of food and we all made our way into the building, Grace and charlie leading the way.

We walked a little bit going up a few sets of stairs and down a few hall ways until we came to a set of glass doors and Charlie and Grace ran inside.

"This is where Danno works?” Charlie informed me.

“WOW, impressive” I murmured to myself. “So where is the old man?” I asked walking into the large room.

“You know, I’m only a year older than you right.” I heard Danny shout.

“Oh shush Danny, Yes you’re a year older than me, but mentally you are a grumpy old men who like to yell at the kids for playing ball in his yard.” I call back.

“You kids now days don’t respect other peoples property.” Grace mocked in a grumpy old man voice.

“Exactly.” I laughed

“ What are you guys doing here? ” Danny asked as he walked over to pick up Charlie and hug Grace.

“we bought lunch.” I replied holding up the bags of food.

“She’s funny and she brings food.” Steve smiles over at Danny. “Are you sure you’re friends with him.” He asked as he walked over taking the bags from my hands.

“I’m sorry but who is this?” Someone asked I turned to see a few people had joined us in the room.

“Everyone this is Y/N, my best friends. Y/N this is the team. Kono Kalakaua, Chin Ho Kelly, Lou Grover and Jerry Ortega. ” Danny introduced, “And of course you know The man child over there.” He continued pointing over at Steve who just smiled a big toothy smile and waved proudly.

“It’s nice to meet you all but I think I should get home and feed these two before the food gets cold.” I reply kindly so not to offend them.

“Yes, please.” Danny instructed, handing charlie over to me.

“No, You can Join us for dinner, right guys?” Steve interrupted as he asked the others about our company.

“Of course.” They all replied.

“Come on let’s eat.” Lou called as he lead everyone to a large table with enough chairs for everyone.

“So, Y/N why don’t you tell us about Danny in high school?” Chin asked as we all began eating.

“ Well Danny was your usual teenage boy. trying to get girls way out of his league. But ultimately he was a nice guy. Helped me out a few times when I got in fights. Always the hero right Danno?” I told the team.

“No, tell the story right please, I didn’t hit on girls out of my league.”

“Milly Johnson, Katy Jones, Me."I listed, coughing when I said me.

"OK so I got turned down a couple times but it wasn’t that bad.” Danny argued

“17” I interrupted.

“OK fine, you wanna know how I met Y/N? She got into a fight with my sisters best friend. I didn’t like Jenny that much but my sister told me to break it up before she got hurt. I pulled Y/N off of Jenny and then threw her over my shoulder and carried her off to calm her down.” Danny explained laughing at me.

“Yeah, The first time I met Danny Williams the first thing I saw was his butt. He had a nice butt.” I laughed making everyone else laugh.

“Why were you fighting in the first place.” Kono asked I smiled at her and answered.

“When I was in high school I was this tomboy type girl, I loved football, video games and skateboarding. Jenny though it would be funny to spread a few rumors about me.” I told them, feeling every bodies eyes on me. “You see I was hand with a gun, my dad was in the NAVY and he had showed me how to use one. When he was home we would go down to the gun range.” I explained. “Jenny thought if funny to spread the rumor I was a Psychopath and I had gone gun crazy and killed my dad. I snapped and dove for her stupid little face.”

“I had to pull her away. It took 30 minutes to calm the girl down, I swear if I hadn’t have stopped her Jenny would be dead.”

“Too Right.” I mumbled making everybody laugh.  

 "Funny thing was my Dad wasn’t dead at the time, three weeks later we got the call. He was gunned down in friendly fire. Danno and I had become fast friends after the fight so when I got the call I ran straight to Danno. He had to stop me from ending things a few times.“ I laughed sadly at the painful memories.

"Yeah we were inseparable ever since.” Danny smiled. “My mum even thought we were dating at one point.” He continued making a face as though he had eaten something horrible.

“Rude, I do recall being asked out by one Danny Williams.” I laughed

“Oh, wow really.” Steve smirked at Danny.

“Yeah, OK, I developed a crush on my best friend sue me.” He huffed. “I asked her out she said no…no big deal. It was the best decision really.”

“We be as close as we are now if I had said yes.” I told them.

“Exactly.” Danno finished.

We spoke for a while and eat, laughing at different stories of Danny as a kid. Steve and I sort of drifted into our own concatenation after a while

“I don’t want to spoil the happy mood and all but we need to get those photos analysed before tomorrow and our usual guy is off sick.” Jerry spoke, gaining Steve and Danny’s attention.

“Right yeah we need to find someone.” Danny spoke staning up.

“Why don’t you get Y/N to look at them Danno. Thats what she does right, a photo analysis.” Grace offered I looked up at Danny and shrugged.

“I can take a look if you want, It will only take a couple minutes.” I shrugged.

“How can it take a couple of minutes, it takes our guy at least an hour on one photo, and ther are 12 to look at.” Kono asked.

“I’m one of the best in New Jersey if not the US, I have a very keak eye for noricing things and I have a photo graphic memory.” I explained.

“You can have a look if you want, just right down anything that doesn’t look right and we can take it from there.” Steve offered, I nodded and smiled

“Sure, where do I go?” I asked, Steve smiled and lead me the a room full of photos, Chin pulled up the file of photos and Kono handed me a pad of paper and a pen.

“OK, like Mcgarrett said, anything unusual or draws your eye, write it down and I’ll take it from there.” Jerry instructed.

I nodded and began flicking through the photos, writing down anything and everything I saw that I thought could be useful. The photos where of a couple who seemed to be tourists taking photos while on the island. I wrote down licence plate numbers, people holding cameras, places I could see that cold tell the location.

“OK, here this a is  what I got, I found this which does seem weird. A Black 88-93 Chevy C/K pick up, Licence plate TKE 268. A  hoodied figure sat in the front seat with a camera. The same pick up is in every photo except the last however the same hoodied figure is stood about 30 feet from the  couple holding a Glock maybe 26c but I can’t be too sure.” I told them as I pointed things out and showed them what I saw.

“Wow, that only took you ten minutes. That’s amazing.” Chin smiled over at me.

“Thanks, it’s what I do.” I smiled handing them the paper and pen.

“Right I have plans with my two favorite kids so, I’m gonna take off and get the Kids home. I hope I was some kind of help.” I smiled as I grabbed Charlie and ushered Grace out of the door, “Come on, let’s go.” I smiled as we exited the room, waving to the team.

“Hey, wait up, Y/N.” I heard Steve shout I turned to see he had followed us out. “Look we could really use someone like you on the team. Do you maybe wanna job on the team?” He asked, I smiled and shrugged.

“Can I think about it for a little bit, I only just got to the island and I haven’t technically go a home jusy yet.” I told him.

“Sure, you have my number so let me know when you make a decision.” He smiled, scratching the back of his head.  I nodded and the kids and I left to got home.

“When did Uncle Steve give you his number.” Grace asked as we got in the car, sending me a knowing look.

“He offered to give me a proper tour of the island and left his number. That’s all.” I explained not looking at her.

“Do you like him?” Charlie asked.

“Well sure, he’s Danny’s friend and you guy see him as family.” I answered, knowing that’s not what they meant.

“No, you 'like him’ like him don’t you.” Grace sang  poking my cheek a little.

I thought about for a second, I mean sure he was good looking, he annoys the hell out of Danny which is my favorite thing to do and well, he seems like a good guy.

“I don’t know him well enough to say liked him that way but he’s seems like a great guy.” I told Grace who just smiled up at me.

“He is a great guy, He looks out for us and protects Danno when they’re working and well I think he likes you, he couldn’t stop starring at you while we were waiting dinner.” Grace informed me.

“OK enough from you little miss, come on lets get home and we can watch a movie before bed.” I told her as I finally pulled up to the house. We exited the car and walked to the house where we spent hours watching TV and eating junk food until about 9:30pm when I sent Grace to bed and carried a sleeping Charlie to his bed and tucked him in.

“Hey Auntie Y/N, why are you moving here, not that i’m not happy, I was just wondering. ” Grace asked me.

“Well, I had a few things I wanted to get away from and I missed you guys, I don’t speak to my mum and you guys are the only family I got.”  I explained.

“Well, I’m glad you’re here.” she told me before she fell asleep.


*Seven Months Later*

I woke up around 6:30am and got up and showered before changing into a pair of black skinny jeans, a blue blouse and a pair of black combat boots. I put my gun holster around my waist and attached my badge to the belt, placing the gun in the Holster carefully. I pulled my hair into a high pony tale before I walked out to the room and grabbed my Keys and left my house.

It’s been six months since I came to Honolulu and I just have to say life is amazing. I have a great job with Five-O and I am now officially an officer of the law. Basically I accepted the Job with Five-O and I did a sort of exam so that I can go out in public, arrest suspects and use a gun when needed. I also have been dating Steve Mcgarrett for about six months now but we still haven’t told Danny, not until we know were things are going you know, however Grace knows. She walked in on us having a moment. oops. Since living here I had spent a lot of time with Danny and the kids, they and Steve helped me move in to my house and decorate, we all have a family meal nearly every week, and by all I mean, Me Steve, Danny, Grace and Charlie, as well as Kono, Chin Lou and his kids and Jerry.

I was brought out of my thoughts by my car engine starting, I pulled out of my drive and set of on my short journey to Danny’s house. I was only in the car for a couple minutes before I pulled into the drive, parked the car and killed the engine. I hopped out of the car and locked the car doors before I walked into Danny’s house+, using my key. being as it was only 7.15am when I arrived Danny and the kids were still sleep so I did what I usually do, I put the coffee pot on and began making breakfast. This was a usual morning for me, I woke up showered, changed and made my way to Danny’s for breakfast, where I made pancakes and coffee for us all and Steve who usually got to the house about 7:30.

As I poured my second lot of pancake mix into the frying pan I heard two alarm clocks go off. I looked at my watch to see it was 7:30 and right on que the backdoor opened and I waked Steve.

“Hey, Good looking.” I smiled at him as he place his jacket on the coat hook by the door. I turned back to my cooking only to feel a pair of arms wrap around my waist.

“Hey gorgeous.” He whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my spine. I turned my head and smiled up at him and kissed him before he pulled away and began helping me make breakfast. I cooked the pancakes while Steve Poured coffee for him Danny and I and some orange juice for Charlie and Grace. I piled the pancakes onto the plates  and turned the stove off, just as Charlie and Grace came walking into the Kitchen, dressed for school and half asleep.

“Well good morning children, how did you sleep?” I asked them both, earning a groan in return. “Oh well I guess no one wants come wake Danno up with me then.” I shrugged slowly walking out of the room, then as quick as a flash I was being followed by two energetic childlike humans and Grace. We all walked to Danny’s bedroom, quietly opened the door and I counted to three.

“One…Two…Three.” I whispered, carefully so I didn’t wake Danny. “GO!” I shouted as Grace, Charlie and I jumped on the bed singing a song I had taught them.

“OK, OK I’M UP I’M UP.” Danny laughed as we all jumped on him. “Seven months, this has been going on for seven months Y/N, how long are you going to keep this up?” He asked me sitting up, Charlie hugging him tight.

“Until you learn not to sleep through your alarm.” I shrugged standing above my best friend. I smiled a cheese grin and turned to Steve, raising my arms out in front of my so he could help. “Help please.” I asked. He laughed and came to my aid only instead of holding my hand to keep me balanced, is swept my legs from under me and picked me up bridal style and began running off with my laughing in his arms.

“I live in a mad house!” I heard Danny shout over the loud footsteps of the Kids. “OK, you can put me down now Captain America.” I laughed once we were in the Kitchen. He smiled down at me and Kissed my quick before placing me on the ground, just before the Kids came running in.

“You know you’re gonna have to tell him right?” Grace said as she sat down.

“We will when we’re ready.” I shrugged.

“Ready for what?"Danny asked as he came into the Kitchen, making me jump a little.

"To tell you she’s dating Uncle Steve.” Charlie Shouted making Grace burst out laughing and Steve and I turn bright red.

“Oh that, I already know.” Danny shrugged taking a sip of his coffee, his eyes never leaving Steve and I.

“You know? How?” Steve asked. I looked at Grace and raised an eyebrow, she had suddenly went very quiet.

“You didn’t think you could get my daughter to keep things from me did you.” Danny smiled smugly. “We have a very close relationship, we tell each other everything.” He said proudly. I shook my head and smiled over at Grace.

“How much did he pay you?” I asked her but was quickly interrupted by Danny.

“I am offended that you think I would pay my Daughter to spy on you.” He huffed only Grace soon caught him out.

“50” she laughed.

“Well, if you knew, why didn’t you say anything?” Steve asked.

“Wasn’t my place too, I figured you guys would tell me when you were ready.” He smiled. I looked at him then Steve then back to Danny.

“Ok, so, are you OK about this?” I sked him.

“Are you happy?” He asked me I nodded and smiled.

“Very.” I replied looking at Steve,

“Then I’m happy you’re happy.” He smiled standing up and walking over to kiss my forehead and hug Steve and I.

“I will admit, I was abit upset at first, I mean Y/N, you’re like a sister to me. But I kind of watched you for a while, I saw happy you both were and how he always finds little ways to make your smile bigger and brighter. I don’t want to stand in the way of that.” He explained. I smiled back to him and nodded.

“Thanks for not being wierd about it Danno.”

“Of course.”


From then on Steve and I didn’t hide our relationship from anyone. We were happy  the team were happy for us. We had our ups and downs but we always got through it, with the help of Danny and soon enough Rachel who got back together and remarried and had one more kid who both Steve and I became godparents to.

Three years after Danno found out Steve and I were married and about two years later we both had two kids, Little Daniel Johnathan Mcgarrett who obviously is named after Danny, best friend to both Steve and I and Both Steve and I’s fathers who coincidentally were both called John, and Maisie Jane Mcgarrett who isn’t named after anyone but she was named by Gracie and I.

We were a happy family all of us, the Williams and Mcgarretts and we had the best times together.

Fixing Lost Causes

The front door is open. There was time to turn the alarms off, but even so the front door to the office is open like a gap between teeth. Inside there is sobbing, gasping, doors opening and slamming. I walk inside, though it takes me a moment. A dental offices offer no pleasure for a magician, and little to use. There is pain here: the waiting for it, the reality of it. Sometimes, rarely, relief.

But mostly there is pain, the kind that even the worst magicians would use as a ward. Wealth sings in the air, laughing it’s cruel laughs. The self-made wards about the place are braces made of barbed wire. It has no god, though most businesses produce one. I suspect the gods borne from such places end their own existences, though I’ve never looked into it.

I find the dentist sitting in a chair, mirror in a shaking hand. Jabbing at his gums with their freezing drugs. Tears are streaking down his face as I cough. He stands, tries to talk, but his entire face is close to numb. It has done nothing for the pain in his teeth.

“The freezing won’t stop that kind of pain: I’m afraid it’s a lost cause.”

The dentist doesn’t heard me. I could speak in a tone I have that can’t be ignored, thread magic into the words and I still doubt he’d hear anything right now beyond pain. If it’s just pain at all anymore.

I reach out, find the bindings that were made, and undo each one. He collapses into the seat after, gasping. I take the numbness out of him along with as much of the memory of pain as I can; I store both for use in the future. It is one of the easiest magics I have ever done: his need and desire mesh perfectly with mine.

“Who – who?” he gets out as sanity surfaces from the agonies.  

I let out a sigh. “You had a patient earlier. A boy was with her.”

He nods. People remember Jay. In the way of remembering miracles – both the bad kind and the good, though Jay is entirely unaware of that.

“Charlie wasn’t hurting before she came in. And she was hurting after.”

“But that’s normal after a cleaning and –.”

“I know. She knows. But she was grumpy about it, and Jay heard her. And decided you needed to know what that pain was like so that you wouldn’t hurt anyone ever again. Jay isn’t human: it takes a lot for him to feel anything like a toothache. But he managed it, and then he gave you that same amount of pain because he thought it was the proper amount for a tooth ache.”

The dentist opens his mouth. Closes it. His perfect teeth have lost a certain gleam.

“It’s best not to think about it too hard. And the next time you’re asked to make sure someone isn’t hurt at all, you might want to do so.”

He manages a jerky nod.

I turn and walk back outside. I send some of the numbness to Jay, who has one tooth still aching from whatever he tried to eat that hurt his teeth. I close the door, study the building and wait.

The dentist comes out in a hurry, eyes like broken teeth. I did my best. Sometimes it’s not enough.

Stop.” He stops dead at the command. I walk over, study his bulging jacket. “Not everything has to be a lost cause: you can keep your business, not flee into the night. Forget.

It’s hard, to make someone forget meeting Jay even if they want to. I push, hard, invoke a Power that will ask a price for such aid later. The memory fades. The madness dims. The dentist heads back inside, replaces everything he was going to steal to start a new life elsewhere.

I walk back toward the motel Charlie, Jay and I are staying at. The dentist pulls over a couple of minutes later, asks if I need a lift. He doesn’t remember me, but he pays the gift forward just a little without knowing. I ask about his job, and there is nothing save normalcy in his voice when he talks about the office, his staff, the time it took to make the business.

He lets me off at the motel and I head into the suite to tell Charlie that Jay is never, ever going with either of us to any appointment again.
Nanbaka Ch. 37.3 Translations

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