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You could always incorporate bits of your old style into your new one if you want! I like your current style now but I’m always curious about your old art!

well, part of the reason I said that I feel very far removed from my old art is because 1) my style changed dramatically 2) I improved dramatically 3) my content is very very different now. Anything from my old style that I don’t use anymore is probably for the best. 

When I changed my style from that very very anime style I changed to something more “professional” and tried really really hard to distance myself from anime. I switched styles maybe 4 or 5 years ago and even from then, my art has improved so much that I still feel kind of attached to it, but not that much anymore. 

But it’s funny that you should say anything about incorporating bits of my old art into my new work because I feel like my style is slowly starting to slide back towards “anime” and honestly?? I’m really fine with it, I think I’ve found a happy middle ground that is a little more distinctly “me” ya know

That being said, most of my old art that is on the internet is now in dA storage because I got really tired of my crappy old Warrior Cats fanart showing up in my notifications six years later, but whatever isn’t has still been on my dA since the good ol year of two-thousand-ten, you just have to scroll a bit far

or alternatively, I guess I can just break it down with actual examples (I am omitting all animal artwork because that’s all I drew until I was like 13 so I want you to see my improvement in the drawing people area):

2010 barely grasping the idea of facial structure and anatomy. Anything I knew about drawing people was probably reference from a manga or a How-To-Draw-Anime book or something

later 2010 okay getting my act together a little bit, drawing a lot of head shots but that’s a start (for the record, I was perfectly capable of drawing that right eye, I just thought it was Cool and Dramatic to cover it so)

late 2010 or 2011?? SMALL HEADS, LONG LOOOOOOOONG BODIES MYYY GOODNESSSSSSSS give it a few months, you’re gonna start getting the opposite problem

2012 in what universe did I think this was an aesthetically-pleasing face

later 2012 okay I figured out the long-face thing (not saying much)

2013 okok now this was definitely where I switched to a different style entirely (still didn’t seem to know basic anatomy but thought Disney eyes would make it better??)

2014 closer to my current style, but peak of this style in particular. What the heck were bodies??? Arms were always too short and torsos tended to be short, hip placement wrong, etc etc (although I was using a lot of references. although that makes me think: how was I still so bad at anatomy)

and now, about 2016 to 2017 (current date) this is where I started noticing my, while still improving, my backtrack to the “anime” thing (the top-right pic made me notice it first)

anyways, this is probably way more of an answer than you were wanting or expecting, but idk I like getting questions about my art itself and I tend to get pretty happy and go on and on when asked about it (is that egotistical of me? maybe a little. probably.



journal page 199-200/?
i am a chinese language literature and culture major but i want to write my bachelor’s thesis on film (more precisely on wong kar wai or any other hong kong artfilm director or anything really) and I’m afraid it won’t be possible. if anyone would be kind enough to give me some ideas on what i could write on i would be the happiest


happy birthday to my special boy !!!!
it’s a hamster plush party

  • The good are never easy: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn
  • The easy never good: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra
  • Love it never happens like you think it really should: Cancer, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces

A happy birthday present- from me, to you! Well. And to me. Because hell this is super self indulgent even as doodle comics go, but had to get some of that hype out of me regarding the reboot.

This is part one- Part two can be read here!

  • Tears of Joy: Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra
  • Tears of Sadness: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces
  • Tears of Madness: Aries, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius

Jesus Christ for the first time in fandom history fanon characterization did not go far enough with a character. Matt Holt is a bigger dweeb than even our best fandom scientists could have ever predicted. This is incredible

Mothers’ Weekend

Hello there! Long time, no see (my bad I know) but, here: an Alicia Zimmermann-centric piece as she goes to Parents’ Weekend during Jack’s freshmen year. [focus on Alicia, Jack, and Shitty] 6k

Somewhere, deep in her heart, Alicia Zimmermann knows she is a bad mother.

It started out as a worry, as maybe it does for all new mothers, that she will be a bad mother. That she won’t know what to do with a baby or a toddler that one day she will accidentally drop him or forget to feed him or feed him something he is actually allergic to or maybe she’ll scar him emotionally somehow and she worried but she survived his childhood okay. And then, after he was five or six, she stopped worrying about it. She thought she was doing pretty good. Jack had hockey and loved hockey and, sure, they didn’t have deep emotional talks but she didn’t exactly have any basis of comparison. Television families told her she was doing okay. No teenage boy wanted to have deep talks with his mother. And, look, if Jack didn’t talk to her all that much as he turned 12 and then 13, at least he was still talking to his father. Mostly still about hockey but she… she thought that had counted. Hockey was like French, to her. Another language she could understand but couldn’t quite speak. But Bob could. He was on top of it. Jack was taken care of.

She loved Jack. That was never the problem. The problem was that her love wasn’t enough. It didn’t matter. It didn’t alert her to any of the facts and maybe it even blinded her– She loved her son and her son loved hockey and so she loved hockey too. She loved her son and then her son seemed to love a boy named Kent and they never talked about it but she let Kent come over all the time and she figured they would discuss it at some point. She just… assumed everything was okay. Even after he was diagnosed with the anxiety disorder and given pills. It was always… well, that was a little problem but it’s handled and under control and everything is okay now.

See. Bad mother.

A good mother would have known somehow.

A good mother would have pushed and prodded or sensed it without even having to be told.

A good mother would have paid attention to how hard Jack was on himself. A good mother would have made sure her son had interests outside of hockey. A good mother would have known that Jack’s long silences after losses weren’t normal. A good mother would have preached balance and fostered friendships with different types of people and stopped the fucking hockey.

She didn’t though. Stop the hockey. No, not Alicia Zimmermann. She encouraged it. She went to the games and cheered the loudest and she even loved it a little bit because she thought it brought him joy, like his father. She bought into the vision: Jack playing hockey like Bob, the Zimmermann legacy continued throughout the ages…

God, she even used to tease Jack about how it took his father three years to win a Cup and she was sure Jack could manage it faster than his old man.

A good mother wouldn’t have done that. So, see, she’s always been a bad mother. Even now, now that she’s almost lost him, now that she’s promised to do better, now that she’s finally read all the books and online articles about anxiety and pressure and the danger of sports and hockey culture… now she’s still just as bad. Just for different reasons.

Now she is a bad mother because it’s Saturday afternoon and he’s been at Samwell for almost three months and she does not feel like mothers are supposed to feel in this moment.

She glances around. At the sea of other mothers and fathers crammed onto Samwell’s campus for Parents’ Weekend. They are not nervous. They are excited. Happy. Enthusiastic. Overjoyed to see the teenager they had left just a couple months ago again. To her right is a father almost (but not quite) breaking into a run to give his son a hug. To her left, a mother has burst into tears. Happy tears.

And then there’s her. She’s not excited to see Jack. Well, no. No, it’s not that she’s not excited. She is. She is. (She is. She repeats it once more just to remind herself). She is just…

She is nervous too. More nervous than she is excited.

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