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GANGSTA. Gaming Headcanons

These were part of a discussion by myself, @nicolas-benedetto, and @sugar-blind, because we are anime trash and FUCKING PROUD DAMMIT XDDD

So @beta-sheratan, @cutewolfx, and @all-quiet-in-the-menagerie, and any other GANGSTA. fans, let us know how we did!! XDDD

Nicolas: Loves playing GTA, Saint’s Row, and Just Cause because dear god the level of fuckery that can be had is ENORMOUS, and you know he’d love just going ape-shit and stealing every car/tank/plane, and beating pimps with giant dildos! BUT, he also loves playing the Nintendo DS Pets games, because kitties

Worick: Favorite games are Japanese Dating Sims, and his favorite is School Days, because the main character is a total douche who gets what’s coming to him, and that amuses Worick to no end

Alex: She loves playing games like Cook Serve Delicious, and Sims. She even once made up herself, Worick, and Nic, but then was majorly embarrassed because her Sim would flirt endlessly with Nic’s, and couldn’t count the number of times they had sex in the shower. She also loves JRPGs, because they can be really beautiful and she loves the stories

Nina: She’s into LoveLive! because it’s fun and pretty, and other cute games like Animal Crossing. She’s also the master at Surgeon Simulator, and always get’s near perfect scores

Theo: Ironically is TERRIBLE at Surgeon Simulator to the point that it makes him question his career choices

Loretta: She doesn’t have much time for games, so games like God of War, Just Dance, and DDR work best for her

Marco: Secretly LOVES Candy Crush and Angry Birds. He only posted a selfie once on his Facebook when he opened the account, which Connie still favs a few times a day, the rest of the time he just sends requests to Galahad and Loretta regarding his progress in the games he plays through the site.

Galahad: Used to have a Facebook for a few of the games, but deleted it since he only ever got spammed by game requests from Marco. Now he’s mainly into Def Jam, Street Fighter, and Mortal Combat, as well as more classic fighting games like Killer Instinct

Connie: Connie has a lot of frustration built up from her shop always getting shot up, so she takes it out on all kinds of FPS games like Call of Duty, Halo, and Boarderlands. She has the dirtiest mouth on XBOXLive!, and frequently yells/screams at the screen, even when not playing with others. Example -

Monroe: He likes to know he’s making the most of his time, so he feels comfortable playing EVE Online. He even has businesses and makes extra money through the game, executing things there the same way he does in the real world

Gina: When in private, she indulges herself in some Plants vs. Zombies - Garden Warfare, but when around others or during a time when she has an open door, she prefers games like Fallout and DOOM

Ginger: Ginger loves cute indie games like Don’t Starve. She likes how quirky and smart they can be, but also really cute and violent too

Doug: He is a big ol’ ball of contradiction! He loves playing the Prince of Persia games, as well as Goat Simulator when he needs a good laugh

Delico and Yang: They play Viscera: Cleanup Detail and just troll each other the whole time. Yang will hide dismembered bodyparts in random places so that when Delico thingks they’re done and are checking to see if everything is clean, the parts will just fall out and splatter everywhere. In retaliation, Delico will wait for Yang to look away/leave for a moment, and then hold up various severed heads and other disturbing things in front of Yang’s immediate view so that when he comes back, that’s all he sees

Miles: Miles is pretty boring with his games, liking to play internet poker and some Facebook games where you can cash in game earned points for things like shows in Vegas, but since he can’t leave Ergastulum, it’s his own way of torturing others since then no one else will be able to go either.