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Figure Skating Jumps With Yuuri and Viktor

This blog started out as a Yuri!!! on Ice trash blog, but somewhere along the way, my love for figure skating was rekindled. My blog now doubles as a figure skating… trash blog, lol! Yeah, I have no life.

Anyway! Jumps - wonderful to watch, confusing af to recognize. If this is your usual sentiment, then you have come to the right place! Let Yuuri and Viktor show you the different jumps done by figure skaters, as well as tips on how to recognize them.

Jumps are actually fairly easy to recognize once you know what to look for. The first thing to look for is how skaters propel themselves off the ice. Was there a toe pick assist - meaning did the other foot’s toe pick help the skater push off the ice? Or was the skater propelled solely by their knees? The former is called a toe jump, because the toe pick was used to lift off the ice. The latter is called an edge jump, because the skater jumped off directly from an edge of their skating blade. This is most recognizable through a deeper bend in the knees, because without a toe pick assist, the strength of the jump comes solely from the knees.


Right, so we also need to understand edges first. If you search for close ups of skating blades viewed from the back, you will find that there is something like a hollow on the bottom of the blade so that there are two edges. If you were to stand with your feet just slightly apart, the inside edges would be the edges in line with your inner thighs (and calves, whatever). Conversely, the outside edges would be the edges that are facing the outside world.

Now, the great thing is all jumps are landed at the back outside edge. Which foot depends on the skater. Yuuri and Viktor both seem to favor landing on their right foot. Most skaters have a preferred landing foot, but to help you visualize, a skater who prefers landing on his right foot, for example, would always land tilted slightly to the right, because he is landing on his right outside edge.

So if it is not the landing that differentiates the jumps, what does? Yep, you got it - the entry.

Now that we have the basics down, time for the fun part: the different kinds of jumps!


Loop: Entered at the back outside edge of the same foot. You land exactly where you started, hence the “loop”. Example of a loop is the first gif, which is a loop done by Yuuri. The knee bend is not very clear, but see how his right foot is tilted to the right and slightly back? Clear back outside edge, landed also on his right foot.

Salchow: Yuuri’s bane of a jump is entered at the back inside edge of the opposite foot. The fun thing about the Salchow is that apart from the usual clues (knee bend and tilt of the foot), the nature of the landing is such that the entry leg sweeps into a wide arch once the skater lands on the opposite leg. Example is the second gif, done by Yuuri. See how Yuuri bends his knees? That is an obvious edge jump. See how his left foot tilts slightly inwards (inside edge take-off) before jumping off? Another interesting thing about this gif is Yuuri’s entry on the Salchow – it looked like he jumped from both feet. Two-footed Salchows are right or wrong depending on who you ask, but the idea is that the skater should still be taking off from the correct foot and the correct edge when entering the Salchow.

Axel: Yuuri’s favorite is also a common favorite among fans because it is easily recognizable AND it is the jump type with the highest points. The Axel is the only jump entered facing forward. Because of this entry, however, to land on the back outside edge (where all jumps land), you have to make an extra half rotation. That means a triple Axel is actually an Axel with three-and-a-half rotations, and this is also why it is given the most points. Also because of this, a quad Axel is the only remaining possible quad jump that has not yet been landed. (Can you imagine having to do four-and-a-half rotations?) Example, of course, is our boy Yuuri nailing that triple Axel in the third gif.


Toe Loop: Arguably the easiest jump, it is basically a loop with a toe pick assist. With the extra assist, it is usually the first quad landed by most male skaters, and in the show, this is the only quad Phichit can land. The fourth gif is a triple toe loop done by Viktor. See the way his left toe pick helps him off the ice? See how cleanly he takes off (slight outside tilt of his right foot) and lands on the same foot (same outside tilt)?

Flip: Viktor’s signature quad, the flip jump is entered by the back inside edge of the opposite foot. Enter on the inside edge of one foot, land at the outside edge of the other foot - hence, you flip. You can also think of it as a Salchow with a toe pick assist. The fifth gif is a triple flip done by Viktor. I chose his triple flip because the animation is clearer here. See how his right leg swings for that toe pick assist? His left entry foot is tilted slightly inwards to jump from his inside edge, and he then lands on his usual right landing foot (tilted slightly outwards to the back outside edge). (Bonus: The quad flip in particular is interesting to watch out for because for some reason, the skaters do a full turn before the jump, which is not as obviously done when skaters do a triple flip instead. It makes the quad version look dramatic, at least especially in the show when Yuuri and Viktor do it with that solemn look on their faces and all, but it’s also fun to watch when real-life figure skaters like Shoma Uno - who was the first to land the quad flip - also does that full turn before jumping. Somebody explain this to me, though. What physics is at work there? Idk.)

Lutz: Chris’ signature jump and my personal favorite is the Lutz, which is entered on the back outside edge of the opposite foot. The interesting thing about the Lutz is that because it is entered from the outside edge of the opposite foot, it is counter-rotated - that means the skater goes one direction then spins the opposite direction. It is a high difficulty jump and so gets the second highest base score after the Axel. The last gif shown here is a Lutz done together by Yuuri and Viktor, and I slowed the gif down a bit to better show the characteristics of the jump. Viktor actually gives the more consistently clear example of Lutzes in the show, but see how Yuuri enters the jump on the first few frames? That is typical Lutz entry, where the skater’s entry foot crosses over to the opposite side to give it that tilt it needs so they jump from the back outside edge. See how Viktor’s left foot is slightly tilted so you see underneath his skate? He is tilted slightly to the left, but he then jumps counter-clockwise, even if with that tilt, his natural spin would have been clockwise. He then lands on his right foot on the outside edge.

And there you have it! The six types of figure skating jumps. I hope that was helpful to those who are interested in learning to recognize these awesome jumps. The more figure skating fans, the merrier, I say!

(Any questions on these jumps? Leave me a message and talk skating to me. I would love to answer your questions! ♡)

It’s Not What It Looks Like

D4 (Gendrya with a side of Jonerys)- requested by @forcenturiestogether  and @spaceamazon

My first time writing Gendrya! 

Happy Game of Thrones Sunday! I don’t have anything going on today so I’ll see how many prompts I can crank out for all of you lol. 


Sansa had stolen the portable scissors again. 

This wouldn’t be happening if Sansa had just returned the scissors like she was supposed to. The other Starks were always getting on her case about it and she always seemed to find a way to forget to put them back. 

Arya was going to have words with her, when this was all said and done. 

The murmur of the voices in the vestibule had begun to fade as the guests filed in to take their seats inside the church itself, which meant they had fifteen minutes-probably less. “I can’t believe her.” She gave the tag an especially savage yank, causing Gendry to yell out in pain. 

“Could you stop trying to kill me? Please? Don’t shoot the messenger,” he muttered, massaging his neck. 

“Like you’re the messenger. Weren’t you supposed to try the suit on at the dress rehearsal?”

He groaned. “It wasn’t ready yet, remember? Rickon spilled a chocolate milkshake all over my old one-”

She muttered obscenities under her breath as she pulled at the tag again. It seemed to stare back at her almost tauntingly from the back of Gendry’s tuxedo, with the words King’s Landing Formal Wear-Fancy Outfits for all Occasions emblazoned across it, along with a price that had too many zeros. If she had scissors, the situation would already be dealt with and they would be hurrying to the back of the church so she could be a bridesmaid and he could be one of the groomsmen. But she didn’t, and she was fairly sure Jon and Dany (or both) would kill her if she showed up late. It was their special day after all, and she was the last person in the world who wanted to ruin it. “What is this made out of? Industrial steel?”

“Maybe if we hide it…” He fingered the ends of his hair loosely, as if trying to pull them down to cover the tag.

She shook her head. “You don’t have enough hair.” 

“We might not have another choice-”

She stood up on the tips of her toes and bit at the tag instead. She bit off a few strands of his fine dark hair in the process but emerged with the tag held between two fingers, smiling triumphantly. “Got it.”


She practically jumped out of her skin. Jon was standing in the doorway when she poked her head up over Gendry’s (massive) frame, looking at her curiously. “Yes? We’re almost done here.”

“Do you need a minute?” 

At first she didn’t know what he was talking about…and then she groaned. “It’s not what it looks like, I swear I was just helping him with a tag-”

Gendry nodded so quickly they almost cracked skulls. “Yup. New tux, you know.”

Jon’s smile widened. Arya hadn’t thought that was possible, considering he hadn’t stopped smiling all day. Though it made sense, since it was in fact his wedding. “Are the two of you ready? We don’t want to start the ceremony without you.”

“We wouldn’t miss it.” He left and she and Gendry followed him to the back of the church, both trying their best not to look at each other. Why did everyone always have to assume that something was going on between her and Gendry? 

Because absolutely nothing was. They were just friends, and sometimes fencing partners. 


Dany and her other bridesmaids were waiting in the back of the church; Sansa was straightening her dress for the final time and she held a bouquet of blue roses. Her face lit up when she saw Arya. “There’s our runaway bridesmaid.”

“A wardrobe malfunction,” she muttered as she slid into her spot next to Sansa. “You know I wouldn’t miss this.” Not for the world. 

Just then the church doors opened, the music swelled, and the crowd rose. Dany stepped forward, looking radiant (as always) in her white dress, heels clicking on the tile of the church floor as she made her way to Jon-who waited near the altar, ‘grinning like an idiot’, as Robb would have said. Arya had always been the one who questioned fairy tales, the one who said that if a man tried to sweep her off her feet she would kick him in the balls-but even she had to admit that they made a perfect couple. And looking at them now, ready to enter in a life of happiness with each other, she began to wonder if true love could maybe be real. 

Gendry caught her eye from the altar and winked. She had to admit, he cleaned up well-with his hair gelled and his tux immaculate. She was so used to seeing him in nothing but dirty t-shirts and sweatpants-seeing him like that made her heart race in a way she wasn’t used to.

Sansa jostled her shoulder, obviously having noticed her line of sight. “Gendry’s looking nice tonight.”

She nodded. “Yes, he definitely is.”

Short and sweet!

Prompts are open here 

Have a nice day lovelies <3


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Collab with @texts-from-bts

Caution: The first half of this is a bit gory and bloody… Death whoops

Summary:  You’re friends with a group of trouble makers, ‘junkies’ as the town calls you. but one day, it gets all too much.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9

You hummed a yes and nodded. 

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Um, you take prompts right? If not just ignore me and know I adore your work times a ZILLION! You're probably the reason why I even consider Terumob. Anyway though. The prompt: would it be at all possible to see what happened between Reigen and Teru's mom when they were alone? Or was that just boring paperwork stuff?

Thank you so much! The next chapter of ANLG and I are still at war, but at least I can work on some prompts and pretend to be productive in the meantime^^

EDIT: It’s up on AO3 now as well, so here’s the link.

Devil’s Advocate

As soon as her son and his - friend are out the door, something inside Haruka Hanazawa’s chest instantly relaxes. Her fingernails stop burrowing into the skin of her forearm quite as deeply. Even though there is still a huge, trembling force inside her that makes it impossible to let go entirely, she immediately feels much less as if she’s choking on her own breath.

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HI!! (love your work, big fan. i read your imagines like every night before i go to bed,, helps me sleep!) if you have any really super depressing and angsty ones, could you link them?? im in the mood for that shit,, if not, maybe that could b new idea?? just like a long one where the reader is like having a breakdown/attack and stu gets extremely worried and comforts them,, thank you!!! ilysm!! (btw in no way am i wanting mental illness to be romanticized, i just love that depressing shit)

A/N: today has been a d a y for me i thought maybe i could put my honey nut feelios into this so it’s more authentic but its nooooottttttttttttttt goooooooodddddddddddddddddddd and i agree with you on that not romanticized comment i see u homie hmu in the pms for some quality conversation ily

ignore the typos im tired its 1am ill fix them later

A small feeling of relief slowly but surely washes over you as you make your way down the familiar path that leads you to your shared home. You let out a long awaited sigh as you unlock the door, throwing your keys onto the table by your side as you step in. Being away from it all physically was pleasant enough on its own, but unfortunately, your clouded mind seemed to intensify your exhaustion, as you couldn’t find yourself to feel completely comforted in your own home. The house was silent and you concluded that he probably went out for the evening. You checked your phone and sighed; no messages, no calls. You decide not to let yourself be bothered by it, there was already enough on your mind as is.

Tired feet drag themselves to your bathroom as you try to convince yourself a warm shower is all you really need. You stand underneath the scalding water, hands resting on the tile, and stare down at the drain as water falls through the small metallic holes. The warm water feels nice but it doesn’t do much for your restless thoughts. You recall every occurrence of the day, wondering why the universe seemed to be gnawing at you in almost every possible way. Your mind eventually goes blank and you find yourself staring down at the drain for no reason at all, completely numb. You don’t even know how long you stay there for, nothing else has value in that moment, not even the drain your eyes are fixated on. You don’t even realize the front door has been opened until his muffled voice from the kitchen finally reaches you. 

You turn off the faucet and step out of the shower and dry yourself quickly before changing. When you emerge from the bathroom, you hear his voice much clearer now slightly drowned out by the sounds of bags rustling. He must have gone to get some food. You slowly make your way to the kitchen and stand in the door frame, watching him put away seemingly endless amounts of off-brand cereal into the cabinets. 

He turns around and jumps a little when he sees you behind him. He greets you cheerfully, “I just picked up a few things we needed while you were gone,” he explains before putting away the last couple of things, “Pizza should be here soon,” he looks at his watch, “If it’s not here in 15, then its free!” He smiles at you and your mouth curls only slightly. He frowns at that and steps closer to you, taking your hands into his, “You alright?”

Your hands slip out of his and you stare at the floor for a moment. His eyebrows knit together in worry as you speak, “I’m just tired,” you say, turning your head to look into his eyes. He’s staring at you with concern etched all over his features which makes you feel slightly worse. You impulsively kiss his cheek quickly, in hopes of convincing him that you’re okay but he doesn’t buy it. He thinks for a bit until he comes up with an idea, “I got it. Dawn of the Dead.”

You don’t hate the idea, but you don’t necessarily love it as it has become almost routine for the two of you. You agree anyway, anything to keep yourself distracted. 

The pizza arrives shortly, 2D disappointed over the fact it wasn’t free, and the two of you sit together on the couch, watching a film you’ve seen countless times. He seems happy though, chewing eagerly as his eyes are fixated onto the screen. He doesn’t notice that you haven’t spoken the entire time or hardly even touched your dinner. Having it almost every week has become a bit tiresome for you as well. You stare down at your plate and think how almost every thing has been routine and you can’t help but feel sickened by it. You sigh unintentionally loud, earning his attention as he turns his head to you, “Y/N?”

“Stuart…” you begin, unsure if you really want to continue, but you do anyway, knowing it’s probably best for you both, “I think we should take a break.”

He pauses the movie and stares at you expectantly, thinking you were referring to the film but you continue, your eyes closed as you speak, “I think we should stop seeing each other.”

Silence fills the room.

“… What?” He asks, truly confused. Things were going great between the two of you, he recalls the week going by so well.

“We just- I think it would be best if we just called it quits…” You say, you don’t dare to face him, knowing if you did your heart would break completely.

He looks at you and then at the TV and pizza and thinks for a bit, “… You’re not happy with me?” 

Your head falls to your hand and you force yourself to stay together, “No, it’s not- We’ll just talk about this in the morning, I’m really tired.” You don’t even give him time to respond before you get up and head over to the room. 

He doesn’t join you the entire night, he spends the night awake on the couch, dreading as the time passes, leading him to the inevitable fate of your relationship.

sorry its not 21 pilots uwu i joke pls calm

so i thought about how 2d said he can’t remember much details from past a week and took that TOO DAMN Far and made this. its probs a joke really cause you know brain damage but i had fun crying writing and i hope yall like it.

also the ask box is gonna be open again, gonna queue what i cleared out all day today, we’re going to be running smoothly again friendos.

ps thanks for putting up with my shit you gUYS ik i suck but yall are so nice and patient and supportive im love you

A Spell

Word count: 1963

Damon kidnaps you because of the spell that Kai put on Elena and Bonnie, but Kai saves you

‘What kind of pizza do you want?’ Kai shouted from the kitchen and peeked through the open doors, his eyes locked with yours.

'You choose. I don’t mind.’ You trailed off and smiled at him, pulling your legs up on the couch, wrapping your arms around them, focusing on the movie playing on the TV.

'Fine.’ Kai said playfully and went back to the kitchen, the sound of him pressing the numbers on the phone echoing all the way to you. Just when you focused on the movie, you heard a knock on the front door as you paused the movie and got up, walking toward the doors to open them. You reached out your hand and twisted the door knob, coming face to face with Damon Salvatore.

'Hello!’ He muttered.

'Oh, hey, Damon, I wasn’t expecting you, me and Kai were about to-’ He injected you with something, making your body drop down on the floor, completely unconcious. He picked you up in his arms and swiftly ran away, the front door opened, letting the warm summer breeze to circle around the room. There was no sound or anything that Kai could’ve heard. Kai walked into the living room and looked towards the couch, but you weren’t there. He looked around, checking the space around him but you were nowhere to be seen and then he noticed the opened doors. He sprinted towards them and saw one of your slippers laying on the floor. He immediately knew that something was wrong because you would never leave the house like that without saying anything. He swallowed hard and ran his fingers through his hair when he recieved a text message.

-If you want to see your girlfriend alive, you’re gonna remove the spell you put on Elena and Bonnie. You have 24 hours.-

Damon. He was getting angrier by the second until he fully snapped and threw the phone into the wall, watching it get shattered, small pieces of it falling down on the grey carpet. He was pacing around the room, fear and anger completely taking over his body. He couldn’t function properly because he knew the spell he put on Elena and Bonnie was now permanent and there was no way he could remove it. Damon knew exactly what he had to do to make Kai think of how to remove the spell, because you were his weak spot and Damon knew that Kai would do anything to save you, even if that meant he had to save two women that hate him, from which one of them left him all alone for some period of time and that really hurt him, but deep down inside, he knew he would have to come over that because saving you was the most important thing to him.

You slowly opened your eyes and wince in pain, yur head feeling like it was going to explode. You were laying on the bed in a well lit up room, with two big windows, but when you looked through them, you saw you were possibly three stores above the ground and there was no way of you coming out through those windows.

'You can’t escape.’ You heard a voice that made you turn around and stand frozen in one spot.

'Damon. You- You kidnapped me! Why?!’ You yelled at him and stepped closer, feeling a sharp pain in your right arm. 'What did you do to me?’ You asked, feeling two small holes under your fingertips.

'First of all, I did it because, out of all there is out there in the world, you are his weak spot. Isn’t that funny? A powerful heretic is weak because of an ordinary human being that could die any second. Also, to answer your question, I drank some of your blood, you know, to make you weaker. As each hour passes by and I don’t see Elena, I will drink your blood until you’re so weak you can’t walk. Let’s just hope that Kai comes up with a solution so I don’t have to kill you.’ He trailed off making you to swallow hard and step back until your body reached the edge of the bed.

'You know there are some other ways to do this, you didn’t have to-’

'I know, but I thought that this would be a lot easier.’ He showed you a quick smiled before taking a knife in his hand and flipped it a few times. You kept your eyes on the knife, watching Damon’s every move, scared of what was he going to do next. You knew what Damon was like in the past and you perfectly knew what he was capable of when someone hurts someone he loves, so he wanted to do exactly the same. Hurt someone Kai loves, in a worse possible way.

 Kai spent hours thinking of a way to remove the spell. Dozens of papers filled with all kinds of spells, ancient ones and none of them would do what Damon wanted. He was desperate and he’s never been so scared for your life as he was right in that moment. He refused to cry because that would only mean that he was getting weaker and he wasn’t like that. He focused on what he had to do and nothing else. His fingers were tracing the written words that filled the papers, hoping he would find something, some kind of loophole. A ringing sound made him snap out of his mind, his hand swiftly reaching out for the phone place on the coffee table in front of him.

'Hello?’ Kai said.

'You answered that really quickly. I assume you’re watching a movie right now and enjoying yourself, right?’ Damon said sarcastically, Kai’s jaw clenching at Damon’s words.

'You son of a bitch! I want to talk to her, now!’ Kai raised his voice and stood up from the couch, pacing around the room.

'You’re in no position to make demands, but to be fair, I’ll let you talk to her.’ Damon handed his phone over to you, your hands swiftly placing it to your ear.

'Kai?’ You spoke up, your voice weak and shaky.

'Hey, hey! I’m going to get you out of there, ok? I’m going to save you.’ Kai muttered, trying to calm you down a little bit and give you some hope.

'Kai, I’m scared. I’m really scared!’ You cried out, your weak voice and fear that was in your voice, made Kai’s heart ache. He hated that he couldn’t help you and save you. He hated that you were suffering like that because of his stupid mistake.

'It will be alright. Don’t be scared. I won’t let him kill you. Not when I’m alive.’ Kai said and just when you wanted to spoke up again, Damon took the phone out of your hands.

'Okay, that was enough. Kai, you have twelve hours to find the spell or you’ll never hear from her again.’ Damon hung up, as Kai screamed his lungs out and dropped down on the couch, his face burried in his hands as he finally let some tears to come out. He took a deep breath, not wanting to give up and kept looking how to undo the spell.

 'It will be fun if he doesn’t find it. Ok maybe it won’t. I won’t get Elena back.’ Damon trailed off and sat on the chair that was placed just a few inches from the bed you were laying on.

'Do you think he would forgive you for killing one of her friends?’ You asked.

'Well, I doubt she loved you that much because, after all that he did to her best friend, you know, Bonnie, I think she wouldn’t mind.’ Damon trailed off, a mischevious grin splattered across his face.

'I hope you never get her back because you don’t deserve it. Kill me now if you want. I know Kai won’t find what you’re looking for, even if he did, why would he help you?’ You answered weakly, feeling like the strenght that was in your body completely disappeared, your heart beating at much slower pace.

'But he will help me. Because of you, I already told you that, but before he does, I’m just going to have some fun with you. It will be awesome.’ He trailed off, his eyes focused on you and a few seconds after, black veins appeared under his eyes, his fangs coming out as he ran towards you and sank his teeth into your sensitive flesh, draining you from your blood ounce by ounce. You screamed out at the feeling, tears rolling down your cheek. His grip on your hand was getting tighter as moments passed, feeling as if the bones in your arm were breaking. You couldn’t do anything and that’s what you hated the most. You hated being a useless human being who couldn’t even defend herself and in Mystic Falls, being a human wasn’t a good thing.

 Who knows how many hours have gone by. You blacked out a few times, the wounds on your body multiplying each hour and your strenght was lowered almost to a zero. You weren’t able to move or even lift your arm up. Everytime you tried to keep your eyes opened, your eyelids kept closing as you only wanted to sleep and get some rest, but something in your mind was telling you to be strong and to trust Kai’s words.

'Time’s almost up. If Kai doesn’t show up in 45 minutes, you know what will happen.’ Damon said.

'I know. You don’t need to remind me.’ You found the strenght to open your mouth and whisper a few words.

'I’m sorry it had to end like this. It really wasn’t my intention, but-’

'Damon!’ He turned around and saw Kai leaning on the door frame.

'Well, well, well, look who’s here. You’re here so I assume you did it?’ He asked and kept staring at Kai as Elena walked through the doors and jumped into Damon’s arms. Elena couldn’t hide the smile on her face and neither did Damon, but when she saw you laying on the bed like that, a smile washed off her face.

'What happened to her?’ She asked, but before Damon could answer, he picked her up and ran ut of the bulding, leaving you like that on the bed.

Kai swiftly ran towards you and lifted your head up a little bit, his eyes scanning your body, seeing dozens of small holes all over our body, immediately realiing what Damon did to you.

'You came.’ You stuttered.

'I did, I’m going to get you out of here, but first let me heal you.’ Kai bit his wrist and brought it close to your mouth, his warm blood dropping down your throat and into your body, healing you nice and quick as your strenght returned in a few seconds. 

 'Kai!’ You hugged him, your arms wrapped around his body tightly, relief and happines traveling through your body. 'I thought I’d never see you again.’ You whispered and ran your fingers trough his hair, the feeling of being able to be close to him and touch him again, making you happier than ever before.

'You won’t get rid of me that easily.’ You chuckled at his words and kissed him deeply, his hands cupping your face.

'Now, c'mon. Let’s get out of here.’ He picked you up and kissed your forehead.

'Yeah, I think we have that pizza date.’ You said with a big smile on your face.

'That’s still on?’ He looked at you, furrowing his eyebrows.

'Oh, it’s so on!’ You said playfully as Kai chuckled, carrying you out ot that building and ran home with you in his arms.

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I was looking at that prompt list thing you have posted and I liked the idea of pietro/reader with one of them being "asleep"and the other is talking to them/another avenger about them unaware that they're actually awake and its fluffy and adorabs

oh my god i adored writing this one because loving, cute, adorable Pietro is what i live for! I hope it’s up your standards! 

#10 things you said when you thought i was asleep

Pietro was playing with (Y/N)’s hair while she cuddled closer into his chest.

They’d been watching a movie – some sort of horror film that Pietro had chosen for the simple fact that he knew she hated them. He figured that if he chose a scary movie then (Y/N) would be more likely to cuddle up to him; and he’d been right.

As soon as the first scene had popped up, (Y/N) had moved into the circle of his arms, burrowing her head into the crook of Pietro’s neck. His heart had picked up its pace when she’d done that, and it hadn’t slowed down since.

Every time she breathed out a breath, Pietro could feel the small puffs on his neck and with the steady way her chest rose and fell, he assumed she had fallen asleep.

He tightened his hold on her, bringing her even closer, as he let out a sigh.

“You know,” a voice spoke up from the doorway, “you really need to do something about your feelings soon. It’s honestly getting a little – and by a little, I really mean extremely – pitiful watching the way you look at her,” Sam Wilson joked, leaning casually against the frame.

It took every ounce of self restraint Pietro had not to jump at his voice in fear of startling (Y/N). “Sam,” he greeted his fellow Avenger. “What are you doing here?”

“Thought I’d watch a movie, but now I’m just sad,” he shook his head. “Just tell her,” Sam stood up straight, taking a few steps into the room.

Pietro rolled his eyes at the man’s blasé attitude. “I cannot do that,” he muttered.

“Sure you can. It’s easy, all you gotta do it wake her up and tell her how you feel. How do you feel about her?” Sam asked, curiously.

Pietro glanced down at (Y/N), a small smile tugging at the corner of his lips, as his eyes lit up in wonder. “She makes me happy,” he said finally. “After my parents, I never thought I would be happy again. But with her I am happy. It is like the world is not such a bad place when I am with her. She is bright, like the sun and – even though I cannot sing – when I think of her, or see her, or talk to her she makes me want to sing. I,” he frowned a little, tucking a lock of hair behind (Y/N)’s ear. “I want to always be with her, and I worry that, at any moment, she could be taken away from me so easily,” he confessed. “She – she is like my own personal blessing.”

Pietro finally looked away from (Y/N) to see that Sam had disappeared from the room; he blushed realizing he’d been talking to thin air the entire time.

Except, he hadn’t been, not really. Because when he looked down, (Y/N) was blinking back up at him, a pinkness to her cheeks that mirrored his own, and a giant smile on her face.

Pietro’s eyes widened in panic, getting ready to apologise, but (Y/N) beat him to it.

“You’re my blessing too, Pietro,” she murmured shyly. “You always have been.”

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[cont. from here]

He was playing around like he usually did with his friend. They were always swamped with work and he knew they both needed a load of their shoulders. He had asked the other if he could join him in his room for a few moments to talk.

Though one thing led to another, and since Jou knew his friend was on edge, he all but pushed the King of Games onto the bed and playfully jumped on top of his frame, hands going for his sides in an attempt to tickle them, or at least to make him laugh. That was all he wanted to see; his friend happy.

Half way through he felt things becoming a little more intense. His hands stopped their movements and rested there against bare hips that had been exposed due to his shirt rising from the movements.

He laid there, staring down at the others face, fingers curling in and grazing at hip bones while he watched Yami’s eyes flicker up and down along his frame.

“….hey…” He held nothing but respect for his best friend, but the intensity of his eyes had bore into his soul for the moment, and he swallowed thickly while his hips shifted, only to realize the error of that idea when he felt the brief tightening in his pants. Perhaps the horseplay was a little too intense. But the look on his friends face seemed like he was expecting something, and Jounouchi existed to impress and cater to him when he needed it.

“I don’t..I mean…if you want to take some stress away from your studies and everyone else and just forget about it all for a few moments..I could…”

One hand raised up to brush against the soft skin of his cheek, thumb grazing across his bottom lip while he stared down at the bigger eyes to wait for a response; a confirmation. Something to let him know he could keep going.