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  • Rose: What's a mob to a king?
  • Yann: What's a king to a god?
  • Delphi: What's god to a nonbeliever?
  • Victoire: What's a nonbeliever to a poisonous dart frog?
  • Albus: What's a poisonous dart frog to a second poisonous dart frog?
  • Scorpius: A friend.

we dem (tres horny) bois 

Never Sleeping Again, Part 12


Ronan was waiting on the steps leading up to the St. Agnes apartment when Adam woke up. Actually, Ronan was dozing. After leaving Litchfield House and returning to Monmouth Ronan had spent the rest of the night worrying, moving from bed to window to kitchen until finally he went outside and laid down in the backseat of the BMW. He had managed to sleep for about an hour and woke up to the first chirps of the songbirds announcing the dawn. Too nervous to eat, Ronan had driven to St. Agnes and had installed himself on Adam’s steps and waited. And waited. He had tried to keep his mind free of anxiety, concentrating instead on the few pictures that Adam had sent to him. He waited. And then he slept.

“Have you been out here all night?”

Ronan jerked awake and looked up to find Adam Parrish standing on the step above him, his lanky legs bare and…so much skin! Ronan blushed a bright red and turned away. Adam chuckled and moved down the steps to sit beside him. Ronan snuck another glance. Apparently Adam slept in short, green plaid boxers and a stretched out shirt composed mostly of holes. Ronan started mentally conjugating in Latin because the universe was testing him and he was losing.

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hotemotionalmess  asked:

Something I noticed about the dynamics of Snotlout and Mala is, when she first started inspecting his potential (poking his back, etc) he was visibly uncomfortable. And he didn't really show any romantic interest in her until she revealed her intentions to make him a king, and even then any endearments he expresses are connected to the fact he might become royalty (Queenie, my queen) and this kinda makes me chuckle, but sigh in unsurprised disapproval. He's more interested in the kingship lol

It’s true: Snotlout is not interested in Mala at all as an individual romantic interest. As you point out, he’s uncomfortable with her checking him out; and he seems to tune out her more interested actions to think about what he would rather think about: becoming king. Snotlout’s interests are about power, authority, and wealth. He treats Mala obsequiously as a means of making himself more likable… so that she’s more likely to keep him in favor and make him king. The only reason Snotlout acts like this around Mala is just to become king. Totally not interested in any romance.

It’s amusingly fitting with Snotlout’s selfish character. We know he wants respect. We know he wants riches. We know he wants power. If it means he has to flirt with a woman and marry her to get those things, he’s willing to do it.

I also feel as though Mala herself is not completely intrigued with Snotlout. It is true she acts perkily and positively around him with a big smile on her face. However, this happens after he saves her and she believes he is the chosen individual from the prophecy. She’s excited for that reason and wants to look on the bright side: the prophecy is fulfilled, these are good times. However, while she tries to talk about how Snotlout is brave, going to succeed in the trials, etc., and keeps an outwardly positive expression plastered on her face… we do see her slip from time to time. We see her get baffled around Snotlout or lose her smile when he starts talking. We see her take interest in Hiccup over someone like Snotlout. We see her, even, get disappointed with Snotlout (especially when he runs away).

It means I suspect that Mala is being optimistic about the situation and wants to be happy, and she keeps thinking things to make her happy about the moment. However, there are some internal doubts and displeasures about it inside of her. She’s not fully convinced. She keeps trying to act like she’s fully convinced this is a good deal, but I think there is a part of her that knows and feels this isn’t a good match.

It’s interesting dynamics!

anonymous asked:

Bahahaha, the image of little Alex bringing in Kara and Clark in for show-and-tell is too cute. Would they be in their costumes when Alex brings them to her class? (Also, side note, would Kara even go by Supergirl in this universe? Would she still get this moniker from the press, or does she come up with the name herself?)

(I just…had to write the thing. Because…reasons.)

Of course the Atomic Skull would pick tonight to try and blow up the Luthor-Corp building in downtown Metropolis. Of course.

Kara keeps glancing at her cell phone as she exchanges punches with the purple menace (which Skull finds pretty rude) and though she tries to speed up the fight, it’s already past eight by the time Atomic Skull falls to his knees in surrender.

Which means she’s missed Alex’s play.

(Alex was a Trustworthy Tiger, and had exactly one line: ‘Rawr!’)

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  • My grandmother: What happened to you going to uni this morning?
  • Me: It didn't happen.
  • My uncle, idle conversation at dinner: "Yeah, I watch Walking Dead."
  • Me, Still Not Recovered From New Best Friends/S7 In General: "WHERE ARE YOU."
  • My uncle, still not realizing what he's stepped into: "Uh...I dunno. It's all getting the same by this point, I mean someone changes, they deal, new person shows up, and it's all the same."
  • Me, Rabid Carol/Caryl Fangirl: "HAVE YOU MET NEGAN."
  • Uncle, thinking this conversation is Too Much for Mother's Birthday Dinner at Pub: "Yeah, that Asian kid just died."
  • Me, Losing All Her Shit: *pterodactyl shrieking*
  • Uncle, Unimpressed: "I think I'm going to stop watching, though, 'cause like I said: it's all getting repetitive and -"

Annabeth: *showing box to Percy* Is there meat in here? I can’t tell.

Percy: I dunno. Read the ingredients.

Annabeth: I dunno. I’M DYSLEXIC

Percy: I AM TOO

Annabeth: Oh, yea

Percy: Does it even matter if there’s meat in it?

Annabeth: I’m making a meal for our double date with Jason and Piper.

Percy: So?

Annabeth: Piper’s a vegetarian?

Percy: So?