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What do you look for in a partner?

I want someone who is realistic. Someone who fears my anxiety. Someone who disapproves of my bad behavior. Someone who pushes me towards pursuing the things I am good at. Someone who can still understand that I love them even when I need to be alone. Someone who has their own life, outside of me. Someone who doesn’t think that we have to share a bank account or health insurance to be committed to each other. Someone who isn’t intimidated by my sexuality or the fact that I have friends of the opposite sex. Someone who refuses to entertain my anger when I am wrong, or my tears when I am trying to milk for sympathy, or my frustration when I am being a perfectionist. I want someone who can understand that I am not the best girlfriend, or the best friend, or the best anything. That I am human. I mess up. Someone who doesn’t fault me for soaking in my sadness, or pitying myself after a bad day. I want someone who is self-aware, who is intelligent, who understand themselves and why they feel how they feel. I want someone who can communicate their insecurities and their worries. I want someone who needs space after a fight, but returns a few hours later and doesn’t apologize for running. I want them to just hug me. To let me know they are still in this. I want someone that is raw, and real, and just as fucked up as me. 

Fellow SSHG Lovers/Tech Smarties

Ok, so I recently moved to a new apartment where I can only have three devices registered to the wifi network 😭 (but it is only $10 a month so who am I to complain). HOWEVER, this has hindered my snamione fanfic reading on my kindle fire, which is not one of the registered devices).

I know there is some way to format fanfic from different sites and move them onto my kindle via usb. But how does one do this? And how can I get fics from ashwinder (ok this is a sign that I haven’t been reading enough fanfic because I just had to google search that site to remember it’s name😱). Any help is greatly appreciated. Especially since here in the States we have a holiday weekend ahead of us😉

I crave skin on skin contact.

Doesn’t even have to be sexual. Just touching me. Arm around me. Hand on mine. Kissing my cheek. Simple as hand on my leg. Foot against my foot/leg. I like that feeling of touching me. I like the wave that comes over my body. That spark of when we touch.

Haven’t been touched in a minute. I crave this feeling.

Perhaps everything we desire, everything we do, and everything we live for, is a gigantic cover-up for the one thing that will unequivocally meet all our needs. Every need we have to exist in this form, in time, will be revealed by the one Answer, and that is the Love we will find ourselves to be. And this, we will discover, is the greatest gift imaginable.
—  Nouk Sanchez & Tomas Vieira