Why Luci is the best person in the world

I had a performance today. Our show was SOLD OUT and I was REALLY nervous. Let me tell you something, I never get nervous. But I was nervous because I was singing the song Aquarius from Hair and it was a very high part and I was nervous because the last couple of times I sang it, I’ve cracked from being sick. (I’m still pretty sick)

ANYWAYS, so Needo shows up to the show with flowers in his hand and says “there are for you” and I was like “yeah right.” Thinking he brought them for Anyssa. So then he’s like “No really, Luci sent them with me” and I just got ecstatic. I mean, it MADE my night. Then, I feel like I was just so happy from him doing such a nice thing, I performed SO well and 


It was a good night. Now I need to sleep for competition tomorrow.

I love my best friends.

My four best guy friends have been with me through the best of times and through the worst. I don’t know what I would do without them. You have Luciano, or Luci, one of the chillest guys I’ve ever met, the only one in a relationship right now, and world class baker. You have Nick, or Needo, the guy that probably experiences the weirdest shit possible with relationships and friends, and will probably teach you the greatest life lessons in the world. You have Carlos, or Achilles, the funny athlete that brings life to any party, and knows how to have a good time, even with complete strangers. And then you have Eddy, or Carlos, who is the awkward one of the group; he jokes about being a pedo, has never really had a relationship with a girl, and when he is presented with a situation, will bring out the awkward out of anything. And then there’s me; the “unanimous” (although I still don’t think so) funny one of the group, the one who always gets caught in the friend zone whenever I try to have a relationship with a girl I like, and the hard-worker, who will never quit for anything. We are the Dads, the greatest five man group I have ever seen. From music, to singing, to girl advice, to being overall best friends with each other, we implicitly swore to each other that we would never let each other down, and that we would always be here for one another. And that’s why I love these guys. You guys are the fucking best.


Fucking chills.

The Rescues- Teenage Dream

Tumblr Crushes:

Dear Tori,

This is what you get for concentrating on school rather than TUMBLR. THAT IS EMBARRASSING.

I love you with all my heart. See you in morning. <3

Your best friend,