needless to say i fainted

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accidental confessions from the matsu bros? like lets say that their crush's doing something really cute or just being there for them and supporting them and they just subconsciously say "i love you" if that makes sense??

You got it!


You were walking home from pachinko when you stopped by Chibita’s cart to get a late night snack. Chibita put your plate in front of you and you started to eat. Osomatsu was too busy looking at you as you ate that he forgot about his own food. Halfway through your meal, Chibita told a pretty funny story and it made you spit out your food. Your face turned red in embarrassment and you apologized to Chibita for spitting your food in his face. You were midway through your apology when you heard Osomatsu’s confession. You and Chibita whipped your heads in his direction and he looked at both of you, asking if something was wrong. When you told him what he said he laughed it off, saying that he loves you as a friend.


You were sitting on a bench, listening to Karamatsu play his guitar. As he played, you hummed along with him, bopping your head to the sound of his guitar. Karamatsu’s fingers eventually got tired and he set his guitar on his side. You asked him if he could teach you how to play and he practically threw his guitar into your grasp. He told you where to place your fingers and told you what chords were which. After you were somewhat acquainted with the guitar, you started to pluck random chords. Granted, you sounded awful but Karamatsu kept staring at your smiling face as he unknowingly whispered out his confession. You stopped playing and asked him to repeat what he said. He said something completely different but you called him out on it. He sighed and repeated what he said with a huge blush on his face.


You were sitting on the roof, listening to Choromatsu vent his worries. Granted, his worries never changed but each time he vented he somehow managed to make it more and more negative. The more he talked, the more his voice shook so you wrapped your arms behind him, resting your head on his shoulder. He froze up at your touch but he eventually relaxed and leaned into your touch. He relaxed a little too much because next thing you know he confessed his feelings towards you.  When he realized what he said he tensed up and started explaining that he loves you as a friend. The panic in his voice says otherwise.


You were sitting around with Ichimatsu, petting cats when he started telling you that you should spend your time more wisely instead of hanging out with trash like him. You scoffed and put down the cat in your hands before you reached out to him and started petting him. He froze up and asked what you were doing. You ignored his question and reassured him that you enjoy being in his company. He turned a bright shade of red and he muttered out a thank you. You didn’t hear it that well and asked him to speak up. His face burned up and instead of a thank you he shouted out I love you. Needless to say, Ichimatsu fainted right there.


You were playing baseball with Jyushimatsu when you swung your bat and hit the ball past Jyushimatsu. He ran after the ball but couldn’t catch it. In the meantime, you ran past all of the bases and when you reached home you screamed out ‘HOME RUN’. Jyushimatsu had just picked up the ball when you screamed out your victory. He ran back towards you and picked you up, twirling you around as he cheered for your win. What he didn’t count on was confessing his feelings towards you. When he realized what he did, he put you down and waited for your response. There was nothing he could do to cover up what he said so all he had to do was wait for your answer.


You were in the kitchen, baking a cake for a friend of yours when Todomatsu came in. He watched you from a distance before you noticed him and invited him to join you. Luckily for him, you were waiting for the cake to be done before you could decorate; his favorite part of baking. When the cake was done, you pulled out all of the decorating supplies and started to slather frosting all over the cake. You and Todomatsu were talking and cracking jokes the whole time. He told you a particularly funny joke as you tried to even out the frosting and you ended up smacking his face with the spatula, leaving frosting on his cheek. He didn’t realize that you smacked him because he was too entranced with your laughter. It made his heart swell knowing that he made you laugh like that and it only made him fall for you even more. What he didn’t know was that his thought also came out his mouth. You asked him to repeat himself and he panicked. He tried to laugh it off but it didn’t work, so he decided to be honest with you and hope it works out between the two of you.