needles and sin

i. We were proud lungs, hard ribs and tough skin. A lonely bed full of lies, and lessons learned.
How wild we were before the storm.
How weak we were before the breaking.

ii. Come crash into me,
I am a soft landing.
I don’t want to ask you to fix me.
I know I’m a terrible mess but I think you could keep me safe.
You could tell immediately.
You said lonely didn’t agree with me.
I almost agreed with you, but I held my tongue and let you walk on into the darkness.

iii. I am covered in blood and ink.
With broken needles you stitched my sins, but these stains go deeper than my skin.
Sew up my mouth, my words are worthless next to the solace of silence. Such beautiful sorrow. Such sweet numbness. This fleeting, fragile world is killing me with kindness.

iv. I can’t stop my feelings leaking out. Everything is leaving. I’m just so empty these days.

—  giraffevader - Lord of Misrule