Some fresh #earlobepiercing done back to back on these 2 separate 9 & 10 year old girls by Penelope at #havenbodyarts Both chose mint green gems with #pushpins from @neometaljewelry One of these girls had been pierced just last week with a gun at the mall & had had an awful experience, & took them out before even getting out of the chair… Her piercings didn’t even remotely match. 😠 I felt awful for her having to do them again… But the nice thing was, that she was able to clearly tell me that it hurt much less to have it done with a needle! It’s great that she will be able to tell her friends from experience her feelings about #needlepiercing They both asked lots of questions about their #aftercare & why it was different from what they were either told at the mall or had heard from their friends… It’s girls like these that are going to help getting #earpiercing with guns a thing of the past!
#safepiercing #appmember #piercinggunsarebad #piercingnorthampton #kidswithpiercings (at Haven Body Arts LLC)

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a woman, thread, needle with its eye filled.
Loss (now flat and stale). A large bottle of

something like whiskey. A memory. Bandage
pressed to a large bleeding wound, I am

somewhere in the scene when it begins
to fall into place. When the stagelights blink.

I am naked, flesh chattering nervously in
the only language it knows how to speak:

fear. I was made an awful painting, hung
with no noose to my neck. Photographed

brown, woman. Small and shaking. Less
than. Thread filling the eye of the needle

piercing through each pore. I am made 
an awful pain-thing, unbearable 

to the touch/ to the tale. I do not know
how to tell my mother where this poem

has been. She runs around– frantic
– with her fingers red: pricked.