So this is what I do for money these days. I make little crocheted monsters of various types. I’ve occasionally posted pictures of my custom work on here before, but I try not to pimp my plushies too often because I don’t want to be that annoying self-promoting person.

Here’s the thing: I’m really poor right now. I don’t mean poor like I can’t afford to roll around in diamonds and dollar bills and Faberge eggs, I mean we’re moving right now and paying rent on two apartments for a couple of weeks and selling an eye beast or two could literally mean the difference between being able to eat real food or ramen noodles for the next month or so.

UGH I feel so lame and guilty even advertising my stuff, but I figured it can’t hurt.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program of pictures of tea and Game of Thrones reblogs.

So everybody in Colorado, as I’m sure you know, Denver Comic Con is fast approaching and yours truly will most definitely be there with my crocheted goodies. My product should be there all weekend, barring anything ridiculous happening, but I personally will not. I have performances of A Little Night Music on Friday and Saturday evenings, and consequently am going to have to leave the convention probably no later than 4pm on those days. 

What does this mean for you? Nothing, really, unless you were hoping to stop by my booth and chat or place a custom order or something. If you would like to hit up the booth while I’m there for either of those reasons, or because you want to show me your crochet or other stuff or because you want to show me your bitchin costume or whatever IDK I haven’t really experienced the phenomenon of people actually wanting to talk to me personally at a convention until extremely recently…ANYWAY, if you want to come by while you know I’ll be there, I hereby promise to be in my booth from open (last year I believe they opened the exhibitor hall at 10 on Saturday and Sunday) until 3:45. This means I’m probably only going to be there for set up and about an hour on Friday…but I will be present in the dealer room ALL DAY on Sunday, and there is a pretty high chance that I’ll be mucking about in the general area of the convention on Saturday night after I get back from Longmont.

If you want to meet up and you don’t have my contact info send me an ask or a fanmail or something and we can exchange numbers.

I’ll post again right before the show to let everyone know where my booth is and stuff ^w^