Oh, to be an avocado in love. Today the Department of Impossible Cuteness is sighing happily at the affectionate anthropomorphic produce and adorable wool creatures created by Kharkiv, Ukraine-based artist Hanna Dovahan. Each sentient piece of fruit and endearing animal is made by hand.

Visit Dovahan’s Wool Sculpture Etsy shop to view more of her creations. You can also follow her here on Tumblr at annadovgan.

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On Friday, Light Grey Art Lab is hosting the opening for the 2014 Iceland Residency Exhibition. I took part in the experience which was one of the most mind-opening inspiring things I’ve experienced. I still have trouble putting it into words (let alone images!), and I’m glad to see my fellow residents knocked the visuals out of the park– they’re all incredible people I feel deeply lucky to have explored with.

My contribution to the exhibition is a little looser/more experimental than I initially expected it to be; the landscape still baffles me and pulls my brain into a thousand pieces when I try to capture that color and detail. So my work for the show bounces back and forth between figures and landscape, between 2D and 3D with an accordion book, a few images that pull colors and patterns from the photographs I took, and this needle felted puffin. He seemed deceptively simple when I sketched him out– but he proved me wrong! It took a couple of weeks of poking and filling and wiring to toughen him out, harden his rocks, abstract the patterns in the volcanic rock and mossy textures, and still making him stand proudly and fluffily atop it all.

Hope you check out the show if you’re in Minneapolis!! You won’t be disappointed.

Puffin Cairn, 2015.


Guys look, I did a thing!

A little needlefelted Cubone with a polymer clay skull <3 This one was a trade with a lovely PKMNCollectors user. But, I love this style so much, that I think I might make some other Pokemon to auction off over on PKMNCollectors.

I appreciate your input guys, so if you have a specific Pokemon you’d like to see, drop me a message aor reply to this and I might have a go at making it for my auctions :D

I’m excited to share some news with y'all, I had enough sales this month to put money aside to invest in materials to start making soft posable Art dolls! Here’s my prototype in progress for a hummingbird griffin, and a larger cuddly exotic griffin is in the works as well!
It’s going to be a good week =)
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This past Saturday, I took the Kiddles to the Festival of Quilts at Heritage Park. Though I normally would have gone alone, I brought the Kiddles since their quilt was on display.

After a little walking around, we found their quilt on a fence near the Cottage Hospital. After a few moments of admiring their quilt, the Kiddles climbed the fence to have their photo taken. While posing for some pictures the Kiddles had an oppertunity to meet some other guests who were admiring their quilt.

As I had originally expected, the Kiddles tired quickly of looking at quilts - so I took them down to the ranch to see some of the animals. At the ranch they met cows and chickens and sheep. Kimbee had never seen a sheep before and Little Hiddles explained that they were practically cousins…

“Wool comes from sheep and dolls like us come from wool… so they’re kind of related!…. or something?” said Little Hiddles.

“Cool!” replied Kimbee.

After visiting the Ranch, the Kiddles went for a nap in my purse so that I could enjoy the rest of the festival.



I’m currently designing characters for the new show Pig Goat Banana Cricket at Nickelodeon which comes out later this year.  We had a crew art show at the studio awhile back and I decided to make a needle felted Goat-she took alot of time but was also alot of fun-credit to Dave Cooper for his awesome designs. Hopefully I’ll have time to make her friends soon….

I love you pumpkin.
I love you honey bunny.

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Okay… I’ve been sitting on this one for a while now. Perhaps its finally time to get it posted… In this installment of the Kiddles Kimbee learns to play by herself after Little Hiddles had his neck surgery.

- - - - -

“Play, play, play…” hummed Kimbee to herself as she made Rainbow Dash and Hulk dance in her hands.

“PLAY!” Kimbee called at Little Hiddles. She was hoping that he’d pick up his action figure and join her.

Little Hiddles groaned in response to her command, still in pain from his recent surgery. Kimbee put down her toys and stood to approach her friend.

“Play???” asked Kimbee as she held out Thor to LH.

“Kimbee, LH needs his rest. Perhaps you can play quietly by yourself for a while,” I suggested.

“No fun!,” replied Kimbee.

“I have a puzzle for you…”

“What’s a puzzle?”

“A puzzle is a picture which has been cropped up into tiny pieces… the fun of the game is putting them all back together. Do you want to try?”

“Okay!… How do I start?” asked Kimbee.

“Pick up a piece and look at it… now see if you can find a piece that fits together with that shape and continues the image from the front of your piece.”

“Oh?!…. um… um… where… uh… Oh!oh!oh! I found it!” exclaimed Kimbee, “Look, look, look… I did it again! and again! and again!…” she continued.

Soon Kimbee was quietly off in her own little world, mumbling and humming as she connected each of the pieces. She was absorbed with her work for nearly an hour before she called for me again…

“Kiiiim, there are only two pieces left. Will you help me finish it?”

“Sure thing, Kimbee. You are such a clever girl.”

“I know!” she replied.

Once her last piece was in place, Kimbee sat back to admire her work. Very pleased with herself she clapped and giggled… and then asked for milk and cookies!

Hi, My name is stopthat. Sometimes they call me Getbackhere.
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