‘Invertebrate Sleep Habits’


My 8 critters for the group show, In The Palm of Your Hand, starts on Jan 10th (TODAY!) at EMP Collective in Baltimore! 

The show curated by a talented art blogger/illustrator, Sara Barnes (Brown Paper Bag blog)!

*Featured on Boing Boing!


Jiji Needlefelt - approx 12 hours

A friend of mine is making Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service for Anime North. She mentioned making herself a Jiji and I offered to needlefelt one for her. This is the result!

He stands about 10 inches tall including his ears, and has a wired core so he can slouch and tilt his head left and right. I added magnets to his feet so that he can sit on her shoulder when she wears a thin metal plate under her costume. I think I want to try more shoulder perching crafts, this one was a lot of fun. Harry Potter Owls anyone?

You can see video of the shoulder perching/magnets at work here.