Since I’m being jacksepticeye for Halloween, I made a needle felt septic Sam to accompany me. He’s about 20″ long altogether, and very, very posable, he can hang out just about anywhere. He wraps nicely around the neck for shoulder rides, and pays rapt attention to whatever I’m doing, but that may only be because he can’t blink.


Believe it or not, this is needlefelting. Not painting. I’m super astonished how unreal this looks. But this is ACTUALLY a felted doll.
Anyways. This buddy is my test model to check out what I can do to him in the progress of the stopmotion animation, what colours go best and so on. That’s why one of his feet is slightly darker orange than the rest. Previously I used another turquoise shade, which is still visible on his belly.

Check out the final animation here:

Anyone wanna draw him for me? ;__;