New Geometric member join the Play With.. Family!! 

We already have different shapes for those geometric cross stitch pattern, like squares, triangles, lines, dots and ever trapezoids!! This time, it’s all about circles - A circles with some different kinds of Japanese style pattern. Give you a funny way to stitching. 

PS, don’t forget another great geometric patterns we have :) 

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tumblr users, I humbly beseech you for help in this, my hour of need:

Financially I’m kind of screwed right now. I owe a couple months’ rent, a huge electric bill at the end of the month, and I don’t really eat food unless I’m at my boyfriend’s house. I was working 17 hours a week at my old job, but got a new one that told me I’d be working full time. Now I’m working 8 hours a week and can’t even donate plasma because of the medication I’m taking for my massive allergy to some mystery thing.

I am also a craft-making machine, and I have a HUGE stash of craft supplies with no purpose taking up my entire coat closet. For donations of, say, $5 bucks apiece, I will gladly make fun, crafty things and mail them to you. 

Because of the time it takes to make stuff like this, and because I’ll hopefully be taking a lot of orders all at once, I don’t want to make stuff that’s too terribly big. However, of course a bigger donation will definitely make me more inclined to create a bigger token of my gratitude. Some pictures are below of my past work, both complete and incomplete. Please message me if you have an idea, and I’ll see if I can come up with something to appease!

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Featured Artist: Kate Madeira

Kate is 22 years old and from Nashville, TN. I originally came in contact with her work through a facebook group for “stitchers.” Her embroideries are delicate yet complex and incredibly beautiful. She certainly knows how to handle her thread and make it into wonderful pieces of art.

Kate’s work can be found on her tumblr or in her etsy shop