“are you blushing?” Lucas asked, poking the red head’s cheek, “you are! Look guys, I made the commander of the pig mask army blush!”
“honestly, Lucas, did you have to point it out to everyone?” Claus asked, looking away from the blond boy.
Ness leaned over to Jeff, and murmured, “Is he blushing purple?”
“actually,” Jeff said, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose, “I believe that is a lighter shade of purple, known as lilac.”
Ness looked at Jeff with a tired expression, “go home.”

Commander head cannon #12. Commander’s blood was replaced by a dark purple coolant type of liquid, therefore, his cheeks become a nice shade of lilac when he blushes. Enjoy!


“I want to become stronger,” Lucas said, tightening his grip around the Commanders limp hand.
Tessla watched him for a moment, “you know, we’re always looking for more members.”

So this is what happens when I watch attack on titan and listen to madoka magica music. Runaway 5 Lucas. the grapling hook rig was designed by Claus (Inspired by SNK), and built by Loid. the roller blades are one of Claus’ older inventions that he made himself.

Lucas’ fighting song 
and reprise