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Lady and the Wolf - Chapter 3


It had been almost two days since the revelation in the crypt. Nothing had been spoken certainly not by Davos, nor by Sansa, or Jon. Sansa had spent long hours with her needle work lost in the small stitches of the direwolf she was stitching hardly leaving her room, the room that had belong to her Lady Mother and Lord Father.

Sansa had hoped he would come to her the night before. When he did not, she chastised herself for wanting him to come. Silly girl, why do you even want him to come. To do what? To speak with you. She even ventured out of the room earlier in the evening stopping his solar. He was sat staring in the fire. He did not even hear her footsteps or look up as she waited at the door. Silly, he does not want to speak to you. He wants to pretend this did not happen. She walked away with her head down not seeing that he looked over at her as she left. His eyes willing her to come back.

Back in her room the room that had once belonged to her Lady Mother, Sansa had a bath prepared hoping that would ease her worries. Maybe after a bath and a clean dress she would have the courage to try to speak Jon again. Telling her handmaid to leave. She eased herself into the warm water the slowly scrubbing her arms, legs, and body with lavender scented soap before closing her eyes allowing her mind to relax. She imaged running with Lady, her lost direwolf through the Godswood. Footsteps at the door brought her back to the warm dark bedroom at Winterfell. For a moment she felt her stomach turn in anticipation, she knew it was Jon.

“Are you going to just stand there or are you going to come in?” she said

Hearing the door open, feeling the cold air from the hall enter the room, she sat as completely still as possible in the water. Looking out the window at the night sky, her back was to him showing off the shape of her white shoulders, auburn hair falling over them and floating in the water. Is he looking or trying not to stare. Sansa was so nervous she couldn’t turn and face him.

Surprised to find her in the bath, he said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were…I’ll come back later.”

“No” she said still facing the window, “It’s fine. I sent my lady’s maid away. I wanted to be alone.”

“Then I should leave you alone.” he said sounding nervous.

“It’s ok, I don’t want to be alone anymore,” she assured him slightly turning her face, so he could just barely see her profile. “I was just finishing.”

Jon didn’t know what to do with himself shuffling in place, trying to remember why he stopped at her door.

Finally, his words seemed to find his mouth, “I’m sorry about what happened in the crypt. I didn’t mean to try and kiss you.”

“You didn’t want to kiss me?” Sansa asked softly.

“No…I did…you are my…I don’t know what we are anymore…” Then he said what she had feared, “I can’t stay here. I’m not a Stark, I’m not even a Snow.”

With that Sansa turned her head even more sharply. “The headstone said ‘Jon Snow’” her voice firm.

“When the northern lords find out.They will brand me a liar, maybe even a traitor.”

“Who will be telling them?” she slowly rose out of the tub her nerves now turned to determination, water streaming down her back, her bum, her legs. The long auburn waves hanging to the middle of her back. She could not let him leave her, not now. Not now that they could be together as cousins not half-brother and sister. She could feel his eyes on her back taking it all in. It should be wrong to feel this way. Except that it felt right. That they should be cousins. Like her grandparents Rickard Stark and Lyarra Stark.

Still facing the window, Sansa reached for the soft towel. Drying only slightly, she hardly needed it, the room was warm from the hot springs being pumped through the walls. She then reached for a black robe with gold embroidered vines along the sleeves and front panels. A thick grey wolf fur trim run along the edges of the elegant gown. On the back she had embroidered a howling white direwolf like ghost. There wearing the white wolf on her back she truly was regal, the queen of this long cold winter. With the robe over her shoulders, Sansa’s boldness grew and she turned to faced him. He had seen the white wolf she had stitched on her robe for him. He must understand her meaning.

Walking slowly toward him with the front of her black and gold robe open just so he could see the curves of her cleavage, her stomach, and the wisps of hair covering her lady parts, Sansa repeated the question. “Who will be telling them?”

Stumbling for the words, he forced himself to look straight into her eyes, “It’s not right. It’s not right to lie to the people of the north.”

“So you will tell them? And ride off? Where will you go?”

“Back to the wall, or south to fight with the mother of dragons.” he said.

At that she looked directly at him, they were almost touching now. His eyes left her face and moved looked to the open robe, his breath growing heavy. At that she pulled the robe closed before grabbing his arm and continuing to try talking sense to him.

“Cersei will have your head before you get to Riverrun. If you go north the lords will brand you a coward and have your head before you reach the gift. And then you will leave me here with Littlefinger?”

He just kept staring at her unsure of what to do or say.

“Even if we did tell the lords, who will believe it? An old tombstone the only proof, could’ve have been made by anyone they will say.” She finished by adding “Our enemies will accuse you of wanting to sit on the Iron Throne.”

“I don’t want to sit on any throne.” he replied firmly, “You know what it said is true. It feels true.”

Slowly walking behind him. “What is truth.” Sansa whispered in his ear as she walked behind him. Moving her hand down his arm, she noticed his raw hands. Grimacing when she touched them, she could see he was in pain.

“We need to wash these. Get in the bath”

His head moved toward hers but she had already moved behind him and was unfasten his pants so that they fell to his knees. Where had this courage come from. I hvae never been so bold. Stepping out of his boots and pants he let her gently nudge him toward the bath. His shirt hung long covering his cock. Sansa wanted to look but she was so nervous, she was sure he must have felt her hand shake when she touched his waist.

“Get in.” she told him.

As he slid down into the tub, Sansa helped pull his lose tunic over his head. Her hands running down his strong back stopping just above the curve of his bum. Every inch of him beautiful, even the knife wounds that criss-crossed his back, so many she couldn’t count. How could he had survived such a brutal attack. Except he didn’t survive. He was brought back. Jon sat in the warm water letting her run the rag over his arms while she knelt beside the tub.

First, Sansa washed his wounded calloused hands, then began working her way around his body. Up his arms to his lean strong shoulders then around to his neck. His body was lean and muscular not tall though not small. She thought now it was very different from her Lord Father or her brother Robb’s. They were both tall and broad radiating strength with every movement. He moved differently too with just slightly more grace. While his face was every inch a Stark his stature must be that of his real father Rhaegar. How her Lord Father must have seen it, must have feared someone else would see it.

Both facing the window the fire burning in the hearth, She leaned so close to him, her lips touched his neck just below his ears.

“You are the king in the north.” Sansa said, “The people chose you, because they believe in you, the need you, the north needs you, I need you.”

“Oh, Sansa” he whispered.

Then she began softly kissing his neck. She wanted to cover him in kisses. Running the rag down his chest her arms in the water washing his stomach, hip bones, thighs. She moved her hands all over his body until finally she found his cock like a sword in her hands. She slowly began to move her long slim fingers up and down. He leaned his head back, his eyes closed, his breath heavier and heavier. Arms reaching up toward Sansa’s face, his bloody hands getting tangled in her hair.

“Stand up” Sansa told him as her nerves fell away and her voice took on a commanding tone that she scarcely recognized. They both stood as Jon got out of the bath. Turning to face her, hands grabbing her arms, he kissed Sansa with such strength and sweetness. His hands went inside her open robe moving to her breasts. She didn’t mean to but she backed away just slightly. The thought of Ramsey flashed in her mind, of Ramsey hitting her, violently grabbing her naked breasts. Quickly, she didn’t want Jon to see her discomfort. She pretended she was catching her breath. “You’re so beautiful.” she said looking up and down his body.

“So are you.” He said as he reached for the robe. Gently, Sansa moved his hand and guided him to the large bed covered in furs.

“Sit” Sansa told him staring into his eyes.

He smiled shyly. “Ok”

Taking off her robe, she kneeled before him. “You don’t have too.” He said.

“I want to.” with that Sansa started licking his cock, holding his balls. It wasn’t long before the whole thing was in her mouth and he fell back on the bed moaning.

When his seed spilled out, she licked some of it, letting the rest fall on her breasts. He looked even more exhausted then after a battle laying on the bed with his eyes closed. They both crawled under the thick furs and blankets. Laying in his arms, Sansa felt him kiss the top of her head before sleep took him. She didn’t remember how much longer she stayed awake. Eventually, her eyes closed too tired to even dream.

Was it a coolness in the room or the movement by the hearth that woke her? She was not sure. When she looked up Jon was naked looking out an open window into the dark starry night. He heard her moving, he turned and smiled. Coming back to the bed, he joked “Hello sleepy head.”

She looked nervously, “How long have we slept?”

“Don’t worry no one is up. The castle is sound asleep and will be for at least a few more hours.”

He looked down smiling and kissed her. “Thank you.”

“I wanted to do that for you.” Sansa said shyly. She felt like the girl who first went to King’s Landing with thoughts of romance, knights, princes, tourneys, and balls. The one who knew nothing about the cruelty of men. Maybe Jon could be my knight. No, it’s a silly thought. Knights are only valiant in songs.

They began kissing drinking each other again. “Now, I want to do something for you.” He said as he had reached for her body. Suddenly, she gasped and pulled away.

He stopped, confusion on his face. Starting to say “What’s wrong…” he stopped a look of revelation on his face. “I’m not like him.” meaning Ramsey.

“I know.” Sansa flushed with embarrassment. She did not want him to know how scared she was to let a man touch her even though she wanted him to so very much.

He looked at her scanning her soft face for the secrets she was holding deep within her heart. A question forming on his mouth. “Have you ever made love?”

“What are you talking about? I’m not a maiden. You know that…” Sansa said with annoyance in her voice, was Jon making fun of her? What a stupid woman he must think she is. Maybe he wishes she was a maid.

“I mean has anyone ever laid with you, because they loved you and you loved them?” he asked in all sincerity holding her face.

Turning away from him. He wants to be kind to me that’s all. Yet he could never understand the pain in my heart.

“Sansa” He touched her chin. “Can I make love to you? I won’t hurt you.”

Taking a deep breath “Yes” she spoke so softly…she wanted him, she had wanted him for weeks. Putting all thoughts out of her mind she leaned in to kiss him.

“If you want me to stop just say.” he said.

“Can I do this?” he asked kissing her breasts.

“Yes” she said.

“And this?” moving down to her soft stomach.


“And this?” he asked again, as his mouth went to a place no man’s lips had ever touched.

With a loud sigh, Sansa said “Yes.”. His lips and his tongue found there way around her lady parts. Soft and wet,

Suddenly, a fire started rise up inside of Sansa from there, into her stomach then it went down into her legs. They began to shake, soon her whole self was shaking, moans coming out of her mouth. All thoughts were gone, she was in this moment fully. Then the explosion happened and she cried out.

Jon started to kiss her stomach again and move up to look into her eyes. “Shhh..” smiling…“You’ll wake the whole castle.”

If she could’ve have spoke, she would’ve told him she didn’t care, she didn’t care who heard.

Instead, she kissed him grabbing his hair.

“Can I do this.” he asked, slowly moving his body in between her legs. She could feel his cock hard, strong. Still, her words didn’t come, she could only nod and keep kissing him.

He put his cock inside her, moving slowly back and forth looking into her eyes. They looked at each other then he kissed her neck still moving back and forth slowing down and speeding up. Sometimes moving his hips in circles then pressing deeper inside of her. Her hands on his back, her nails digging into his muscles holding him as tight as she could.

They could’ve stayed like that forever just Jon and Sansa in that moment. A moment that seemed as if it lasted forever.

He began moving faster and Sansa started to feel the fire rise from her womanhood to her stomach again. As he let his seed go, her body exploded again. This time they both cried out. Finished his body collapsed on top of her. She let her fingers trace the muscles on his back. Everything was so quiet where moments before it had been all moans and cries of passion.

They fell asleep next to each other tangled together between the furs.

When she woke again, the fire had gone down, the room was very cold despite the heating from the hot springs. Still dark though, Sansa could tell morning was coming. This thought brought a sadness into her heart. He looked so beautiful asleep she could barely bring herself to nudge him awake. She didn’t want him to leave. She wanted to stay like this with him.

“Jon, wake up.”

He stirred. Again she said “Wake up.”

Sleepy eyed he looked at her. Then smiled remembering where he was.

“You must wake up. If anyone finds you here…No one can know..not yet”

“You’re already kicking me out of your bed.” he joked.

Smiling “I don’t want to. But you must go.”

He nodded. Getting up and finding his clothes on the floor. Catching the last glimpses of his naked body before he put his pants, shirt, boots. When he was dressed he turned and leaned towards her. Kissing so deeply all the memories of just a few hours earlier rushed back into Sansa’s mind.

“I’m going. But I’ll be back.”

She smiled and watched him unlock the door, checking the hallway before stepping out and softly closing the door behind him.


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