needle work


TA-DAHHHHH! finished majora’s mask. i’ll be putting this up for sale on my etsy shop (along with a bunch of other stuff) really REALLY soon. i’m also thinking of doing some prints of it too if people are interested…

in case you missed out on the progress photos and want to take a look, they’re over here

Got one more section done! And now I can finally say that the person I’m cross stitching is….NICO MIRALLEGRO in the role of the grumpy sod in My Mad Fat Diary, FINN NELSON.

I was a bit anxious about how the eye was going to turn out, since I always get paranoid bout how it’s going to look, but let me say this.

I absolutely LOVE how the eye came out! I mean, ugh. Such a beautiful eye. XD

What do you think emus? Is it looking like Finn?