needle weaving

Week 11 of the #YearOfStitch : Cloud Filling

I bet you thought I forgot about you this week…I didn’t. Sunday still counts as “this week” right?

I think you are going to like this filler stitch. It’s super versatile. 

Here you go!

And now for your photo tutorial:

Start by laying your vertical stitches

I’m going to show you a tight pattern and a looser pattern

Now you begin your diagonal stitches. Come up from the back under the center of your first vertical stitch (be sure to knot your new thread so it doesn’t pull through)

Start weaving your new thread under your vertical stitches, row by row

to finish off, poke the needle through to the back under the center of the last vertical stitch and tie off.

Let’s talk options…

Top left, you just keep weaving the needle under your vertical stitches from the top to the bottom.

Bottom right, I spaced the vertical stitches differently and then when I was weaving the yellow I ended each row by poking the needle through to the back (like you do to start and finish). 

Bottom left, same as bottom right but then I came back through at the end and created a border. 

I hope you enjoy this one.




Corinium Museum, Cirencester; Roman Britain

Crafts and Industries

A collection of artefacts for manufacture of textiles; spinning and weaving.

image 1; group of bone and copper-alloy needles; weaving tablets used to make cord and braid; spindle whorl
image 2; weavers needles; rare set of four bone weaving tablets from Beeches Road, Cirencester


Stitchtober 21/31: I finished knitting my entrelac scarf this chilly day, so it’s time for knitting in my embroidery, in couched straight stitch and needle weaving.

It’s been three weeks of daily stitching, and I’m certainly enjoying it. I still need to stitch the title, though I haven’t decided whether to call it October or Stitchober. Thoughts?


Assessment 1 - Transformations

Final work: “Patched Up Landscape”

My final work is a representation of a world which may sometimes feel fragmented and broken, tied together with tenuous and fragile threads. Through experimentation, my work was able to change and evolve over time.

I chose to transform a large, red rectangular box with smooth sides. I used a utility knife to cut out small triangular shapes and sewed them together using coloured thread. Triangles give a façade of orderliness, but in places the veneer is peeling, revealing the corrugated layer in the middle. I cut organically shaped spaces in the triangles, poked holes around their outsides using a needle, and then randomly weaved the thread through the holes and across the centre. The joined triangles resulted in a layer that looked like a topographical, undulating landscape. I chose to keep the work small so as to focus on the intricacy of the thread and the torn cardboard. The organic colour retains the origins of the box, showing a full transformation.

It was daunting not knowing what was going to emerge from my experimentation, but I enjoyed the process more than I expected and found it allowed me to be more flexible in my final work.

Stitch One, Curl Two

Summary: February is fridged freezing and Marinette notices how cold a certain kitty gets.

Word Count: 737

Perspective: Marinette

Characters: Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Chat Noir

Shipping: MariChat


I know I’m an hour late but I still wanted to put this in for ML Staff Appreciation Week’s day one: Affection. Got this inspiration when walking to class in the November air today. As usual its Mari and Chat as  I am obsessed with these nerds.

“Knit One, Curl Two, Knit One, Curl Two…”

The sounds of clicking knitting needles together as they weaving a wooly black hooded cape out of love…

Was it love?

Marinette sighed, letting the puff of white smoke escaping her strawberry glossed lips be the physical interpretation of her confusing heart.

It had been about four days since she had tended to him and given him that ticket. Three days since he began leaving her gifts of delicious strawberries dipped in rich chocolates, fresh roses and fancy silk; each one of always left with a black card with a green paw print filled with by far the cheesiest romantic lines she had ever heard.

Honestly, if that mangy cat gone and fallen for her, it would have taken much more to woo Marinette as her heart belonged to Adrien and she wasn’t about to fall for any of Chat Noir’s romantic tactics.

Okay… maybe there are somethings I like about that dumb kitty. I mean why am I staying up late to knit this for him when I could be doing other things like practicing or homework?

For the past few nights, Marinette wondered if Chat Noir ever got cold. Sure his suit was black which made it easier for him to regulate temperatures. But still, it was late in February and today’s Akuma sighting was less than comfortable in the freezing temperatures as it left him shivering while she remembered to bundle up before she transformed.  And there was that instance where Ayla turned into the Akuma Lady Wifi and had tossed him into the freezer. Surely he would CAT-ch a cold if he didn’t not dress for cold weather.

So she took it into her own hands to knit him something warm for those cold patrols she ended up dragging him around at night. She wanted him at the top of his game, wanted him at his best…

Wanted him…

Marinette swallowed hard as she pursed her lips, a light blush glowed against her cold skin. She pulled orange and red throw that had slid off her shoulders back into its place, letting another puff of her breath gently float upward and fade into the nighttime sky.

She didn’t want to believe it. She refused to believe it. She absolutely swore that it wasn’t happening to her.

I’m in love with Adrien, not that stupid flirt Chat Noir. I like blond haired guys who look like an angel that Michelangelo painted, not crazy alley cats who flirt with every girl in Paris. Guys with gentle souls and kind hearts not, not pompous pussy cats that are reckless and… and… ugh…

She knew she was being unfair as Chat did have all those good qualities too. But, Marinette liked Adrien more than that boy as he was much more mature and quieter. But still that all those things that Chat did for her four nights before… it made her see a different side… one that ultimately invaded her thoughts every time she closed her eyes.


Right on schedule

Marinette pretended to not notice the green eyes staring vividly at her backside as she removed the needles from her little project and tied the final strands together. She held the hooded short cloak out, admiring the white knitted words “Meow” against the fluffy black yarn, the fluffy black puff balls dangling on the adjustment strings that swung back and forth in kitty temptation. She heard a faint gasp behind her and could already see his claw reaching for the fluffy pompoms that were hypnotizing him.

Instantly, she whirled around, throwing her handmade net over his head and letting it drape over his chest. He blinked for a moment, trying to register what just happened.

Marinette stepped back to admire her handy work as Chat had jumped down from his perch on the railing, his feet quietly landing on the hardwood flooring. He spun around to get a better look at his new garment that she just threw on him, ears flicking with curiosity. The way the ear shaped areas accommodated his cat ears on each side of the hood was just right, the way the “Meow” words look befitting for his theme, and he looked absolutely adorable in it!

All and all… it was perfect and to see him enjoy it was even more welcoming to her.

He turned to her, cocking his head as he set her heart racing with that childish sparkle of awe and wonder echoing from his green eyes.

“Is this-”

Marinette finally stood up, walked up to him and leaned upward to plant a kiss on his nose. She stepped back, enjoying the sight of his burning face against the black fuzzy cloak she spent her precious time making.

“A little something to keep my knight warm during these winter nights,” she said with a playful grin.