needle punched


Well, that worked better than I expected.

I couldn’t find toggle buttons small enough to fit through the bobbins’ holes, and I really wanted them for the needle book. So I made my own by rolling origami paper beads (see, you knew I was making those for a reason) and punching my needle through crosswise once the glue was dry.

Bonus: they’re super light weight, and probably cuter than anything I could have bought.

i am a strong advocate of BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR FEARS

it’s the only way i know how to handle being scared. it doesn’t even need to be like physical violence, i’m mostly past that phase of my life. but like, hurt your fears. damage them somehow you know

all i know how to do when something scares me. so naturally it’s what i do. and that’s all well and good, but it can be overdone. exercise some level of restraint, but definitely crush your fears.