needle punched

102-FOLKLORA [Folkloric-Flora]
-The Dancing Cacti Pokemon
-Ability:  Storm Drain/Rain Dish - Dancer(HA)
-Dex: “This very social pokemon live in large and very festive groups that can often be found dancing to the sounds of nature. The fruit on top of its head is incredibly delicious, but this pokemon requires lots of water to grow a new one.”
    -Petal Dance
    -Rain Dance
    -Pin Missile
    -Cotton Guard

–>Evolves with waterstone<–

103-ADELACTI [Adelita-Cacti]
-The Rebel Pokemon
-Ability: Storm Drain/Rain Dish- Dancer(HA)
-Dex: “This fierce pokemon travel in group across the desert looking for water sources where they can establish their homes. This pokemon will defend its water hole with astounding ferocity, using its arms positions to hit the opponent high and low at the same time.”
    -Cross Chop
    -Needle Arm
    -Drain Punch
    -Spiky Shield

This pokemon is female only

Ingrained Forever

A/N: This is my idea. I needed Spencer Dad fluff, so here it is. :D 


“Y/N! Honey! Get out here!”

Without thinking, I dropped the towels I was folding and ran outside to where Spencer and the baby were. Nothing in his voice said cheerful; it said panic. So I ran. And what do I see?

Our 3-and-a-half-month old baby girl, Chloe, propped up against a couple of pillows and Spencer hiding behind his hands. “You have to see this,” he said without taking his eyes off Chloe. “Also, you might want to get your phone out.”

“What is it?” I asked hotly. “You called me out here and it sounded like you were panicked.”

Spencer glanced over, his eyes alight with a joy that hadn’t been able to shine through since the day Chloe was born. Not that anything was wrong - everything was great, more than great - but also very, very tiring, like seriously tiring. My own mother told me that having a baby was exhausting. Unbelievably exhausting. But truly, I had underestimated what having a new baby was like. Unequivocally tiring and also the greatest thing that had ever happened to me. “She’s laughing,” he finally said.

My heart jumped. No fucking way. “Seriously? Like, for real? She’s laughing? I think I’m gonna cry.”

“Look.” He smiled before turning back toward Chloe. “Hey, Chloe. Look at Daddy.” Having known Spencer for years, I could tell you using the fingers on one hand the amount of times that my husband had looked this happy. Our wedding was one. Chloe’s birthday was another. And this was definitely one more. “Peek-a-boo!” The second the words left his lips, he wiggled his fingers and the most joyous, high-pitched sound emanated from those beautiful chubby cheeks.

“Oh my god, Spence, do it again.”

Honestly, I had never heard something so beautiful in all my life. As Spencer continued to wiggle his fingers and make silly noises, Chloe continued to babble, her laugh filling my ears with the sweetest sounds imaginable. “Spence, she’s beautiful, oh my god, I can’t. Let me try.”

My amazing, beautiful, dorky, full-of-love husband scooted over just slight so I could prop myself up on my elbows next to him and repeat what he’d been doing. “Hello my beautiful baby. Chloe, look at Mommy.” Those cheeks. They were bright and red and full of life, her toothless little grin making my heart race at the speed of light. There were few people I loved more than words could describe, and I didn’t think it was possible to have that love for another person until Chloe was born. 

There was nothing I wouldn’t do for her.

And right now there wasn’t anything I wouldn’t do to make her laugh. If I had to dance around the apartment like a monkey and make all sorts of noises, I would do it again to hear that beautiful sound. “Can you pull out your phone while I do this?” I asked.

Spencer reached into his back pocket and grabbed his phone, talking to Chloe about how she was the most beautiful, precious being he’d ever seen in his life. “Okay, I’m ready,” he said, biting his lower lip to keep from cracking his face apart through the widest smile imaginable. “I need this for when I’m on a case and I need to smile.”


She started laughing even harder than before. “Spence, it’s like a full-on person laugh, not just a little baby laugh!” How was this possibly coming out of our three month old. 

“Keep doing it!” He needled, playfully punching me in the arm. “Do it until she stops because this is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.” He was enthralled. Every time I made faces at Chloe, I would turn to see Spencer’s gaze fixed on her; his brain was spinning, trying to etch this moment into his mind for the rest of his life. 

When someone was on their deathbed, it was said that their lives flashed before their eyes; if that’s true, both Spencer and I would remember this moment. 

After nearly a half hour of hearing Chloe laugh, she stopped, looking around the apartment as best she could given her movement capabilities. “I’m gonna start making dinner and then maybe you can finish while I feed her?” I asked. Breastfeeding had never been something I imagined doing, and at first it was weird, but I loved it now and after such elation I wanted to feed my munchkin myself instead of Spencer using a bottle. 

“Sounds good,” he replied, putting his phone back in his pocket and crawling toward Chloe. “Until then, I am going to assault her with kisses.”

Popping up from my position on the floor, I grabbed Spencer’s face in my hands and planted a smooch on him. Parenting was insanely difficult, but also one of the greatest things I have ever done, and I’m pretty sure Spencer feels the same way. “I think she’ll like that.”

Her hitch-pitched giggle nearly brought me away from preparing dinner, because she screeched with joy as Spencer planted kisses all over her tiny tummy. Occasionally, Spencer would speak in baby talk, but more often than not, he would speak to her like a person, and as I put a pot of pasta on the stove, I heard Spencer speak softly to our daughter and couldn’t help but tear up. 

“Hey Chloe, Daddy loves you, you know that right?” 



“I love you and Mommy more than anything else in the world, okay?”



“No matter what happens, ever, in your whole entire life, I love you, little girl.” 


“What the hell was that?” I asked, turning around to see Chloe’s hands hitting Spencer’s cheeks. 

“She’s smacking my cheeks after I just proclaimed my love! Nice Chloe!”

I snorted and walked over, planting a teeny kiss on my baby’s cheek. “Maybe she’s just trying to hug you, did you think of that?”

“She’s too young for that,” he laughed.

True. She was probably just smacking him in the face because it was fun. But that didn’t keep me from thinking it. “I mean, you never know. Maybe she’s a genius baby like her Daddy.”

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Hope this isn't too weird but can I have headcanons for Tfa poly jettwins, Ratchet, Blitzwing, Blackarachnia, Mtmte Rung,Poly cygate, Megatron with a Bot!s/o with the worst needle phobia like as soon as it mentioned they're out the door running and hiding, they have to be held down by multiple bots to get it and they have been known to accidently punch and kick without meaning too and after they got the needle they kind of pout with teary eyes (Sorry this just happens with me and needles a lot )

Literally me! I hate needles so much

Jetfire & Jetstorm:
-They try to hold you back when someone mentions needles and ask them to drop the conversation
-When it comes to you getting a shot, they’ll hold you down and tell you it’s okay while trying to distract you
-If you punch one of them, the other laughs. If you punch both, they both laugh and brag about how strong you are to everyone
-Afterwards, they pepper you in kisses while telling you how brave you are and that they want to take selfies with their brave s/o

-He easily catches when someone mentions needles and tells you to knock it off because no one has a needle with them right now so there’s no point being scared
-He will use restraints on you if he has to in order to give you a shot
-If you manage to punch you, he shoots you a death glare and says “stop that, it isn’t that bad.”
-Afterwards, he apologizes and gives you a kiss to make it feel better

-He calmly catches you and holds you then switches from icy to hothead to yell at the other con who dare mentioned needles in your presence
-He holds you to him as Random trying to distract you as the needle comes to you
-If you punch him, he goes straight to Hothead and yells at you, “I am trying to help you, you are lucky I am here! I could just leave you here alone with the little needle you little coward!”
-Afterwards, he apologizes and says he didn’t mean it and that he is so sorry he let his emotions get the better of him. He promises to make it up to with dance lessons and kisses (careful, Random is known for using way too much tongue…)

-She lets you run. She’ll find you later and comfort you, but she knows right now you’re freaking out
-She gets snippy because you should be tougher than this and not scared of a tiny needle
-If you punch her, she leaves. She knows it’s bad that she left but she doesn’t want to end up starting a fight
-After its done, she’ll hold you and tell it’s okay to be scared, but she will never understand your phobia

-He quickly covers your audios before the needle is even mentioned and changes the conversation after explaining your phobia
-He’ll sit with you while stroking your helm telling you comforting things
-If you punch him, he doesn’t get mad. He’ll just hush you and tell you that it is okay, he does not blame you
-Afterwards, he will sit with you and assure you everything is okay and offer you help to get over your fear

Cyclonus & Tailgate:
-Cyclonus will let you run, he knows where you’ll go and knows you’ll be back. Tailgate will run after you and hug you, unless Cyclonus holds him back
-Cyclonus holds you and tells Tailgate to calm you down from afar, no way is he letting Tailgate near you when you’re like this
-Because Tailgate stays back he never has been punched, but Cyclonus gets hit a lot. He is used to it and can take it
-After, Tailgate suggests cuddles to make you feel better, Cyclonus will agree

-He doesn’t understand why you are so scared of needles but if you run, he won’t stop you. He figures you just need to be alone
-When it comes to you getting a shot, he watches from across the room until he is asked to help. He doesn’t want to interfere with the doctors
-He tries to hold your hand, then he’ll restrain you and get punched in the face in the process. But blame you? Never!
-He will hold you afterwards telling it’s okay to be scared and he will help you get over your fear

Wammy House Headcannons (Part 3)

((For those of you who don’t know these are based on my high school… and right before the holidays is always the craziest time so this was my week:))

• One teacher never let Matt go to get a drink during class so one day he made a break for it and she just shut the door and put his vocab quiz in the window

• Matt once asked to go to the bathroom and came back five minutes later with a large cheese pizza

• Mello and Matt played a game where you see how many clothes pins you can get on a person without them noticing - they once got twelve on Roger

• Wammy’s only had a blood drive once - Near passed out from blood loss, Matt fainted at the sight of the needle, Mello punched a nurse, and B went nuts and was banned from the room

• Mello won the award for most detentions ever given to a single student

• There was one really exclusive club called the MPV that everyone wondered about but no one knew what it was for or who was in it - just that you could only be accepted by invite, and Mello spent four years trying to get in

• MPV stood for “Matt Plays Video games” and it was literally just Matt playing video games in the av room for an hour every Wednesday for his required extracurricular

• Near fell asleep in the library one day and the librarian just took a blanket from her office and draped it over him

• Mello once threw Near out of the window and their teacher didn’t even stop his lesson

• Matt brought in a ukulele and played it throughout the halls

• The physics teacher once asked if anyone had a pair of scissors and B pulled a hunting knife out of his boot

• They had nature hikes every once in a while instead of gym, but one time they lost track of Near and found him three hours later in the middle of the woods surrounded by squirrels and chipmunks

• Near had this weird habit of taking naps in random places around the school and no one really bothered him

• Mello was so addicted to coffee that he had a stack of mugs lining the back of his locker - one day Matt slammed the door shut and everyone froze as the sound of breaking ceramic filled the hall

• B was that one kid who ran everywhere, like the bell would ring and he just booked it - knocking kids out of his way like bowling pins

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how about a blurb where harry gives you your first tattoo?

“Are you nervous?”

“Not really.”  I said as I cracked open my book.

Harry smiled, running his hand over his mouth he turned to grab the tattoo needle,

“Sure you want a butterfly?”

I nodded,

“On my foot.”

He turned on the needle, the slight buzz filling the silence of our bedroom.  He went to touch my foot with the needle but stopped,

“Are you sure?  A butterfly?”  He asked, studying the stencil he’d put onto your foot before looking up at me.

I nodded, turning the page of my book,

“We’re good.”  I pointed down to my foot, “Tattoo.”

Harry smiled again, turning his attention back down to my foot,

“What are you reading.”

“He’s Just Not That Into You.”

I could see his brow crinkle but he kept his eyes on my foot while the needle punched ink into my skin,

“Why are you reading that?  He is just that into you.”

I shrugged,

“Maybe one day you won’t be.”

He lifted a balled up napkin to wipe off the ink, smearing black streaks across my foot,

“Not likely.  You have a butterfly on your foot now…I’ve branded you.”

I moved the book to the side to look down at my foot,

“Half a butterfly.”

He shot me a look,

“Don’t rush the master.  You could end up with a spider or something and then where would we be?”

I narrowed my eyes,

“If you tattoo a spider on me you’ll need a book entitled ‘Why She Shoved a Tattoo Needle Up Your Ass’.”  

He quirked his brows, pushing the needle back down to my skin,


I closed the book.  It was kind of erotic, feeling his hand tighten around my ankle while his other hand - for lack of a better word - branded me.  I couldn’t stop myself from lifting my hand into his hair, threading my fingers into his thick brunette curls and sighing out a breath when their softness passed through them.  

He slotted his bottom lip between his teeth,

“Careful…don’t move, Love.”

“Thank you.”  I said softly, causing him to stop and look up at me.  I trailed my fingertips down the side of his cheek, “For doing this.”

He turned his head to kiss the palm of my hand,

“Don’t need to thank me…’s my pleasure.”  

His eyes met mine and I could tell he was just as turned on by all of this as I was.  He looked back down at my foot.  I watched him try to tattoo my foot as delicately as he could, careful not to push too hard and cause a lot of pain.  Truth was it didn’t really hurt that bad.  I didn’t know if that was him or because I was so turned on the adrenaline coursing through me would have kept me from feeling child birth.

I cleared my throat,

“So…after you’re done…am I allowed strenuous activity or do I need rest and relaxation?”

He wiped my foot with the napkin again,

“What kind of strenuous activity are we talking about?”

I darted my eyes from my foot to the top of his head, 

“The kind where your heartbeat is in just as medically dangerous a territory as mine is.”

He lifted his eyes to meet mine, a dangerous sexy smile curving up his lips, puffy from having been biting them,

“I think we’ll be alright…you’ll just let me do all the work.”

Embroidery practice. Not bad for my first try! Any ideas for what I can make with this ?

I bought a punch needle set because it looked like a fun craft to try, but I just can’t get the hang of it. My stitches keep unraveling. If you have any tips, send them my way! Thankfully I only paid $5 for the set instead of the $30+ it was being advertised at on Facebook.
I got all this embroidery floss for it, so I might as well use it.

Checkpoint! --Autosaving--

Hello Lovely Tumblr people! It’s time to get back into the book building! Some big changes are happening which means I’ll probably be doing a fair few group projects (as in the projects will be grouped together, rather than me working with other people).
Since this is the first big group project, I’ll show the whole build. Future group builds will start from having the book guts sewn together and such to prevent boredom induced narcolepsy.

Anyway, into the build!

Boom! Paper cut and folded into signatures. What you can see is 3 A5 journals / notebooks, 4 A6 notebooks, and 2 A6 landscape journals. All are blank 100gsm paper.

I needed cutting templates! After the move I realised that I had thrown out all of my hole cutting templates in a fit of cleanliness! Ah well, it’s not like they’re that difficult to make.
Start by getting a piece of MDF longer than the paper is tall. Mark one end as the top (T) and mark a line where the bottom of the signature is.

With that done, you can Mark out where you’re going to have your tapes (or cords, I’m not one to judge). Also don’t forget your entry and exit holes at either end of your signatures. These are also used for sewing your head and tail bands. I usually mark mine in 10mm from the ends.

Sandwich your stack of signatures between the templates and clamp hard. Don’t do what I’ve done in the past and get impatient. You can’t just clamp in 4 books worth of signatures and expect it to work perfectly. Do one book at a time. Remember you’re after quality, not quantity (unless you are after quantity, in which case invest in making a jig to hold 100 books and a bandsaw).

Cut your grooves along the markings. You don’t want to cut too shallow - That makes it so you actually have to punch your needle through 1 or 2 pages when it comes to sewing. You want to cut just deep enough that it penetrates through to the middle page. You learn that from practice and from having a line drawn on your saw.

Sometimes you haven’t cut your paper very well at the start. You know what? That doesn’t matter in the end. After you’re done with sewing you’re going to end up trimming your edges square.

Complete cutting sewing holes for all books.

Onto sewing! Depending on how big your book is, you’ll want at least 2 tapes. Anything over A6 I like to use 3. I started by placing my stack of pages on my sewing frame, aligning the tapes to their spaces and then flipping all but one of the signatures back (the stack at the back has the folded edge pointing away from the sewing frame).

If you’re doing multiple books, it’s a good idea to make some risers. That way you don’t have to keep re-setting your sewing frame every time you finish a book.
I’ll be making another sewing frame in the near-ish future, so I’ll cover the building of that in detail.

Some tips!
First, your legwear make good pin holders. 
Second, The tail of your thread can often get caught up in your knots when you’re trying to do your kettle stitch at the ends. Tuck it under the corner of the book guts to keep it out of the way.

Okay, with the landscape journals I felt that they were too thick, so I split them in half.

And sewed them in one hit on the risers. See? Useful.

Continue sewing until all your paper is into something resembling book guts.

Trim your raggedy edges so they end up all square and pretty. Yes, I’m using a paper guillotine. No, it’s not essential to the hobby but it helps. You can use a paper plane or even a box-cutter if you like (or your teeth even, if you are feeling overconfident in your own abilities).

The spines are rounded and end pages made. The bottom three are getting special treatment, so they’re not glued on yet (they’re going to be in the next blog). The rest have received scrapbook paper as end pages.

All the excess sewing tape is cut off. I feel that I should mention here that i’m using 12mm cotton webbing here. I’m not using specialised linen bookbinding tape. I’m not made of money (that saying always bothered me. If I were made of money, then I would be even less inclined to spend myself).

Yeah, on the 3 larger books I felt that I should mushroom them. I hear that doing that helps them resist pulling out of their curve. They’re probably not thick enough to discover that particular problem, but it seemed to be the right thing to do.

And there we go. I put some indian cotton cloth spacers in the gaps between the tapes. Over that I glued on a hinge made from the same cloth as the spacers.

That’s all that is for this stage. After this it’s all headbands, pretty cover designs and leather.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate it. Feel free to send me a message or an Ask if you have any questions.


What makes tattoos permanent?

Tattoo needles punch through the epidermis allowing ink to seep deep into dermis. 

Every time the needle penetrates, it causes a wound that alerts the body to begin the inflammatory process, calling the immune system cells to the wound site, to begin repairing the skin.

It is this very process that makes tattoos permanent.

Specialised cells called macrophages eat the invading material in an attempt to cleanup the inflammatory mess.

As these cells travel through the lymphatic system, some of them are carried back with a belly full of dye to the lymph nodes, while others remain in the dermis.

With no way to dispose off the pigments, the dyes inside them remain visible through the skin.

Some of the ink particles also remain suspended in the gel-like matrix of the dermis, while others are engulfed by dermal cells called fibroblasts.

Dermal cells remain in place until they die. And when they do, they are taken up- ink an all-by the younger cells nearby. So the ink stays where it is.

With time, tattoos do fade as the body reacts with the alien pigment particles, slowly breaking them down o be carried off by the immune system’s macrophages. As the dermal cells are very stable, much of the ink remains deep in the skin for a person’s whole life.

Drown Me in Salt; Burn Me in Ash

For @arustykiss. The rest will hopefully happen soon. (Yes, this will have more!)


Caroline woke with a gag in her mouth. Parting her lashes, she took in the cramped little cell and let her annoyance burn away the last of the drugs in her system. She was going to eat the witches, savor their fear.

“Are you really a mermaid?”

Head turning, she found herself sharing space with two others. For a moment, she was stunned she’d missed their presence next to her. Power. It was there - aged in their bones and sealed with blood.

The old gods always required blood.

Blinking, she tilted her head and tried to express her confusion. The girl was watching her with curious blue eyes and pretty blond hair that fit well with the rugged jaw and curly hair of the man next to her. The girl smiled slightly, a curling thing that spoke of the ruin of empires.

“That’s why they gagged you,” she said.

Caroline shrugged, unable and unwilling to offer more information. Mermaid was such a nonsensical word, a paint brush that softened the monster’s edge. Undine was closer to the truth, but Poseidon had never expected his blood to grow their own voices, to eat so willingly his brother’s creations.

Now all that remained were scattered remains of broken altars. True immortality was paid for in blood; the breaking of your enemy’s spine and the taste of marrow on your tongue. The ocean was old and it’s secrets were vast. Pushing herself into a slightly more comfortable position, she winced as the chains rubbed at her wrists. All she felt around her was earth, the cold press of man and iron.

In the end, it wouldn’t hold her.

“Mermaids are impossible,” the girl muttered mulishly, and the other laughed. Caroline eyed him with interest, was amused when he returned the inspection.

“Don’t mind Rebekah, love. She dislikes being wrong.” His voice was low, delightfully accented and the smile he gave her full of dimpled charm. Caroline gave him a flat look, unimpressed, and that smile widened. “I’m Klaus.”

She blinked, recognized the name.

“So you’ve heard of me,” the delight in his eyes, that glittering arrogance, it made her want to bite. But this one had sharp teeth too, and her song never worked that well against wolves. They had no ocean in their veins, only earth and fur. The wolf she sensed was faded somehow, trapped by a complicated spell but still there.

Instead, Caroline narrowed her eyes and held that challenging gaze. She did not bend for men, even those who felt like the electricity of an approaching storm. His eyes streaked gold, a warning she had no intention of heading.

“Please stop eye-fucking,” Rebekah demanded. “He’s not even that worth it.”

“Don’t be jealous, Bekah,” Klaus replied without breaking eyes contact. The sound of footsteps echoing down stone floors, that pulled Caroline’s attention. Catching Rebekah’s gaze, she winked and hunched into herself.

The witch who entered the jail was pretty, in the way of humans. Dark hair pulled gracefully into a knot, large eyes that carried her age well. She smiled as she entered the cell and Caroline had to wonder at her stupidity.

These were not beasts to be tamed.

“Ah, Jeanette,” Rebekah drawled. “I see you’re attempting to add to you menagerie.”

“I see they were not wrong,” she breathed, soft fingertips reaching out to caress the high arch of Caroline’s cheekbone. “An Undine. Although, I expected more from one of the Greek legends.”

Caroline hid her contempt, kept her eyes glassy with tears. With each slow, possessive caress against her cheek, she considered all the ways she’d eat this witch. Pity they were so far inland, or she’d drag her into the crushing depth, tangle her in seaweed and stroke the roundness of her cheeks as she drowned over and over - blood still warm with each bite. Then later, she’d lick her bones clean.

“What is she?” Rebekah’s voice cut into the room. The witch laughed, stepped back.

“Undine, a water elemental. There are so few left, I’d have expected more from her.” The witch smiled with pretty dimples. “A danger to men, but safe enough for the rest of us.”

As if seduction was a pretty game for only men.

“Jeanette, you play a dangerous game,” Klaus warned in mild tones. Caroline glanced at him, but his eyes were locked onto the witch. “Death will be a comfort when we finally allow it.”

“Your mother will be here shortly,” Jeanette dismissed. “This is my payment.”

“Oh yes, dear old mum,” Rebekah drawled. “Do you think you’ll hold us?”

“For two days, you’ve sat cozy in my little dungeon and my price was delivered. In a few hours, I’ll be rid of you and have a power none of you could imagine.”

“Dear mother’s bargains never work the way you expect,” Klaus told her, amusement clear on his face. “Did she say how she planned to kill us?”

“I did not ask,” Jeanette replied with a shrug. Interesting, that little tremor in her hands. She wasn’t as immune to the threat that Klaus exuded as she liked to pretend. Another gentle stroke of Caroline’s skin.

“Are you hungry, my sweet?”

Caroline deliberately blinked so that two tears slid into the gag. Jeanette smiled, clearly enjoying her supposed suffering. “We need you well fed, if tomorrow’s ceremony will work. I’ll send one of the girls with a meal.”

The stairwell was silent before she looked back at the vampires. She felt no listening spells, no lingering magic. Two sets of blue eyes stared back at her and she blinked in question.

“Do you fake orgasms that well too?”

Caroline rolled her eyes, letting her chest move in a sigh they could hear through the gag. Klaus let out a sound of amusement, flashed dimples.

“We’re not particularly fond of our dear mother,” Klaus murmured. “I’d be curious which cult thought bringing her back through the veil was a smart decision?”

“I’m going to eat Jeanette,” Rebekah snarled.

Caroline rattled her cuffs, narrowed her eyes. Jeanette was her meal, thank you. Rebekah pursed her lips. “You’re awfully loud for baitfish.”

She let a touch of magic darken her gaze, glanced away dismissive as more footsteps moved down the stairs. Caroline tucked back into herself, made herself as soft and tired as she could manage.

“I need to learn that trick,” Rebekah muttered.

Klaus grinned, leaned back. “You’re too used to crushing empires, Bekah. Our new friend seems to be a touch more adaptable.”

Caroline let her eyes close, carefully started to work the edges of her gag with the softest tendril of magic. It had been tied hastily, and would take some delicate finagling. But she just needed it loose, not off. The little witch who brought the cart was young, barely into her twenties and fresh faced.

“Bringing blood bags?”

The little witch frowned at the vampires, keeping her eyes trained on the IV drip she was setting up. “This isn’t for you.”

“I didn’t know mermaids needed blood.”

The witch straightened, staring at Caroline with curious eyes. “She’s an Undine. They eat more than blood.”

Caroline felt the gag shift, but waited for those careful hands to start back up with the equipment. She hated needles. All that metal punching through skin. She used to wear bone in her ears, carve it in beautiful shapes and stain her jewelry with blood. This tiny little human would have made a beautiful necklace, maybe a comb.

The gag fell loose.

The girl didn’t notice, distracted by Klaus laughter. Spitting out the cloth, she smiled.

“You shouldn’t fear the vampires.”

She did love how she went stiff, but the girl faced her with witches eyes and a set mouth. Poor little baby, with her false confidence and certainty that magic was gender based. Caroline crooned, letting the notes sink into the air; let the allure of the ocean crawl through the perfect tones.

The vampires both froze in surprise, but they weren’t her prey. Keeping the tones low, she let her magic dance in the air in feather light brushes. Let the rhythm and tone of her voice weave around the little witch who was moving to re-adjust her gag.

Her fingers froze just as they brushed Caroline’s skin, her eyes slowly glazing. Caroline knew she had her when the tension eased from those delicate shoulders. Tongue snaking out, she invited her closer with her smile; watched the little witch sway forward with a breath hitching in her soft little throat.

“Hi,” Caroline whispered, letting her voice go breathless, lashes fluttering. “I’m Caroline.”


A little hum, another note to her song. “Can I touch you, Rose?”

A frantic little nod, and Caroline ran her tongue along her upper lip. Kept her sharp teeth hidden just a little longer. “Can you untie me?”

Those heavy lashes fluttered, glazed eyes uncertain. Caroline made a low, soothing noise caught her gaze. “Do you have a key?”

“Yes,” breathless as clumsy fingers fumbled in her pockets. A key appeared, and she went up on her toes. Soft, careful fingers brushed against her wrists as the iron fell away. Caroline sighed and smoothed away those dark curls, dragged her nails lightly down the sensitive skin of the girl’s nape. Enjoyed, for a moment the shiver that ran over her, the flush on young cheeks. Waited until the pale arch of her throat was bared before bending and sinking her fangs in deep.

She took two mouthfuls before wrenching her neck, and swearing. “I really want to know who told the witches about those goddamn herbs.”

“So, more of a siren?” Klaus said thoughtfully, head tilting as he faced her with no fear.

Caroline sighed and disentangled herself from the chains and the corpse. “What is it with humans and naming things?”

“Power,” Klaus murmured as she reached for his locks. “Dominion does not come easily, against the unnamed night terrors. Why are you helping us?”

“I’m bored,” Caroline told him, switching to Rebekah’s chains. “You little vampire creations are amusing, even if you taste like the grave.”

“Rude,” Rebekah muttered. She narrowed her eyes, and Caroline arched both brows. “You’re not going to try to sing us to our deaths?”

Caroline snorted, lifted her palms. “In what ocean? You’re useless to me as food and setting you free will annoy that bitch upstairs. I’m going to be pissed if she tastes like that one.”

Klaus stepped into her space, reached out to swipe at her lips with his thumb. Holding her gaze, he licked it clean. “Vervain.”

“We’re unable to compel witches,” Rebekah murmured. “Who knows you dislike vervain?”

“I’m a mythological nightmare,” Caroline told them, as she studied Klaus with narrowed eyes. Deliberately she licked the rest of the blood from her lips, watched as his pupils widened with interest. “I’m also hungry, so I’m going to go and taste test a few witches. Feel free to stay out of my way.”

“Fond of a little bloodshed, love?”

Caroline laughed and headed for the stairs. “You’ve obviously never played with drowning sailors before; all that hope, that thrashing adrenaline as you breathe air into their lungs so you can pull them deeper, let them see the heart of what awaits them. This will be a bit boring in comparison.”

She blinked as arms suddenly looped through hers, the vampires crowding on either side of her. Klaus smiled at her, eyes black and fangs sharp.

“No, we prefer our slaughter to linger in the walls, and along the floorboards so that anyone who comes upon the scene knows that death walked among them.” He brought her hand to his mouth, kissed her knuckles.

“Caroline,” Rebekah said with that crushing smile. “It was Caroline, right? How many of those witches can you seduce with your voice?”

“All of them,” she said with amusement. “But magic requires payment, and I’m already hungry. I suppose I could eat one of you, but as I said, I’ve no interest in your blood.”

An unreadable glance between the vampires. The, his smile matching his sisters, Klaus tugged on one loose curl.

“Then let’s find something more suited to your palate, sweetheart.”

giantpredatorymollusk  asked:

If every cell in our bodies is replaced in seven years, how do tattoos stay on?

RIGHT!? Isn’t that FREAKING COOL! Your skin cells only last for a few weeks, and yet your tattoo lasts YOUR WHOLE LIFE! 

WELL! The outer layer of our skin is made of collagen, a flexible but durable protein. This is constantly sloughing off and being replaced from below as cells die leaving only their collagen-filled shells behind.

But when you get a tattoo, the needle punches past the outer layers of skin, doing quite a bit of damage. The result is that scar collagen forms around the dye that’s been placed in the dermis. Scar collagen, unlike skin collagen, doesn’t replace (which is why scars last forever.) The particles of ink are too large for white blood cells to surround them and carry them off to lymph nodes so they just sit there, surrounded by small amounts of scar collagen outside of your skin cells…pretty much forever. 

This is the key to tattoo removal, by the way. Lasers are used to break the ink into smaller bits, so your white blood cells can take care of them.