needle painting


Finished another Christmas present, now only two left…

I embossed the front cover with dried lavender buds, pine needles (leaves) and blue string (the stem) to help promote peace of mind if it ends up being used as a journal ^^

The paper is also 100% recycled! Using some old junk mail, old scribblings and stuff. That was the most tedious part of this whole process but i love the way it turned out (^_^)

I have one more to make so I might post that one later on idk haha

Very glad I decided to give embroidering a fox another go, I was never happy with my one other attempt (which was about two years ago now). I’ve also been filming little sections of me working on this, I have no experience whatsoever of filming or editing but it’s something I’d like to start doing occasionally - if I have any success at all I’ll let you know :)