needle in a hay stack


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//Gong Yoo x you ❤️

Word count: 11,119

Summary: Gong Yoo knows shit about courting women.

Rated: explicit, mentions of toys and bondage

Ok, I know everybody is losing their shit over Goblin (AND I AM AS WELL), but I’ve always loved him, and today I realised that he has no English porn online, and the state of his fanfiction is even worse than Jongdae’s so… Say hello to Gong Yoo, he is here to stay. Along EXO.

Special thanks to @hidaulie for French translation, and for research on suits, which somehow lead to maddening spam of photos of Gong Yoo wearing suits.

This job is everything you could have dreamed about. Every job you could manage while being a senior at the University is a good job, but the one that has satisfactory pay, social that you can’t really complain about, and it’s moderately easy? It’s a needle found in the stack of hay, really.

And on top of that it’s one that you put on your LinkedIn resume and it would actually give you some kind of experience.

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Old Navy shopping trip was a success and it’s not for the reason you’re probably thinking 🤔

I needed to get some new clothes for work and I’ve been dreading getting pants because finding pants that are affordable, cute AND comfortable for me is like finding a needle in a hay stack 🙄

For the last few years I’ve been wearing size 16 (actually squeezing into them because I refused to accept the fact that size 18 was for me) and let me tell you I just CRIED in the dressing room 😭 because I now fit into a size 14 🙌🏼☺ I can not express how PROUD I am of myself.

If you’re struggling with your weight and your confidence KEEP GOING because I promise you EVERY SINGLE HEALTHY CHOICE you make will add up and you WILL see progress.

Size 12, I will see you soon ☺

IN GENERAL :: Finding an rper who’s more willing to delve into relationships other than romance and, better yet, see which direction our muses’ relationship could go is like finding a golden needle in a hay stack.

40. Draw any pokemon: Gardevoir.

Finding a non-sexualized Gardevoir ref on the net is like looking for a needle in a freaking hay stack XD My apologies for taking the more humanoid route. My brain was sorta asleep during the sketch phase OTL

Also, now that assignments are done, I can focus more on this challenge so feel free to send me more of them numbers~