needle felting


Dropped off the radar for a bit, but I did make this eldritch insult to nature. Hit the play button if you love to watch wretched bastard creatures suffering!

This is is a stop motion I made with a needle felted shrew monster the size of a German Shepherd , as well as some plastic bugs, funyuns, and a payday bar. The worst candy bar.


I needle-felted a Spinosaurus! He’s a gift for one of my lecturers. He took around a week to make over the course of two or three months. I used a wire armature, so you can move him pretty much any way you want! I’m definitely thinking of taking commissions/setting up a shop once the academic year’s over.

When the weather improves, I’ll take him outside for a more naturalistic photo shoot.

Soft Bills for sale? Soft Bills for sale!

Hello! As some of you may know, I have to move out in a month. Before that I need to get rid of my furniture and raise some cash money to buy new ones. I want to invest in a new bed frame and mattress instead of buying them used, so I thought I’d fund this necessary purchase by doing some craftwork to sell :>

So to get down to business, here’s your chance to support your local Foo and get yourself a smol felted Bill for just 10€ / $12. The price includes worldwide shipping, since these weigh practically nothing and are super cheap to mail.

As you can see, these four Bills are still a work in progress (it only takes me a couple of hours to finish one once I have the triangular base down), so you can request your expression of choice - a happy Bill, an angry Bill, a cutesy Bill, a smug Bill, you name it! I plan to do four of them for starters, but if there’s a lot of demand, I can always make a few more, since they’re fairly easy and quick to make and I happen to be all stocked up on yellow wool. ^^

Here’s an example pic of a Bill I’ve made in the past to give you an idea of the size and what they look like finished:

If needed, I can add a little loop on his hat so you can use him as a charm, keychain etc! I can also give him wired little arms and legs, but for that I’d charge 2€ / $3 more.

Contact me via IM or send me an ask for details, shipping address, my PayPal and so on!

Please reblog to help me reach potential customers ♡ Thank you!