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Flox No. 10

Flox No. 10 is all finished and ready to find her new home! She’s a very energetic Flox with those livewire green markings and tall, alert ears. She seems more curious about technology than some Flox, and would love to hang out with you at the computer. She also has a special good luck charm made of natural coral and black jade beads.

This doll is SOLD!

Once this Flox is sold there will never be another like her, but you can always check out my commission page to get one made just for you.

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Mokona now has a face and has been trimmed for the most part!!!! I might see if I can make the black wool just a bit thinner looking, though.  I also really  need to pick up some red wool for his jewel, because I tried making it out of felt and I just didn’t like how it looked. I’ll need some pink wool too for the inner parts of his ears. Also, I think he could use a little blush on his cheeks, so I may add that too.


Let’s check in on the work of Vancouver, BC-based multimedia artist, designer and illustrator Hiné Mizushima (previously featured here), who is still hard at work creating fantastic needle felted and hand-stitched creatures, including a delightful pair of Nintendo-playing cephalopod friends, vibrant mushroom specimen collections, and adorable sea and garden slugs.

Visit Hiné Mizushima’s website to check out even more of her recent creations. She also has a variety of original pieces and prints available via her Etsy shop.

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Part 1 of my Senior Project: “String Theory OR Fabric of the Universe OR Tapestry of Life”

The scans actually turned out better than I thought they would but I’m also gonna try and see if I can get good photos of them because I’d like to have them printed eventually.

I’m really happy how it turned out and it went over well when I presented it. I definitely want to experiment more with embroidery comics and illustrations in the future. Some of it’s a pain in the ass (lettering) but it’s actually really freeing from the more traditional comic formats and way easier on my arm.

Part 2 is here.


Today the Department of Teeny-weeny Wonders is using a magnifying glass to appreciate the exquisite stitching on this tiny needle-felted Anatomical Heart Brooch created by Japanese artist Hiné Mizushima (previously featured here). Painstakingly made of blue and red felt and wool and presented in a little specimen case, it’s a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a sweetheart or yourself.

This wee specimen has already sold, but keep an eye on Hiné Mizushima’s Etsy shop, because she says she’ll be putting others up for sale soon.

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