needle felting


I needle-felted a Spinosaurus! He’s a gift for one of my lecturers. He took around a week to make over the course of two or three months. I used a wire armature, so you can move him pretty much any way you want! I’m definitely thinking of taking commissions/setting up a shop once the academic year’s over.

When the weather improves, I’ll take him outside for a more naturalistic photo shoot.

Using a felting needle to add markings. 

I decided to experiment using a felting needle to see if I could add in more white hairs to my boyfriend’s character, a Binturong (aka bearcat) which have lots of little white hairs around their faces. Originally I developed a technique by knotting and tying in brushed out yarn: That tutorial can be seen here.

The problem I ran into with that technique was I wanted to add more hairs to an already finished mask. I used steps 1-5 of that previous guide to expand this technique. Because this technique uses two tools that may be new to your toolbox, thinning shears and felting needles, I linked examples on Amazon in the list below.


At the end of this guide I will summarize the difference of this felted technique compared to the tied-in technique. Both are good for different reasons!

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