needle felting


The inspiration for these pictures were taken from this image of Mettaton (by @sushidragon) and this image of a magician Mettaton (by @stellar-art, the full image can be seen in the @mtt-fanzine, which you can download the PDF version for free, btw). 

I just had to do a shot where Mettaton does a trick where he summons Dapper Blook out of his hat. I’d like to imagine that he pulls this trick off by having Napstablook hide under the table, who then floats upwards right into the hat when the time comes. 

Mettaton’s blazer is made of stretchy black fabric, with purple ribbon for the lapels. The white shirt on the inside is sleeveless to prevent arm bulk. Seed beads were used for the buttons. Pink velvet was used for the cummerbund and the bow tie. I already had a top hat from a previous project.

The lighting for these shots were kind of tricky. It involved having to take the shots at twilight hour (this so that it’s dark outside, but not exactly night), while keeping the shades closed. A pocket LED flashlight was then used as the light source to give the soft spotlight effect.  

Speaking of lighting:

Here’s a picture of Mettaton in regular room lighting. From an artistic view, this lighting is bad, but I decided to take this shot so you can see how Mettaton looks like from head-to-toe.

And here’s a picture where the LED light was not focused right, causing Napstablook to stand out much more and Mettaton to hide in the shadows. It’s not a good shot, but at the same time, I like this one anyway because this oddly gave Napstablook a much more haunting look to him. 


For an incredibly kawaii series entitled Invertebrate Sleep Habits, Japanese artist Hiné Mizushima (previously featured here) created this awesomely cute octet of needle felted sea creatures, each of which is tucked into an adorable little bed.

They were created for In The Palm of Your Hand, the January 2014 art exhibition at the EMP Collective in Baltimore, Maryland.

[via Laughing Squid]


It has been far too long since we last caught up with the kawaii needle-felted creations of Vancouver, BC-based artist Hiné Mizushima (previously featured here). Not only is she still hard a work making the world a cuter place one colorful felt invertebrate at a time, Mizushima also ups the kawaii exponentially by sometimes making gifs of her creatures:

Follow Hiné Mizushima on Instagram, Facebook, or Behance. Prints of her work are available via Etsy and Society6.

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