needle felted


These little experiments were made while I was in Baltimore.  :)  I love button jointed creatures so I decided to try felted ones!  These aren’t for sale but I might make some in the future to sell.  It takes longer then it looks to make a nice firm felted critter with color fades.  The results are worth it though I think!


“Hambo is my only friend” – Marceline

My needle felted Marceline with her favorite bear, Hambo.  Marceline is approximately 15" tall and is densely felted so she can stand on her own.. her hair is NOT, so it retains it’s softness.  Hambo is approximately 4.5-5" – body is densely felted, appendages are soft.  I hope they make you smile!

*I am not affiliated with Cartoon Network nor Adventure Time (unfortunately) – I’m strictly a huge fan and love to create these needle felted characters purely out of adoration and appreciation of the show.*